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John Bonham

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  1. Del James

    When I was growing up, bullying meant a bloody nose or a fat lip... Strangers making fun of you on Twitter is bullying now?
  2. Current GNR is such a joke, they actually make Classic GNR shitty for me, just by association.
  3. Time relevance and GNR fandom

    2008: Chinese Democracy 2014: Appetite for Democracy see y'all in 2020
  4. It's true. Manets told me on Facebook.
  5. Ask staff

    Thank you Downzy by take care forum
  6. Ask staff

    Can you guys fill us in a little bit more about the Google ads? How long are supporters going to see them?
  7. I think it's pretty funny how the band and their fans celebrate this every year. No other group celebrates the fact that they don't release music.
  8. Why does Lulu not count? If Axl teamed-up with David Bowie and released a concept album tomorrow, would you not count it as new music? And what about Beyond Magentic? If Axl released an EP of leftovers from the Chinese sessions, would you just dismiss it? Let's play fair.
  9. It's pretty clear that NGOG was raised without a proper male role model.
  10. Slash's pacemaker, Duff's pancreas, Adler's stroke and Axl Rose's chins walk into a bar...
  11. https://twitter.com/gunsnrosesnews/status/535603528182816768 It's great to see that Steven Alder has the support of NGOG and the GNR family.
  12. He still smokes weed though. I puffed with him after one of his shows the last time he was 'sober.'
  13. New features to improve transparency

    Jesus Christ, dude. Give it a rest. Those admins aren't even running the board anymore.
  14. Chuck Manson Gets A Marriage License

    Does she post here?
  15. Bumblefoot: Little Brother Is Watching

    They released a new album a week ago. It's probably going to be another 5-6 years until the next one.