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  1. RIP Abominable Homan

    Sad news. RIP
  2. Sam here. I just re watched BB a couple weeks ago and missed that one.
  3. Very disappointed with the Lone Gunmen scene. Almost didn't even notice them. I think they should have had more air time and maybe a bit of dialog.
  4. I'm only getting away with a second time tomorrow because I offered to take her grandson. She says he would love that.
  5. I'll probably go a third time as well Depends on payday and if my wife LETS me. ​
  6. Going for my second viewing tomorrow night.
  7. There is no way Finn could be Windu's son. That would make Finn old as Luke.
  9. LOL Fans go nuts after projector breaks down. "Your ruining my life"
  10. Better than I did. I admit I cried a bit.
  12. My ranking would be from best to worst TESB ANH TFA ROTJ ROTS AOTC TPM
  13. What's the glaring thing you can't look past? I assume it's a spoiler so PM me. I just got back from seeing it too.