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  1. Probably some more tour dates and a new Greatest Hits (hopefully with a couple new songs) and/or live album/Blu Ray. Hopefully some more Axl/DC shows too. An Axl/DC album at this point would be the best case scenario.
  2. Buckethead

    I have no idea, I thought it was weird too. Maybe he used 2 studios to record it and is having an issue with one of them or whatever label the original came out on? Either way, I'm excited to hear what the re-recordings are like.
  3. Picked up Tom Petty's Full Moon Fever and Pantera's Cowboys From Hell a couple days ago.
  4. Do people forget what this song sounded like by the time they retired it in 2012? It didn't sound too good with the weak mickey voice. At least in 2001/02 he put some power and emotion into it, but with his current voice (which is 2012-level) I don't think even Slash could save it. If he gets his voice back to the standard he was at during the NA '16 tour though, it'd be a different story....
  5. Buckethead

  6. I think it was in the 06 Trunk interview, but he said he was running late and literally ran to the venue (and someone confused him for Kid Rock ) so that explains why he sounds out of breath...
  7. It would be awesome if they re-invented it and played it similarly to @evader's remix, which I can't find online atm. Or just replace the quotes and buried solo with a real solo and it improves dramatically.
  8. Angus was on stage, of course they were Thunderstruck. Slash and Angus that close is obviously going to create lightning, it just hasn't been photographed til now.
  9. I didn't have time to be emotional about it, me and the guy beside me were too busy freaking out and rocking out We'd even talked about that song before the show because it was rumoured they'd sound-checked it, and I said if they played that, they didn't have to play anything else. And I was right, that moment alone was worth the trip down and money spent.
  10. I'm actually over my phase with those bands, but Come What(ever) May by Stone Sour was one of the first hard rock albums that grabbed my attention (I was 12 or 13 when it came out I think). And I saw Slipknot in 2009, and thought Corey was an awesome frontman, so I'm interested to see what kinda vibe I'll get from this show 8 years later...
  11. wtf Luckily my first real exposure to Guns was AFD front to back, I thought WTTJ was mind-blowing and then It's So Easy kicked in and I thought 'why the hell do they have 2 singers?' But yea, that first Vegas '16 show was epic. Coma from that show is probably the best concert moment I've ever experienced.
  12. Unfortunately there's only a couple short clips on youtube from the show I saw in 2010 but he sang it with the full deep raspy voice. Something like this is ideal, IMO:
  13. I mean, I get why people like Rush, I just personally don't like them. As for Axl, that's blasphemous but he has a ton of different voices so it kinda depends what you heard first
  14. Also doesn't help that it was the first (or second?) show he'd played in about 2 months, except a one-off at the Sturgis bike rally. We all know how much he loves to rehearse while off tour On topic, I think the one I posted earlier from Arnhem might be the last. But this is how November Rain should sound today! He sings with a clean voice that's actually enjoyable, and adds rasp throughout. From one the last shows on the Euro tour (for real this time )