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  1. 05/26/16 - Hamburg, Germany - Volksparkstadion

    "[Axl]'s very excited, he keeps saying 'can we do more.'" Goddammit Axl. This is cool and all but, focus on GNR again please. (Of course as soon as Slash and Duff are back, Axl decides to find something new... ) Hopefully he sounds better than he did at the last show, I'm anxious to see videos already and the show's not until tomorrow
  2. on topic, yes, that'd be fine because at least they'd be releasing something. off topic, I'm still pretty sure this is wasted on an average day:
  3. The Official Metal Thread

    I've posted about these guys before but they just released these videos a couple days ago, I'll leave them here
  4. 05/22/16 - Prague, Czech Republic - Letnany Airport

    I'm gonna go with, 7) he just had an off night. edit: by that I mean, an off night in the context of these last shows. He still sounded good most of the time, but had a few too many voice cracks for some reason.
  5. 05/22/16 - Prague, Czech Republic - Letnany Airport

    Damn, yea, he's mostly Mickey on YSMANL...
  6. 05/22/16 - Prague, Czech Republic - Letnany Airport

    https://www.periscope.tv/Tatevika1/1RDGlOwNEMdKL best stream so far I think
  7. 05/22/16 - Prague, Czech Republic - Letnany Airport

    not nearly as bad as tonight, though. I hope he hasn't fucked up his voice already.
  8. 05/22/16 - Prague, Czech Republic - Letnany Airport

    Is it the stream I'm watching or has his voice cracked a few times during Hells Bells?
  9. 05/22/16 - Prague, Czech Republic - Letnany Airport

  10. Rage Against the Machine to reunite this summer?

    Holy shit would a Rage reunion be awesome, I know the article says it's not, but Rage/Public Enemy collaboration would be interesting anyway. You've had a time machine since the 80's? You hoarding bastard!
  11. Album Production/Sound Quality

    Off the top of my head some of the best are: Buckethead - Captain EO's Voyage. It sounds very 'home studio', but it completely works. It's possibly my favorite BH album, and that's saying something Foxy Shazam - Foxy Shazam. They went for a big 'pop' production sound on this album and it sounds great. They took the opposite approach on their last album, recorded it live in one take, and if you listen to songs like Shoe Box or Don't Give In it's easy to imagine them with the S/T 'sound', which somehow makes me appreciate that album even more since it's a bit of an oddity in their catalogue. It's all killer, no filler. In Flames - Sounds of a Playground Fading. It sounds diverse and cohesive at the same time, probably their best album production-wise (never really liked the sound of Soundtrack To Your Escape or Colony for example, even though I consider them great albums). Explosions In The Sky - All of a sudden I miss everyone. It sounds fantastic, Catastrophe And The Cure is still one of my favorite songs. ...and of course, AFD. and some of the worst are: Cradle of Filth - Damnation and a Day. A classic case of 'what couldv'e been' a good album ruined by shitty production. They used 1 guitar player, different tuning, a new label, it was just shit. It was all downhill from there, too. In Flames - Reroute to Remain. Same case as above, most of the songs are good but the 'tinny' production makes it unlistenable. Yes, they made both lists
  12. The Hangover/I'm an Alcoholic Thread

    Unfortunately I don't live close enough to smell it, it's about 4.5 blocks away and the smell(s) of weed and McDonalds overpower it. (Within 2 blocks of my house there's one McD's, 2 dispensaries, and one 'rooftop weed lounge' which is actually a business, not the top of some apartment ).
  13. The Hangover/I'm an Alcoholic Thread

    Pro-tip: don't drink lots of beer and eat mushrooms. My night was a constant battle between mushroom-vision and beer-goggles, it was annoying as hell and mildly dizzying. Just stopped at the brewery by my house, filled up a jug of beer for $10 (2 litres/64 oz).
  14. Good song but hell no. Add a deep cut from the UYI's (Bad Apples, Locomotive, Breakdown, Dead Horse), Move To The City, You're Crazy [Lies], Think About You, or even Street of Dreams, anything but another cover!
  15. Your favorite GN'R gig of all time?

    No worries, I'm just jealous you got to see those '91 gigs