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  1. Thanks! How do you get the VLC links?
  2. US Politics/Elections Thread

    What I was trying to say originally wasn't that I think Trump will just somehow change the two-party system. He has already started to (and will continue to) tear the GOP apart more than ever, a party that has been dying for too long already will naturally crumble and third parties will become more mainstream in the next elections. That's how the two-party system will fade. There has to be a change at some point, and if Trump wins he may very well kickstart it. And I'm not trying to say Trump winning would be a good thing, quite likely he would be the 'worse of two evils', I'm just trying to wrap my head around the election a bit I guess. There's two ways I look at it, 1) enough people have finally realized how fucked up the US is and by voting Trump, are basically saying "Ok, fuck it, let's have 4 shit years and try to push re-set after Trump destroys everything" instead of the status quo they've grown tired of. 2) The US are a people that re-elected George W. Bush. They might in fact be that stupid and just want to watch the world burn. Number 1 seems more optimistic... how fucked up is that?
  3. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I don't think the majority of Trump supporters actually feel he'd be a great POTUS, most aren't voting for Trump but instead are voting against Hilary, and I can kind of agree with that. Hilary represents everything that is wrong with the current American political climate, and while Trump isn't necessarily better, he'd definitely be more effective in changing things (whether it's for the better or worse, I can't say, but I think we all know which it'd be). A vote for Hilary is a vote for 4 more years of the status quo, and honestly the status quo needs to crumble and die. A vote for Trump is potentially a vote to break up the 2-party system, or at the very least is a vote to actually change the political landscape a bit. Luckily I'm Canadian and don't have to worry much about this shit since I can't do anything about it. Unfortunately, I'm Canadian, and the economy is directly effected by the US. C'mon, Giant Meteor....
  4. Better Promo Single

    Yea, I get that. I never thought I'd actually get one but saw one for hundreds less than they're normally listed for so just went for it. Now if it ever gets officially released I might be annoyed, but otherwise I'm happy, don't think it's fake and it arrived undamaged lol
  5. Post Your Favorite Album Covers

  6. Better Promo Single

    I've got a Better promo cd too. Good luck with the Street of Dreams cd man, let me know which pit of unicorns and gold coins you find that in I've got a few rare cds/singles, haven't bought many since I got a red hand cd tho, it was the highest thing on my wishlist so I've taken a bit of a 'collection break' since then lol
  7. Towelie's fantastic list of the greatest opening tracks ever.

    People of the Sun (Rage Against the Machine) Eat the Rich (Aerosmith) Immigrant Song (Zeppelin) We Die Young (Alice in Chains) Jailbreak (Thin Lizzy) Welcome to my Nightmare (Alice Cooper)
  8. Vegas stuff for sale

    C'mon, nobody that went to the vegas show(s) wants one of these? The litho's alone are cool. Someone trade me something or give me a couple bucks for 'em dammit. _______________________ Is there a section on the nightrain forum I can post this? I haven't used it for months until yesterday, and I'm not sure how often people sell/trade stuff on there (or if it's even allowed). I've always just sold/traded stuff on forums instead of ebay because it seems easier...
  9. It seems I got home exactly as the show was ending. Did they play Catcher or Sorry? What's the 'for pete's sake' reference?
  10. Where are the GIFs of Axl backstage coming from? I've seen a couple now, what have I missed?
  11. Best GnR side projects?

    I can't say any of the Loaded albums are great as a whole, but they have some pretty good songs. As others have said the Walking Papers and Neurotic Outsiders albums are both good. Fortus and Frank were in a band in the mid 90's called Love Spit Love, they were pretty good too: I'm gonna exclude Buckethead stuff because there's too many great albums to post in this thread.
  12. What seats to buy?

    Go for pit, or if you want a designated seat I'd go for one of the lower bowl sections close to the stage before I went for floor seats (I wouldn't want to spend money to be in a relatively flat part of the stadium with a ton of people in front of me, I'd rather kinda look down at the stage, but I'm short lol). In Vegas I was up front the first night and way in the back on the second night, the atmosphere is so much better in the pit.
  13. Your concerts in 2016

    Bought my ticket today for Yelawolf's next tour (the guy in my avatar ). Still debating whether to try and get a Gojira ticket too, but it's a month before Yela and both shows are in Vancouver (AKA an expensive ferry ride away), so it'll be a game-time decision on that one. As of now, this is all I've got lined up for the rest of the year: GNR - August 12, Seattle Alice Cooper - October 18, Victoria Yelawolf - November 13, Vancouver
  14. This is my dream setlist, what's yours?

    So much potential for on-stage chicken coops shouldn't go to waste. Paul Tobias can be released from the vault for 5 minutes each night just so they can throw him back in there. This should actually be their next tour