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  1. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    What have I missed??
  2. What other bands could Axl front?

    Its #demented
  3. What other bands could Axl front?

    Summertime instead of WYWH/Layla would be awesome with vocals, and they could extend the solo. WYWH/Layla is a real lull in the show anyway.
  4. What other bands could Axl front?

    There's definitely a few Nazareth songs I'd wanna hear Axl sing (other than Hair Of The Dog). Fuck playing with other bands though, if he's gonna do more stuff outside GNR his next venture should be a solo tour where he just plays piano in small arena's and theatres. He can do some GNR songs and cover as many songs as he wants, that'd be way better than just fronting another band.
  5. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    Best opening band they've ever had? Probably.
  6. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck yeeeeeeaaaaaa!
  7. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    Guess we'll just need somepatiencetil the shows are announced Next up BC and Alberta
  8. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    Fair enough, I'm just speculating. My logic is just more expensive ads = higher priority = sooner shows.
  9. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    I realize they're doing promo in Europe but I figured why spend the money on billboards for a tour that's a year away? I agree they'll probably announce it all at once but the billboards are full-swing promo and the newspaper ads more like teasers so I think it makes sense they'd do NA first IMO. We'll see though.
  10. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    Actually, coming to Canada/US before Europe seems more likely. Why would they put up billboards in North America now if they weren't going to tour here for a year? Pretty sure spring will be another North American tour.
  11. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    Yea, Jan-March is the confirmed dates (Japan-Abu Dhabi). Where did you see the July 2017 planned release for the DVD?
  12. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    If billboards are popping up in Canada, I'd think next year will look something like this: Jan-March - Asia and Australia April-June - Canada/US July-September - Europe Drop the NITL CD/DVD before Canada/US, drop a new Greatest Hits in November/December with 2-3 new songs. (New album would be ideal but even 2-3 songs is quite a stretch with this band).
  13. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    I'm this close to finally picking up Meddle. Might pull the trigger soon on the re-issue but there's a couple other wants/needs to get to as well... The last record I bought was the new EP from Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats:
  14. What Are You Listening To 2016

  15. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    Sucks that Europe might have to wait longer, but you guys got the first Axl/DC run so I don't feel too bad for you