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  1. I will enjoy my Friday evening goddammit
  2. Their best albums came out in the 2010's but their first album came out in 2005. They're one of my all-time favourite bands though, I'm glad I got to see them a couple times (and meet them. ) The wait for Eric's solo album is brutal, not Chinese Democracy-brutal but still, it seems like it's taking forever. But he's finally gonna do a full solo show in Cincinnati on September 1st so hopefully there's news about the album around then.
  3. Elton, because I've never been a fan of Billy Joel. And I've seen Elton live, it was a good show.
  4. I honestly don't care how girly it is to drink raspberry beer, this shit is delicious, refreshing, and only 5% so my liver thanks me edit: I've realized I'm just drinking an oversized cooler. But it tastes better than any cooler I've tried so it's alright, right? Is this just what coolers are supposed to taste like? Still don't give a fuck
  5. This stuff is back in season, so I've got a full beer fridge they changed the label tho
  6. He's jealous of our greatness. if only it were in an area other than dairy products....
  7. In no particular order: Time Julia Dream Comfortably Numb Wish You Were Here Dogs Have A Cigar A Pillow Of Winds The Gold It's In The? Echoes Us And Them
  8. I agree with @downzy about Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, awesome band. I also agree with the people mentioning The Struts. Aside from those 2 I'll mention: VOLA Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals Stop Light Observations
  9. That's not in the LALD video, but the picture on the back cover of Live Era is from this show.
  10. Please God, don't ever let this happen.
  11. I like 'em, kinda remind me of some late 70's-early 80's bands but with better production.
  12. I've seen Alice 3 times but would go again to hear Escape. The World Needs Guts was awesome last time I saw him too
  13. Thanks
  14. @Len Cnut punks can play Les Pauls too (I don't know if you'd consider these guys punk or rock or whatever but please don't go on some purist punk rant if you think they suck ) On another note, today's my birthday and I went out for a damn good eggs benedict, now I'm sitting in my new comfy office chair drinking beers, smoking blunts and playing records. Pretty good day.