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  1. MDMA, Psychadelics, Conciousness, and Therapy

    That's pretty much what I did, but I just took one really big toke
  2. MDMA, Psychadelics, Conciousness, and Therapy

    I wasn't too sure about acid but ended up liking it, I like it better than mushrooms. As for DMT I only did one hit, I thought it was a fair amount but what do I know... I put some weed in a pipe and sprinkled it over that, but there's no way I would've been physically able to load up another 2 bowls while I was tripping so am I supposed to get three pipes loaded up beforehand or what?
  3. "Sometimes we get so tired of waiting for a way to spend our time"

    My favorite song, glad they've added it to the set.
  4. MDMA, Psychadelics, Conciousness, and Therapy

    I'm sure if you did enough of it you'd think you were traveling through the universe but no, it wasn't quite like that for me. I'd seen the documentary he was in tho, I think called The Spirit Molecule, which was talking about lab-made pure liquid DMT that they shot into people who then thought they'd been shot into the universe. I imagine it takes a few tries to get the 'DMT mindset' down, it kinda hits you like a freight train so I was just holding on for the ride
  5. MDMA, Psychadelics, Conciousness, and Therapy

    Only done it once but it was cool and weird. It was kinda what I imagine a really intense acid trip would be like if you were also a bit drunk. Not a bad trip tho, just an intense one. And you go from 0-100 in about 5 seconds Colours are really intense and my vision was like, half pixelated regular vision, half kaleidoscope, and there's the sort of trail/tracer thing that happens with mushrooms but a bit different. It basically knocks you into the couch for 2 minutes and then there's like a 10-15 minute come down. I'd read comments about it where people had sort of warned against it, that it'd scared them with how intense it was, which I could see, but tbh I found it too interesting to be either a happy or frightening experience or whatever, it was just 'an interesting experience'.
  6. The Home Cookin' Thread W/ Recipes

    Swiss Steak: -Prep 2 packs of stew beef, cut as much fat as possible (it makes the sauce oilier) -brown the lightly peppered meat, place in medium sized pot. -coat in chili powder, mix -add garlic [to taste] and one chopped onion, mix -add 2 cans of mushroom soup, mix -use soup cans, add 1 3/4 cans of water, mix -cook in oven at 300 degrees for 3-3 1/2 hours serves best over rice but broad egg noodles work well too. ^that's pretty much the only meal I make that took me a few tries to master (because my mom taught me the recipe and I tweaked the ratios). Sorry I don't have actual measurements or anything, always been one to just eyeball the ingredients in about any food I make, so just don't add an overly thick layer of chili powder Most of my other meals I cook are pretty simple; breakfast hash, steak and pan fries, quesadillas, maybe stir fry every now and then...
  7. MDMA, Psychadelics, Conciousness, and Therapy

    I was thinking about taking some acid with me to the Yelawolf show I'm seeing next month but an old roommate is visiting a day or 2 beforehand and wants to trip, I don't overly want to do acid twice in a 2 day span so I'm thinking I might try DMT again with the roommate. I have a few hits of each left over from the last time I tripped, which was around the beginning of July. I'll see how it goes I guess. Would you guys recommend acid at a concert? Anyone done it?
  8. Not really saying much The shows I saw in 2012 were by far the worst I've seen Axl. The shows themselves were fun experiences, I met other fans (and Bumblefoot), and Izzy even played a few songs. But still, there's about 4 shows I can think of from the 2012-2014 era that were 'passable' for release and none of them are London or Vegas '12... I actually bought the Vegas blu-ray when it came out, still haven't opened it or watched the whole thing online
  9. Oklahoma Governer Preys for Oil!

    Preys for oil, eh? Another predatory politician.
  10. What Are You Listening To 2016

    (@J Dog new Trial By Fire song )
  11. What Are You Listening To 2016

    NxWorries released their album early
  12. What Are You Listening To 2016

    Back In The Saddle - Sebastian Bach & Axl Rose
  13. Your concerts in 2016

    ^Sebastian Bach is coming here too so I got a ticket, I've seen him twice before, opening for Guns in 2010 and in a theatre 2 years ago, he puts on a good show. So the rest of my year looks like this: Alice Cooper - Oct 18 Sebastian Bach - Nov 1 Yelawolf - Nov 13
  14. What Are You Listening To 2016

  15. What Are You Listening To 2016

    Don't think there's a release date yet, but he put out a single a couple weeks ago and the tour starts in the next few days so I would imagine December. He turned it in a while ago and apparently has a couple more videos done.