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  1. ^agree with this, although I'm not as bothered about driving to Seattle since it's actually about the same distance as Vancouver to me On a related note, I hate when bands announce a "North American" tour and it's just U.S. cities and Toronto
  2. Reunion Setlist?

    I'm really interested to hear Slash's take on TIL. I doubt they'll do Better, though - I think they'll stick to the ballads off CD.
  3. Both the 'recent' pictures people have posted today are from 2010.
  4. I always thought it was more like a farewell to Ron, the last 2 shows were really long and Axl sounded like he gave a shit. If the reunion were the reason, wouldn't he have tried to sound good at the Golden Gods when Duff was there, and it was streamed? Or on the SA tour?
  5. 'BELIEVE IN ME' Re-issued on Color Vinyl

    Interesting. I'd read the claim about CD rips before but not a specific example. Either way, the re-issue they did of 117 Degrees was pretty good so I'll be checking out this release too.
  6. What Are You Listening To 2016

  7. Tour over priced for the demand?

      I'm hoping for arena's just because if I do end up going to more than one show (other than Vegas), I'll probably do one floor and one seat, but I don't want to see the band from the back of a stadium, that's so far away that it's almost not worth it. At least in the cheap seats in an arena you can still see the band without binoculars. I'd infinitely prefer outdoor park venues or ampitheatres to stadiums, too.
  8. The same label that re-released a couple of Izzy's albums last year is now doing Duff's Believe In Me on yellow vinyl. http://www.musiconvinyl.com/catalog/duff-mckagan/believe-in-me#.VrHsKuztTCQ Release date: 2016-03-07    
  9. Spotify maybe? I think they've had a few bootlegs like Live On Air and maybe Ritz? I don't think it was ever on itunes though.....
  10. I saw them at a festival a few years ago and Wes came out fucking hammered, played 3 songs before a cover of "T.N.T." and then he yells "thank you, goodnight" and walks off. But, they were only half way through the set and the band brought him back on I actually kinda like his voice, but the music he makes is terrible. That rant was weird.
  11.   ....was never officially released. Bring It Back Home wasn't, either.   Neither was Heartbreak Hotel, to whoever mentioned that.
  12. Eddie, how soon is 'soon'? are they announcing a real tour schedule or just a handful of dates at a time?   *here's hoping for some pacific northwest (Vancouver/Seattle) shows*
  13. Under My Wheels w/ Alice Cooper was on the Decline of Western Civilization Soundtrack.  Does that count? 
  14. Forum Upgrade Thread - Report/Discuss Problems Here

    I posted in the 'what are you listening to' thread and the youtube video was huge. And the reputation displayed above post count and the circle avatars are weird, I don't really like them...