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  1. Got a ticket to see Hopsin in a couple weeks, pretty stoked
  2. I don't know about it aging well or anything, it just is what it is. To its credit, it's the best sounding GNR album on vinyl. They should've stuck with the original idea and just made it an EP though, because as good as Axl's voice and Slash's tone sound there's only about 4-5 good songs on the album (Ain't It Fun, Hair Of The Dog, SIDHY, Black Leather. Human Being is good but way longer than it needed to be).
  3. Slash gets jumped at 1:10, still plays the solo better than DJ Ashba.
  4. You had some pretty good titles for the pictures but this is one is perfect
  5. Most of them are great songs but when you've listened to them a thousand times you get an idea of which ones are your favourite. No harm in ranking them really, not like I'm saying any song is bad just because I prefer others over it.
  6. I actually think UYI I is the better album. Both have some great, top-10 songs but UYI I is way more consistent, where UYI II ranges from epics to a few more good songs to KOHD, My World, Get In The Ring and the other filler... basically all my least favourite GNR songs come from UYI II or TSI? Pretty Tied Up is one of the 'few more goods songs', it's not a top 5 but it's better than the rest of the filler the album is packed with. To be fair it's probably the 6th best song on the album.
  7. Locomotive is easily the best. I'm one of the people that likes all the vocals, Slash is amazing, the outro is amazing, my favourite drum sound on any UYI song, probably a top 10 GNR song overall. I really wish they'll eventually swap out Coma for Locomotive, even though Coma's my favourite song I'd love to hear this one live. Breakdown is great too. It's got a cool vibe and lyrics, the only thing that brings it down is Axl's speech at the end. "There goes the challenger"... Pretty Tied Up is a good song but not comparable to Locomotive or Breakdown. It's not even in the top 5 songs on UYI II (Civil War, Estranged, Locomotive, Breakdown, YCBM).
  8. Also got Ozzy's The Ultimate Sin and Nazareth's Malice In Wonderland from that place a couple weeks ago.
  9. I was actually confusing it with the other Ozzy album they had, which was a US pressing of Randy Rhoads Tribute. No More Tears was a Dutch pressing, and I picked it up not long ago for $70 (CDN).
  10. Best show of the 2002 tour IMO. As far as Riad, I dunno about trying to win the crowd over, I always thought he was just feeling the CD songs since they did all 4 songs in a row. And like almost everyone else, I'm jealous you got to see the 01/01/01 show
  11. @Black Sabbath @RussTCB The record store I go often has an original US pressing of Ozzy's No More Tears in great shape. But they want $100 for it (~$75 USD). What's it actually worth? Was gonna try to talk the guy down to $50-60 but I'm wondering if you guys know what I should try to get it for.
  12. Finck's is easily the best. Ashba's was just a sub-par cover of Finck's. Slash plays it better than Ashba but I was generally underwhelmed, I wish he'd just sit down and hammer out a proper solo instead of fucking around every night. As far as the song itself goes, it doesn't suck at all, it's a great song... instrumentally. The overdone vocals and lyrics are what bring it down. Even the lyrics aren't so bad when Axl sings it raspy live (mostly the '09-10 shows), but there's too many vocal layers on the album version.
  13. All I have is that, the Bloody Roses/Rio remaster, the '07 demo and the '08 demo. Didn't know there were more.
  14. You mean @evader's remix? I don't know if he's got a soundcloud or page you can download it from, I can post it if you can't find it. edit: https://www.dropbox.com/s/z63d801ujwx5k5e/04 The Blues.mp3?dl=0