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  1. Pets!

    Dexter: (tired from walking around the quarry in the background)
  2. Other Artist attempting ACDC

    One of the worst live bands I've ever seen.
  3. Axl/Dc DVD to be released? (Rumor)

    I'll be happy if any soundboards leak, as long as we get something from the Axl/DC shows. A proper DVD would be great.
  4. New Album Poll: Which Will Come Out First?

    They'll have done 2 legs of it by christmas, I guess that's enough? Especially if there's bonus shit like Troubadour and rehearsal footage. The first(?) LA show was filmed professionally for release, if they're doing something by christmas I'd think it was that.
  5. New Album Poll: Which Will Come Out First?

    I think a NITL DVD/Blu ray/etc will come out before a new GH. I think realistically, they could release 1 song before touring Europe next summer, then release an album in fall/winter and tour the US again after that.
  6. Prostitute is a wonderful song

    Always been one of my top 3 CD songs. And I got to see the last time they played it live (...for now? )
  7. Underrated NuGN'R Peformance

    Yea I thought it was awesome when I saw them play it in 2010 and 2011. In 2010 it was surprisingly one of the highlights of the show. In 2011 me and the guy beside me started chanting for it early in the set, I think after Sorry, and they played it (we were front and center). In 2012 I thought his voice was too weak for it.
  8. Underrated NuGN'R Peformance

    Him and the band seemed to think it was cool/funny. He was in a good mood that night, probably because Duff was there.
  9. Underrated NuGN'R Peformance

    I like the earlier versions, 01, 02 & 06 were the best IMO
  10. Bands that make you change radio stations

    U2 edit: and Metric.
  11. Underrated NuGN'R Peformance

    I wish the full song was filmed, hell I wish more of the Canada 2010 tour was filmed in general. I was at the show the night before this, he was insane on IRS then too. And this is for @Slash787, it's not Rio but still 2011 (I had a blue one )
  12. Underrated NuGN'R Peformance

    OP was confused. He meant to post this video:
  13. Pretty sure his last few albums have been mostly country/generic modern rock. The last new song of his I heard on the radio sounded like a Nickelback cover. But tbh, Rock N Roll Jesus is his only album that's decent.
  14. I opened this thread and Bawitdaba came on the radio for the first time in 15 years That's a cool little blurb tho. I saw Kid Rock in 2007 I think, was a good show.
  15. The Hangover/I'm an Alcoholic Thread

    I'm attemping to make a good whiskey ginger because all I have is whisky, ginger ale and a bit of ginger beer. So far I don't think I've made a proper one yet but I've had a few attempts so I don't mind. Time to make some breakfast hash.