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  1. Axl talks about being in AC/DC

    Axl's jewelry jingles when he moves his hands Great video though.
  2. 'Oldchella' Festival

    For some reason I thought it was a 2 or 3 year gap between the Heavy TO shows so I figured it was like a "we'll do it when we can/every few years" kinda thing, my bad. Anyway, yea, Oldchella... the only one of interest to me is Roger Waters, really. I might watch The Who if they stream it [for free].
  3. 'Oldchella' Festival

    Man, Toronto is the only Canadian city on so many 'North American' tours it isn't even funny. The west coast has a few decent festivals but there's tons of awesome bands that tour the east coast far more heavily than the west... and the only GNR date in Canada is in Toronto Plus you get Heavy TO.
  4. Axl - Thunderstruck Full Rehearsal

    I think he's about to top the 2010 tour this summer if he keeps going like this (with GNR too)... Thunderstruck, Back In Black and Hells Bells all sound amazing.
  5. The Official Metal Thread

    Cradle Of Filth are releasing the original 1995 version of Dusk... And Her Embrace in July.
  6. The Official Metal Thread

    I can't wait for their new album, comes out June 17.
  7. Can someone explain Riad & The Bedouins for me?

    It's in the Red Hand version (cover B). There was originally going to be 3 releases of CD (the artwork we got, the Red Hand, and the Grenade cover), but obviously only the bike cover came out. (Though, the Red Hand was used when they 'released' it on Rock Band). Several promo copies of the Red Hand CD were sent out apparently, because some people got their hands on it and scanned the booklet for the rest of us*. I'm too lazy to dig through the Use Your Illusion section but I'm sure there's a somewhat long thread about the alt. CD booklets. There's very few copies of the Grenade version apparently but some people have got their hands on it, too. *There was one guy on ebay who had a whole box of promo copies, I don't know how many he sold in total though.
  8. GNR Social Media Update Discussion

    Fuck, they at least had a chance here to add more Canadian shows and they didn't - that's what I'm annoyed about. 20 US cities and Toronto does not count as a North American tour
  9. Your concerts in 2016

    Got myself a ticket last minute to see Yelawolf, last show of his Canadian tour and he was awesome. So far my year looks like this: Monster Truck - Feb 23 Black Sabbath - Mar 3 Guns N' Roses - Apr 8&9 Yelawolf - Apr 24 Guns N' Roses - Aug 12
  10. How many in the pits?

    That seems backwards to me, I prefer the smaller pit because worst case scenario, you end up at the 'back' which is still ahead of the first row of seats, and you're not halfway back on a football field. I think it'll kinda be like Vegas, if you have a pit ticket you'll be close/have a good view no matter where you end up.
  11. 04/23/2016 - Coachella

    He did it at the second Vegas show.
  12. I got my tickets for Seattle last week (and I live in Canada). However, I still haven't got the VIP stuff from Vegas... has everyone else got their Vegas stuff?
  13. Well, I pulled the trigger on a couple GA tickets on stubhub. Holy fuck I can't wait for this show. It'll be #10 for me!