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  1. Realistically I think the best we're gonna get is 3-4 new songs on another Greatest Hits release. But I agree with the singles idea if they won't do albums.
  2. I knew it was IRS but thought it was the '99 version for some reason. Like I said I don't know much about the event. There's no recording of the interview, right?
  3. 2002 always looked to me like his mid-life crisis tour But yea, you could tell he was tired of the shit he was getting by then. I thought Mike Piazza only played the '99 demos but I don't know much about that event.
  4. The 2002 band could've worked long term, but Axl obviously wasn't in the right headspace for a comeback tour (the riots, late starts, general inconsistency). 2006 should've been the year though. The tour went well, Better and the '99 demos had a good reception, and I think Axl was still passionate about CD/new albums - he announced the March 7(?) date in late 2006 I think. I imagine most of 2007 and early 2008 was spent bickering with the label working out the Best Buy deal. On a sidenote, I listened to the 2007 MSL leaks for the first time in years the other day and fuck they're awesome. The songs are so much better with less layers and Ron/Frank (CD especially suffers from the fretless). I've read that these demos were from around 2004, and the antiquiet demos from 2006. @Wagszilla know anything about that?
  5. They can write a thousand songs, but none of it matters until Axl has lyrics and vocals done. Unless they're just tweaking or re-re-re-re-recording Chinese Democracy songs. I'd love to hear new music, but until something leaks or we start hearing rumors from a lot of sources, I don't expect an album to come out.
  6. Gonna start The Invisible Landscape by Terence Mckenna tonight. Terence had some fascinating ideas and I've been watching his old interviews and lectures for a while, excited to start this. Anyone else into Mckenna?
  7. The Tokyo show(s) were a good introduction to live GnR for me, there's a few really good performances but once I saw the pro-shot bootlegs I realized how good they could be live. The late '91-early '92 shows are my least favorite from the UYI tour.
  8. I thought about the Black Keys right after I made that post actually, they'd be a good fit. I know A7X and Volbeat are bigger names and good bands (moreso Volbeat but the show I'm thinking about has Gojira which is better than both of them) but Guns could go with Deftones or something if they want a heavier opener.
  9. The first time I saw Baz was when he opened for them in 2010, and it was fucking awesome. But I saw him a few months ago and, like Axl, his voice isn't what it was then. Still a fun show but it was in a little bar, I don't know how it'd go over in a stadium. I definitely agree about Billy Talent though I still think Monster Truck would be great for at least the Canada shows. The Darkness or The Struts would be good openers too. Prophets of Rage or Twenty One Pilots would be cool if they're going for something different. It'd be cool if they got The Cruel Intentions to open a couple shows in Europe (or NA!), give them a bit of publicity. It's the original singer from Vains Of Jenna's new band.
  10. You'll probably notice the mickey voice but you'll be so involved in the rest of the show it'll be hard to care. Have fun man!
  11. It's obvious, but doesn't stand out as badly as in some videos because the music's so loud and he doesn't project that voice too well so it's buried in the mix. Might depend where your seats are though.
  12. You can clearly tell when you're at a show whether he's slipped into the Mickey voice, it's just a lot easier not to care. I was up front at the first Vegas show and knew some songs were weak, but it's more about the experience than the performance when you're there.
  13. Most of 2011-2014 was Axl on total autopilot. The 2011 tour only happened because he lost a lawsuit. It was pretty clear that he didn't give a fuck about the songs most of the time, and I agree 2013/early 2014 was the low point. The difference last year was that he finally had something to prove again, with GNR and AC/DC, and he sounded the best he has in 6 years. The 2017 shows so far haven't been as good IMO, the first few were just flat out bad, and I know he's sounded pretty good at the last few Aussie shows but it's still not as good as the NA tour. But I also expect this to be the standard until he tours behind a new album or with AC/DC again.
  14. Back In Black, obviously, and Highway To Hell. Not that HTH is necessarily better than other Bon albums, it just has the most songs I've played in a garage at band practices