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  1. Carter supported amnesty, Reagan supported amnesty, Bush supported amnesty, Clinton supported amnesty, W Bush supported amnesty, Obama supported amnesty.

    None of the living Presidents supported Trump.

  2. Kings of Leon? U2? Coldplay? MGMT?
  3. Again, you guys aren't hearing Axl's version in the chorus? Exact match,imo. And Axl's so arrogant he doesn't even change the name. He underestimated my ability to seek out new music.
  4. Did you guys even bother listening to The Screaming Jets version? Same chorus.
  5. Well, we can assume that he has at least heard the song a few times...right?
  6. Reading some of the off topic threads. This board has become so damn racist. Adios Mygnr. Mods feel free to delete my account.

    1. ZoSoRose


      For real, Sunny? Dont do that. Its way better here than on other boards, dont delete your account dude

    2. downzy


      Check your email.

    3. janrichmond


      Just block the fuckers.All the other forums are way worse than this.Stay here, don't let them win.

  7. One could say this is what happened when we, humans, were created.
  8. You need to keep watching. This show is special. Open your mind.
  9. All down hill from there.
  10. That episode is getting a ton love, on many blogs and in magazines, that I read for "Best of 2016". Not getting it. I really did not like any episode of the new season, except for the one about roaches (I served in the military). Big Black Mirror film. First season, should be required viewing for everyone on the face of the earth, before they are able to use the internet.
  11. I enjoyed this show, but quit watching after Should I keep going?
  12. The first two seasons were amazing. I was really pumped for season 3. Thought it was a bit underwhelming.
  13. Help?
  14. Watched a few episodes here and there, but I wasn't paying to much attention, as was doing other things at the same time (cleaning/putting up decorations). Will probably binge sometime this upcoming week. Have heard nothing but good things, especially about the second season.