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  1. R.I.P. Glenn Frey (Eagles)

    Never got the appeal of The Eagles and don't think I ever will. Still respect them though...
  2. Nah...Stars Wars is Dune.
  3. It is his baby and I respect that, but I think some of the fame that came along with the show has gone to his head a bit. It is well deserved as the books are great, and I am in no way trying to say he shouldn't enjoy the fruits of his labour, but it seems like he has spent too much time "making appearances", when he should have been writing. Nice to see HBO put some pressure on him - in fact, I wish they would give him an ultimatum. It would terrible for all fans of this story if the television show continues to out pace the books. Someone else said it in this thread, and I'm sorta feeling the same.. I'm considering not watching the upcoming season until I have read WOW. Ok - thats me and another guy. We aren't special......probably tons of other fans who feel the same way. Negative publicity. When you read the books, you will see how some fans could be annoyed.
  4. The Hateful Eight - New/Second Trailer!

    No not really. Not my fault, that at times this board has had a few posters who like to take things a bit far when it comes to race. Pointing it out doesn't make me the "police", nor is that in anyway negative. By the way, you just joined in 12. I haven't really posted on this forum much in few years. What was your other handle?
  5. The Hateful Eight - New/Second Trailer!

    What do you mean "people like you"? Read a few reviews. Plenty of others ( who I know aren't like me) are pointing this out.
  6. The Hateful Eight - New/Second Trailer!

    Not to spoil it for people who have yet to see it, but the best line in the movie for me...had to do with bananas. I laughed out loud.
  7. The Hateful Eight - New/Second Trailer!

    Anyone else think JJL look kinda hot with all that blood all over her face. Also, I think QT needs to stop with his practice of using the same actors for every movie. Time for him to "retire" Samuel L. Jackson....
  8. The love/sex/relationship thread

    All women are like that. It is annoying when your young. You appreciate it when you get older.
  9. The Hateful Eight - New/Second Trailer!

    QT seriously has a hard on for the N word.....This movie seriously does not get interesting until the last 40 minutes or so which normally wouldn't be a bad thing, except its almost 3hours long!! 2 hours of terrible dialogue and basically nothing happening. It is taking a beating on some of the main movie boards.
  10. You don't have be a tool, well maybe you do I guess. It was confirmed on the main forum for the book that is fan made.
  11. OK The bear scene was pretty cool - after that just another survival story. Hardy is overrated.
  12. The Hateful Eight - New/Second Trailer!

    Beyond boring....QT's worst film...
  13. SNES Games

    You can get em cheaper on Amazon.