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  1. Corey TaylorMerck?Oh, wait. DJ is Slash's buddy. He would take a bullet for Axl. Obviously DJ made it happen.
  2. No way!! He was just too feminine onstage , with the body language and his gay persona...gayness and rock n roll don`t go along well the end of the day when you`re up there performing before a major audience behaving like a straight alpha male is just as important as the music , I mean that`s just another reason why I liked the original GnR in the first place , Slash jumpin 10 feet ramps and axl runnin like hell ( when on top of their game they didn`t even mess up the songs in the process)
  3. Who could replace BFF?

    He doesn't play foot-shaped guitars or fucks up 90% of what he plays. I can totally understand the love for him. I get liking the dude for being dependable and not doing any stupid gimmicks, but I don't get the assurance he could handle the Buckethead (and even Bumblefoot) parts on the songs. Maybe he could, but have we seen it before? My guess is he can't. He plays fast but it's a completely different style. I doubt they will play a lot of CD material if they ever tour again. Ashba and him would do fine in a GH (Slash songs) setlist. No, Ashba wouldn't. He simply would not. Not only he can't handle those parts properly, the more complex bits he plays the more people will criticize him for not being talented enough.