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  1. Merck?Oh, wait. DJ is Slash's buddy. He would take a bullet for Axl. Obviously DJ made it happen.
  2. Who could replace BFF?

    No, Ashba wouldn't. He simply would not. Not only he can't handle those parts properly, the more complex bits he plays the more people will criticize him for not being talented enough.
  3. Layla & Ron's "last goodbye"?

    This is what GnR has become, bro. There's only one good thing about GnR - the past. I just can not enjoy GnR anymore.
  4. Bumblefoot: Little Brother Is Watching

    Both the singer and lead guitarist are sounding better than Axl and DJ.
  5. Bumblefoot: Little Brother Is Watching

    Yeah, I get what you're saying. However, I'd still be interested in listening to Ron/Robin plus Axl songs, but that didn't happen. Think about that intro to Going Down, and the whole lead/rhythm section. Amazing intro and guitar work. I'm not interested in a Ron/DJ song because DJ's work is generic, boring and uninspired. He'd turn a good song into a bunch of generic bad sounding notes Regarding my avatar, I can't wait for Zelda U, I love that pic
  6. He's been saying that for 5 years. CD came out almost 7 years ago. CD was rumored in 2000, we had a 8-years wait in between the first rumored 'release date' and the actual release. Think about it - we're almost there again.
  7. Bumblefoot: Little Brother Is Watching

    uh, did I mention Bfoot? Guess not. I am talking about Axl And his Queen inspiration. Go on and ask him about it - Queen is one of his biggest inspirations and Freddie is probably his favorite singer. You said that there arent many Queen-esque moments on CD, I said that I hear a lot of Queen, especially on the choruses, multiple vocal tracks put together, etc. You had to bring Bfoot out of the blue so you could feel better? I dont know, but Axl had a lot of Queen moments in his career and he would be the first to confirm that.I meant wannabe in terms of trying to sound similar, not in a 'he tried But failed miserably'.
  8. Bumblefoot: Little Brother Is Watching

    so you think that a song like This I Love isn't totally a Queen-wannabe song? you've got a lot to learn then. most of the choruses, countless vocal lines, song progressions, etc - there are several Queen-inspired-wannabe moments on this album. Oh, this isnt new, by the way. Axl tried to write his own Bohemian Rhapsody - he called it November Rain. Then you have a Zep wannabe in Riad. I could go on and on but i made my point...
  9. Bumblefoot: Little Brother Is Watching

    I thought the same. Loved the guitar work and vocal hamonies...i'd add 'I dont know who to pray to anymore" to that list...
  10. Bumblefoot: Little Brother Is Watching

    the song itself sounds like early Queen.
  11. Bumblefoot: Little Brother Is Watching

    The first song I heard was Argentina. I'm in love with it.
  12. I'm glad Ron's out of this mess. In fact IN MY OPINION Axl should give up already, do a reunion tour and quit altogether. Maybe relase a few studio albums eventually? He does not need to keep going. He does not need people telling him how good he still is and that he still has it. I love the guy but enough is enough. It's clear that *ONE* album in 15 years after his [failed] comeback and almost 25 years after the illusions that he's the laziest musician in the world, or maybe the whole world is after him and he can't do anything about it - doesn't matter, his new GnR [which I used to love and support, mainly because of the talented guys he had with him, like Brain, Robin, Bucket, Tommy and Ron] is the most unfunctional band in the world. The world has changed, people do not love rock n' roll like they used to. He will never be like Muse or Coldplay in terms of public or media support and coverage no matter how hard he tries. Now think that the managers of his band are not real managers - they are not used to this. Not their fault here, but they left us in the dark for so long that it's too late. I also wish TB all the best, especially Vanessa, her kid and her new family, but there's no way to bring back the best part of Axl in terms of performance. It's [long] gone. I wish Axl all the best, and not that it matters, but I'm not supporting this mess anymore. Good luck to him, but many of his fans already gave up. As I said... it's far too late already.
  13. Bumblefoot: Little Brother Is Watching

    Like Normal and Abnormal - a few songs were directed at GnR management and fans