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  1. Visited Axl's home the other day

    That's okay to do because Jesus has been dead for two thousand years.
  2. Estranged Video Article

    Of course it was expensive, it was one of the biggest productions at the time. Just look at all the things that are going on in the video: The SWAT team raids Axl's house, overhead shots of the canyons, an entire oil tanker, Slash floating down the Sunset Strip past the Rainbow and Roxy, Slash emerging from the ocean in heavy winds, all the personal touches in Axl's "house" including an enormous replication of jesus on the cross, a cargo plane with a dolphin swimming out of it into mid-air, dolphins swimming down sunset and pouring out of a billboard, Axl's swimming with dolphins, an US Coast Guard helicopter that airlifts him out of the water, not to mention countless extras. So, it wasn't just over a million to make. It was more like maybe 4-5 million to make.
  3. If Axl wants to release the material he will. Just don't call it Chinese Democracy II. It's damn near impossible to bank off a failed sales model. He could call the new album "I H8 Slash" and it would sell better. Just saying.
  4. Sadly, I think either way the fans are screwed on both options. I would love an album but let's face it, there's no way you're getting them all in the studio together. You might get Izzy, Duff and Axl in a studio. You may get Slash, Izzy, Duff and Adler (or Matt Sorum) together. But there's no way in hell you get Axl, Slash, Duff, Izzy and Steven in the studio again. Ever. So, my preference would be a dinosaurs of rock reunion tour at this point but there's always the chance that Izzy isn't willing to do a big tour because... he's Izzy. A tour seems likely if they copycat the Rolling Stones (Show, Play, Leave in separate Limos) touring style from 1997 to 2005 (2 tours no studio albums). So in the end just like all the original members of GN'R I commit to nothing. God. Damn. it.