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  1. Guns N' f'n Roses is back!! this is so surreal! ready to hear more details! R n' f'n Roll
  2. This is what I miss

    i agree. people change, grow up and all that kind of stuff but he was really badass back in the 90's. the UYI tour was magical.
  3. This is what I miss

    THIS is what I miss: Absolute Greatness
  4. Greenday to induct GNR

    this fucking sucks...........
  5. Slash tour dates 2012 - MyGNR official roll call!

    thanks a lot man! just bought my ticket!!! cant wait to see the "half man, half beast" again!!!!
  6. When was this photo taken?

    Yeap! He wore that in orlando!
  7. AXL SLASH DUFF IZZY STEVEN !! Guns N' fucking Roses! So glad this has happened,hope things get handled properly and they all show up! Long Live GNR!
  8. AXL SLASH DUFF IZZY STEVEN !!! Long live Guns N' Roses!
  9. Glad GN'R is putting a hell of a show and making us fans really happy!! That's what's all about
  10. Civil War and Yesterdays

    Yeahh!!! Civil War and Locomotive!! Although I'm psyched with Estranged being played now!
  11. That's her,the question is "is she at the GNR show?" ..
  12. I saw a picture of Erin Everly at this show..I just can't open it from my phone..
  13. Which GNR song(s) mean the most to you personally?

    Nightrain will always be my fav GNR song but right now,I love the fact they brought back "Estranged"!! Watching Axl sing that song is just magical.. Lot of mixed feelings