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  1. When you think that you are the band, anything you do to you is the sound of the band.  I don't know if this reunion is a sign of Axl seeing that it takes more than one of the defining musical members of the band to make it still sound like that band, but I hope so
  2. I agree, maybe because no photos or or videos them together has surfaced I wonder how much face-to-face time Axl and Slash have even had?
  3. Although if Richard had to choose between hired hand or nothing at all, he is getting a decent paycheck and a great gig playing with Axl, Duff, and Slash
  4. And she would probably dish out every single thing Axl said if they talked... which is why they are not going to talk The fact that she would post screencaps of her private texts with Slash (with Slash obviously lying to her because he knew the would blab about a reunion) says it all
  5. Or rather it would make the songs have more air and room to breathe That is one issue I had when I saw GNR in 2011 and 2012. You couldn't tell who was playing what besides solos, it was this wall of guitar sound. With two guitarists there is more air, space, and room to hear the interplay between parts a lot better.
  6. Other bands influence on GNR

    GNR covered Grand Funk back in their early days And here is a quote from Slash citing UFO:
  7. For anyone going, I highly recommend the pastrami reuben. My favorite
  8. I do not think a reunion-market performance, or even stadium tour, will be in danger of low tickets sales. I am not concerned about that in the least, it will be a high demand for a reunited GNR The issues will come for anything after the initial tour ends. The "new car smell" will have worn off and after people are used to Slash back in GNR it will be old hat and that will be when GNR is in danger of lower ticket sales
  9. The Whisky is a cool venue, I would love to see GNR there
  10. For me it is a tie between Slash and Duff Duff because of how much he rose after getting clean. First the fact that he got clean, and the fact that he decided that instead of riding merely the rockstar thing for the rest of his life he would also better himself by furthering his education and diving into martial arts. His book was very inspirational, to me Duff is the epitome of someone who can turn their life around and be able to have a lot of meaning in your life. A family, and education, etc. while still being a total badass and rocking out with whatever musical projects he likes doing. He was also very humble and genuine when I met him at one of his book signings Slash because as a guitar player I truly respect guitar players who are able to craft their own sound. Sure, Slash is not a jazz master or a sweep pick master or a shredder. But he has something that makes all of that not matter - he has a combination of his own tone matched with his own ways of crafting melody. So many people think that only technical skills are a sign of being a great guitar player, but so many that I come across do not craft riffs or solos that are nearly as memorable as Slash. And that kind of person who has their own sound and sense of melody is what I aspire to be as a musician
  11. What Are You Listening To 2015.

    The Black Crowes - Nonfiction
  12. What are your credentials OP, can you give us a source?
  13. Izzy and Adler

    I hope Steven shows up at least for one gig
  14. He is not. The show tapes in the afternoon, if he made an appearance we would have known hours ago