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  1. Yeah Woody Harrelson, his movie Rampart has become a huge Reddit meme because of that.
  2. Deep Cuts Setlist

    1. My World 2. Silkworms 3. Matt Sorum Drum Solo 4. Axl Rant 5. This I Love (feat. guest soloist DJ Ashba) 6. Shotgun Blues 7. Matt Sorum Drum Solo (reprise) Encore: Cornshucker
  3. Yeah I have about a 14 second clip of Slash doing The godfather at Dodger Stadium that is so distorted that you have no idea what you are hearing. Drop me a message hoarders with your best offer and maybe I will think about trading it
  4. He sounded perfectly fine when I saw them, his rhythm guitar parts are more audible than Richard for the most part - at least when I saw them. His solos seemed fine except for the talkbox solo in RQ which I thought could have been turned up a tiny bit more
  5. For me the thing that intrigued me when I was very young was just the way they sounded. I remember first catching the second half ofParadise City in 6th grade and thinking "what is this and why does it sound so awesome!?" Axl's voice, the energy, Slash's guitar tone, etc. Back then I my parentshad AOL dial up and youtube was still new so I remember waiting a half an hour just to see a tiny bit of the Ritz Nightrain performance, there was definitely a mysterious and seductive vibe that the band had that made me want to listen to them all day, every day. They way they present themselves it totally unique - even the way Slash plays a set of notes that any other guitar player can play easily, he just has a way of playing it that is unique to only him. That is the draw of GNR to me
  6. Based on the people around me, the songs were met with polite applause but nothing like the applause the classics get. Axl got some nice applause during This I Love though I remember when he first starts hitting those high notes in the chorus people dug it
  7. setlist for 2017

    I am quite happy with the current setlist, and if they do add Perfect Crime which was on some setlists that would be the cherry on top One thing they could do though is lose The Seeker and play the Lies-electrifiedversion of You're Crazy like the Live Era version since the chords and general beat are so similar
  8. Well part of that is a lot of the times the instrumentalists are fairly consistent within the band especially once Frank got into a better groove with GNR this year, so Axl's voice is more of a factor because the other elements are fairly consistently awesome.
  9. The Troubadour thing was a crazy trip, very surreal. The thing we all dreamed of becoming a reality, it was very exciting and the way they did it was really cool. For my personal highlight of the year it was seeing Steven Adler perform with GNR at the Dodger Stadium 2 gig, seeing 4/5 of the band that made Appetite is a concert highlight of my entire life. Although in general is was just soo fucking awesome seeing GNRlive at both shows I saw, just the fact that Slash and Duff were rocking out with Axl again was something I never thought I would ever get to experience so it really has been a dream come true.
  10. Prince 1958 - 2016

    gunnermatt I agree with the sentiments of your post, I feel like Prince never got the credit he truly deserves even in his death Most people know Purple Rain, Kiss, When Doves Cry, the Dave Chappele skit, etc. But this is a dude who in a lot of played all of the instruments on a good number of the songs he wrote, he wrote an ungodly amount of songs, hand picked not only his own incredible bands but also other bands for him to write material for, danced, had an incredible singing range, and on top of that just never stopped being awesome live even up to the last show he ever did If the term "musical genius" is applied to only a few musicians, I feel that Prince should be included in that list. And to add to your list - Miles Davis gushed about Prince and Steven Wilson does too
  11. New album this year rumour

    That method or "masking Axl's voice" only works if y'know it actually masks Axls voice lol. I have seen GNR twice and assessing Axl's up front vocal mix where I was seated this theory is just complete bullshit. And Axl hits many many high notes in GNR and AC/DC better than he has in years No offense, but everything your "source" said is speculative BS and its painfully obvious
  12. New album this year rumour

    I thought the days of fake insiders left when the Chinese Democracy era ended, let's not be too obvious about it now...
  13. I dunno man, Duff seems pretty content with his wife and kids and I would say he is the most down to earth among all of the other dudes! I don't know if it says anything about marriage as it does just make sure you are with the right person and in the right place in life to get married in the first place
  14. Yeah because in order for them to not be a nostaliga act they have to bring back a drummer who was fired back in the early 90's? And about them being too lazy to release new music, I mean when you look at the facts it hasn't even been a full year since this reunion took place. They weren't too lazy, they have been hard at work putting together a huge ass multi-national tour which is something Axl, Slash, and Duff have not done together in over 20 years As a disclaimer I would love to see more Steven, however I am totally happy with the current situation with who is in the band
  15. All the late night shows bash Trump and they get millions and millions of viewers every night. Pearl Jam bashed Bush Jr. many many times, I can go on. I am telling you, this whole thing is not nearly a big deal or a shocking thing as some of the reactionaries here are making it out to be, nor will it negatively impact GNR in any real way. I don't think it is a bad move, the number of potential ticket sales lost in the US due to a Trump pinata is so minimal that it is most likely not even worth worrying about from a financial point of view. And like GibsonLP said, Trump himself is not America, they are bashing President Elect Donald Trump, not America the country And not really even close to half the country voted for him, only nearly half of the number of people who voted - and even then a lot of those votes were not enthusiastically for him but rather enthusiastically against the opposition, but that is another can of worms in its own right lol