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  1. I fucking love Dr. Pepper! Even the diet version of it is pretty solid
  2. Well I mean they all have family and friends to see off the road (some of them children), plus life off the road where they don't have to live on a day-to-day fuckfest of traveling and intense itineraries and all the craziness that comes with touring. Plus separate projects such as Axl/DC and whatnot. So if they were not inclined at that point, I can totally see why that was the case
  3. All new! I wanna see what Slash, Axl, and Duff can come up with together. I am not interested in a Frankenstein'd recording of a song that Robin Fink wrote in 2001
  4. For me that moment came during the first show Steven Adler showed up I remember watching Periscope after having one too many White Russians to drink and freaking the fuck out in my room as soon as Axl introduced him
  5. I dunno, I honestly have a bit more hope now that Duff and Slash are in the mix. Especially Duff. Duff was, if reports are true, sort of the middle man who got the reunion rolling to begin with. He also even convinced Axl to start a nuGNR show with YCBM, I seriously think that if Duff and Slash have some serious want to put out an album Axl will give their thoughts a serious consideration. Not that I am saying let's all count on a new album happening soon, however I have a better feeling about it than I did during the 2009-2014 years. You can call it wishful thinking though, I can't refute that lol
  6. I totally agree. All of these shows look like a great time, and everyone going to them seem to be coming away happy. I know I did when I saw them last year
  7. I believe this is a different performance entirely, from the Ritz in 1987
  8. If it hits 100 and nothing happens, I am unsubbing so damn fast lol
  9. The people who hated nuGNR will say yes, those who liked it will say no lol. Overall I mean if someone doesn't wanna talk about nuGNR they can just not click the thread, no? Separating the discussion forum into too many different things I think would be less productive overall
  10. Well Slash and Axl being on stage is still something that up until early last year hasn't happened since 1993. So yeah having these guys playing all those songs together now is epic
  11. I like the album cover
  12. I am curious as to how these new Los Angeles dates will sell, I mean it was only around year ago when they played to shit tons of people in Dodger Stadium two nights in a row. If its the same lineup and basically the same show, how much demand will there be?
  13. Ha pretty much, I have barely given this whole thing a second thought since the Billboard first showed up However that being said I would not be surprised if there are more LA club shows announced, Appetite themed or not
  14. Seats because I got the tickets last minute and was too jet lagged to stand the entire day lol. Still a great show nonetheless!
  15. I was there last night, it was a fucking awesome show. Before the show started Black Hole Sun was playing on the loudspeakers and the crowd stood up and everyone sang along to it which was really cool. Tom Morello was at the concert as well. Someone on the U2 page on Reddit said that they were standing close to Axl and that he was singing along pretty loudly to "One"