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  1. What Are You Listening To 2016

    AC/DC - Shoot To Thrill Axl singing this song helped me rediscover how much I dig AC/DC
  2. I saw the last two shows of the tour this past weekendand to call the current status of GNR a travesty is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.
  3. He killed it that show! It was unreal hearing Axl sound as raspy and powerful in person, it gives me chills watching the youtube videos
  4. Dude that is cooler than any of the official Lithographs!!! That looks amazing! Great job on that, those are all great shots of the band too.
  5. Unless that whitepie person had it in a contract that he was going to get paid for the Troubador eventand/or the chance to film future GNR gigs he is owed nothing and is just bitching because of his own ego related issues.
  6. My favorite bit from that Del James interview is this: It is so funny to read after Slash and Duff are back in the band full time and Adler has played a couple of songs in multiple gigs now It is also interesting to read this after the China Exchange interview where Axl said a reunion was always possible it just didn't seem like the timing was right - it certainly doesn't sound like that was the case judging by Axl's own words! I am glad that Duff talked some sense into Axl and helped facilitate this reunion either way and I am glad that the Axl/Slash rift is far behind us. There seems to be positive vibes all around right now and it is awesome to see everyone personally and musically meshing together again so well
  7. Thanks for the link, that is very interesting to read especially after the reunion lol.
  8. Which comment is that where Axl said Slash couldnt play? I dont think I have ever seen that one, the only times I remember him commenting on Slash's playing was the late 90's Kurt Loder interview and I believe the forum chats where Axl talked briefly about Velvet Revolver
  9. Best Show from NITL

    Dodger Stadium Night 2 was vocally amazing and Adler was there. They picked a great night to film a DVD on
  10. Show just ended, that was fucking awesome tonight!! I finally popped my TWAT cherry UTLH was a great tune to pull out as well. A great way to end this leg, thanks for a kickass show GNR!!
  11. Has anyone been able to find the Litho design T shirts? I am in the stadium and none of the booths even know they exist!
  12. Just ate at a cool little pub near my hotel and will be going to the stadium soon, starting and ending this weekend seeing GNR is fucking awesome
  13. What Are They Playing?

    I remember in 2013 and 2014 everyone was saying how Axl had lost it for good, and now he has consistently brought the goods all year.