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  1. Yeah honestly now that Duff and Slash are back I have not thought about the 2001-2014 lineups much at all let alone had the initiative to watch a full concert from them lol
  2. I have never heard a liveversion of Breakdown so clear before! Is there link to the bootleg easily available?
  3. Izzys back in the studio

    So how hard is it to just... not click on this thread if you don't want to see it? Lol I don't get what the issue is here
  4. I like both Izzy and Richard -fuck me, right? Anyways Izzy and Slash are like peanut butter and chocolate and AFD is the best Reese's peanut butter cup ever
  5. I had the same attitude before the reunion, but really only because I never thought a reunion would actually happen between Axl and Slash lol. I was just really looking forward to whatever would have been the follow up to CD and the band at the time being a real band and releasing music and just doing what they do. It was frustrating because the band was ruining all of their potential chances at any sort of creative momentum moving forward But honestly, this reunion kind of made me honest with myself and realize that the only reason why I was so into the CD era is because it was all we had. Now, Slash is back, Axl is back to being awesome vocally, the band kicks ass, and there is more going on now that is awesome than the entire CD era combined - in my personal opinion of course. So it sucks that nuGNR was built up for nothing but at least we have "the real thing" to enjoy now
  6. Axl Rose Vs Steven Tyler (Versions Vs Originals)

    Tyler for Mama Kin (although Axl rocks it too, just Tyler is "the man" for that song Tyler easily for Come Together, Axl sounded really odd during that performance. I think Axl could do a lot better on that song than that Axl for AC/DC easily
  7. GNR, Prince, U2, Porcupine Tree/Steven Wilson projects, Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, The Beatles, STP, AIC, Nirvana, Rush, and a few more where I know way too much lol
  8. Best Axl Stories

    Holy shit it just occurred to me listening to this that Bumble sounds just like Larry David! "yeah my time in GNR was pretty, pretty, pretty good"
  9. It is almost like opinions are... subjective, right? Who would have thunk it?
  10. Loving the positivity in the air, they may not be hugging all the time on stage and stuff but they clearly have moved past a toooon of shit that even just last year none of us would have thought would have been possible
  11. Poll: Angus Young vs. Slash

    Axl and Slash, hands down. Axl/DC is good, however Axl and Slash are meant to be in the same band together
  12. 2001-2014 seemed like an alternate reality Hill Valley where Marty McFly alters the past and the present seemed weird and off, and 2016 seems like the "right" timeline where it all is good again Seriously Axl you had three guitarists in the band at once and none of them were as memorable as Slash, I am so glad that whatever he did to reconcile with Slash worked
  13. I used to hate You Ain't The First but it grew on me over the years. I think for me it just sounds fun, like all of them around a campfire drinking a couple of beers and bitching about their relationships and having it culminate with a campfire jam lol