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  1. If only it was as simple as us fans pretending like we know the discussions that went on behind the scenes
  2. I would argue that any fan pretending to know enough to lay blame so confidently on one side is the real issue here, for me if I dont know the real bonafide facts I dont lay blame on anyone
  3. To me recently the issue has just been a lack of objective logic on the side of the fans. We like to think we know what is going on behind the scenes in GNR land and are so eager to blame a person or a side of the argument without having enough real information. Thus resulting in stupid statements and baseless assumptions taken as truth. For me if someone is unnhappy with the sound of the band, Axl, etc. I am totally cool with that. But when stupid arguments or statements are made based on faulty logic that is where is can get messy in specific threads (like the Steven Adler oriented ones as of the past few days)
  4. Here is the thing, if this was 2013 I would totally agree with the "sad" part. However they have been incredibly successful last year and this year, getting mostly positive reception from the vast majority of concertgoers as well as the people who actually attend the shows. What goes on behind the scenes, we as fans are not 100 privy to, all I know is that shows are selling - the band sounds great, and whatever is going on behind the scenes I cannot tell you about because I am no insider, just like everyone here. I see no travesty here, honestly. Things are a lot more positive than what a lot of people here make it out to be. Obviously there are disagreements between Adler, Izzy, and the rest of the camp. The specifics or who is right and who is wrong - I simply cannot say and neither can anyone else here
  5. This would work well even for the songs that we have seen pop up on the actual real alternate set choices. Imagine voting from: You're Crazy (fast version), Perfect Crime, Slither, Yesterdays, TWAT, etc. Songs they have allegedly already have ready to play at various points in time. That would kick ass
  6. If the band I saw last year at Dodger Stadium was a travesty then I think every single great band in the world is a travesty
  7. Its one of those things where we simply just do not know. These delays were probably a huge combination of lots of things - Axl and the record label clashing a ton on creative and business decisions would be the most obvious guess to make. If you are under contract, going against what a big record label wants from you might result in a shit ton of road blocking and discouragement. I can easily imagine both sides of the coin being particularly imperfect I wish there were more facts about it all, its still a mystery
  8. There are a large number of people on here who seemingly just look for stuff to complain about. I totally agree, great post
  9. Just because a band doesn't operate the way you dream it is, it has no relevance to it being an actual band. Some people just look for something to bash every minute I guess
  10. Or maybe because the situation is really complicated and explaining all of that behind the scenes stuff is just a complex situation they didn't want to get into during that interview? I know for me I don't like making assumptions based on stuff I don't know, and during that interview the reunion tour was still fairly recently underway so it makes total perfect sense for a new album not to be made at that point in time. What you said could be true - or it could not. We simply do not know so for me at least personally I find it a waste of time to lay blame on one side or another
  11. This is exactly right, its become a whole thing especially with the Steven and Izzy debacle now where we have so many people making such definite attacks either on the Steven or the Axl/Duff/Slash camp. Truth is none of us know what happened, obviously there are a lot of disagreements however it is not our place to go on 0 evidence and decide who is in the right or what "should" be happening
  12. Well I mean you weren't there and had nothing to do with what is going on behind the scenes however you have already made up your mind that Axl is an evil dictator and Slash/Duff are sellouts with no spine - and based on little actual "factual" evidence
  13. This is such an issue lately with many people on this board, thinking like as fans we have enough info to talk about what exactly is going on, or one persons' motivations vs. another, etc. You are exactly right, there is a ton of jumping to conclusions here Not having done an interview with Slash yet and refusing to do one are two totally different things. Call it semantics, however there is a bit of jumping to conclusions here
  14. He is one of my favorites of all time for sure, however there are too many great frontman and singers in this work of different styles in order for there to be one greatest
  15. So Axl not responding to someone else talking about him means he is an asshole because he is clearly obligated to refute something that only a few people on an online forum care about anyway? I am sorry, but your statement just does not really make logical sense to me.