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  1. Best Axl Stories

    Holy shit it just occurred to me listening to this that Bumble sounds just like Larry David! "yeah my time in GNR was pretty, pretty, pretty good"
  2. It is almost like opinions are... subjective, right? Who would have thunk it?
  3. Loving the positivity in the air, they may not be hugging all the time on stage and stuff but they clearly have moved past a toooon of shit that even just last year none of us would have thought would have been possible
  4. Poll: Angus Young vs. Slash

    Axl and Slash, hands down. Axl/DC is good, however Axl and Slash are meant to be in the same band together
  5. 2001-2014 seemed like an alternate reality Hill Valley where Marty McFly alters the past and the present seemed weird and off, and 2016 seems like the "right" timeline where it all is good again Seriously Axl you had three guitarists in the band at once and none of them were as memorable as Slash, I am so glad that whatever he did to reconcile with Slash worked
  6. I used to hate You Ain't The First but it grew on me over the years. I think for me it just sounds fun, like all of them around a campfire drinking a couple of beers and bitching about their relationships and having it culminate with a campfire jam lol
  7. I think for that "insider" it is a case of how a broken clock is always right at least twice a day.
  8. Remember that time where Axl flat out said either Slash or him would have to die in order for a reunion to happen?
  9. Although it depends - was Izzy negotiating for money in order to be a full time member again in GNR or for Steven Adler type of appearances? At this point we just don't know, it is very possible Izzy was just gonna be a guest like Adler in some way and wanted an amount of money the GNR camp deemed too much for that type of situation. Maybe, maybe not, I just think that it is too hard to tell what is going on at this point without more info
  10. Ah yes the token "American crowds suck" post, now that we have that out of the way we can get back on topic From the boots I have heard Houston was great. Of course I am very biased in saying that the last 2 shows in California were phenomenal but even just listening to the recordings of those shows I think they were of very high quality performance wise
  11. Well if it is between a Steven-esque appearance or no appearance I will take the first one for sure And well I thoroughly enjoyed the shows this year and I am glad that we got whatever lineup we got honestly. Sure I would love a AFD reunion but I am very satisfied with the way this whole 2016 era has panned out so far
  12. It just baffles me how many people are totally against either the GNR camp or Izzy for this rift when we don't know the facts yet. Like this thread is a great example of how fucking mental GNR fans are lol
  13. Now I understand the frustration of being a fan of Izzy/the Appetite lineupand not getting a full reunion but I don't think that they have "ruined any chance of a decent legacy", not at all. Let's chill people no need to hyperbolize the situation at hand here We do not know the full story. What did Izzy want to do in the reunion and did it coincide with a pay that reflected that? We can't just go "oh Axl is a liar" when we do not know exactly what the negotiations were or even if was for Steven-esque guest appearances rather than retaking the rhythm spot back full time. We can't just assume one side is unreasonable until we know the terms that were unreasonable. This is the bad part of Izzy's Tweet, now there are tons of needless arguments between fans who don't even know what is really going on fully behind the scenes