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  1. Seats because I got the tickets last minute and was too jet lagged to stand the entire day lol. Still a great show nonetheless!
  2. I was there last night, it was a fucking awesome show. Before the show started Black Hole Sun was playing on the loudspeakers and the crowd stood up and everyone sang along to it which was really cool. Tom Morello was at the concert as well. Someone on the U2 page on Reddit said that they were standing close to Axl and that he was singing along pretty loudly to "One"
  3. I don't know, the fact that Slash and Axl are in the same band again is still really cool to me. I am not seeing a show this year but I am still happy with what they are doing
  4. Agreed! Plus its really cool how Axl is doing different things again. Doing the Billy Joel thing, Axl/DC, having Angus guest with GNR, etc. All in all he seems less... elusive than he did even back in 2009-2014. I get a totally different vibe from him and its really cool
  5. That is probably going to remain a mystery unless somewhere in the vaults there are in-studio notes of where every single part of every multitrack is sourced from, although the Axl vocal overdubs are the obvious ones to conclude because of how different he sounds. In regards to what guitar parts came from what shows, if they are indeed flown in from various sources both live and in studio it will be nearly impossible to track down the source of every minor change
  6. Just double checked! Haha the easy test is to play along with the studio version and the Live Era version back to back, the Live Era version is definitely not tuned to A=440 so there was definitely some super super slight tempering with the speed of the tunes.
  7. The versions of Jungle and You're Crazy on Live Era are not only overdubbed but also sped up slightly in pitch. If you try playing along to those songs on guitar that are perfectly tuned to Eb standard, you will see that the recordings are running a bit sharper. So its possible the Axl vocal overdubs and the pitch variations play a part in the different vibe
  8. I fucking love The Who
  9. Yeah why get hung up on just one word, the interview itself is pretty... rad
  10. I was thinking this too, maybe Axl saw it as edgy and cool and wanted to give a covers album an extra publicity kick or something.
  11. I said this in another topic, but I will say it here too cause its fitting. A lot of people here in my opinion are stuck in 1987 and want that image of a band living on the streets banging chicks and rehearsing in a seedy rehearsal space in LA. Its called the music "business" for a reason, I feel like to me the talks of cash grabs are just silly, of course people want money. If I could command millions of dollars having fun with people on stage playing great tunes in the largest venues in the world, I would do that for as long as I could.
  12. Honestly to me I feel like a ton of people here are stuck in 1987 lol. They want these guys to be basically the same people who live on the streets, and anything corporate or relating to money (this is a music "business" overall) takes away from the over-romanticized image of five guys banging chicks and partying and making music in a seedy rehearsal space in LA. All I know is if I was famous enough to have my own Tequila brand, I sure as hell would do the same thing - no question.
  13. I was going to say Brendan O'Brien, I bet he could get energetic performances out of those guys
  14. Dave Abbruzzese on drums, and either Rogers Stevens or Christopher Thorn (from Blind Melon) I think that these two could honor the old school GNR style fairly well