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  1. What Are You Listening To 2016

    Prince - When The Lights Go Down
  2. Listening to the videos Axl sounds waaayyy better than anything from 2011-2014 either way, even if this is the weakest AXL/DC show thus far it still rocks
  3. With Axl singing with AC/DC and the GNR happening at the same time its double the press coverage All I know is my local rock stations cannot stop mentioning Axl playing with AC/DC in between commercial breaks, and that is good publicity because he is killing it right now with both bands
  4. Female-lead reboot of Ocean's 11 in the works

    Now no offense to anyone. however I honestly think that rebooting a series just to have a different gender be the leads is the dumbest thing that could possibly done in the history of movies, and there is a reason why the female Ghostbusters has way more dislikes than likes on the youtube page. I am all for strong female leads in films. But piggybacking on already established legendary movies where males leadis the complete opposite of "women's empowerment" in my opinion. Come up with your own plots. Tarantino did more for female leads with movies like Kill Bill than any of these dumb reboots can ever hope to achieve
  5. "Stand Up" Featuring a picture of Axl sitting on the throne on the album cover
  6. I definitely do think he sounds great in the AC/DC videos for sure, I cannot wait to hear him rock out during the shows! Although I do think that Axl is all around a lot stronger vocally, sure Mickey does pop up but I think that a lot of the issue is Axl's mid range, not necessarily hitting the high notes. With the AC/DC tunes Axl will be up in his consistently decent high range for the majority of the time. But even then, maybe it is just the fact that Axl has been sitting, but I have noticed a lot more energy even with the Mickey voice going on
  7. You can only speak for yourself on that one, I honestly think Axl has knocked it out of the park so far in general in regards to the 2016 shows.
  8. Now don't get me wrong I am a "Appetite Lineup"guy, but if people having a different opinion about a rock band than you "disgusts" you I think you should get away from the keyboard and get some fresh air
  9. Its is both, although that is a hard concept to really grasp. But when I listen to the videos and the bootlegs I am reminded so much of the Illusion days but at the same time of the 2009-2014 lineup. Which makes sense
  10. Moral support? I can't think of any other reason why because there isn't anything he would musically bring to the table. There is no need for a 3rd guitarist to muddy up the guitar interplay and DJ is arguably the least great player to be in GNR ever
  11. Jesus I am so glad that didn't happen, I am glad DJ knew that it wasn't really his place. Props to him for not taking that offer, to me if it isn't an AFD reunionthis current lineup is the next best setup
  12. Prince 1958 - 2016

    He really was "it" wasn't he? Look at how masterfully he worked that crowd
  13. Axl Rose On TMZ

    Axl looks SOOO happy to be able to take a selfie with a guy from TMZ, you can see how giddy Axl looks in that photo
  14. What Are You Listening To 2016

    Prince - Witness 4 The Prosectution