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  1. Yeah because in order for them to not be a nostaliga act they have to bring back a drummer who was fired back in the early 90's? And about them being too lazy to release new music, I mean when you look at the facts it hasn't even been a full year since this reunion took place. They weren't too lazy, they have been hard at work putting together a huge ass multi-national tour which is something Axl, Slash, and Duff have not done together in over 20 years As a disclaimer I would love to see more Steven, however I am totally happy with the current situation with who is in the band
  2. All the late night shows bash Trump and they get millions and millions of viewers every night. Pearl Jam bashed Bush Jr. many many times, I can go on. I am telling you, this whole thing is not nearly a big deal or a shocking thing as some of the reactionaries here are making it out to be, nor will it negatively impact GNR in any real way. I don't think it is a bad move, the number of potential ticket sales lost in the US due to a Trump pinata is so minimal that it is most likely not even worth worrying about from a financial point of view. And like GibsonLP said, Trump himself is not America, they are bashing President Elect Donald Trump, not America the country And not really even close to half the country voted for him, only nearly half of the number of people who voted - and even then a lot of those votes were not enthusiastically for him but rather enthusiastically against the opposition, but that is another can of worms in its own right lol
  3. Someone should have brought him a Warren Beatty one back in the day
  4. "they come to my country tell us that he is planning on building a fucking wall, and is gonna make us pay for it lol" Just thought I'd finish that thought for you
  5. I just take into account the potential effectiveness of it from everything I have seen/read/analyzed,the costs both financially and nationally in terms of foreign affairs, and many many more factors not excluding the effects on innocent bystanders. And I have come to the conclusion on it: bad idea
  6. Almost as fucked up as talking about building a huge ass wall and making that "foreign soil" pay for it. Almost...
  7. And there is only President-elect who made a statement that Obama founded Isis and started the crazy birther thing lol. Right or left, it doesn't matter - we are all fucked so let's crank up some GNR and party like its not 17 years after 1999
  8. Steven is fucking awesome, and he sounded great on all of those videos from that show
  9. Lol, that is funny... Nope the GOP sure didn't make sure they could do everything in their power the last 8 years to use and abuse the political process against Obama and obstruct much, much progress in this country from being done. They sure "dealt with Obama" alright, by making sure the country suffers as a whole because of their pettiness Hitting a Trump doll and calling Trumpthe illogical moron he is, is very light compared to that IMO but hey whatever its always the Demsand Obama's fault somehow. Although truth be told the fact that the left and right are both so faulty is another reason why we need more political parties in the mix, its shitty on the left and its shitty on the right
  10. I like the album a lot however it is very flawed. First off, the mastering is horrible and there is clipping everywhere. Secondly, even though Axl sounds great with his late 90's voice I wonder why they couldn't have just picked performances that were decent enough vocally to not have any re-recording done. They recorded every show so I don't see why not I also would have loved more Steven-era performances. From the top of my head the only songs featured from that era were OTGM, You're Crazy, and UTLH. Why not include a better version of Jungle from 1987-1988? Same with Nightrain, My Michelle, Brownstone, etc. And there is also a lot of recordings that were taken and edited from the Tokyo show that is on DVD.
  11. Or maybe it is just a testament to how more mature Slash and Duff and Axl are to not think the way you are thinking lol. Seriously all is fine in GNR land in 2016 by the looks of it
  12. McBob Introducing GN'R Again

    McBob introduced the Velvet Revolver show I saw in 2008, really cool that he is doing it with GNR again
  13. Best Shows GN'R - 2016

    Dodger 2nd, although I am completely biased in saying that. However I would like to thing I am objective enough to evaluate the performance which I do think was one of Axl's best vocally complete with a great setlist and Steven Adler