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  1. The Republicans getting rid of the filibuster would be karma for the Democrats pulling that shit move, but I want McConnell to keep the filibuster as is. It is the only thing a minority party has in congress to check the power of the majority.
  2. Blue balled, high on cocaine and killed by Red Forman and the police chief from Beverly Hills Cop. Goodbye Bob
  3. I had superfly.
  4. Hillary won 19/50 states The only reason why the margins were close is because of the cities, and at this time and place that is all the democrats are and what they have become. They are the party of the upper class elite in city strongholds. Shitting on rural america and shitting on the 31/50 states that went Trump isn't going to help democrats out anytime soon. Going to be interesting watching the "progressive"(regressive) part of the party clash with the more moderate part of the party.
  5. Just don't tell him I told you
  6. Pappy is extremely racist, he holds clan meetings every weekend and he pisses in black people's gas tanks for fun.
  7. Yeah definitely one of my favorite shows as well. I guess he was diagnosed with cancer in 2015, didn't even know about it.
  8. I would agree you have to fight for those ideals that made liberalism great. I just hope liberalism wins the battle this time, and we don't get stuck with this fucked up, ass backwards neo liberalism.
  9. This is true, but what we are seeing right now is a death of traditional liberalism to some kind of fucked up retarded version of it, where freedom of speech, and expression is cracked down and suppressed. You say something we don't like you are banned, or fired, or you made out to be some kind of neo nazi. The current political movement on the left has bastardized liberalism.
  10. That isn't even remotely true. The electoral votes are still given out by population so the states with higher populations still have more sway than the smaller states, but with the current system and the electoral votes needed, you are not going to win an election by just catering to 2 or 3 large states as you would if you just go by popular vote of the country. After this election with the maps I have shown you, you still don't see a reason for the electoral college there really isn't much left to discuss, IMO it is painfully clear. Also lets be honest here, with the current system in place the democrats have an infinitely easier route to 270 than republicans. They get California and New York right off the bat, not to mention the pacific northwest, and most of New England and the east coast. Even after Losing Ohio, North Carolina, and Florida. Hillary had to just win Michigan and Pennsylvania to become president. Two states that have been in the Democrat pockets for decades. I'm also not getting into the "rural states get representation in congress" comment further down, that is just asinine and insane.
  11. It makes perfect sense, unless you want the president to only be elected by a handful of the major cities. This is why the electoral college was instituted in the first place, The forefathers wanted to protect people from "They tyranny of the majority" they were fearful groups of people would influence the rest of the country. This is why we have electorates to give all states a voice. If not all the states of New England would be nullified by just 3 cities..... this is what the 2016 election map looks like broken down by counties. or to further drive the point home the water being republican county wins, the islands democrat counties. This is why the electoral system exists and why it is needed.
  12. Definitely a microcosm of 2016.
  13. He played father Mulcahy in the TV show MASH. Looks like he was diagnosed with cancer a year ago
  14. just incredibly sad. it was no doubt from a broken heart.