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  1. 7 Years
  2. If it was dropped in an extremely remote area of Afghanistan and several ISiS members were killed, I wouldn't complain.
  3. I drop in from time to time.
  4. He ended up dying in prison. Someone testified against him in a murder trial in the 1940's, he ended up being killed and having cement tied to his feet and hands and was dumped into Jamaica Bay in Queens. He ended up going to prison for ordering the guy's death.
  5. Also Vito Genovese if old school mobsters are your thing
  6. Now that is funny.
  7. Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Lee, and Bill Nye.
  8. The Republicans getting rid of the filibuster would be karma for the Democrats pulling that shit move, but I want McConnell to keep the filibuster as is. It is the only thing a minority party has in congress to check the power of the majority.
  9. Blue balled, high on cocaine and killed by Red Forman and the police chief from Beverly Hills Cop. Goodbye Bob
  10. I had superfly.
  11. Hillary won 19/50 states The only reason why the margins were close is because of the cities, and at this time and place that is all the democrats are and what they have become. They are the party of the upper class elite in city strongholds. Shitting on rural america and shitting on the 31/50 states that went Trump isn't going to help democrats out anytime soon. Going to be interesting watching the "progressive"(regressive) part of the party clash with the more moderate part of the party.