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  1. What Are You Listening To 2016
  2. Major League Baseball Thread - 2016

    sanchez/castro/gregorious/byrd/judge and there are still pieces in the minors to come. that is a pretty good nucleus to build around. now we just need some pitching to go with tanaka.
  3. Major League Baseball Thread - 2016

    they were two different leagues at one point. the NL(national league) was the original, after some years the AL(american league) formed. the two leagues after some dispute agreed to have their champions play each other every year in the world series. the two leagues then became equal partners in the MLB(major league baseball) the only big difference is in the AL they have a designated hitter who hits instead of the pitcher, and in the NL the pitcher hits. this leads to some style differences in how AL and NL teams play. the AL team will be more about hitting homeruns to score a bulk of their runs since they have the DH, who tends to be a big time power hitter who can't play defense for shit. the NL will be more based around pitching, and since pitchers usually can't hit for shit, they usually try to get runs anyway they can, usually by stealing bases, moving runners using the bunt, trying to steal bases, and hit and runs are quite popular(hit and runs are when someones on base, and they take off running as the pitcher starts his throw home, the hitter will then try to get a hit, so the runner can take an extra base, since he had a head start.) a perfectly executed hit and run
  4. Your favorite bad movies?

    a lot of old school horror movies(sleepaway camp, friday the 13 VI, i spit on your grave) also a lot of 90s action movies with jean claude van damme.(bloodsport, time cop, double impact, hard target, universal soldier) you can throw stuff like tango and cash onto the list as well.
  5. Post great singers ITT

  6. i like the intro and the riff, but the vocals/lyrics and just awful solo ruined the song. it sounded like a weaker my apocalypse.hopefully the album(s)gets better
  7. Describe marijuana in your own eyes.

    hopefully massachusetts does their part this november. NH had it and the governor fucking vetoed it. vermont and maine are close as well. colorado is insane, and the amount of stuff you can buy is endless. as for the topic the best thing about weed IMO is listening to music while high.
  8. Amsterdam

    there is always the southern united states.
  9. Kahlua vs. Bailey's Irish Cream

    kahlua is the shit.
  10. 2016 Summer Olympics

    they get demoted to a lower league, like what leagues do in soccer. they can participate in the special olympics or the paralympics.
  11. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Been trying to edit my post but my fucking phone sucks. It was a bullshit report. I saw it on reddit and a couple of wrestling forums, but it has Been debunked.