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  1. Shooting Just Reported at Ohio State University

    it pushes theirnarrative. have you ever visited some of the far left websites? or some sub reddits on reddit?
  2. Shooting Just Reported at Ohio State University

    you just know some people were hoping he was a self professed trump supporting neo nazi.
  3. Fidel Castro Dies

  4. Metallica 'Hardwired... to Self-Destruct'

    after a few spins of both albums i would probably rate this album around a 6.5/10. it would have been a much better 8 song single album.
  5. what is your favorite guitar moment?

    anytime tony iommi lays down a riff.
  6. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    i did not see that happening at all....well done wwe.
  7. 2016 National Football League (NFL) Regular Season

    not the prettiest win but i will take it. 6-4
  8. Battlefield 1

    sapphire nitro r9 390x. i had for well under a year and it fried out right after a round of bf1 halloween night lol.
  9. US Politics/Elections Thread

    trump isn't as stupid as people make him out to be, you would think after all of this, more people would realize this.
  10. i couldn't stop laughing. dave still got it, and i would love to see him bring his show back.
  11. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Not a fan of the Bannon pick. I think Trump feels he needs to appease a portion of his base. Trump has been doing a decent job IMO at trying to calm the fears of people with some of what he has been saying and with some of his selections, I can't see him then throwing all that down the toilet for Bannon, if he selected Bannon he must feel like he can keep him in check.
  12. Metallica 'Hardwired... to Self-Destruct'

    1. hardwired- good opening gets the blood pumping for the album. 2. atlas rise- the maiden influence is awesome, probably my favorite song so far. 3. now that we're dead- a good song i like it, pretty catchy 4. moth into flame- really good track 5. dream no more- song sucks 6, halo on fire- reminds me of thin lizzy a bit. my second favorite track on disk 1. i want to give it a couple more listens before i give a number to the songs. onto disk 2 disk 2. 1.confusion- really good song, and a very strong opener. 2.manUnkind- mediocre, doesn't do a whole lot for me on the first listen 3. here comes the revenge- good song, especially the first half of it. 4. am i savage- middle of the road track, not bad but not great either 5. murder one- sucks, starts out interesting but just drags on and on. 6. spit out the bone - this is what i'm talking about, that breakdown before the solo was awesome. probably the best solo on the album. i need to give it a couple of listens, but i have really mixed feelings on it so far. it would have worked a lot better as a 7 or 8 track album. first album is a lot better than the second.
  13. better than the actual show lol