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  1. 2016 National Football League (NFL) Offseason

    his stepfather is suing himand hacked his account posting the picture/video. the video was from 2 years ago, the dolphins GM said they knew about the video and knew the situation and went on the phone to make sure their info was correct that the video was from 2 years ago, which it was confirmed it was. the dolphins had tunsil as their #2 player on the board and thought there was no way in hell they would get him. to me a guy that was rated by many to be the #1 in the draft and at worst a top 5 pick, at #13 to have him slide and a position of need it was a no brainer for the dolphins to grab him. if the worst someone can say is that a young man was smoking pot in college, then it is literally nothing. that being said that isfucking hilarious
  2. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I got might write in name now
  3. The Walking Dead Season 6

    the guy with the pet tiger is i still think it is complete bullshit no one knows who died, unless amc was deciding who died during contract talks
  4. The Witcher III

    according to cdpr, the size of the expansion map for blood and wine will be the size of skellige and its islands combined.
  5. Tom Brady suspension reinstated

    which is what the whole appeal case hinged on, the cba is the cba, the owners and the players(stupidly) signed off on it giving goodell certain powers, which he used to suspend brady, he has been doing it for years. i think there should definitely be a neutral third party for appeals, and i also agree goodell's use of punishment has been wildly inconsistent(hardy and rice) but there is really nothing players can do for another 5 years to fix it.
  6. nice start by eovaldi. 7ip 2h 6k he needed that one. hopefully he goes on a roll like he did post all star break last year.
  7. Tom Brady suspension reinstated

    next cba the NFLPA need to tell goodell to stick it up his ass when it comes to being the person to hear appeals, there needs to be an unbiased third party.
  8. Tom Brady suspension reinstated

    damn, never thought of it that way
  9. Tom Brady suspension reinstated

    goodell bent over backwards to sweep spygate under the rug and help kraft out,going as far as telling mike martz what to say to the media, and burning all the tapes.the owners were furious and breathing down his neck the whole time. so to go do this,goodell couldn't hold back the owners anymore, plus i doubt brady got the 4 games for just the footballs, he got it(and the patriots) for lack of cooperation in the investigation, and smashing the cell phone. a lot of the blame should go on the NFLPA as well, they gave goodell the power to oversee all punishments and to handle the appeals, that should have been something the NFLPA fought hard against and they didn't. the court looked it all over and said the CBA gave goodell this power. I still think if brady just owned up to it, he may received two games, and would have been dropped to one on appeal.
  10. this is what happens when D+D start free forming. I still cannot believe what they did to dorne and how radically different the story and all the characters are.
  11. i didn't think the dorne storyline could be butchered anymore than it already has.....i was wrong....really...really wrong.
  12. i understand what he is saying, but at the same time why not create a vevo page or just post links under your name and then monetize the account to make revenue from the clicks?