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  1. 1999 album?

    You can hear clips of pre-2002 studio versions of Chinese Democracy, Madagascar, and The Blues in this video: The Blues is the one that really intrigues me as it has a completely different solo. Loving that old school Chinese Democracy intro too.
  2. +1 on this thread being useful. I had no idea what was going on with slash until I read this.
  3. Skwerl's GN'R Leak story

    Finally some GNR news. Awesome read.
  4. Definitely wasn't that video posted on the previous page. Cool jam, but not ITW.
  5. Acoustic TWAT - Would anyone like to hear more?

    Agree with this. Letting us listen is just a bonus!
  6. Timeline of the leaks so far

    Since when is there a "higher fidelity" version of the pre-2007 tracks? Anyone heard these before?
  7. Fernando GN'R 2 hours meeting?

    Yeah it's simple guys - they are discussing the leaks and who to sue (most likely MSL).
  8. Anyone want to hook me up please? Thanks!
  9. I too am curious about this.
  10. Guns N' Roses Twitter post about New Album!

    This is kind of my thoughts. I don't think Team Brazil knows the answers, and Axl probably doesn't say much to them about future plans. I blame Axl.
  11. The "5 Questions with Axl Rose" campaign

    Thanks, that's appreciated.Since the questions were picked by the community, can you also post the exact letter than was sent? I'm just curious as to how it was written.
  12. Thanks Fernando, genuinely

    So what did this letter say? Can it please be posted? And maybe their responses too?
  13. The "5 Questions with Axl Rose" campaign

    I think by asking so many questions about new music proves a point. The community simply wants some new music.
  14. "MyGNR Interviews Axl Rose" Questions Pick-Up Poll

    "bands" should be "band's"