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  1. Bcak with a new episode of GNR True Story and I wanted to talk about Chris Cornell's history with Guns N' Roses and it's members.
  2. Here's the snippet from Eddie Trunk's show
  3. yeah i agree. It definitely sounds like a song that could have been on appetite as well.
  4. This week I'm taking a look at Back off Bitch. I always loved slash's guitar playing on this one.
  5. I agree I dig the live version a lot more. Love Tokyo 92
  6. A look back at the Dayton show from 92 where Axl misheard slash and gets pissed off at him. Slash recounts the story on Howard stern's show!
  7. always reminded me of knockin' on heavens door. WIsh these guys would do more illusions material on tour.
  8. Hey Everyone, Back this week with another episode of True Story looking at GNR song So Fine. You can vote on which song you'd like to see next at my twitter page where I have a poll up! Check it out
  9. thanks for the nice comments!
  10. This week I'm looking at the Greatest Hits Album and the Controversy surrounding it. Since it's the anniversary of the album i thought it would be a good time to look back at it. Seems like there wasn't much excitement from GNR fanbase over this release due to missing tracks like Estranged
  11. maybe we'll get one of those songs if guns shelf the seeker at rock in rio
  12. Thanks so much! Really appreciate it! BTW that cover of 14 years is horrendous, you were right.
  13. it says the video is not available.