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  1. This week I take a look at the controversial GNR song One In A Million
  2. thanks man! It's also mentioned in Mick Wall's new book Last of the Giants that Dave wrote at least part of the lyrics on the song too.
  3. Dude! I love your site, it makes the true story episodes so much easier to research.
  4. Found it! I shouldve included it in the description box so mick walls book last of the giants claims dave lank wrote some of the lyrics
  5. thanks man! I'm trying to find it. I recorded this months ago, once i track it down I'll let you know.
  6. Back with another episode and one of the most requested use your illusion songs, don't damn me
  7. those liner notes are crazy. No wonder the album took so long to release
  8. Thanks for the kind words. Yeah i agree about izzy.
  9. Today I'm taking a look back at Axl's first LA band Rapdifire! Anyone surprised none of the songs especially closure never making it it's way to a GNR album?
  10. This week I've found some old footage of Axl and his neighbour incident and done an episode on Right Next Door to Hell
  11. The "You Ain't The First" demo sounds like when they tried to mix the album in "Q Sound" which was, if I remember correctly, some new way of mixing music. Even the old Street Fighter 2 arcade cabinets had it. This was on the Alan Niven DAT tapes he gave to a fan to rip and share. 

    1. sidman69


      thanks for the info, didn't know that. 

    2. Chris 55

      Chris 55

      It blows my mind that it was 10 years ago that Alan Niven allowed that stuff to be out!

      Originally it was the instrumentals and alt version of 14 years. Then they had the q sound mixes that they were experimenting with. They sounded pretty terrible.


  12. thanks Mike! Appreciate it!
  13. Back with another episode of GNR True Story. This week I am looking at You Ain't the First