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  1. New Clip Discussion

    Did they? Do tell...
  2. Timeline of the leaks so far

    I think you're talking about Thyme. That one surfaced in the summer of 2007. I believe it begins with a MLK intro.
  3. What is your favorite GN'R album?

    CD, then UYI II.
  4. Going Down Appreciation Thread [NO LINKS/REQUESTS ALLOWED]

    Convert to MP3 using iTunes or Audacity w/ the LAME mp3 encoder.
  5. 5 new songs, 3 of which are Better (and other recycled stuff)

    Better Gone, Better acoustic, Better with DJ. So, 3. But I can see why people have forgotten Better Gone.... But, anyways, on topic - I like them. Better than nothing. But, I'm hoping there's no hiatus.
  6. A total disgrace

    This thread has won the internet. Always for the lulz... :xmassrudolph:
  7. Pitching in for NYCBC Bootlegs

    Sent as well.
  8. Pitching in for NYCBC Bootlegs

    Willing to contribute to all three.
  9. NYC Bitch Committee back in action

    More than willing to contrib to this. How many peeps you got for this so far? I'm willing to invest in all the NY shows, but am open to the others as well, if anything.