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  1. I wonder how much someone would pay for a VHS rip of the rehearsal to what ended up being a sub-par performance at best.
  2. Axl has actually said what he thought of that night, but never made it known to the public. If his autobiography or any of his other writings make it out there, we all will know. All I remember is there was some misunderstanding and he was not at fault.
  3. I enjoyed it. Maybe it will hold us over for another decade before we get new music from the band that matters.
  4. What you heard was a remix using bits of BITW and Prostitute.
  5. Argentinian Tango as GnR song?

    It's catchy, it would make a good single, and when polished be a good "Better" of the next album.
  6. CD still gets played on radio?

    Better gets plays from time to time around here. That's easily the most, catchy, and best radio friendly song on the album. It's my favorite Guns song too.
  7. Vanessa Santos Lebeis of Team Brazil preggers?

    I knew I should have used a condom...
  8. Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
  9. A re-release of an album with less songs from the same album in a different order? cupcake.
  10. How is an old song no one has heard before different than a new one no one has heard before? Some songs on UYI were around in the AFD days.
  11. Better appreciation thread

    Better is the best. It was the first leaked GN'R song I heard, and it's the song that made me into a GN'R fan.
  12. Very few people actually know why Finck left.
  13. Are There People Who Became GNR Fans Cuz of ChiDem?

    Well, sort of. I was only a casual GN'R listener until I heard the Better leak around 2006. Then I became a fan.
  14. MSL discusses Guns n Roses

    I has a bucket. Don't be stealin my bucket!