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  1. I don´t think we will see any of this footage. The released pro-shots were all stolen and not permitted by Axl. But it is really a shame. Imagine what great material there might be. If I had the chance to pick three shows of that tour to be released, I would choose Wembley 91 (last Izzy show), prague 92 (don´t cry with alt. lyrics) and munich 1993 (that short footage in the estranged video looked like a great crowd and venue).
  2. Amazing to see two of my alltime-favourite bands sharing one stage. Just fucking amazing. I´m hoping Angus joins them for some European gigs as well. He lives in the netherlands, so it would´t be far for him.
  3. "Believe in me" is an outstanding piece of art. You really still can feel the atmosphere of lonely studio-time somewhere on the road during the UYI-Tour at 3 o´clock in the morning. And even though Duff was absolutely at his drinking high, he still rocked this thing and played most of the instrument parts + the singing. I really love this album and if I had to choose 10 albums to take with me on e lonely island, this would definitely be one of them. Besides that, in terms of GnR side-project-records I would choose "It´s five o´clock somewhere" at number 2 and "JuJu-Hounds" on 3.
  4. Fortus seems to be a really nice guy.
  5. Sorry, but the only thing worth talking about is that guy having the Ritz 1987 show and not releasing this amazing stuff.
  6. 1993 was great. But in my opinion 1991 was the best live year. Playing the big venues on their own was still challenging and exciting for them + there was still some kind if "us against the rest of the world"- mentality. Indiana 91 is a good example.
  7. So, Steven is involved in this bullshit or at least supports it by signing drumsticks for the release-giveaway ? As much as I like him as a musician, this guy is just akward. That´s the reason Axl and even Slash n Duff don´t wanna deal with him on a regular basis.
  8. I don´t care how big the GnR-Catalogue is. It´s all about quality. I love every single song GnR put out until 1994, except "My World". Other Bands may have more Albums released, but from them I only like the half and only love one ore three. Thats the big difference for me. Discussing about TSI, whether it is a GnR-Album or not. I love that thing, because I didn´t knew most of the songs before, so it was totally new to me. So, in my opinion, TSI is 100% full GnR straight in the face.
  9. Damn it. This guy sings this song with his foot broken. I don´t want to know how much pain he had, during this gig. So much respect for Axl doing this show anyway and I don´t give a fuck how he sounds here. They came back together and that is all that counts. In terms of his voice: I think he is doing quite a good job, not even with the NITL-Tour, but also during the Axl/Dc shows. Even the negative people in the AC/DC community had to shut up. For me it´s like, the heros of my youth are coming this summer and I will have a blast during the show. And of course I know, they are not in their twenties anymore and it´s not the GNR from the 85-94 era. But at the end of the day they are still a kickass band. End of discussion for me
  10. Damn it. I understand that the owner tried to get some other rare stuff to trade in. But now, almost one year later, he should release that thing. This is so fucking amazing stuff, that it´s absolute bullshit not to release it to the fans. I mean, that video is really epic (I normally don´t use that word that often, but in this case it fits). Example ? "Reckless life" is the version from the GnR-Lies Album!!!!! Slash shouted "hey fuckers, suck on guns n fucking roses" before he opens the song. To this Alex-Guy who owns this: It´s time to set the monster free. C´mon.
  11. Everytime when you think you have seen everything from that era, something awesome as this shows up. Thanx for the find and sharing !!!
  12. @sidman69 Really great work, man ! I will check out your other videos soon for sure. For me the garden is one of the darkest GnR-Songs in terms of atmosphere, always loved it.
  13. That "Book Chat" thing was funny as hell. Never has seen that before. The best part was: "How was it for you to write a book, when it is so obvious that you can´t read"
  14. The good tickets (Front of Stage 1 und FOS 2) has been sold in one or two days for almost every show, as far as I can see for germany, switzerland and austria. For the shows that aren´t sold out yet, are only a few cheaper price tickets available. So, I think it´s going quiet well.
  15. Ask 10 people and you get 10 different names when you ask about the best lyricist. But as far as GnR is my Number One Band I would agree, that Axl is in the Top 5 of all times, together with Freddie, Lennon/Mc Cartney, Elton John, Mick Jagger.