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  1. Rumored Concert Date Thread Trailer!
  2. article

    That is an interesting tidbit. It says: As Bild found out: Since two years the musicians' lawyers are said to work on the contracts for the mega comeback of the (almost) original line up.
  3. Dear Fermanager,

    Hey Fernando, thx for checking by and talking to us. Would be great if you could hang out here more often. Pls just ignore the usual dorks that want to ruin it for everyone. Really looking forward to hearing news from GN'R #soon.
  4. New leak?

    Sounds legit, but old. Song is mediocre as far as I can tell from that snippet.
  5. Asked about a recent interview, where he said: "Never say never" on a GN'R reunion, Slash now said in an interview with the German tabloid BZ: „Hey, es ist schon erstaunlich, was man so alles dort hinein interpretiert. Ich wollte nur mal ein bisschen freundlicher und positiver klingen. Aber Axl und ich haben keinen Kontakt und ich sehe das nicht.“ My translation: "Hey, it's remarkable what is read into that. I just wanted to sound a little more friendly und positiv. But Axl and I aren't in touch and I don't see it." Source: