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  1. New Clip Discussion

    would love too sincerly, your commander in chief
  2. MSL discusses Guns n Roses

    to put it in a nutshell, as ever the gnr fanbase is infested by pricks !! sincerly, your commander in chief
  3. Is This Axl Posting

    your commander in chief is axl sincerly
  4. "Better" video

    please show some respect for better video sincerly, your commander in chief
  5. Tommy Stinson leaves the stage in Delhi

    I guess tommy leave the stage because he can't wait to hit the bottle sincerly, your commander in chief
  6. Vegas Setlist(s) General Discussion Thread

    gnr world reveal a new prick... again sincerely, your commander in chief
  7. best axl impersonator - get him for a mygnr cover song!

    wow;many pricks here sincerlEry, your commander in chief
  8. Axl Rose on Jimmy Kimmel talk show Discussion Thread

    wait and See SincerlEry, Your Commander In Chief
  9. A way to release CD II..

    maybe we will figure it out after the kimmel show... SincerlEry, Your Commander In Chief
  10. Chris Pitman Appreciation Thread

    He killed the show at school bridge but Mr Robin Finck he's still the real rock superstar SincerlEry, your commander in chief
  11. GnR doing 12 shows in Vegas General Discussion Thread.

    Regarding his last performance he really needs to sincerlEry, your commander in chief
  12. Who was the best NewGNR manager?

    good answer
  13. Bridge School Benefit Show and Webcast Oct. 20, 2012

    -MSL- sorry for my english Can't agree with you on this... Axl and the band are professionals. they have to be as constant as possible in every show for the fans even the first date of the tour. As a fan, what would you think if you could only go to a single venue, completely or partially failed because of lack of practice, while other venues of the tour are much better performance. Frustrating... Every fans deserve an average quality on the performance. Sincerely Your commander in chief