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  1. They posted the video again the wankers
  2. Whatever the announcement turns out to be, the band seem really excited by it, maybe we won't be, but they are. Slash did say there was more to come, so the more tour dates they've got planned he at least is excited by them. I shall be out all day tomo, probably can't get wifi, so I'm am probably going to miss the mygnr mass meltdown
  3. They do one AFD show they might as well do a whole bloody tour!! Surely they wouldn't be so cruel to just do one
  4. Emily Eavis did say they have kept a huge band a surprise - there's the word huge again
  5. Glastonbury week is open for GnR
  6. It's going to be a massive disappointment for some people Just try not to expect anything other than another tour leg announcement with this current lineup
  7. It'll just be more shows Maybe some more European shows too, perhaps they are coming to northern England next time as I couldn't understand why they left us out the first time and a lot will not travel to London. It was super early.
  8. Yeah, that's a weird time to announce something if it is specific to LA. The band must be in Dublin when it's going out or else why say that? Or maybe we are all just on Axl time
  9. The soldiers are already here, Im in London at the minute. They're deployed at Westminster and Buckingham Palace at the moment. If the shows go ahead I expect to see them there too.
  10. Where are they saying that?
  11. Day 39:
  12. Caused by them teasing us with really shit promo videos
  13. Some other posters were speculating that they could release a re-recorded version (really do no think so) or a reissue, remastered AFD. No thanks. Leave it alone. Im still positive its just more shows with the current lineup.
  14. Out of all the theories in the D&N about the announcement, this one is my biggest fear.. Re-recorded and reissued AFD