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  1. LMAO!! Angus is here to collect our souls That's how I meant it, but you're much better with the words than me
  2. Hashtag wankers
  3. Yeah, he talked shit about AC/DC, seems to be because he had something to do with a rival of theirs called The Angels and he comes across as jealous they didn't get the same recognition as AC/DC did. He probably had a hand in their songwriting too. So he's jealous. How many times did Axl and Beta call Slash the Devil and he was the most evil of all On a different note, I watched some of those Maynard videos on YouTube
  4. It's beyond crazy to think that Alan Niven was putting black magic hexes on Axl. That's just seriously fucked. I don't believe in any of that stuff at all, but honestly if I found out that someone was dressing up in black robes and wishing horrible shit to happen to me, I'd be freaking out. Saying that Axl was singing for the devil when he was with AC/DC, I dunno, I suspect that might be Niven being a nasty shit and trying to get at Axl by associating what he was doing with the devil. Axl is scared of the devil, right? I bet Niven hoped Axl would read that crap and be scared. That's just how it seemed to me, that he'd hoped Axl would read that and feel bad. Like when someone once posted on here that he told him on the phone "oh great, you failed again" I can't remember what that was about though.
  5. Axl wore a yellow cap in Toronto 91. I don't know if he wore it for any other shows.
  6. Madchester
  7. Day 10: I was 15 and this whole stadium was packed out with school kids. I feel sorry for the kids today that they don't have their own Oasis I remember very clearly the huge roar when John Lennons image appeared in the background
  8. @Rocketqueen76
  9. I have started to believe again
  10. So now Del James has posted a pic of original GnR on his social media. Why are they doing this to us?
  11. It was Izzy who got Niven into black magic and then Niven started putting curses on Axl There's no evidence that Izzy put any hexes onto Axl, just that he got Niven into it.
  12. Have they only just joined on Spotify or something? I don't even get why they're advertising it unless they just joined it?
  13. If this turns out to be for real, I'm going to really start believing that Axl Rose pretends to be his cat on Twitter
  14. Yes, it's time to get delusional and paranoid again! Official Guns N' Roses normally avoid original band pics like the plague..
  15. Is it a mistake?