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  2. He left the stage after being bottled for being late. He returned about an hour later and spent the remainder of the show like that!
  3. No, nothing makes it better I thought it would be a nice ending to my GnR obsession for me, wrong wrong wrong It's only made me worse
  4. I'll come back later
  5. Oh man, when I went to Axl/DC in Manchester everyone was really drunk and smoked loads of weed. They let us in with weed and flares They had bagpipes going outside the stadium and everything I don't suppose Manchester will be the same for a while yet
  6. Angus is like a memeber of the band now. Poor Slash standing in the shadows
  7. I'm still grumpy I wish I had the money honey, I would definitely be going to more Euro shows What can I do but hope they come back here soon (and moan and whinge in the meantime) Metallica are here in October, they're jobbing it around the arenas. I'm going to Birmingham because the LG is loud!! I would have bought tickets for Manchester too but they are charging £100 for just one lol.
  8. I'm glad I forgot mine and still have my flag which I'll now take for Metallica to have instead.
  9. I would love a remake of the Spyro trilogy, maybe even more than the Crash one. The Jak trilogy too whilst they're at it. Cannot wait for Crash though!
  10. Mediator.
  11. There is a pattern here though. Axl notices and acknowledges the sign.. couple of minutes later here is mr security to snatch it away and rip it up. I think that is odd.
  12. I doubt it is because they are so concerned about fans behind being able to see and is more about they might set Axl off.
  13. Right up until the "where's Izzy" sign there has never been a problem with banners as I can recall. There are many pictures of Axl holding them up from the 80s right up until recently and even one on this tour in Argentina. Only now they aren't wanted. Banners are the new Slash t shirts
  14. People are idiots, especially ones that only go to one concert a year because the big band is in town. On the train home from London to the north I was in carriage full of still drunk Stone Roses fans, awful.