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  1. I will, I know I would regret it if I didn't go. @Darkenchantress put it so perfectly when she said I don't know what to expect. It's a weird feeling.
  2. I am in the pit though lol I have early entry tickets for the first London show and GA for the second show Sounds like some kind of church thing
  3. I have a hairdresser phobia I must be the only woman on the planet, right? Honestly I have serious anxiety issues with going to the hairdressers. My hair is long and straight and naturally blonde, so I don't need it colouring, I literally just get it washed and styled. I still seriously hate going though. My husband bought me a voucher for my birthday to the best hairdressers around here, that was in November and I still haven't been yet
  4. Yes, it's difficult to explain to people. It's not meant negatively. I am not in any way saying I'm not looking forward to seeing Slash, Duff and Axl. Of course I am. Its just that's the way I see it, I'm going to see Slash, Duff and Axl together playing GnR songs. With Metallica I feel like I'm going to see THE Metallica - Same with Iron Maiden. I don't get that with the hybrid band, I just feel like I'm going to see Slash, Duff and Axl - Not THE Guns N Roses. Im rambling
  5. Original GnR
  6. I meant every word. Nah, I'm sure she lets him off his lead every now then. Oh. Well she can't mind the infamous London pics - so I'm going to assume the latest ones were worse
  7. Their new house is in LA according to what Susan has posted on Instagram. They moved all their stuff from their old house not so long ago, so I presume this new house in LA is their main home now. It would make sense really, with their daughters wanting careers in modelling and the music industry and Duff is now closer to his two main bandmates. Thats my theory on that anyway
  8. It's funny, they aren't even touring the UK, just England Metallica are doing a UK tour but they haven't felt the need to seperate us from Europe. I still cling to the hope Izzy might fancy a trip to England I just so hate this idea of guest slots, popping up at random shows. It's so unfair on fans. I still have resentment that Izzy came to the UK with Axl those times but not the shows I saw. Out of all the bands I have tickets for this year, GnR is the one I'm not sure whether I'm going to like it or not and they're my favourite band ever. I don't know if I'm going to like seeing them with Frank, Fortus and Melissa there, I wonder if they're going to let me down? As opposed to Iron Maiden and Metallica who I know I'm going to love. What a weird predicament for fans. Not that I am not looking forward to seeing Axl, Slash and Duff. Not saying that.
  9. I saw Richard replying to people on the Live Nation St Louis post about Guns N Roses and the way he was talking, he's certainly playing that show. So he's still in.
  10. Day 10: Spent a little time living in Liverpool with my Gran before she passed. She made me go to Anfield with her a lot
  11. Probably when she lifted up her phone to take the pic the handcuffs dragged Axl's arm into the frame.
  12. Dare I ask it, but what has Sasha done on Instagram?
  13. Omg @Ubukitty no!! Don't go to Axl's house and tell him what we say, he will barricade himself in even more I wonder if Susan gets sick of people asking her where Axl is on her Instagram every single time she posts a pic of herself, Duff, Slash and Meegan hanging out. Its weird to see Slash and Duff hanging out this way, with their families together. I can't recall any pics like that with those two before they got back together in GnR. So maybe Slash and Duffs relationship is receiving a boost, which makes it seem even shittier for hermit Axl.
  14. I just ate dinner I get that, it's not just the lack of pictures that's a worrying sign. It's the lack of coming out of his hotel room at all and having meals taken to him. The way he is on stage seems very very unlike Axl. I don't know how someone can change their whole personality overnight??? I don't know, just something seems really odd to me. He doesn't even seem to be going out at night like he always used to. This tour has a lot more than the usual riding on it, maybe he's feeling it?
  15. I prefer arm shots than the full horror of what we saw in London last year