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  1. Shacklers Revenge - Axl n friends.
  2. Yeah that's what I thought too. I listened to it about ten times - it was just to listen to him speaking though, damn!
  3. Yeah, I just can't imagine him signing one of those things at all.
  4. Do you think Izzy would sign one of those? Maybe it's just Fernando trying to appear cool and like when they said Izzy is part of the GnR family, really? Lololol I can imagine he is trying to involve Izzy in his plans, though.
  5. What the hell fuck? We need scowling Axl to stalk the stage during WTTJ. He looks like he's on a beach in Ibiza
  6. So, was idling through instagram and came across this and noticed he knows all the GnR wankers. Fernando liked this post
  7. @money honey Try tagging the mods power age or black sabbath, they are very helpful with ticket advice.
  8. I think they had a party and these guys played for it. I don't know if GnR played, I haven't seen anything.
  9. Yes it was, they had it on The Shakedowns Instagram page that they were playing the pre show party tonight. What do you think?
  10. Duff has now started walking around with a walking cane? As well as the ridiculous hat! He's been spending too much time with Axl. Looks like GnR were having a party. Tyler Bryant's band played it. Seen loads of pics of people like Kat and Fernando etc as well as Slash and Duff.
  11. I hope you're feeling better and good to see you posting again.
  12. I swear every time I see Duff now I hear the word DIDDLY! "Attitude, you've got some diddly attitude."
  13. You knew when Axl said "turn your head into mashed rice" it's time to press the FF button asap.
  14. For saying Jordan is meant to be a personal trainer to LAs elite, I don't think he looks in that good shape himself.
  15. And now, thanks to Steven, we know Fernando is planning something special for July. Massive letdown incoming.