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  1. It's interesting how many people miss the meaning of this quote or take it out of context. It has nothing to do with the quality of Slash's artistic contributions to GNR.
  2. Has Axl not put out a live DVD/CD because Slash would get royalties?

    Slash co-wrote 9 of the 26 songs they played at that concert, not 20. Whatever Slash would make off of this DVD release would be much less than what he already makes from the previous GnR releases anyway. Can guarantee this is a non-factor. And they did release the Harley commercial with Paradise City. The one with Better was the one that got shelved.
  3. Did the UYIs suffer from poor single choices?

    The albums had four songs that hit the top 4 on either the rock or pop charts, so I don't think that was really a problem. Don't Cry, YCBM and November Rain were all big hit songs, with Civil War not far behind; Yesterdays, LALD and KOHD also got decent airplay. The Garden, Garden of Eden, Dead Horse and Estranged were not official singles were they? Maybe I'm wrong. I know they had videos but I don't think they were actually released as singles. Bottom line though, the singles from the UYI albums did very well. And the songs with legitimate hit potential were basically all released as singles (and did well, in most cases).
  4. Will GNR ever play St. Louis again?

    St. Louis does suck. It is a turd on a piece of shit's asshole. Only thing it has going for it is being Duff McKagan's defacto hometown (King of Beers and all)
  5. Right Now, Axl is the wildest of the 5

    You mad, bro?
  6. Best Live Clips 2006-2007

    Sailing was amazing. I hope they recorded a 2006 version at some point.
  7. Best Live Clips 2006-2007

    He's a bit shaky on the first half, but the second half of this performance is Axl at his best. IRS kicked so much ass live in 2006
  8. Best Live Clips 2006-2007

    My personal favorite version of "nu" GnR, simply because there was some real hope. Axl was in top form, the band had big time talent and chemistry, etc. The shows were a lot of fun to attend. Rock Am Ring: KOHD, such a strong Rock Am Ring: Nightrain, my personal favorite live performance of Nightrain
  9. Best clips 2000-2002 era

    Bucket's Nightrain solos were unbelievable. Should've never let the Bucket get away. Also, that 2002 Albany show must've been amazing to be it. You had the Serpico rant, the amazing LALD performance, and a legendary Nightrain performance (Brain's drumming is also amazing on this one) (Albany 2002)
  10. Best clips 2000-2002 era

    Similar to the last thread: a lot of negativity surrounding this era, but a lot of amazing moments as well. Next up will be the 2006-2007 era, and 2009-2010 era. But I think we should have one thread for each iteration of "nu" GnR. Already plenty of points of reference for the old band Couple of my personal favorites: KOHD performance from the 2002 MSG show. The Buckethead solo here is just beautiful (kicks in at 3:14), and it features a great vocal performance from Axl. Also like how the 2002 version was closer to the Bob Dylan original, particularly since they haven't done it that way on any other tour. 2002 Albany: in my opinion, the best LALD vocal performance of all time. The screams
  11. Ill just leave this awsome video here

    Only way for Ron to get universal props on this forum: Just compare him to Axl
  12. Best live clips 2011-2013

    Shackler's always has and always will kick ass live. Fortunately, they've played it at two of the three shows I've been to since CD came out. It's funny because both times, I was the only person my in my immediate vicinity singing along to it, but I saw a few people scattered throughout the audience 20-30 feet away doing the same. But the crowd seemed to enjoy it, even though they didn't know what the hell it was Unlike Madagascar, which always serves as a universal bathroom break
  13. Best live clips 2011-2013

    For some reason Axl sounds really good on the old AC/DC covers. Can't lie, as much as I love CD's prog rock style, it would be cool if Axl/Ron/Richard locked themselves in a studio, snorted some lines, drank some whiskey, listened to Powerage and Highway To Hell on repeat, and busted out an album in a month
  14. Best live clips 2011-2013

    Lot of negativity surrounding this era, some if it for a good reason, but there have been some great performances too. To start it off (rocked the shit of this):
  15. GnR and Smashing Pumpkins are still awaiting release dates (Pumpkins page on the Rockfuel says 6/26/13 for the DVD release but you can't buy it on Amazon or the Pumpkins website...) Hope both will get released this year. These were the two Rockfuel DVDs I would buy (if possible)