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  1. skin n bones tour was fucking badass. i was fortunate enough to see them in hartford, ct in 1993.
  2. it was a dream come true. to see them twice last summer and put on absolutely killer shows were nights i'll never forget. seeing 75000 people in boston and nyc tailgating, cranking gnr tunes, wearing gnr t shirts.....the atmosphere, the excitement.......i kinda had to pinch myself. guns n' fuckin roses were back!!!! my biggest hope is that the band will build off this momentum and put out some new music......i really hope it happens.
  3. a sleeper show i'll throw in there (i'm bias, i was at the show) is hartford 1993. great version of the garden, nice boys, dead horse. amazing acoustic version of november rain. video quality isn't great, but the show is badass.
  4. just be thankful we got the album in 2008 since it apparently wasn't finished and was yanked from axl's hands. if axl had his way, the album probably still wouldn't be out to this day.
  5. if axl records a new album with ac/dc before he puts out a guns album i'm gonna fucking vomit.
  6. sound at foxboro and metlife were great. no complaints at all. shows were fucking badass.
  7. i definitely think slash getting rid of perla was huge......maybe the biggest factor.
  8. was at the first foxboro show and first metlife show. cd by far got the best reaction.....early in the set and rocking. this i love got a better reaction than i was expecting. i expected more response to better. the foxboro show the band sounded amazing on sorry, but the crowd just gave a polite applause. nobody around me at either show had a fucking clue what any of the chinese songs were.
  9. not of my doing.....but the cancelled show 1991 lake compounce in bristol ct. i was 15, hit redial on my phone for probably 4-5 hours with no success getting tickets. begged my father to drive me over an hour to the nearest ticketmaster location and was ecstatic to get tickets. i'm not ashamed to admit i cried like a baby when that show was cancelled.
  10. i'd love to hear the current bands version of oh my god.
  11. i'm greedy. i'd like to see axl empty the vault on the cd era songs and also get some stuff written by the current band.
  12. i spent over 600$ for 2 tickets to gillette stadium and over 600$ for 2 tickets to metlife stadium this summer..........still trying to pay of the card, but it was worth every penny.
  13. my dream scenario would involve guns dropping a double album of the remainder of chinese democracy with slash and duff doing touch ups in '17 and a new original album with slash, duff, axl and maybe some izzy contributions in '18............in the midst of playing about 5-10 shows in the northeast united states in the 2 years.
  14. that 2nd excerpt regarding axl is something else. people have spent 25 years being critical of axl showing up late for shows and thinking he's the biggest asshole ever.........now during the reunion tour, he's showing up on time, not causing any problems, he's been in a great mood and putting on killer shows...........all the sudden mick wall wants him to show up late and cause problems everywhere he goes. axl can't win.
  15. 01. “The Stage” (8:32) 02. “Paradigm” (4:19) 03. “Sunny Disposition” (6:41) 04. “God Damn” (3:42) 05. “Creating God” (5:35) 06. “Angels” (5:41) 07. “Simulation” (5:31) 08. “Higher” (6:29) 09. “Roman Sky” (5:00) 10. “Fermi Paradox” (6:31) 11. “Exist” (15:39)