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  1. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Make America Great Again
  2. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    I knew about Chicago and the potential for a Boston date but had originally heard that there would likely be a New Year's time frame for an LA show. Glad it's coming sooner. I hope they all sell-out.
  3. Great show tonight! I'm reporting In after a 2 houradventure out of the parking lot and another 2 hour trip back to Polanco and a long shower with a sexy senorita whommy wife invited back from the show for our enjoyment. Only joking about the last part. I actually remember more because I went substance free this evening. I'll tell you that Axl sounded great but This I Love needs to take a break from the set list. I thought it would be fine here because I stereotype international audiences as being more in touch with Chinese Democracy tunes than Americanos. It still fell flat here and killed the crowd as much as any of the many solos from the CD era Guns N Roses. I agree with the reviewer who said the videos/graphics are lame. After seeing 4 shows, I am getting tired of the trips into outer space around Neptune and Saturn or whatever. I don't get it. It's on par with the rotating revolver that looked like an old screensaver on the previous tours. Hey Fernando y Jarmo,please give up your creative control here and hire a real professional to make the video board stuff Last show for me until Detroit. Hastafucking luego, friends. E f'n M
  4. Most singers and Hollywood types vote left or at least pretend to if they show any indication of political leanings at all. i prefer that my favorite band not use the stage to get political. If I were into that, I would be a Pearl Jam fan or something. I'll tell you though that every English speaking uber driver I've had here over the past 36 hours has asked me about Mr. Trump. Questions like "Do you really think he will win?" Or "Are you going to vote for him?"
  5. Doubt it. I was only joking
  6. I thought I heard him say "Make America Great Again", but I had too many cervesas in me at that point. I wish I had mainlined alcohol or just not drank beer tonight. Too crazy of a place to keep trying to go take a piss.
  7. Just got back from the show... Fucking awesome folks. I love it here and Mexicans know how to have a good time. This neighborhood where my hotel is seems nice enough but it's no Vegas. Too quiet.
  8. There should have been Tracy and Roberta statues in the pop-up GN'R museum at the Troubadour. Legendary status for sure.
  9. Official: Axl will join AC/DC for stadium tour/US dates

    You can't appear on Kimmel with your band if you're in Lisbon, Portugal and they're in NY, LA, and Seattle!
  10. Official: Axl will join AC/DC for stadium tour/US dates

    Here's my take on it. I think it could end up being a great thing for the GNR tour but could also be risky for everything that GNR has been building in recent months. For example, if Axl comes out and bombs a few performances with AC/DC, it will be all over the internet within hours and the shows that are slow to fill might continue to have a difficult time selling. Worse, Axl could hurt his voice for is main gig. I see a few of you are saying it and others shooting the possibility down, but it could happen.A lot of the Back in Black and later stuff is challenging to sing. If we, the GN'R armchair band/tour managers are thinking about these possibilities, you've got to think that the people close to the actual tour have considered them too. My biggest problem with the whole idea of Axl joining AC/DC was the timing for the official announcement. I think it should have been done two weeks ago or at least they should have waited until after the Coachella shows.. Even the second Coachella weekend would have been better for GN'Rthan breaking the news just before the show on Saturday. It still would have been a huge story but would not have overshadowed the reunion news. I've already talked to a few people who are confused. Not big fans like us but people who were considering going down to the San Diego show later this Summer. The all said "Eddie, what's going on with GNR? I thought there was a reunion tour but I just heard Axl's going on tour with ACDC instead? " Did they reschedule concert dates? I think they did, although damage was probably minimal since agreements weren't signed until just before the dates were announced. Many ancillary contracts regarding touring are written to provide flexibility in the event of a cancellation. I suspect thatAtlanta, Orlando, New Orleans, Houston, and Arlington were likely to have beenrescheduled.
  11. What fucking song is this. The Silversun Pickups certainly do suck.
  12. I'm watching these crackheads on channel 1. I've never been more proud to be a GNR fan. I would kill myself if I had to be a fan of these guys.
  13. This here says that its available on Apple TV as of October, but the app is nowhere to be found? https://medium.com/@periscope/periscope-now-playing-in-a-home-theater-near-you-aea99291d998#.7b96p1ik5
  14. Can I do the same with Apple TV?
  15. You might be right. Now I just need to learn how to use Periscope. Old people like me aren't good with these new apps.