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  1. Maybe as a concession withthe venue contract, they negotiate that the venue pays for the fireworks display during the encore. It always looks expensive.
  2. "Where's Brett?"

    Alternative Nation and Mr Buchannan suck. My signature line is meant to be a joke.
  3. It appears that you and I were in the same general area
  4. At honky tonk central now on the ground level now. Near the bar by the open windows facing the street
  5. Just met up with Torque78 and The Green Perspective. Looking for more forum members. Shots on me.
  6. Just a crappy version of patience at The Stage
  7. Found it IMG_7044.MOV
  8. I'm on Broadway and will stop in the first bar where I hear a band trying to do a GNR song. I may start at The Stage. Wearing a grey with blue sleeves Rolling Stones baseball style shirt from a fenway park concert.
  9. I'm set for myself anyway. I'm just trying to get a ticket for a friend who lives here and wants to go with me. I do do want to meet up with anyone on here who is going to the show though. Do we have a name of a bar yet anyone?
  10. No problem I'll keep looking
  11. @axlrosefan4lifedo you still have your ticket for sale. I tried to message you a little while ago and it says you don't accept messages.
  12. That I can't answer for sure. I heard yesterday that he is supposed to be at tonight's show.
  13. Excellent! Where can I meet up with you to do the exchange? Message me
  14. I'm Eddie money. Stalk your heart out.