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  1. I'm becoming more of a Trump supporter everyday as he successfully defies all conventional political rules. I have no doubt the man will be our president, but I'mhaving a difficult time believing he is this awful racist person that many in the media and political left have made him out to be. What developed nation doesn't believe in border security? Look at the debates over the issue in Australia right now. People get pissed off about illegal immigration but it doesn't necessarily make them racist. They want their country to be safe and the government's ability to control immigration patterns and documentaction of who comes in is part of it One in a Million.... I agree with the poster who believes that Axl's attitudes and feelings toward race evolved during the years where GNR were active. Wealth, fame, world tours, and living in an ethnically/socially diverse city likely had a powerful impact on Axl. I think to my own life when I was 18-20 years old. I knew one gay person who was out and he was a waiter at the restaurant where I worked. Fagwas part of my vocabulary back then. I don't recall using it often but I used it not thinking about the people the word harmed. I didn't really know anyone who was gay. Fast forward four years and one in 8 people I work with happens to be gay or lesbian. in the 25 years since I was that 18 year old kid who would tell his friend he swings a club like a fag, I now know that my sister is gay and will be getting married soon. My wife's sister is also a lesbian and I would never think to use fagword in a derogatory way (you don't call cigs fags anymore do you UK people?). I would be embarrassed if I was recorded on VHS or a cassette somewhere using the word. Unfortunately for Axl, millions of people have a copy of him using words that are insulting towards gays, blacks, and immigrants. I doubt he would want to play that song live and remind people of the way he used to think before he had more culture in his life.
  2. Who will open the rest of the shows?

    I should call Brett Buchanan and start a grassroots campaign for Eddie Money as opener for the remaining NA dates.
  3. Andhe's still traveling with Axl. I saw him in Las Vegas. He was standing near Axl's sister before AIC went on stage.... still looking like a worm. HTGTH < MYGNR
  4. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    To be honest fans, I'm not fucking with you but my source has been slightly upset with my leaks so I'm not as confident as I was out of the gate with the US Summer dates. My Dallas date changed due to AC/DC scheduling and a couple other things got screwed up but I've never brought you wrong information intentionally. You also heard it first from me that the Chinese Democracy songs were being played (a lot of you laughed at me then!). I'm doing what I can to get you the information you want. The truth is that this operation isn't the most organized outfit and I doubt Axl's interest in being a part of AC/DC hasn't made things easy on those planning the tour. Like all of you, I'm a huge fan who likes to go to as many shows as possible and I want the info before everyone else - it's much easier and can be less expensive if you're booking flights and hotels before 70,000 other people who may be flooding a city for a concert.
  5. 05/13/16 - Marseille, France - Stade Velodrome

    It would be cool to see a two day weekend festival with GNR headlining the first night and ACDC headlining the second with two or three well known bands opening each night.
  6. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    Isn't there a retractable roof? The date doesn't make sense to me either.
  7. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    Not yet.
  8. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    I apologize for the delay. Mrs. Money and I have been following the AC/DC tour. I'm hearing that the golden Guns N' Roses weekend for Londoners will be the weekend of 22 October. I've spent time in London around Halloween and it is quite lovely actually. That year, I caught an Alice Cooper Halloween show at the Alexandra Palace north of the city. See you there.
  9. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Make America Great Again
  10. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    I knew about Chicago and the potential for a Boston date but had originally heard that there would likely be a New Year's time frame for an LA show. Glad it's coming sooner. I hope they all sell-out.
  11. Great show tonight! I'm reporting In after a 2 houradventure out of the parking lot and another 2 hour trip back to Polanco and a long shower with a sexy senorita whommy wife invited back from the show for our enjoyment. Only joking about the last part. I actually remember more because I went substance free this evening. I'll tell you that Axl sounded great but This I Love needs to take a break from the set list. I thought it would be fine here because I stereotype international audiences as being more in touch with Chinese Democracy tunes than Americanos. It still fell flat here and killed the crowd as much as any of the many solos from the CD era Guns N Roses. I agree with the reviewer who said the videos/graphics are lame. After seeing 4 shows, I am getting tired of the trips into outer space around Neptune and Saturn or whatever. I don't get it. It's on par with the rotating revolver that looked like an old screensaver on the previous tours. Hey Fernando y Jarmo,please give up your creative control here and hire a real professional to make the video board stuff Last show for me until Detroit. Hastafucking luego, friends. E f'n M
  12. Most singers and Hollywood types vote left or at least pretend to if they show any indication of political leanings at all. i prefer that my favorite band not use the stage to get political. If I were into that, I would be a Pearl Jam fan or something. I'll tell you though that every English speaking uber driver I've had here over the past 36 hours has asked me about Mr. Trump. Questions like "Do you really think he will win?" Or "Are you going to vote for him?"
  13. Doubt it. I was only joking
  14. I thought I heard him say "Make America Great Again", but I had too many cervesas in me at that point. I wish I had mainlined alcohol or just not drank beer tonight. Too crazy of a place to keep trying to go take a piss.
  15. Just got back from the show... Fucking awesome folks. I love it here and Mexicans know how to have a good time. This neighborhood where my hotel is seems nice enough but it's no Vegas. Too quiet.