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  1. From what I have heard, Steven nor Izzy were invited for anything more than guest roles in the first place. They were going to have Steven at the Troubadour, Vegas, Coachella, and Mexico City in opening and closing slots. When they all met at rehearsals, nobody believed Steven could play full shows. Axl had told Slash, Duff, Beta/Del that it was okay to invite Steven down to rehearse with the understanding that Frank would play the majority of the shows and that Axl had to agree to Duff/Slash's recommendation of where they should let him play. So I guess Steven doesn't seem to be lying but just exaggerating and stretching the truth a bit. The interview makes it seem like he was in for the entire tour and that he would play as much if not more than frank. Regardless of how things really went down, I feel really bad for Steven and his Argentina story. that was his big moment to shine in front of his wife's family and Axl made him feel small it seems like he's taking it okay though A few years ago, such an experience would have Steven so upset that he'd be calling up Dr Drew and asking if he can come back to Celebrity Rehab ''
  2. That's the image I saw too, just to the right a little bit...
  3. I'll buy one at face value. Need an extra.
  4. I saw SunTrust park too. I like to go eat at Papasitos at Windy Hill. It's the only one outside of texas. Or at least it used to be.
  5. I heard there was talk of a mini festival at the same place where Bonnaroo is hosted but I dont know who would be playing with them. I think it would be a bad idea for GNR to headline their own show there.
  6. That place is a masterpiece. I went to the ATL-Green Bay game and got to see the exterior in-person. The video tours are awesome too.
  7. I've heard that they weren't planning on involving him on either this winter tour or on the US/Canada shows currently scheduled. I also heard that more dates were going to be announced for a fall arena tour, but I haven't seen anything. I've been busy with a lot of other shit, and have seen all the shows i care to see so I've not been aggressive enough to get the info you all want. I am 90% certain that there is no new album planned. I heard they don't have time to make one.
  8. I don't think this book is going to earn Steven any additional guest spots on the tour. Edward Van Money
  9. I understand this and have actually been to Download Festival before. All I know about Rock Am Ring is that it once had the best available 2006 era GNR high-quality youtube videos that I would often use to prove to my mates that Axl could still sing. The only thing lamer than a US music festival these days is a US EDM festival. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year friends. Stay safe out there.
  10. Festival culture sucks, the people who are not fans suck, sliding around in shit and mud when you only came to rock can get in the way of your good time. I'm glad that the 2017 Guns N' Roses can fill a stadium almost anywhere so we fans don't have to deal with all of that. The best thing I ever did was sell my Coachella tickets and make plans to go to Mexico City and Vegas instead. I got my STL tickets in the mail yesterday. I'm getting fired up for the summer.
  11. If Duff had to loan anyone money, do you think he would let anyone know about it? No. That's not the kind of guy he is.
  12. I lived there when I was younger and I have a lot of friends in the area who've not had the opportunity to see them, so we're all going.
  13. I just learned from a contact today that there will in fact be another round of US and Canada tour dates next fall/winter. You all may know that by now. I've not been keeping up with the happenings here. If your city isn't on the current list or hasn't been a stop on the first round last summer, it will be. It sounds like they aren't leaving any market unrocked. They accurately think I leaked some of the stadium dates last year so they dont give me many details anymore and I try to play it cool and don't ask. I'm only going to one show the next time around and that's St. Louis. Like many of you, I not as excited about this tour as I used to be. I want to hear new songs.
  14. Update. Just picked up my tickets for this show. I just got (4) GA Pit 1. Fuck STL - See you all there in July.