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  1. I suppose we could get something like this: Birmingham (AL), Greenville, Charlotte, Indianapolis, Wilks Barre PA, Boise, Fargo, Albuquerque, Rosemont IL, MSG, Little Rock, Sacramento, Portland, Kansas City, Staples Center, Columbus OH, Las Vegas NYE, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Halifax, Biloxi, etc. but I'm still hopeful that there will be a big LA Appetite celebration.
  2. Good point. Maybe it is the Rose Bowl after all.
  3. We are getting a fall GNR tour according to my live nation contact who told me not to sweat missing the STL on sale because they were going to come around again. This was in December or January - whenever the STL date went on sale. This has nothing to do with her opinion but I've booked a weekend in LA For July 21 weekend. Something is happening then. The same station hyping that stupid FYF Fest is also teasing the Big GNR news. If it were just tour dates, that KROQ station would probably be making the announcement, no? The coliseum is on the grounds of the festival and the whole thing is promoted by Golden Voice who also promoted Coachella. If you look at the video, they make a big deal about GNR playing Coachella last year. Nobody cares about that performance anymore. It doesn't fit in, unless it were another show(s) presented by the same promoter.
  4. My money is on July 21-22 weekend, which is 30 years to the day of the release of Appetite. LA Coliseum. Big celebration. Golden Voice (same promoter as Coachella) is promoting the FYF Festival in the park around the coliseum. Maybe GNR will be the real headliner both nights at that bogus festival? If they don't use the Coliseum for the FYF Fest, maybe the Rose Bowl?
  5. Agree. A live nation contact told me that this run of shows currently scheduled in US/Canada from July-October is not the final run of this tour. Maybe that means arenas after this?
  6. If I were a betting man, I would look to Los Angeles to see what could possibly happen after the Israel show and before the STL concert. Appetite was released on July 21, 1987 according to a quick google search. I'm guessing that some of you may have time on your hands to perform a little investigation. If I were you, I would check and see what's going on at the LA Coliseum on the weekend of July 21 and July 22 - a Friday and Saturday. It's after the Tel Aviv show but before STL. The dates give them a far enough window to get home and get some rest before the big weekend. There are likely to be multiple stages for the North American tour so they could have a stage set ready to go by mid-week in LA and send their other stage to St Louis. Does the LA Coliseum give stadium tours? If so, maybe you should try calling and asking if you can book a group tour over these dates. If you are told 'no', there may be something worthwhile happening this weekend...like a GNR Appetite For Destruction 30th Anniversary Celebration!! Dodger Stadium looks like a home weekend vs. the Atlanta Braves. The Rose Bowl is open but both venues lack the historical significance that the Coliseum had in GNR's career. The shows would be too big of deal to have in an arena or another club show. As for who would play? I have no idea. It seems that someone has spoken to Steven and gotten him in a good place with his thoughts on his experience with the band. He hasn't said anything negative about Axl in awhile so I think he would be there. The only thing about Steven is that the last time he thought he was going to be involved, he didn't say anything to anyone. No comment whatsoever. This time, he's just out there commenting about how it was great just to have a small part, etc. I'm still not sure if Izzy would show up or not. DISCLAIMER: My official sources within the band have dried up after I talked too much on this forum last year. This is all purely speculation on my part. It's worth holding a couple Southwest Airlines tickets with rapid rewards points for that weekend (I can cancel without penalty if the shows don't happen!!).
  7. That Reckless Life is glorious.
  8. I feel like there is a part in Slash's book where he writes about Billy Joel coming backstage at the Use Your Illusion tour. I thought he wrote about how much a Axl loves Billy, The Eagles, and ELO but I could be mistaken. It's been awhile since I picked it up and I don't retain much from books. I suppose it was a learning disability that followed me into adulthood. Its good to see Axl called upon to take a guest spot at a big show.
  9. Since we are discussing the all important issue of race and demographics of gnr fans, has anyone else in the US noticed the current trend of our African American brothers and sisters wearing rock t shirts. Good thing this little fad coincides with an unprecedented supply of GNR apparel. I see lots of black men and women in gnr shirts right now. Whether or not they are actually fans is questionable. I love over when they get it wrong. I saw a guy wearing a Nelson shirt a few days ago. Someone should tell him that Nelson sucks.
  10. I agree with Ronin. It's possible that if GNR mostly stayed together in its 1994 configuration that today's band would be playing theaters or double-billing an amphitheater show with Def Leppard in 2017. They split at the right time in my opinion. Imagine what would have happened if in 2000, Axl showed up with the original line-up with a new album (and in slightly better physical shape), played a show in Vegas for NYE, and then did Rock in Rio. Rock fans would have gone nuts and it would have propelled the band back to what it was pre-1995. I think the break was necessary, but it's too bad they broke up. Had they kept playing, I agree that it's possible that music fans everywhere could have tired of the big production, big videos, etc. However, on another note, had GNR not split in the 90's, maybe MTV would still find it necessary to show videos (in the US anyway where MTV programming went to all reality TV).
  11. Great post. I agree with you. Axl's "solo" contributions to Appetite and Illusions were few and aside from his lyrics contributions, don't think he is capable of being a song writing Factory and probably lacks the confidence in his own work to put out more songs without serious collaboration from other band members.
  12. Yes, the band was already set by the time they had a serious discussion with Izzy. Frank and Richard were already committed and in LA to rehearse with the band so there was nothing left for Izzy except guest spots. They worked to get him to participate in the original shows that were lined up at the Troubadour, Vegas, Coachella, and Mexico City. There was no actual tour in place yet so there was no set plan for Izzy and Steven beyond those shows.
  13. Rock history has shown that Steven's strategy won't work. It never got Don Felder back on tour with The Eagles.
  14. RATT is awesome. One time, I was on this shitty gambling boat in Peoria, IL playing cards with a few friends when an announcement came over the intercom saying "Ladies and Gentlemen, we have very special guests aboard the Paradice Casino this evening! We have the members of the hard rock band RATT and let's make 'em feel welcome!" My buddies and I were kind of drunk and losing a lot of cash but we were cracking up running around the banks of slot machines looking for a few guys who resembled aging rock dudes from the 80's. The funny thing is that they weren't even playing the casino that night. This was about 9-10 years ago I guess.