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  1. Axl's voice sounds pretty good on Civil War again tonight. I wish I could have made this show. Stuck in fucking Omaha. Either these streams really suck or my hotel internet is slow. Maybe all of the above. That metfan dude is coming through though.
  2. I have an honest question for you real musicians out there. What kind of texture are Mr Reed and Melissa laying down in the background for some of these songs that don't require keyboards? What are they adding to Outtagetme me, for example? I've seen severalrock bands use keyboard players on tour for a few songs and the keyboardists don't stay on stage the whole time pretending to play like it seems that these two do. I don't quite understand it
  3. Because they would tour arenas with arena stages and not the one off stadium stage. They would have played Miami in the first place had the stadium not been closed for renovations.
  4. GNR Women's discussion

    I don't know the specifics on their family. I think I heard somewhere that the stepfather adopted Axl and his sister and I'm not sure about his brother. The only thing I really know is that Slash said in his book that the elaborate themed after show parties they planned on the UYI tour were stupid and nobody attended them.
  5. GNR Women's discussion

    So I've got nothing important to add but felt like joining in since I poster was inquiring about me. I can say that Amy Bailey sat near us at the Las Vegas concert. I said hello to her and she was actually quite nice. What was kind of cool to see was when the lights went down and the show started, she and her group seemed like they, like us, were nervous about Axl's voice. Watching them make faces of reliefand thumbs up to each other after Axl hit's his first high notes on It's So Easy was great to watch.
  6. Hard to say what will happen after this tour finishes next summer. As of now, it seems that we'll get the big shows in SA this fall, Australia/Asia in January - March, Europe/ UK in the Summer. If they come back to North America with this tour, we're probably going to get cities like this in the fall. ARENAS: Canada: Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver US: Portland, Sacramento, Los Angeles (Staples Center this time), Salt Lake City, Denver, San Antonio or Austin, St. Louis (big media deal will be made of this), Miami, Charlotte, Birmingham, Cleveland, Indianapolis, and Louisville
  7. November Rain

    This band isn't as flashy as Motley Crue and doesn't need such gimmicks. Let the music stand on its own.
  8. Nashville, by far. I thought Axl's voice was best - the crowd energy was great. I loved the excitement in Mexico City and the Mexican fans were very cool. The ones around me kept asking me if I was going to vote for Mr. Trump. In that environment, I think I may have gotten trampled if I told them that "we were going to build a wall and Mexico is going to pay for it", so I kind of ignored those questions. Seriously, I had a blast in the CDMX. I felt that the band still seemed a little off though and Axl's voice wasn't nearly as good as Nashville. Most fun - Vegas, but that's because the strip felt like a big GNR convention. Worst - Kansas City
  9. Decent show last night. I was back at my hotel and sound asleep by 12:30. A long weekend in New Orleans can really beat the shit out of the best of us. I thought the band sounded A+, I'll give Axl a B+. I respect how hard he works to perform and give it his all even when the crowd is lame. In last night's case, I'll give the audience a C- grade. It really lacked energy and excitement compared to the other shows I've seen on this tour. Maybe because it was Sunday night. As as far as the set list is concerned, I think the current one works pretty well. The casual fans I've gone to the shows with sometimes seem lost somewhere in the middle until Sweet Child is played but overall I think the pace is good. I don't think there is much room to try new songs in the middle of the leg of the tour. The ticket prices are just too highfor Axl to mess up the lyrics to a song he doesn't sing regularly. I have no doubt they will change things up a bit when they go south. I may have seen my last GNR show live but I'm hoping they see enough demand for an arena tour next fall in the markets they didn't hit this time around. The United States is a big place there are lots of places that haven't been played.
  10. The Seeker must go. It really kills the encore along with the ever so sloppy Paradise City. I loved the show last night but that ending is rough. I hope for the people of South America that they consider re-working this part of the show. Another thing, watching KOHD from home can be a bit of a snoozer. Last night, I actually enjoyed it for the first time in awhile in a live setting. I'll be in Orlando tomorrow and New Orleans on Sunday if any of you want to meet up. New Orleans may be my last show for awhile but I'm pleased to say that I attended more GNR concerts than Steven Adler this year so far.
  11. Steven came down to rehearse with the band.
  12. I don't know. I just included it because it was one of VR's biggest songs.
  13. I may be late to the discussion but I am pleased to confirm that Axl didn't specifically ask or instruct Slash and Duff to learn Chinese Democracy songs. Instead, it went like this. The band members got together for rehearsals (without Axl) about 3 weeks before they had the tourmeetings that resulted in a failed deal with Izzy and special appearance verbalagreement with Steven Adler. Duff encouraged Slash to learn the CD songs that he had played on the previous tour in which he participated. Axl was nowhere to be found at the rehearsals and actually supposedly "forgot" they were taking place and made other plans. The way I understood it was that Slash didn't necessarily love the idea of playing so many of these songs but thought it would be cool if they also play a song or two of VR. As far as we know Axl hasn't even rehearsed Slither, Fall to Pieces with the band. My communication with certain people involved in the band has been limited recently, and when I speak with them I can't press them for questions that only us forum nerds would care about. I first reported that CD songs would be played and most of you didn't believe me. At the time, I had heard that they would play at least two songs. I had no idea that they would try and work in 4.
  14. Maybe as a concession withthe venue contract, they negotiate that the venue pays for the fireworks display during the encore. It always looks expensive.
  15. "Where's Brett?"

    Alternative Nation and Mr Buchannan suck. My signature line is meant to be a joke.