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  1. You know everyone, it's kind of difficult to provide a tentative list because my information comes in the form of conversation.  I have nothing in writing and it seems like they are keeping things close to the vest so to speak.  It sounds like this is going to be a straight-up North American tour through mid-september though.  I've been out gardening and playing ping pong all day - how did Mexico City sell?
  2. Glad you caught that one.
  3. I still don't know for sure.    Chicago might not be the closest but it would definitely be the most fun for a summer weekend trip with your pals/mates/ sig other etc.  Go to GNR and then head up to Mil-wau-kee (algonquin for fertile land) for their annual Summer Fest. 
  4. They were talking about July 4 weekend, 2 shows @ Soldier Field, which would be great.
  5. July 16 with option for second show on July 17 - Agreement is not signed for either date yet. 
  6. I don't know for sure or else I would be letting you guys know.  I was also thinking Dallas was the weekend of April 30 and was considering going there (I have family in Dallas), but now I think I'm off if your speculation is accurate and the date is May 14. 
  7. I think the San Francisco weekend is the first weekend in May.  I didn't see the date cancelled in the article. 
  8. Take me home tonight.

    1. Eddie Money

      Eddie Money

      Thanks for the message.  Powerage5.  

      See you out on the tour.  Here's an autograph for you and your's. 

      Your very welcome,


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    2. Powerage5


      You da real mvp, Eddie :awesomeface:

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      Lol, this account is so weird 

  9. Rank: Top 5 GNR Songs?

    1. Rocket Queen 2. Rocket Queen 3. Rocket Queen 4. Rocket Queen 5. Rocket Queen (6). Look at your Game Girl
  10. King of queens. Where did they shoot?

  11. You'll get a show up there, Gordon.  I can't share more right now but will when I can. 
  12. Glad to see everyone so fired up.  Look out for some US / Canada dates soon.  Keep in mind, there is a lot riding on this and venues will be placed on tentative holds as long as possible until the level of demand can be fully understood.  Also, as Garth Brooks has proven recently, you can sometimes sell more tickets when there's pent-up demand by making people think that their best option to see you play is the one night in a city that isn't that close to you.... then a few months later, here comes the announcement that we're playing in the venue much closer to you.... then you decide, what the hell?  I might as well go to both because I don't know if I'll ever see this again.  Next thing you know, you've paid to go to 4-5 shows or more!     Remember, there will be up to 40 North American shows this time around in 25 or 26 cities.  Some markets may get back to back shows if the tickets sell well.   This a great time to be a fan of this band.  If you can't go see them live anytime soon and you live in the States, come check out one of my shows!  http://www.eddiemoney.com/tour 
  13. Mexico City would be a great place to get a first stadium experience.  Big stadium, crazy fans, cool city.  Also, if you book flights now they'll be inexpensive from many places in the US as long as the Zika virus continues to build hype.  Just don't sleep with the locals while you're there.  With it's high altitude at over 8,000 ft above sea level, there shouldn't be a threat of mosquitoes at that time of year.  
  14. Sorry. Not the entire show as far as I know.
  15. I can't answer that, but I don't think it's that extreme. Hopefully, the band works those details out among themselves. There are much bigger decisions concerning marketing, $$$, tour dates, travel, etc.