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  1. Pretty sure in interviews back then the band said it was just a thrown together covers album recorded all around the world on down time during the UYI tour. Only meant to fill the space until the next album in 96 or so... I always liked it, but not in one sitting, enjoyed it more when I have about 70 guns songs playing at random.
  2. Bullet logo is from afd
  3. I doubt dizzy was ever a part of the partnership, he's probably always been on some type of wage. Good coin for being an ass licker. dont even get me started on del James... Just a hanger on who's made a career out of being a suck hole
  4. Didn't like the guy back then.... Still don't now. ill admit he had a decent stage presence, but... What a hack
  5. I don't think its "hard" for them to do another album. In fact it's probably very easy for these guys to write together, but primarily the money maker is touring... Sad but true. once they've wrapped up this tour, I think we'll see new music... In what form? Who knows.
  6. I know exactly what the OP is talking about, I still love it live but would be kind of cool to hear it that way.... I find franks drumming on estranged particularly annoying with the extra fills he does. anyway... There's a bootleg of GNR live at the ritz in 1991 where slashes intro estranged guitar is absolutely insane, he adds in an extra note or something.... It's sounds so cool!
  7. it's pretty obvious that axl was getting his ego stroked really hard in the early 90s, it went to his head, and he became a pompise asshole.
  8. I think axl was very impressionable at that time, he still had a decent physique, but some dickhead told him he could wear the bike shorts.... i know this guy who was on the road crew (older than me) back in 1992, he said that Axl is a wine connosouier.... And always travels with the finest and most expensive French wine.
  9. None of those three crap ones are my doubles... But thanks
  10. Here's the thing with all of these ridiculous prices, I have three spare lithograpgs from Australia, if I sell them at face value to another person they might re-sell them anyway. im only looking for trades anyway, seems that the dude who was supposed to trade my Brisbane ones has sourced them elsewhere anyway.... Maybe I'll throw them on eBay for $200 each, not that I want to... But not sure about trades now...
  11. I tend to put gunners song into two categories.. It's one of their top 5 rockers as estranged is a top 5 ballad
  12. I say, put izzy on lead vocals and it would pass as a UYI filler
  13. I've had the instrumental version (without the crowd chanting) as my ringtone for about 12 years
  14. They should record and release a song for a soundtrack. Get some buzz going
  15. Still remember the first time I saw it, about 22 years ago. Was the absolute first time Id seen them in any way other than pictures in magazines. I don't remember being particularly impressed. then i got the ritz 88 show... Then I was impressed.