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  1. If axl enjoys having Angus as his boss, and feels so motivated, why not just bring him into the studio with guns? Trade some licks with slash? Can Angus play rhythm lol
  2. Anything could happen. 2 years ago if someone had told me we'd be getting this tour I'd say they're full of shit. I say let the surprises continue!
  3. It would be pretty cool, I'm just not sure what the point would be? Ac/dc have made their mark on rock n roll history already and have quiet a legacy. Maybe time to call it quits? Im just saying, It would be a shame to see what I'd hope to be a great end to the gnr story (new kick ass album) fall by the wayside because Angus wants to keep ac/dc going a bit longer.
  4. I forgot about Ac/dc... if he records with them and poteniallly tours with them, that will set back new gnr music for many more years.
  5. heres the main problem in my opinion: theres no way that Axl is going to shit can all of his CD era stuff just to start writing and recording new stuff with slash. It's music he is proud of, I'd really hate to think how much of a touchy subject it is with this current lineup. theyre probably all keen to get in the studio and hit it out of the park, meanwhile Axl may be saying "yeah cool, so that's gonna be on the fourth follow up to CD" by then they'll all be in their 70s. if the wheels fall off this thing it will probably be due to this.
  6. I thought the original source for that was a tweet by Marshall amps? Just slash testing their new product?
  7. Awesome! Missing the 2nd Brisbane reaper poster
  8. At what part of trying to play estranged at rir did he realise that he was waaaay out of his depth? "Oh shit" I'm a shitty guitarist" can't do this.
  9. Anyone have any interest in my two spare Brisbane lithographs for trade? at this point I have no use for them, Probably not a lot of bargaining power but shoot me a pm if interested
  10. That's a fair statement but I don't know what you have to trade?
  11. Not sure, what are you willing to trade?
  12. Videos blocked now... does that mean someone from the gnr camp is monitoring this forum?
  13. Both Brisbane ones and the Ned Kelly Melbourne one
  14. Pretty sure in interviews back then the band said it was just a thrown together covers album recorded all around the world on down time during the UYI tour. Only meant to fill the space until the next album in 96 or so... I always liked it, but not in one sitting, enjoyed it more when I have about 70 guns songs playing at random.
  15. Bullet logo is from afd