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  1. I reckon catcher is the closest to original gnr
  2. Wow, that one kinda sucks. I'm already feeling better about my spare Brisbane ones lol
  3. im expecting this to be the afd 5. The dates line up for the 30th?
  4. It's so odd that axl was so butt hurt for so long, being a big baby about the rock hall of fame induction... now willing to acknowledge something he was so adamantly against.... fuck man, we reallly need an interview for them to tell it how it is, unfortunately the reasons it hasn't happened is because they won't want to sit there and say it's all about the $
  5. Oh, Axl isn't a member of the rock n roll hall of fame... his letter back then
  6. Very much in the style of the Brisbane ones, especially the black one. i like it but they are hard to find a place to hang.
  7. I want that Munich litho, can trade
  8. Didn't read any letters though
  9. I love that mygnr started a separate thread for these open letters. the band don't give a fuck about reading someone's "meaningful" pleading, and neither do I.
  10. I'd say is likely that certain members will fly home for a few days as they have families and children.... I know that's what I'd be doing anyway...
  11. Guys full of shit. The original uploader was trying to liberate something else rare as a trade. i doubt he'd just suddenly give it away for subscribers. im starting to doubt that anything else rare is out there
  12. Guns n roses is my covfefe band
  13. Really need some new music man...
  14. July really seems far too soon. Don't they usually announce dates like three to six months in advance? although an afd 5 reunion could sell out in days... so wouldn't need much notice
  15. Reading a little less into it now, that whole promo is advertising the Nitl tour... pretty sure now that it's just more dates....