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  1. TV commercials have begun for the tour

    Just because it was ESPN doesn't mean it was a national commercial. He was watching in Orlando. From googling, ESPN aired a show at 4pm by Dan Le Batard on Brighthouse ESPN2 in Orlando, Le Batard is a Miami based writer. I don't get his show on my ESPN channel in NC. The OP was right after that show. Regional show. Regional commercial. Mystery solved.
  2. Texas Rangers fan dies trying to catch ball

    Hamilton said nodded at Stone beforehand, then threw the ball specifically for him and his son.
  3. VIDEOGAME Thread...

    So is Modern Warfare 2 pretty much the same as Black Ops, in terms of gameplay and online play? Got Black Ops about 10 days ago. Got to level 50 and finally got to the point where I had a positive ratio pretty much everytime. Top 3 scorer usually. Then I made the mistake of going right into prestige mode. Now I completely suck again trying to kill people with the shitty ass M16. From 15 kills/5 deaths to 5 kills/15 deaths. I really should have taken my time at level 50 and had some fun before going back to being terrible so quickly. BTW 2nd chance people fucking suck. Not much worse in that game then killing someone, they flail away shots from their ass and luckily kill you, then they get revived. Shit is weak.
  4. Sheckler's Revenge... on Zombies

    I would suggest.... if you are playing a map titled "Jungle," well there is only one song that really should be played there. And it's not Shackler's. Hell, half the times that map gets selected someone yells WELCOME TO THE FUCKING JUNGLE, YOU'RE GONNA DIEEEEE..... Pretty much the only thing that I like about that map.
  5. Slash on South Park!

    It only made sense only if you follow college athletics and video games. EA Sports uses college players likeness in its video games. For Example, if Michael Jordan was still in college, EA Sports would have a basketball game where North Carolina had a 6'6 black shooting guard, the correct weight, he'd be bald, he'd look like him, correct home town, he'd wear #23, correct age, and he'd be the best player in the game. The same for every other roster position. They just don't put the real names in. So EA Sports makes a ton of money, the universities make money off of it, but the real people who are put in the game make nothing. South Park also pointed out that these universities can provide better facilities for their players with this money. But overall it was about people taking advantage of college players, and helping them a little, but not enough in terms of how much money they are making. And for some reason they wanted to add Slash to it and say he will do anything for money. (And I think by comparing him to Santa Claus, and say he is not real, they were implying he is fake)
  6. Slash on South Park!

    I didn't say it wasn't funny. It was actually a pretty tame attack on a celebrity for South Park standards. No Axl mention. Just a Guns N' Roses mention.
  7. Slash on South Park!

    They were ripping him, saying he will play anywhere for money (malls, kids bday parties, etc...) They linked him to a show about the NCAA because they wanted to have him play at halftime. ie the horrendous Super Bowl halftime.
  8. Guns N' Roses mention on Colin Cowherd

    I dunno, I hated him at first but now like his show. I find myself agreeing with him more then not. I get the hate though, he can definitely come across as an arrogant asshole sometimes. But to me he is one of the few guys that isn't afraid to piss people off. And he doesn't just say things to be different and piss people off (like a Skip Bayless), the guy just says his opinion, and if you don't like it he doesn't care. I used to enjoy Mike & Mike, they started out good but turned into soft ESPN PC puppets that don't have the balls to EVER go against the majority. One very tiny, and one very large vagina talking about sports.... no thanks. Back on topic, it's still 50/50. Vote for GN'R!
  9. Guns N' Roses mention on Colin Cowherd

    http://sports.espn.go.com/espnradio/story?page=bracket/rockbands&match=108786 Guns 50% Van Halen 50%
  10. Guns N' Roses mention on Colin Cowherd

    Guns still up 58-42%. Sweet 16 (I'm guessing Monday) 3) Guns N' Roses 2) Van Halen
  11. Guns N' Roses mention on Colin Cowherd

    Sure did, but thanks for assuming I'm stupid!
  12. Guns N' Roses mention on Colin Cowherd

    Guns N' Roses up 92% to 8% = largest differential in the entire tournament right now Current Upsets: 10) Skynyrd 74% over 7) Jackson 5 26% 10) Grateful Dead 56% over 7) NIN 44% Close ones: 7) KISS 54% over 10) STP 46% 6) Bob Marley & The Wailers 52% over 11) Beastie Boys 48% 5) Bon Jovi 55% over 12) Dave Matthews Band 45%
  13. GN'R @ Reading Pro-Shot Highlights on BBC

    I just did tools -> options -> advanced -> Connection settings -> entered ip and port
  14. GN'R @ Reading Pro-Shot Highlights on BBC

    Really f'n appreciate the tip!!!