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  1. Before DJ starts strumming his guitar, there were negative comments already and he knows that.
  2. "Special, special episode for you..... Ashba!" Why not BBF or Fortus? In part one of today’s episode, Guns N’ Roses guitarist, DJ ASHBA, goes One On One With Mitch Lafon and discusses his time in the band, writing for Mötley Crue, Ashba Swag (his clothing line), the physical toll of long concerts and much more. Mitch: I've been to your live shows... "it's Crazy and great shows" Thanks for posting, this guy has lots of activities.
  3. What is Duff thinking?

    Duff loves playing rock n' roll ....
  4. The DJ Ashba guitar solo names

    I like his first original solo in GNR. It reminds me my father's favorite virtouso guitarist 'Gary Moore'. I've heard that Bucket and BBF have their original ones too, does Fortus have?
  5. 1. Don't Cry 2. November Rain 3. This I Love 4. There Was a Time 5. Sweet Child O Mine 6. Estranged 7. Patience 8. Catcher in the Rye 9. Street of Dreams 10. Madagascar
  6. I bought it...well done Keep rockin' DJ!
  7. why didn't duff and axl do so fine?

    It's been 5 full concerts with Duff. Invited guest shared with Axl a song makes difference I guess.
  8. why didn't duff and axl do so fine?

    Probably Axl doesn't want to spark more issues about reunion thing in the global media. Watching Duff and Axl singing together on youtube/media could affect their existing plan if there's any. Or Duff is very expensive performing another song.
  9. April 17th - Fortaleza, Brazil

    I'm liking 'Patience' more this tour.
  10. If TSI and Chidem are the worst albums in music history then I would like to collect all other worst albums in the world.
  11. With love & appreciation, and lots of hugs... Ron
  12. I'll pick GNR, I've been seeing __% of Slash's style on DJ. Btw, I like DJ's Patience version for a change. I wish to hear his Better version too.
  13. Axl: I forgot to whistle, what do you think if we start again.... BBF: No man, that's fine just finish it.