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  1. Suggest names for an Axl/DC live album or new collaboration

    AC/DC Live: Through Rose colored glasses.
  2. 05/10/16 - Seville, Spain - Estadio De La Cartuja

    It's here, if you haven't found it already... https://www.periscope.tv/popochito/1dRJZDYwbVMKB
  3. You're obviously lost, here... off you go. http://www.acdcfans.net/forum/
  4. Dead Flowers and UTLH do sound similar, at first... The song that reminds me of another song though, is the outro of My World, and Bjork's Army of Me... Wasn't going to include links, but I still love that Bjork music video! and her song credits ↓ as a sample...
  5. grab the periscope android/iOS app, you can search by map, there's plenty of people 'scoping from Coachella, just have to keep an eye on them all, and see which ones go to GnR... Don't forget to share the links to broadcasters here!
  6. So... much like the plan with Ashba, but with tits this time around? Works for me! http://brainandmelissamusic.com/About
  7. Turn it up louder! and ignore the traffic noise...
  8. Go on then, just fuck right off... What are you still here for?
  9. Is the guitar two to the left of "better" called Jessica? and to the right, O'reilly, and then 'best'?
  10. Phones will be going in these I believe... http://overyondr.com/ 1. YONDR CASES As people enter the venue, their phones will be placed in Yondr cases. 2. LOCK Once they enter the phone-free zone, the cases will lock. Attendees maintain possession of their phones and are now free to enjoy the experience without distraction... 3. UNLOCK If at any point attendees need to use their phones, they simply step outside of the phone-free zone to unlock the case.