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  1. Steel Panther

    I love Steel Panther... Saw them the first time they toured here in the UK and I've just got tickets to see them again in March. Reckon it'll be the 6th or 7th time I've seen them. They're a fun band with talented musicians, have a couple of beers and take it for what it is!
  2. Steven Tyler as Slash

    Me too. Shit happens, still promises to be a pretty good gig judging on what I've seen of them headlining Download the other night! Haven't seen them since 2010, looking forward to it.
  3. Steel Panther new album - All You Can Eat!

    I actually think I prefer it to Balls Out, but I don't think they'll top their first album. Favourite tracks at the moment are Bukkake Tears and Gloryhole... (The video is pretty funny too!) Saw them a couple of weeks ago for the 6th or 7th time, good live band and a bit of a laugh!
  4. Richard Fortus Interview

    Did you see them in Leeds too? Thought they were great! On topic, cool interview.
  5. Airbourne

    I got my copy today, it's awesome! It's streaming on the Metal Hammer website here: http://www.metalhammer.co.uk/news/exclusive-airbourne-black-dog-barking-full-album-stream/
  6. Your concerts in 2013

    Tickets for Black Sabbath, Alter Bridge & Black Star Riders so far!
  7. .

  8. Poll : Your favorite GNR song ever

    Civil War.
  9. Airbourne

    Airbourne are great, sure they're a bit AC/DC but that's no bad thing! Seen them a few times, brilliant live band too, good fun! New single is more of the same!

    'AXL ROSE Carries Walking Stick While Attending GOLDEN GLOBE Afterparty' http://www.blabbermouth.net/news.aspx?mode=Article&newsitemID=184848&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  11. Steven's new record

    I like it.
  12. Me too, one of my favourites!
  13. NEW Aerosmith Album - August 28th

    After listening to it pretty much non-stop all week I've come to the conclusion... That it's awesome.
  14. Billy Idol vs. Bon Jovi

    I kind of like Bon Jovi
  15. NEW Aerosmith Album - August 28th

    What Could Have Been Love is easily my favourite so far, but Street Jesus comes in close second, looking forward to hearing the rest of the album! Steve Tyler and Joe Perry are on the Jonathan Ross show tonight here in the UK