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  1. TJ's vocal cover of COMA in the Various:Nice Boys section. Please check it out if you have 10 minutes to spare. :headbang:

  2. Huge compliment from a great vocalist - thanks, SoundOfAGun! And yes, I'm fairly certain that outro was from a single take, which is mind-blowing to me. Also, the two tracks in your sig are really good! And sorry about that other thing. I guess the stars* haven't yet aligned.
  3. Snippet. Fair use. Please don't sue me.
  4. Forgot to ask... format? Ogg, Mp3 or Wav? Wav is 200+mb. Ogg is 30mb. 320mp3....I'm not sure. Maybe 20mb.
  5. Would you like that with or without the doctors and the girls talking? That's a separate track, but I can combine them for you if you like.
  6. Hi triad. Thanks for taking the time to comment. That voice echo was my idea , so if that's a turn-off, I take full responsibility. TJ really is a fantastic vocalist. Glad to hear you liked it as much as you did. I'll let him know he got a thumbs up!
  7. I've been on these forums for 15 years, and don't think I've ever heard anyone attempt a vocal cover of Coma, until now. TJ, who is a member here and at other forums, is the vocalist, and I think he did a hell of a good job. Tyler Rosen from YouTube created the instrumental. His channel is loaded with great stuff. https://www.youtube.com/user/GunsnRosens11 I produced, and was given the okay by TJ to share it here. Tried to reach Tyler numerous times about using his instrumental, but still no luck. He gave someone else permission to use a different instrumental in one of his video's comment sections, so I'm rolling with the assumption he'll be okay with it. Please let us know your thoughts! -E
  8. It Tastes Good, Don't It Silkworms Scraped
  9. Not sure that's the adjective I'd use to describe me, but I think so. Nice to meet you.
  10. To each their own. I fu#king love Silkworms. Axl venom has been a rarity since 1993, and since that venom is what drew me to GNR in the first place, I'm greatly appreciative when he decides to share it.
  11. If I'm getting an Evader Customized Box Set, I'd like to have every song Buckethead worked on that also has Axl vocals. If Bucket recorded a solo for TIL, SR, WTTJ, SIDHY, The General, SCOM, or Just Another Sunday, I would love to hear any/all of it. And, I'd like stems of every GNR song. Probably need to put this on an external HD or the cloud. I'll trade you my car for this. And since those are pipe dreams, here's one more: I'd love to hear ANY NEW MUSIC from GNR before I die. Not live show recordings. Not re-imaginings of Better. Not another greatest hits or 'best of'. I have already bought all of that stuff both on cassette and CD (multiple times), and/or I have easy access to it on my hard drive or Youtube. New music please. Before my unborn child graduates from college. Please!