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  1. The Official FIFA World Cup Thread 2014

    Would be amusing if he wasn't included in the Ultimate Team mode for four months.
  2. The Official FIFA World Cup Thread 2014

    All football related actiivities. That means he can't train or even send an email from the training ground If justice prevailed he would be banned from playing FIFA
  3. The Official FIFA World Cup Thread 2014

    Lallana and Barkley starting in place of Sterling and Henderson was a no brainer with Sterling being a impact sub.Some of Woy's team selections were at best naive and at worse suicidal.
  4. The Official FIFA World Cup Thread 2014

    But the ball came off Gerrard so he couldn't have been. When he scored I was convinced he was though.
  5. The Official FIFA World Cup Thread 2014

    I'm glad. Means we can ship out the dead weight like Rooney, Gerrard, Lampard and other who are too old/ not good enough.
  6. The Official FIFA World Cup Thread 2014

    The one time I actually want Spain to win after getting them in the work sweepstake and they're shit...
  7. The SOCCER Thread 2013/2014

    By that time I full expect is to have sacked Pochettino and have promoted Freund to first team coach
  8. The SOCCER Thread 2013/2014

    Villa's September and October is pretty daunting. Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City, Everton, QPR and Tottenham in a row.
  9. The SOCCER Thread 2013/2014

    Pretty bad March and April though.
  10. The Official FIFA World Cup Thread 2014

    Well if a player was getting sent off it would always be Pepe.
  11. VIDEOGAME Thread...

    Been watching some Alpha streams this weekend and even with the slither of content included I am impressed.
  12. The Official FIFA World Cup Thread 2014

    Rooney on the left was a disaster, should have started with Lallana.
  13. VIDEOGAME Thread...

    Cool story bro. Any reason you wont be getting it?
  14. The Official FIFA World Cup Thread 2014

    Fact remains that the last "good" side England beat in a tournament was Argentina in 2002, every other ti,e we have come up against a half decent side we have lost. We just aren't good enough.
  15. VIDEOGAME Thread...

    Yeah I am dubious about No Man's Sky, seems too good to be true and likely wont deliver.