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  1. The votes do not count. There's a reason why America uses voting machines that are banned in Europe and it isn't cause "Merica."
  2. For the first time in Hillary's life, she was honest.
  3. Hillary, in all of her years as a politician, has never mounted a lead. It's going to be a coin flip. As for the comment made earlier about this not being establishment vs establishment and a criticial moment: He spent years courting democrats and supporting them. The guy didn't come out with his hot air until Hillary was beat by Obama and then the birther stuff came led by Trump. He didn't run in 2012 when many people expected and wanted him to. He is sticking his foot in his mouth every single time he starts to gain ground on her. Sorry, I don't believe he is the bogeyman that the lying media colors him.. He has become the distraction in times of Hillary slippage. Hillary or Trump, Tomāto Tomäto.
  4. No. If I wanted to hear Paul Simon I'd listen to Paul Simon.
  5. Politics in America have become a joke. One big farce. Millions of people arguing over the left or right wing of the same monster.
  6. Never cared for it.
  7. I'll need to find the original topic that this spawned from. These gold and platinum figures, in most of the countries, are based on shipments to retailers and not sells to the public. Despite that, arguing with the OP is for fools. At the very best scenario, CD sold 1.8 million by 2011 since there confirmed one million left over at Best Buy. There are no other certifications from the countries that certify based on shipments. There is no proof that anything else sold. Everything else in this blast from the past lol worthy topic is bullshit. Cya.
  8. You are such a liar. We went over it for days. The sales figures are mostly by orders to retailers, NOT actual sales. That is why many ended up in dollar stores. The album did not sell well with the public. "Extrapolate." Remember?