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  1. Just logged in to post that it's fuckin hilarious to watch the people that were complaining about a nostalgia cash grab are now complaining because they don't have the nostalgic lineup on stage. This is a sign that they want to be more than just a greatest hits act. They want to prolong the moment. That's a good sign for the future(or at least the intent).
  2. New Alan Niven interview

    I can't imagine that there was a good feeling from Gilby's disastrous SCOM cover.
  3. New Alan Niven interview

    Of course it's a money decision. It was always going to be the catalyst for a reunion. If anyone thought they lived in a world where the 5 guys would magically say, "yay. Let's forget everything and be good friends," they were fooling themselves. I know some like to look at celebrities as alternate beings on a high plain but it's not like that. They are still people with grudges and egos. It's also funny how the best news to come out of the GNR scene in 20 years results in many finding reasons to piss and moan. You'd think a neglected fanbase would at least find some positive in the reconciliation they currently have. Life is progressive and any return to the original 5 will also be progressive and the band just took a huge first step.
  4. If it comes from MSL, it's most likely bullshit. Remember?
  5. Have TB redeemed themselves in the eyes of their critics?

    No. If anything, they helped fuel the feud much more than it should have been. The lies about the late night visit from Slash most likely spoiled what could have been a reunion almost 10 years ago.
  6. Get on board, Tommy. Or whatever the alternative was.
  7. I don't know how they managed to pull it off without Gilby. Clearly, as long as Axl and Slash are on stage together, the audience will approve. Duff only improves the reception and Izzy, Steven/Matt would make it even better. A few purists thought it would need to be a complete AFD reunion and ONLY AFD for it to be a huge event. Then a few thought that having any nugnr member over someone like Gilby would be a failure. Neither are true.
  8. It's common knowledge that Axl didn't rehearse and show up for soundchecks. Just figure that he flies in around showtime or sometimes a little after and you can figure out that he wasn't there for soundcheck. The funny part is he was always angry about the sound being off or not being able to hear himself etc. Then show up for soundcheck FFS!
  9. Da fuq is this? well if Axl does ruin his voice thats a career end for i see where hes coming from Or Axl could sing correctly and rehearse. His point was crazier than eating fruit loops on acid while standing on Manson's shoulders.
  10. Management seems to be dropping the ball in terms of promotion. Facebook posts and etc are cutesy and only appeal to those that care to check the pages of the band/members. The average Joe is still clueless about this whole thing and management needs to get their head out of their ass.
  11. Everyone is probably bitter that they aren't getting interviews and such. "Fuck us on the scoop and there will be no scoop on our end."
  12. SHE forgave him? It's more the other way around She left him. She was the victim in the abuse case. Yeah, I don't buy the other way around stuff.