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  1. Maybe I expressed myself badly. I didn't say that he cannot sing in the medium range. I said that he no longer has the 90's tone. If you think he have that tone, no problem. I'm just expressing my opinion as a singer and teacher. I think Axl is singing very well.
  2. Even in 2006 his tone was not like in the 90s. Sounded good, but not as before. Good, but different. And he was forcing his voice, as in 2010. He cannot do a show with full drive and have no voice for another gig. He have a huge commitment and many responsibilities with Guns and AC / DC this year. He's doing good shows and using his voice intelligently. He's doing the right thing.
  3. Because of the wrong use of the technique and breathing. Today Axl is a much more technical singer than before. But the human material is not the same. If I were Axl's couch, I tell him to do exactly what he's doing. That guy has a career that cannot end tomorrow.
  4. I see some people comparing Axl's performance in AC/DC and Guns. Well, I am vocal coach for 20 years and I will try to explain what happens. My english is not great, but I hope you understand. The AC/DC songs are in a much more favorable range for the rasp, for the current Axl situation, than the Guns songs. They are in higher register and the melodies are more direct, less worked. See Thunderstruck or Back in Black for example. Axl lost the natural rasp in the middle region. This will never return. The Guns songs abuse this region. The last part of Estranged is a good example of what I'm talking about. Even if he tries, he will not be able to stare at that pitch. It will sound forced, ugly. Guns melodies are much more well composed, have more tonal variation and there is a region in Axl's voice that accompanies it anymore as before. Unfortunately it is the range most used in the Guns songs. The medium-high, with drive. Axl is giving as much as he can. His voice changed and will not be as it was before. If he insists on putting the rasp in the middle parts, he will blow his voice. He must have heard it from a professional. And he's doing the right thing.