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  1. That's a hard beat from Lil Jon
  2. That one surprised me, I really, really liked it.
  3. I'd bet most of what he says is true. Axl was smack in the middle of his getting weird/super ego/asshole stage. But I've always kinda loved the fact Axl was crazy as a bat and can be a son of a bitch when he wants to. I remember Jason saying all that on behind the music. He also said that shit about, people say Metallica sold out, yes we sell out....stadiums all across the world every night. Or some shit like that, anyway that's a pretty punk ass comment to make so he ain't perfect or super cool either.
  4. Johnny Cash - American Recordings I, II (Unchained), III (Solitary Man)
  5. Day 40
  6. That's pretty cool. I'm surprised Stapleton isn't opening again considering he's got a new album out. Still good for GNR and Sturgill though.
  7. You can never have too many chances to tell the man to kiss your ass
  8. The People vs Larry Flynt Very good, thumbs up. Woody is great. Courtney Love is even ok here.