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  1. Cheat(s)
  2. I probably would've liked it better, or at least would like to hear it. I just dig all those early versions a little more. And together it had a certain vibe which I think it lost some of by the end product.
  3. It's gotten better. I don't love it but it's cool in the set.
  4. Cheat, another team-up.
  5. Letter S
  6. Bon Scott. Ozzy. Jim Morrison. Elvis & Dylan but not sure they fit with this type of list.
  7. It gets kinda forgotten about but it's a sick tune. And has a nice chaotic energy live.
  8. Yes, he passes the white trash test for sure This one fits today...
  9. Carryover from the a-z thread R
  10. Cheat from one of my absolute favorite GNR shows.
  11. Letter R
  12. Name says it all. Pac says it even better.