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  1. just look 3 posts abow you.... it's already done
  2. So true, the guy is a legende. Have you seen his solo stuff?
  3. Im more into blackmetal, but i realy enjoy a few deathmetal bands such as Bhehemoth from Poland. Seen them two times also And Norways finest, Blood read Throne
  4. Thanx, bought it today and have already tested on a few 2hand lp' who looks like it has been soaked in mudd, must say looks werry good so far. even my old 7" singels sounds much better after a good clean.
  5. A little of topic maby, but have any of you guy's any recomandation for lp cleaning? Im thinking about buying the spin clean set? Is it worth buying? This
  6. Sounds good imo, realy looking forward to this album. the old man still have some juice left
  7. Yea, he has that, " i'll take him god damn it" look in the face
  8. I got it on cassete many years before i bought the CD version. And i still have it. Also got the rape cover and the cross cover on vinyl, bought a few years ago😀
  9. Ohh good god.... appetite for reconstruction
  10. Man, just look how happy he is when he's playing those songs.... that smile, Rock&roll right there
  11. Is it just me, or was that a werry good PC .... an overall grat show tonight imo