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  1. Is it just me, or was that a werry good PC .... an overall grat show tonight imo
  2. Yea, count me in for a roadtrip
  3. Ahhh man that is passion... ..
  4. Looking at that tweet.... still so damn weird to see it is realy going on
  5. So spot on, if i remember corectly izzy said during the european dates back in 06 that just showing up for a few songs on selected shows was draining him. i realy love the guy, but he would never do a full world tour imo.
  6. wooooohey... Loook at all the drama one single but hurt tweet from izzy and people go apeshit over it get over it, the dude never liked the touring life anyway.
  7. What's all the fuzz about? The movie ain't that bad. sure it got it's low moments, but i have seen consert movies that is waaay more shit than this one btw... It got one of the best recorded versions of the seeker yep...
  8. Good god i hope he don't bring out that ass cut spandex jeans for the NITLT tour
  9. Don't have time to read all the posts in this tread, but is it said from the band that there will be some live releases from this shows?? i see it is talked about it alot right now
  10. Pretty normal to do Japan, and then head over to Australia/New Zeland after the Asian dates... And then do Europe in the summer months...