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  1. Concert Blu-Rays - Free to a Good Home

    Still have th BLS ones?
  2. Com on now, let him be.... Nobody sees him up there in the back of the stage anyway.....lol just pull his plugs...
  3. No....and no. Those pic's they are refering to got nothing to do whit eachother.
  4. Fun time- name the tour!

    Thats a good on or "this tour is better than the last one"
  5. Kristian Valen is a total moron from Norway, he works and live up in Hollywood. Shold not take this guy serious for a second guys....
  6. Yea.... imagine the shitstorm if he shoot it all down on live tv..... like... sorry not gonna happen... :blink:
  7. Lemmy Kilmister from Motörhead has died

    R.I.P lemmy, a true rock&roll icon!!!!
  8. Dear santa.... All i want is for christmass is an open letter from the GNR camp.....explaining why there will not be a GNR reunion....
  9. Who said that?? TB? the band?..... Thing is nobody has said nothing......... Its all an illusion....
  10. I belive even more..........