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  1. MSL and Duff Reunion

    folks....slash is the first call.....that's it....end of story...if slash's in.... fuck tommy ....it's duff.....I also don't blelieve Adler will be back.......just not dependable
  2. superbowl failure - to those who want reunion

    i hardly post but i creep constantly.....for about 2 years now.....Fergie didn't do so well.....but Slash.....played awesome. I'm a guitar player and he is pretty much my idol...so I'm biased. I'm also an Axl backer....but listen man....he played amazing......and notice how the bright lights scorned other performers....and he still looked like he could care less....but performed beautifullly.....he's a talent that anyone alive should be happy they had a chance to witness.
  3. Do you think................

    Ever heard of cocaine folks? I'm not knocking or sayin or whatever.......i'm just sayin.....it makes people skinny.
  4. of course something's been recorded. these guys do that shit for fun too ya know. Maybe something finished, but we wont' see it for a while. For sure, some ideas are recorded, some of which may develope into songs down the road.
  5. Axl Rose - Out of control? or just a rockstar?

    must've been some good ass yak to go for 3 weeks straight.
  6. NY Post: Axl Rose is New York's Hottest Party Boy

    great read, thanks for that. makes me wish i could afford a week long bender in a major city. budgeting sucks ass.
  7. Have any of you ever met Axl?

    not to be OT, i met Ted Nugent at a gas station in the chicagoland area once. I asked if it was him, he denied it. I did shake his hand and got a clear view of his face, i immediately went to googled him. It was him, turns out he grew up in Arlington Heights, IL, about 3 miles from where I saw him. Probably here for family and didn't want to be bothered. He was nice nonetheless.
  8. Great question. I thought Libertad was a classic w/ the exception of the Vox.......it was missing Axl. Weiland has attitude, but he seems like a little bitch(albeit a very talented one), he lacks the authoritative punch. Who are kids scared of, mom or dad? Dad....why? He's assumes his authority w/ no higher decision maker.......Weiland didn't have the authority, people like the riffs, but didn't listen to the music.....because no one was there to tell them to. Entertainers are sales people, and the good one's make people want to listen. Axl's a great salesman, he sells his ideas.
  9. Axl.......Breakdown????? One in a Million????? Hey man, you're a trip. I understand why people say you're crazy. But the truth is, 98% of society is dillusional, and they aren't capable of contributing anything but misguided opinions. I'm a musician, and you've created some music that's really meant a lot at certain times, i wish to God i could emulate it. Instead, I just enjoy it. My favorite quality is that handful of songs that are just Epic.....NR, Estranged, Coma(sorry, Slash's baby rocked), Better, Prost, Sorry, Don't Cry, This I Love.....etc....okay, more than a handful.......tits??!?!?!? anyway Keep the attitude, and give us more albums if you have em in ya.