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  1. The EU just doesn't work for Britain

    It's gotta be hard for him. On one side UK's been in for so long now, but on the other hand, UK wasn't in in 1850.
  2. 2016 Travel Thread

    Yeah, who wouldn't like that. I just almost got hit by a golf ball. One of the drawbacks of staying at a golf resort and sipping a drink at the patio, I suppose. I heard a wierd noise in the tree next to me, rattling sound, leaf rustling and all. Went to investigate and a golf cart came by, "I didn't hit you there, buddy?". Saw the golf ball by the trunk then. Aren't they supposed to yell out "fore!" or something? Btw, my room has 8 beds. Ridiculous. I am not even going to stay here long enough to sleep in them all.
  3. 2016 Travel Thread

    Found Lego Store. Found a bar right next to it. With Guinness. And ducks between the tables. Score! Just made this post so I could like it. Turns out I can't like my own posts. Scandalous.
  4. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Or maybe some are hiding among us after having succeeded at evolving whiteness, like Lenny is attempting.
  5. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I think they have gone extinct.
  6. General Chat / Random Musings

    Everybody knows the Triumvirate of Evil consists of real estate agents, plumbers and electricians.
  7. US Politics/Elections Thread

    In a gated community in USA now. It's a rather opulent area. Large mansions. Manicured lawns. Golf course. Swimming pools. Blue skies. Everything is so neat and tidy, ordered and contained. Sun shining from a beautiful sky. The same weather, with or without a gentle breeze. Nice white people taking their morning run through a landscape that reminds me of the golf simulator I used to play on my computer as a kid. Wildness is limited to some shrubs and weeds in the little creeks that run between the nice roads and the tennis courts. Maybe there are alligators there? Nah, they are probably caught and removed. Everybody smiles and says, "How do you do." I wonder what it must be like to live here. In status quo. Under control. Secluded away from anything hostile, different or wild. There's something unmutable about the place. Like a little piece of utopia amidst the chaos of real world, a gated paradise removed from reality. I guess if I lived like this I'd probably vote republican, too. Let's keep things undisturbed. Let's not rock the boat. Does that make sense?
  8. Ken Livingstone under fire for anti-semitism

    That can't be said about most people around me.
  9. Ken Livingstone under fire for anti-semitism

    It struts as if it has no idea of its impotence. Not literally now, I don't have a thing for adipose tissue.
  10. The Hangover/I'm an Alcoholic Thread

    In your experience the wrecked car probably makes any potential alcoholic odor superfluous.
  11. 2016 Travel Thread

    Only a short layover. Won't even leave the airport.
  12. 2016 Travel Thread

    Third time being picked out for "random" security checks. I am obviously beingprofiled. I am officially harrassed. And enraged.
  13. Ken Livingstone under fire for anti-semitism

    The penis mightier.
  14. What are you eating?

    Nothing at all because in Detroit the airport lounge is apparentlyclosed on Saturdays. What rot.
  15. Ken Livingstone under fire for anti-semitism

    Well you are a fucking moron and that's a fact!!