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  1. 2016 Travel Thread

    Jokkmokk, Sweden. Staying at a camping site that reminds me of the one in Trailer Park Boys. Same kind of people. But with more mosquitos.
  2. Shooting in Dallas

    People also get the perception from the media that the police is worse than they are.
  3. Even if I knew Steven Adler there would still be nothing spectacular about what he has accomplished since he was kicked out of GN'R. I am not dissing his fight with drugs, but there is nothing spectacular about his history. It is shared by som many other users in this world. Duff, on the other hand....
  4. What on earth is spectacular about being kicked out of a band for being a drug addict who couldn't play, then messing up his life beyong belief, and then being asked to come back and play a couple of songs with your old band decades later? Yeah, he is still alive, I will give him that. If we are going to talk about someone who has actually did a 180 with their life, it is Duff. He not only managed to escape his addiction but also turn his life around, venture into new areas, and prove to be successful in ways no one would have assumed. But Steven? Give me a break And talking about decency, what is decent about slamming Frank? Hypocrite.
  5. Good for Steven. Now, let's focus on the real lineup.
  6. General Chat / Random Musings

    Dropped two containers of soda in a staircase at a Burger King today. Luckily I managed to save the two remaining containers on my tray. The spill covered three entire steps, and trinkled down like a little waterfall.
  7. What would you invent?

    A program that can determine protein structure based on gene sequence.
  8. The love/sex/relationship thread

    @Graeme, There is a thick line between being a misogynic asshole and showing girls you are interested in them sexually. You have to figure this out or the only girls that you will get are the bold ones who will kiss you on the dance floor when it finally dawns on you that they like you. From what you write I kinda get the impression that you somehow find, or found, it disrespectful to women to come on to them. It isn't, unless you do it wrong. Be kind, show interest, be charming, and when she wants you to take the next step -- unless she doesn't do it herself -- you have to not only realize this but also act on it. She wants it, you want it. Just do it. You can't just keep on second guessing their intention and desires, and be so afraid to do something wrong that you don't dare to do anything at all. There is nothing gallant about being afraid and self-doubting. I think you got the theory down, now you just need to man up and dare to take the move. Trust an older guy who has been just like you.
  9. Keep the United Kingdom United

    Current UK politics explained to Americans:
  10. General Chat / Random Musings

    Just came back from a mountain trip.
  11. US Politics/Elections Thread

    So Hillary just got a slap on her wrist for the email stuff
  12. Don't Damn Me vs Dead Horse

    DDM for me. The best riffs of UYIs.
  13. Locomotive. Fantastic lyrics. Love the choruses, Axl's numerous vocals and the chorus riffs. Fantastic when the guitars double on the last chorus ending. Maybe the most headbanging moment of UYI (together with DDM). Slash's verse riffs is lovingly different from what you expect from GN'R. Locomotive may be my favorite GN'R song.
  14. Great player, great guy.
  15. I don't think there is any doubt that AC/DC is easier for Axl to sing. It comes more natural to his current voice. The alternative is that he is deliberately not doing his best with GN'R