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  1. "read more" no, thank you
  2. show me one "reunion album" or even "modern album" that matches what came before 13 music from another dimension hardwired to self destruct chinese democracy a bigger bang rock or bust all of these are albums which i really "want" to like but i just can't. as a band grows older, their fire fades away. this is a law of nature. what is left of their inspiration is hurt even more by the music industry and the pressure to deliver and please everyone (while losing track of the core fanbase in the process). New albums are great as long as they arent released yet and there is this wonderfull thing called "anticipation". in all of these cases, i enjoyed anticipating these albums much more than actually listening to them. Today, GNR is about touring and the sooner people realise this, the sooner people will enjoy what we actually have now. go to the shows, enjoy them, buy some official merch, and go home a happier man. after the saturday show in belgium, i can honestly say, that i dont need new music from them. I want to remember them for the good times, and i'm sure a new album will absolutely, certainly, be a downer.
  3. the most extreme concert i ever went to, was slipknot in 2009. walls of death, moshpits all throughout the concert. somehow, without all of that, the GNR concert i saw saturday even surpassed that. god. this band is dangerous, the music is dangerous. from the moment the band came on and did "it's so easy" all hell broke loose. i jumped up and down, fists in the air in a rage i never thought was in me. somehow, GNR manages to do that. "I see you standing there. you think you so cool. Why don't you just... FUCK OFF!!" Really, that's just the most awesome line EVER and everyone was shouting along that line. I gave them two fingers in stead of one, to show my respect. it's just something in the music man. welcome to the jungle, mr brownstone, it didnt matter. it was danger every note, every scream. Hell, I felt badass just being a witness. whenever Axl, duff or Slash went near us it was like whipping a tiger, and the crowd would get even more nuts. There is danger in these songs, when played live. It absolutely does not matter one iota how old they are by this point. Axl was still jumping and running around and Slash was a beast just standing there. it was epic going berserk when slash was right in front of me and i jumped even higher. for this small point in time, we all felt one with the band. the band fed off the audience and the audience fed off the band. the crowd sure didnt suck from where i stood. in between songs, i would scream "slaaaaaaaaash" and it would be followed by another audience member who shouted the same, then someone else shouted "Axllllllllllllll" and it was just epic. i walked away from the concert thinking "the world needs more GNR". things like Axl's voice, his weight, the setlist, the NUGNR hacks, all felt really fucking irrelevant and were totally overshadowed by the danger that started the moment Mcbob did his awesome introduction line. I didn't take a single picture or any of that (i only have this keychain i bought at the merch stand; which is enough for me). I jumped up and down till i couldnt fucking stand on my feet; my legs still hurting from the pain. what a great fucking experience. and thanks to the two germans babes in front of me for making the view even better. man, you should have seen those tits, wooohoooo
  4. holy sweet maria and jesus. i'm crippled. i stood second row and from the moment the first song started i began to jump up and down and i didnt stop till 2/3 of the show, by which point i could barely stand. there were these 2 hot german stunners right in front of me, so maybe that gave me some sort of inspiration. They were surrounded by horny male GNR fans (including me) and even the security worked their asses off to please them. free cokes, free ear protectors... yawn! it was epic when they were put in their place by the head security who apparently saw it all happening through the cameras. haha! it was a brilliant show but i have hardly heard anything of it. franks' annoying bass drum drowned everything. still, it was madnass.
  5. there is a man who called his sons Slash and Izzy, and they're going to watch GNR today in Belgium
  6. nintendo games are pure and random bliss. in what other games do pirannha plants dance on techno beats, with sub-woofers pounding out the basses, while driving on a giant piano, and the music going bananas during the final lap? (mario kart 8) sometimes i think nintendo developers have a huge stash of magic mushrooms. kiddie, this surely ain't. this is hardcore stuff.
  7. i never knew they actually rehearsed material slated for a potential new GNR album in 1993 (which was rejected by Axl). it sounds so much grittier with duff on bass!
  8. "we want peace, with violence if necessary" it's a phenomenon as old as the streets. war benefits no one except the elite and the extremist halfnuts. ordinary people are cannon fodder and collateral damage. islam extremists may rule us all in the future, or they may not. one thing is for sure through all of this: no one lives forever. our time on earth is limited. the kingdom they want to establish, is only temporal. there is this interesting internet meme of posting cats whenever a terrorist attack happens. like the last one in brussels where a bomb went off. there was this picture of a cat who was in the near surroundings of the blast, and she kept on sleeping anyways, only mildy worried by the events. I'm like that cat. i'm the center of my universe. As long as it doesnt happen to me, i'll enjoy my beer and the pleasures in life, enjoy the beauty that still can be enjoyed in this world. and if I die in an attack, that will be 20 horrible seconds in a lifetime of not giving a damn. sounds good enough to me.
  9. i'm not really busy considering how to please certain groups of people, i'm a busy man as it is. my belief is, we're all born equal and if you kill people, you go to hell where judgment awaits you. i'm very cautious not to get too involved in searching for "the guilty one". "judge not, lest you be judged in the same way". it basically means, i dont care. if they want to blow themselves up, that's their responsability. life is short and who knows what's in the afterworld? justice will be done, but i dont see much justice here on earth, if any.
  10. look at it from the bright side. you get to watch your "women's programs", (here at action's, they are wedding programs and home makeover nonsense), while your huppy gets to play his hobbies on the switch. it's a win-win!
  11. no worries, i was talking about society in general. and screw the vatican and all radicals, i'm in the same boat as you on that one. fundamental concepts of humanity are violated these days. in times like these, people are searching for a reason, an explanation. "the center doesnt hold", someone said. my belief helps me through this. but i dont expect anyone else to think the same way. and thanks for your understanding mate, it's appreciated.
  12. i believe in hell, like i believe in heaven. it's the ultimate in justice. children are victim of a suicide bomber? while absolutely abhorrent, i believe the attacker will get his punishment twentyfold in hell. it's what's keeps me going. if this wouldn't exist, there is nothing that would prevent me from going totally insane. "belief" is somewhat frowned upon these days, but everyone deals with this insanity in his own way. this is my way.
  13. except for the terrorist. he's in hell now.
  14. watch this space, corey is going to have another meltdown
  15. congratulations to our military who acted swift and accurate. a tragedy has been prevented.