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  1. this version of the clown isnt scary at all, with this "looking down" pose. far too cliché to be taken seriously. it fits right in with modern takes on classic horror movies though, but it's all too hollywood blockbuster. "pogo the clown", the real life serial killer. now THAT was a scary clown. not because of forced posing, but because of the insanity oozing off it's appearance. you could argue that a real life serial killer will always be more scary by default, but still i think the creepiest images are the simplest.
  2. that is a farce. where's paul tobias? without paul, there is no guns n roses
  3. it's no secret axl, duff and slash still refer to izzy and steven as "brothers". that's a bit of information that comes directly from their mouths. just because izzy and steven arent there on stage doesnt mean they dont see each other anymore. anyone remember that Izzy tweet "" ? everyone is speculating, the media is spreading false information and at the end of the day neither of them have a clue. if steven and izzy want to be there, they'll be.
  4. final fantasy on the mini nes
  5. after all is said and done, the N64 will always be my favorite console. i like the artstyle of its games, with very basic textures. this left room for your imagination to fill in the gaps. the only downside were the frequent framedrops. but the amount of great hidden gems is astounding. destruction derby 64, san francisco rush, lamborghini, castlevania, f1 racing championship, wipeout 64, ridge racer 64, top gear rally, duke nukem zero hour, doom 64, mortal kombat trilogy, perfect dark... the N64 offers limitless playability
  6. i highly enjoy my nes classic. mario 3, final fantasy, galaga, dr mario, gradius... they are all very addicting. their simplicity and hardcore difficulty is very awesome. i simply become happy just listening to the menu tune. i play it in short bursts, say 15 minutes, while the water of my bath is running. as a family man, you need to squeeze in your personal time where it will go. i've never experienced NES when it was around, so this is all new to me.
  7. "the spaghetti incident?" has some absolute crushing power chords. playing these songs makes me sound like a total badass
  8. that's the key point: nintendo needs to approve IF goldeneye gets a re release, a nintendo console WILL get it, or no one will get it at all
  9. awesome! goldeneye wasn't on the rare replay compilation, so the rights lay otherwise. isn't it activision who has the rights currently? in any case it's not microsoft or rare who decide it; they can't even put the game on their own system if we ask for it loud enough, we'll get it!
  10. a step in the right direction WWII is so out of fashion it's becoming cool again. if only they had the balls to take WWI as a theme, now that would really get me interested
  11. part of me secretly hopes for a perfect dark port though, with a license granted to microsoft. i think there is a snowball in hell's chance for that, since microsoft and nintendo are on relatively friendly terms as of lately portable four player perfect dark deathmatch
  12. yes i've always said, the switch is a marketing stunt to give awareness to the switch. the Wii and WiiU made nintendo look incredibly uncool. going back to their hardcore roots with the NES has repaired some of the damage. now, people are going nuts over anything with the nintendo name again. contrary to popular belief, nintendo didnt make much money on the nes classic. the hardware alone is expensive enough, but nintendo also has to pay licence fees to capcom and konami. people expect a snes classic somewhere this fall, but i won't get my hopes up, for this reason
  13. how the HELL do you play the november rain solo