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  1. is it really necessary to have petty arguing on a day like this? and this happens every.single.fucking.time there's worse problems in the world. somewhere in manchester, a lot of parents won't see their children at tonight's dinner table. christ i couldn't think it would happen to me. that would be the final straw to drive me to utter insanity.
  2. thanks for all the classic bond moments roger
  3. guess we will see these pop up at future GNR shows to protect us from terrorists first real life robocop is deployed to patrol the streets, battling crime and handing out parking fines. the future of law enforment is here. but is he man or machine though?
  4. politicians tell us not to be afraid in other news, trump is bringing 400 highly trained bodyguards for his visit to belgium and 4000 police officers are called to ensure security during the coming nato convention. the amount of politicians killed in recent terrorism attacks? close to nil. that's nice. it's easy to tell people not to be afraid when you have 4000 police officers guarding your ass.
  5. at times like this, i can understand people like chris cornell it's a dreadfull, dreadfull world we live in, on so many levels. cherish your family, your children, your home and garden as a little sanctuary of peace. the moment you step outdoors it's going downhill from there. i'm starting to sound like a boring old fart, but maybe that's because i am.
  6. you're 52, have seen and experienced everything you ever wanted, and with the state of the world today, and the prospect of everything going downhill from there: your body, your popularity, hell the very world you live in, one "could" see why he did it. the one thing that doesn't fit this picture, is he has a wife and children. that alone should have kept him going. i'm a very moody person myself but my family makes up for it all. they are the reason i'm still here, straight up
  7. two thoughts. 1. aerosmith gave a dull come together performance on the bootleg cd. worst song on the album. michael jackson sounded out of place on the song as for Axl, i can hear mickey being conceived during this performance. best version is still the original, but i always skip it. maybe its overplayed? 2. i can relate to why axl felt he wanted to get away from public after this song. there comes a time in everyone's life when they feel it's up to the younger generation. when you feel you can't deliver the same reckless energy of your old days, why bother? there comes a time when we just want to sit in our garden and dig the weeds, leading boring lives. be safe behind your door. i can relate to that more than ever, seeing how the world is just going insane currently.
  8. it's now officially cool to use your switch in public
  9. perfect dark multiplayer f zero (gamecube) mortal kombat trilogy top gear rally duke nukem zero hour ridge racer 64 wipeout 64 => these are all games perfect for family men who only have half an hour or so to play a game
  10. indy drank from jesus' goblet; he's immortal
  11. nah, mastodon is one of those shit rock bands mentioned earlier
  12. this is actually very informative, as it clearly indicates that there are no immediate SMKC plans (which is splendid news for us GNR enthusiasts). this is more indication that Slash's focus is fully with GNR for the near future At the start of the year, they were still talking about resuming SMKC at the end of 2017, but that seems to have been put on hold then.
  13. the universe. i think of the nature of space, time and light all the time and watch every documentary i can find. also, clowns. they scare me and they intrigue me. pogo the clown / pennywise. all that great stuff.
  14. "i just love it when GNR plays the seeker" said no one ever
  15. "I never really owned a record" "it wasn't really my genre" and to say richard seems the most dedicated of the NUguns hacks