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  1. the gals went nuts. why doesn't that happen when i play yhe guitar?
  2. playing guitar is about swagger and feel. nobody did 3 chords better than elvis on the comeback special
  3. my first licks on the guitar were chuck licks and i didn't even realise at the time. chuck berry is rock n roll 101 as an aside, he upstaged anyone who stood with him on a stage.
  4. points to those who know which GNR member covered this
  5. this is spectacular
  6. you mean, ill get 'something good' (thats a joke only zelda junkies will get. ill show myself the way out)
  7. just unlocked every tower. with only 4 heart containers and one stamina circle. felt like an achievement. next, i'm going to highlight every shrine (without entering them). it makes for convenient teleport points. i'm also collecting korok seeds as much as i can, and experimenting with food. just powered up my bombs too.
  8. there's a place and a time, which isn't today
  9. rock n roll died today.
  10. slash and steven at the wiskey a gogo having a good time what year is this?
  11. i think he's the most genuine member in GNR. is that annoying? yes, to some people. many times, honesty isn't appreciated. I doubt the ginger one likes honesty very much either. that's all ok, of course. what's a pity though, is GNR used to be all about honesty. they were the genuine deal. now, they look like a band frankenstein would come up with
  12. I'm still on 4 hearts and one stamina. outside the mandatory shrines I have only done two other. my focus, for now, is on unlocking the whole map. some towers are impossible to climb at my level, others barely. the one in the southeast is impossible without improved stamina. the one in the middle plain is very hard to do with the watchers shooting from you from both sides, but I've unlocked it nonetheless. I'm piling up all sorts of ingredients, and when I've walked around the whole world, i'll review what I have and start experimenting with cooking. and see what crazy recpies I come up with. I have a feeling, everything I do now is mere preparation since I haven't really "started" the game yet, which is insane.
  13. sometimes, it can be good to take a deep breath, relax, and rethink what a games console "needs" to be. I grew up on snes and N64. you put a brick in your console, hit the power switch and within seconds you're playing the game. great games at that. no skype, no netflix, no music player, no news section... games on the N64 ran like ASS. i fondly remember the days of perfect dark and banjo tooie, with framerates like a slideshow. framerate? what's a framerate? i didnt even know what it was. all i knew is i had the time of my life playing these games. ah... bless ignorant times times have changed, yes... but I haven't. i'm still the same guy playing perfect dark. hell, I regularily have matches with my brother and sister, to this day. online MP doenst interest me. pizza and beer, with friends, that's where the fun is. composite image through a big ass 1080 HD screen baby. pixels the size of paintings. and what fun we have what i like about the switch, is it has many nods to that great time in gaming. local multiplayer, a barebones console, fast launching a game, .... CARTRIDGES!!! it's all there. switch isn't for everyone, that's true. but it sure is for me. switch is like a HD N64, and its all i could ever hope. bring on banjo threeie.. i mean yooka laylee and perfect dark 2,.. i mean splatoon 2
  14. good picks personally, i'm dying for a MGSV port. even though i own it on PS3, having it portable means more time to play this (wife takes a lot of tv time). that's the ONE game i desperately want. dat gameplay