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  1. Great work on the streams, only missed You Could Be Mine and half of Coma. Fantastic.
  2. Axl sounds great on Nightrain.
  3. Wow, that KOHD. Lot of lengthy tracks in the setlist, might test some of the more casual fans having Estranged, Coma, Civil War, November Rain and Knocking On Heaven's Door in the same gig.
  4. That was a smoking NR.
  6. Slash's tone is just fucking perfect.
  7. Where's everyone streaming from? I'm in Cumbria, England.
  8. Nobody is complaining, we're discussing, that's what a forum is for. Wish You Were Here!
  9. Despite the vocals though I've really enjoyed listening to this show. I don't think it's the worst Axl has sounded but I think we just have to get used to him sounding like this, it's what his voice is like now. I'm happy enough to pay to see them like this.
  10. Axl sounds pretty dreadful now like, but Slash is on fire.
  11. FUCK, that Better intro. Incredible.
  12. Yes it's Mickey but he doesn't sound out of breath so it's bearable. Once he's mobile again it'll probably sound horrible. Thought he killed it on Coma which is impressive given he struggled with it back in the day even.
  13. Frank's drumming just sounds so... dull? I don't know, he's just thudding away. Don't know whether it's an issue with him or with his set up or the sound or what but it's almost overpowering.
  14. Fuck it's so surreal seeing Slash next to Axl again.
  15. Weird vibe with nobody on stage really moving, but I guess you're going to lose that when Axl can't walk haha. Estranged