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  1. VIDEOGAME Thread...

    Got a stack of games and only finished roughly half of em. Need to struggle through the utter tedium of Fable 3 first, otherwise I'l never motivate myself to finish it.
  2. Paradisecity.com

    Filled in the survey, still waiting for anything back from them but should be pretty cool once it does show up!
  3. Screenings of London shows cancelled in German cinemas

    What a twist!
  4. Axl Rose on Jimmy Kimmel talk show Discussion Thread

    Axl sounds nervous as all hell at first but he does ease up after a while and settles into the groove, dude looks and sounds ill so I'm inclined to believe him on that. Great to see him just sitting and shooting the shit, none of us seriously expected some major Guns announcement out of the blue on Kimmel, so just happy to have him out there. More of this please!
  5. Official TV Show discussion

    Does anyone else agree that Also surprised at just how good the new season of Dexter looks; 5 and 6 were a little lacklustre after 4's quality, but this looks right up there. This is exactly what 6 should have been to be honest; the ending of season 6 is what the ending of season 5 SHOULD have been like.
  6. We already heard it almost in its entirety every night for the last 11 years. Nonetheless, cool.
  7. 2012 London Olympics

    Amazing day for team GB yesterday, and today Ben Ainslie grabbed his fourth gold and Murray looks in fantastic form to win the tennis. If only we could be as positive about our football teams as we are about our olympic athletes.
  8. The 'lol Bumblefoot' incident and other MyGNR nostalgia

    I think originally the posters in question were only suspended, but when one or two rejoined under alternative names during the suspension, madison swung the ban hammer in every direction and the lot of 'em were banned. Not the funniest thing that ever happened on the forum, but no way was it a ban-worthy offence considering some of the crap people have gotten away with over the years.
  9. Recommend me some dark and depressing movies

    The Machinist.
  10. What Album should I start with?

    Bob Dylan, Blur, Bruce Springsteen, The Cure, David Bowie. Hit me 'up.
  11. GN'R at the 2012 VMAs

    Ah, the obligatory annual VMAs thread!
  12. Official TV Show discussion

    Anyone else almost ashamed but at the same time bitterly enjoying those moments where Walt tries to guilt and manipulate people into feeling like he's comforting them, when really he's the cause of all the tension and problems in their lives? Him hiding the ricin in Jesse's room then assuring him it's 'all ok'... Bryan Cranston is some actor. Kudos to the whole cast and writers on keeping it all so on the rails.
  13. Fernando about CD 2

    Good to see, but as ever we have to take things with a pinch of salt.
  14. The Killers - Battle Born (2012)

    My first thought when I heard the album title!
  15. Upcoming Tour?

    I dearly hope not.