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  1. Describe marijuana in your own eyes.

    Kids should start smokingit in an earlier age. Should be encouraged by the goverment and parents.
  2. Gilbert is as unimportant as he ever was. The guy is a really good old fashioned stones player and he can play lead as well. But lets face it, izzy is the only factor now in connection to guns. He is one of the x factors that made guns what it was. Much like axl and slash, only he isnt as flashy cause thats not in his nature.
  3. Weird dreams

    I don't really make mistakez Its all a joke in a way yes? I laugh at myself every week.
  4. Weird dreams

    I once had a dream where it was all futuristic and shit and there was no weed left in the world cause some fucked up plant disease killed all the weed. I had to relearn how to function and eventually found true happiness and acceptness through alcohol. It was like a cartoon and i wore purple pants the whole time.
  5. Your Top 5 Must Listen To Albums

    Jimi's 3 studio albums and 2 random beatles albums. Must listen its like staying a virgin if you dont which is pathetic and sad.
  6. Its still built around slash's guitar playing but it gets a lot of energy from richard and his abilities. His rhythm is on point and its nice to hear he can play bucket's parts fairly easily. I conclude that slash is still one of the best in the world and that an album with a weaving guitar approach like in appetite but with richard, can work well.
  7. I think paul is closer in approach to izzy, but richard does have the right feel for izzy's rhythm parts. His you're crazy interpretation is a good example. But he is also a lead player and he does have a more fluid sound there but his playing has obvious blues and hard rock influence and he can make it sound dirty and mean but never choppy and sloppy like izzy which was part of the sound and magic of old guns. Fortus and slash make a killer team of their own. Still bluesy but more concise and rocks harder.
  8. Just play safari inn its great and an instrumental which is less awkward.
  9. Also, nothing is intearchangable but yeah its not as crucial as the foundation of the song. But its kinda like a painting. If you like how it turned out with all the ingedients, know that every little thing has weight and meaning andJimi for example plays a solo on the electric version of hear my train which is basically half the song and its a song by itself that guitar solo. You change one note and the vibe of the song is different. But i agree with how you view the importance of it. Guitar solos got a little too central in hard rock but out things like long stairway to heaven experiments that you could say are redundant even we got slash and srv also
  10. But not really the key notes. A guitar solo a good one that is, is also a melody. Its more detailed usually and constructed from more notes but the guitar is still saying somthing that is a part of the song and overall musical direction. Part of the body so even solos that slash improvise in like nightrain, jungle, and november rain outro will still always contain key phrases.
  11. No you cant change the best of. of them imo like the one in little wing scom or this i love.
  12. Slash can finally put his mark again on a guns album. I even think he'll agree to shared guitar solos with the best unreleased material. So it's up to axl which leads me to conclude there is no reason for it to never come out. Axl said again that he wants to put out more guns albums. It will just take time as usual but im pretty sure he will try to make it happen in like 4 to 5 years i hope.
  13. It's a good questhad To me it seems like he won't compromise artistically and he had A problem at least until now of letting it go and stop over tinkering. The other half of The problem imo is that he wants a release of another album to be cane a huge successwith promotion and strippers. Good news is a lot is already recorded and slash and duff liked the vault stuff and they bring more artistic and financial options to the table. Bad news is axl is still gonna delay until he is certain he cannot improve the tunes anymore and it',s time.
  14. Richard said not too long ago axl has 3 albums worth of material in the vault.
  15. No one is retiring. Axl is just going to tinker more until its perfect and slash will probably do his best to add his signature sound on mostly chinese era stuff. Robin and bucket solos could still be in if i understood what axl said in the china exchange. But his process is still slow as fuck and he will need to put some more work into it to incorporate slash and make it relevant thematically to this incarnation of guns.