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  1. Never cared for Gilby penned tunes, but I was talking in connection to Gn'R. Clerk contributed zero to the studio albums while Paul's domain is the studio and he had a chance to like it or not influence the direction the band took. Musical direction. That's much more than what Gubly ever achieved.
  2. I see you did not include DJ Ashba in there. Just pointing that out. And I'm not sure if Gilbert was as awesome as the rest of them though. And what about Paul. He's probably going to be responsible for half the songs Slash will play on if another Guns album is ever released. I'd say it's pretty awesome even right now where Slash is playing Twat and kinda funny. Slash was always and still remains my favorite Guns lead guitar player, but I can understand why someone will prefer Bucket truly I do. Robin as well. Together their styles formed a very distinct sound that stands on it's own imo. The guitars on Chinese are top notch.
  3. Radiohead - New single "Burn the Witch"

    Interesting. Actually thought the music video worked really well with the song. The fake plastic trees were a nice touch. Second and third time I listened to it were different. I really like it. It's pretty like many Radiohead tunes, but I hope they do something a little different with this album compared to what they did since In Rainbows and even that great album was not really a development musically. Still great though. I wonder if the days of musical exploration are behind them. Not that they have to develop but I liked the bold adventures they took with Kid A and Ok Computer. Perhaps they're on a different phase now, I think they did enough to just keep making quality albums IF it's as good as In Rainbows and not as shit and fake Radiohead like The King Of Limbs. What was that about. But I like this new song. I've read it was an old one.
  4. And I hope you understand it's not a Stones situation without Izzy. It's not John and Paul or Plant and Page. Every band is different. In Guns, No Appetite or Lies without him. No key songs and singles like You Could Be Mine and Don't Cry. No Dust N' Bones. For touring purposes they don't really need Izzy imo. He can still play just fine though, sounded great on Ghost for example. As a fan I feel it will be great if he becomes a part of it in some capacity in the near future. My point is in Guns it only perfectly clicked when it was the 5 of them. Adler as well. Every person brought their own unique elements and in Guns every classic member was of the utmost importance to the sound. Like if you want to really nail the recipe, you need the exact ingredients to prepare it.
  5. Yes they can. Of course they can. Just like someone can prefer Sorum over Adler or Brain. Doesn't make them less of a Gn'R fan. I think it's unlikely they don't like the original 5 as well but they don't have to like that incarnation the most or at all for that matter. There is no objective ideal here or one set criteria to fulfill as a fan of this band (or anything) There are certain things we as fans, most fans, agree on, like critics in a way. But even something like Appetite which is considered as being the masterpiece is not universally favored among Gn'R fans and even if it was it shouldn't have an influence on what you personally prefer as a fan. But some Guns fans prefer UYI, Perhaps Lies I would imagine. Does it make Appetite less of a masterpiece cause they enjoy some other Guns album more? So why not Chinese? and why not the people who were responsible for the sounds that person likes the most? It makes sense as well cause all these other people, they did not just create alone what some Guns fans prefer, it was in connection to Axl which was a part of old Guns. You don't control what you like and that could be just one potential reason of what made them decide for now that this is what they prefer. Strictly based on the music in this case, or in Russ's case imo. Besides, why would you even want everyone to like the exact same thing the most? sounds boring as fuck.
  6. Don't be absurd. It's totally normal to prefer Paul Huge over Slash for example. Seriously. Like when you might prefer a steak over a chili burger but it's not absurd of me to prefer a chili burger just cause steak is much better in your opinion. It's a matter of taste. (technically that's absurd though, everybody knows steak is better)
  7. Philip, did you have your lawyer draft this post for you? you still don't get it: it doesn't matter that Robin was not a part of the original 5. It is perfectly legitimate for any fan to like what they like about this whole thing. You derive joy from certain elements of it and others might enjoy other elements more or won't care that it's not the ideal line up that was responsible for what they prefer. It is subjective. Someone imaginary thinks Bucket is the best damn Gn'R guitar player that ever was and there is no Gn'R without Frank. Why would that be an insult when it has no effect? why would you care. Like what you like but don't think it's in some way better cause it's the definitive way of being a fan. It's not.
  8. Means it's possible they won't feel the same, meaning they'll like it even more, much less, or fuckin' hate it. Possibly.
  9. What is Axl's issue with Perla?

    Out of likes but I like it Daisy. You're playing to your strengths.
  10. Because taste evolves and/or changes, at least for some people.
  11. AXL/DC Rehearsal video

    But if Axl asks nicely he might agree to play Touch Too Much. I kinda agree with the general gist of your post. Angus has a if it ain't broke don't fix it kind of approach but even if no new shit is played it will be Axl singing it so that's new.
  12. What Are You Listening To 2016

  13. I think it's the way he laughs which comes off really douchey and they can't handle it but personally I'm a huge fan and often practice just trying to nail the Sorum laugh with myself. It's so satisfying when I get it right.
  14. I thought Richard Fortus was Izzy..

    They both did heroin which is the most important thing. Fortus is not copying anyone. The difference is he's not Izzy.