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  1. Rough sex
  2. It's a thread for an interview he gave. He's in the band, I think it's allowed. One interview does not make him a spokesperson but maybe 2 will make him ginger. Find a better way of getting your potentially silly point across.
  3. Lies Noobs Tell. Please allow me to tell you the truth imo: it's not Axl's fault that Izzy didn't get a cut for a full position in the band, not when you take 7 seconds to think about why would Axl will do that if: 1. Axl is happy as fuck with Fortus on rhythm and there was no full posish to begin with 2. Cheap as hell 3. Under control and already in the bag 4. He's relatively young and very spry, can still do many deeds 5. Izzy is not suitable for a full position, Fortus has proved his weight in gold and is a trust worthy employee 6. Ain't no sundown when M's gone 7. It ain't over 'till the mourning night
  4. Which is why you must have the right personality to be a part of the operation. It's very simple and I'm sure it's in the contract. Axl is not an obscure musician, the rest should have known better or at the very least came in ignorant. People rag on Fortus cause he's session. It was probably the key to overstand Axl for all these years. He's a chemical brother.
  5. Let's face it, you're wrong. There were only 2 open spots, for lead guitar and bass. Fortus was there for 15 years so yes, it was loyal like you wouldn't believe. Pitman went against the band, on principal you fire his ass. No integrity issues here as well. Nothing Axl has done has led me to believe he'll abandon his friends like Slash. Oops. I meant the thing with Adler. You know. And Duff. Twice.
  6. So what? Robin was a hired gun as well and we got Better thanks to Axl's inspired choice. Slash hired Myles, you can see they are true band members, but the collaboration gave us Apocalyptic Love. Regardless, even before that I thought Snakepit sucked with 2 vocalists that were a poor match for Slash for different reasons. He's not just a session musician, Page and Slash were both inspired by the session muse many times. It doesn't mean a member is less real just because he was hand picked by Axl and was getting paid for playing in his dark past. Fortus is as real as it gets when it comes to being a true band member of Gn'R's current line up.
  7. Oh. That was almost awkward. We're cool right? I think we're cool.
  8. R U saying you wanna be my train buddy? we can do it all! drink tea when it's all shaky and it's in Texas or in Vegas or some shit. I was never in a casino, but we can play monopoly on acid and play with your cat and drink coffee that was brewed in Brazil. You should probably decline to all of the above plus tax. Your red hair makes you an easy target unfortunately. What can we do but to be ourselves and so much more.