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  1. Slash, Fortus, and Duff are putting ideas on tape in soundchecks and rehearsals. They're messing around with new stuff. Processing... best Fortus interview ever! Axl is still gonna delay like a motherfucker though.
  2. The 'What are you doing tonight' discussion

    I think I'm just gonna smoke weed tonight and post on Gn'R forums. Ate fish.
  3. Art

    Lars Ulrich.
  4. Art

    That's usually what I do with most of my free time. I call it "absolute wankers time". Eddie Van Halen.
  5. Art

    True, but maybe it helps when you're completely self centered cause your goal as an artist is to reflect yourself, your thoughts without letting others get in the way of your vision. Just saves time to be a shitbag and maybe artists don't like to not be themselves so they are more shitty cause they are not as considerate as human beings to their surroundings. The task is so challenging to make masterpieces anyway or good art. Or perhaps a lot of humans are just fuckin' assholes, and great artists are not known for their well balanced behavior.
  6. Axl's Loyalty to People to his artistic detriment

    I honestly believe Axl hired all these people cause he genuinely liked their playing style. Even Ashba said Axl requested he records Ballad Of Death. DJ said he didn't know for what purpose Axl wanted it or something like that. After he hires them, he stays loyal, he won't fire them as long as they behave and do their job. I think Axl makes the distinction between a touring line up and now, to what he'll do in the future with material he has in the vault. He doesn't seem to force it, so while he added Bumble for 30 tunes and released 14 of those, if they don't inspire him to use their fresh ideas, he just won't use it, cause quality dictates and it has to be at least as good as the vault material maybe. Axl also said the players on Chinese were right for the studio, and the bumble line up was right for now, or something close to that. I think the current line up is here to stay. This is probably gonna be it. Current band members could be the people that support Axl musically in the last decade of Guns that counts. Time is running out while they're making money. Axl said Fortus is like Izzy on steroids. I think he values his talent and loyalty. Everyone in the line up is exactly what Axl wanted, with maybe the only failure with Izzy, cause my guess is Axl wanted to use Izzy sometimes, when he wants to play live and when he wants to help out in the studio, but I don't actually think Axl ever planned to fire Richard. And I don't think he wants Steven to be there at all.
  7. John Frusciante.

    They're all useless without him. His solo work is light years ahead of anything they could dream of doing musically. He's just too quick and sophisticated for you or for the Silly Peppers artistically, doesn't mean he took a "bad turn". On the contrary: he stayed true to his art and always moved forward. He is talented enough to do whatever the fuck he pleases. Every album is a statement. Enclosure was more tamed compared to his more adventurous experiments, but it was the culmination of everything he wanted to combine. Not many liked it, and you can of course dislike whatever you want, but Frusciante is a genius, and he can easily create 10 more albums and go back to be a full time pepper and repeat himself. He is not interested in that at all. That to him is what you are to me: boring, and doesn't have any value. There are still great lead guitar parts on Enclosure, great lyrics, crazy tempos and silly amounts of tempo changes and keys. The synths and Fanfare remind me of Queen. A fine release. Another home run while The Red Not Chili Peppers prove again with every album they're worthless without Frusciante. That's just life, deal with it. Brendle's Death Song only good tune out of 2 albums. So shitty.
  8. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    They're coming to my country, I'm going. Never got the chance to see Slash and Duff live. Hoping for If The World again, only with Slash this time. If they play I.R.S or Madagascar I'm gonna be excited in my pants but I really doubt that they will. Last time I got used To Love Her, Shackler's and Better, Chinese, Sorry, This I Can't Play This with DJ, Street Of Dreams, and If The World. No Madagascar or I.R.S which was a real bummer, but 7 Chinese tunes live were totally worth it even double the amount of cash. Now the main draw is a few Chinese tunes with Slash and Duff, Axl as always, and Slash noodling which personally I find fascinating. But mainly I just want to witness Nightrain live with no Ashba. In a sensible alternate Guns universe I would have gotten the chance to see Steven too. That could have been great. Not that there's anything wrong with Frank.
  9. John Frusciante.

    More silly nonsense. Frusciante went electronic cause he did too much drugs? You're losing touch with reality. If you know anything about him as an artist, you'd know the man who left the shitty peppers did it cause he won't create if it's not natural. He is as organic and as forward looking as they come musically. Just because you start off with a specific sound and approach when you're younger, doesn't mean you're pretentious just cause you've absorbed new musical influences along the way. Not only did Frusciante achieved that, he somehow made it work by actually combining some of his old approach, still structured quality tunes, but with new sounds and more rhythmically driven compared to his past work. It still makes sense artistically, the time signatures and changes are brilliant. And to think he still managed to make it fit to lyrics and vocals, that just shows how talented he is. He draws inspiration from many places, not just fuck yeah tunes. That has always been the case.
  10. Build-a-Band

    Axl Angus Paul Huge Phil Rudd Robert Trujillio Pitman Mellisa Dizzy Reed
  11. John Frusciante.

    You crack me up sometimes. It's called evolution. It's called progress. How ironic that you talk all this shit about Axl and yet when true evolution of sound stares you in the face you can't see it. lol. You've lost the little credibility you've had. Frusciante is still making great albums, you just don't have the taste to notice.
  12. John Frusciante.

    It's perfectly structured. On Enclosure every tune is solid as fuck, every tune always maintains musical direction. Perhaps you've only listened to it once or you just don't get it considering your love for "true experimental, electronic, and industrial music", I would guess you'd have a deeper understanding of more complex arrangements. But you clearly have a peasant's taste and you just don't get it. U2 is probably just the right amounts of experimental electronic for you. Pop fuckin' rocks.
  13. Nintendo Switch

    Interesting cause a lot of people are talking about the combat right now and how it looks vastly improved. I agree with this. If you compare video footage you can see especially in the new trailer the combat seems far more fluid and interesting. You're fucked without food makes it more realistic. I think it will be similar in many ways to Zelda 1. I'd even say they finally seem to have found the way of the future of Zelda through realizing it's past well enough with current technology and enough trial and error. This time, I think they got it down.