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  1. New album this year rumour

    Perhaps it's not just one reason. It's Axl, it's the label, it's lawsuits, etc. The question I sometimes ask myself is: if some other musician was going through the same shit, not Axl, even someone from Tool or Trent, with the same goal of putting together something like Chinese, how long? My guess is maybe not quite as long as it took Axl. Not that it's really a fair comparison, but while I'm convinced all the other shit, not recording the album, had a lot to do with the delays. I still think Axl took his time like always. He wanted to delay Illusions. And what about now? he admitted CD ll is done for a while now. So what's he waiting for? to tour some more? see if they get along? Everything is going well now with Guns and still he said in the China exchange interview soon is not the word. Why is that? maybe he doesn't know when it will be good enough and when the time will be right for a release. The fact he said Slash can play on it if he's interested to me means it's never done until it's released. Even if it's been done for 15 years. Axl does tinker for years. It's not a myth. It wasn't the only reason for the Chinese delays but maybe it's the main one.
  2. New album this year rumour

    Izzy looks great in this pic. Edited highlights of chinese round 2, but with slash soloing all over the place and duff basslines. If some of bucket's and robin work stays and it's good than maybe that will be a nice and weird bonus for all this wait cause the label and axl could tinker some more. 2022 is where it's at.
  3. New album this year rumour

    The thing is that I don't believe axlis not talented enough or not capable so that's why he tinkers and doesn't release anything for years. This is not about talent. And I agree about how you define a genius, but axl is no genius, he's just a talented musician so it's not really relevant. The way I see it, the importance of a guns album cripples him. The process of creating music, tinkering with the same tunes for years and not letting it go is more a by product of the way he is as a person I suspect. the vision for 2 albums with vocals was there in 1999. It's not that he didn't know what he wanted musically and was totally lost. It took 2 years to put together an album. It's only fair that we take into consideration axl did give the label the 1999 version of Chinese. Maybe that was good enough? We'll never know. One thing I always go back to is that axlis insecure as an artist and there is like a quality standard in his head and as time passes and new ideas pop up, he goes back to it thinking it could be better. The definition of perfect or good music or what makes a great guns album is probably different in how he perceives it compared to you. He thought it was a great idea to use mostly clean voice in a guns album with 5 orchestras and shredding. It's tricky, cause he has to find a balance between what he likes and what the fans want to hear cause I think he cares a lot about making a grand musical statement with every guns album.
  4. New album this year rumour

    He is obsessive though as a musician. I think what Brian May said is probably true. He said that Axlis utterly meticulous when it comes to recording his music. Alice cooper said on his illusions guest recording that he did many, many vocal takes and thought 'it must be good enough' but Axlmade him do more takes until it was good enough for him.
  5. New album this year rumour

    I can see that. Maybe with appetite like guitar interplay with slash and fortus at least on some the harder rocking tunes. i think if it does come out it will feature illusion rasp on some songs, many ballads and epics, and slash will get to solo a lot probably, but it seems like there's a chance axl will keep some of the work from robin and bucket. I wonder how axl will use slash. Maybe in some tunes like a bumble add on. Like how in some songs he re recorded entire solos, others just rhythm like in Chinese. Or maybe slash will come up with brilliant shit and will play lead on every tune. Not sure which option is better but if it's chinese material again, many different styles of guitar playing might work better. I mean, listen to how Chinese democracy the song sounds live now. It works well with fortus playing bucket's solo and slash playing updated robin solo and outro. This can work.
  6. Izzys back in the studio

    Had a fucked up dream last night. Izzy went on tour with corey taylor as his nu singer and opened every show with the do it for the kids riff and sold smack to old people backstage after the show. I woke up thinking how ironic it is that the most angry guns thing invoking 80's fueds is with izzy and about money. Axl, slash, and duff finally are getting along and happy, but izzy is pissed off on tweeter finding himself out of the band he founded and now is...the time to reunite while its making money. Still not too old. Axl could have been the bigger man. The three of them could have each given izzy a share and make him a real partner. Axl is trying to put a number on izzy's worth based on the past and money. The hardcore fans want izzy back, a guns album, believe me, will be much better with izzy's tunes and after the crazy shit axl pulled he desreves it. Izzy was generous enough to give axl down by the ocean, a song axl got attatched to. Its hard to look past the money, but i think axl doesn't believe izzy did enough for guns to get a bigger share and be a partner again in guns n' roses which is brutally ironic, sad, and...pathetic9000.
  7. Izzys back in the studio

    Paul huge already wrote 'em all. Its very silly to think axl and the vault plus the current line up don't have enough good chord progressions and izzy is the only onewith the magic fingers. But he is the only one that at least in the past and some of his solo records could write those kind of tunes, more connected to rock n' roll with a punky attack. But he came up with most of the foundation for guns, so of course he is a musical element that can't really be replaced, so its more that i think compated to hd is the only one that could help make a good guns album.
  8. Izzys back in the studio

    I kinda think that whole axl n izzy falling out gave izzy more drive than he had to be more active musically and also something to be pissed about. His matt sorum collaboration sounds great. My guess about the money thing is that axl probably offered a share that he thought was fair, but it was way less than what slash and duff got and are still out there getting. I think izzy doesn't understand why axl didn't offer a 4 way partnership. He wasn't there for a lot of the ride, but he is as much guns n' roses as any of them if not more. It's a total bummer its where its at right now. Izzy will continue to release great solo albums anyway. I think musically they need him more than he needs them but axl probably already has his vision recorded and can just add slash and duff. But it could have been better with izzy.
  9. But i have total guns knowledge just to be clear. Its something you're born with. You Cant compare my life's work with what you think you know, no offense dear. Smileyface.
  10. New album this year rumour

    Basically, axl wants to do it so it might come out. If it will be released, its probably going to take years cause that's what his process, insecurities, flaws, call it what you want dictates. In the china exchange interview he joked about how small the body of work for guns is. I think he'll try to finish a guns album with slash and duff and if he thinks its great, he will attempt to release it. Many things can go wrong but even if it all goes well i think the wait is still going to be long.
  11. New album this year rumour

    His claims about releasing trilogies , next album next year are long gone. I think his excitement and will to release music soon came with the price of angering and Confuse his fanbase which is understandable. Now he is way more carefull With getting our hopes up. This is because his process is slow and he has trouble with letting it go or stop trying to improve it. Especially a guns album. He will never release a guns album without totally being convinced its good enough.legacy......slash can come up with something brilliant for like one song and then axl decides every song in the album must be as good as that so im not sure axl truly controls himself but i believe a lot of songs are already recorded. I dont think a new album is likely to be released in the next 4years. Axl is not going to change the way he does things for us. A guns album is a part of his legacy And that seems important for him. It will happen only when he feels its ready plus its the right time to actually release it.
  12. New album this year rumour

    No one takes into consideration Axl's limits. That's the driving force of why we don't have as many guns albums as we think we deserve. He has his process. Sure, Slash and Duff can influence him when it comes to confidence in material like Robin did for like one song. On a musical level, I think he knows what he wants when he hears it. No matter how positive it all is, I think it will take years but on the upside, I believe they want to make a final statement.
  13. New album this year rumour

    Yeah its nice to have fantasies to the fella above me, but axl indicated in the china exchange interview that the musical plan is still in motion, and slash can be a part of it if he likes to. Nothing close to writing from scratch in a small locked room together with izzy. Maybe but for now its not a realistic scenario. Axl said slash and duff liked the unreleased chinese material so i believe its likely gonna be mainly chinese material but axl will try to incorporate contributions from slash and duff.
  14. New album this year rumour

    Its not about what we need. Theys Reason for the delays is axl's personality and the meaning each guns album to him. He works on and off for years on new songs that become old before they are released. Its just the kind of musician he is. Talented but insecure and the Quality standard for the next guns album could mean it will take years until axl thinks its good enough and reflects the current band and all kinds of shit.
  15. New album this year rumour

    I hope slash's return to guns won't get tinker juices going even more but sadly i can imagine its possible and that's scary. Even without slash he still tinkered for decades. Would be funny ifhe writes and records a brand new ac/dc album with angus in 2 weeks and tinkers 12 more years with a fortus riff.