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  1. Has Nirvana Aged Poorly?

    No, i really don't think it did. It reflected the musical ideas of avery intersting person and the band kurt hadhad the perfect chemistry while the sound was retro, the tunes were and are timeless. Nothing as powerful or interesting since in rock punk and just someone new to show the kids some good time and something cool to think about. I think nirvana was the real deal, and i still listen to the music and its still all there.
  2. Production sounds huge and every song gets the works. Its like queen with the layers but also it fits all the songs except catcher maybe.
  3. New album this year rumour

    Imm getting a faster internet connectionin a few days so it will be back to normal posting for me. Anyway, i think the cycle now is between 10 to12 years between releases but one more guns album with rasp ans Slash and duff on it will probably happen if every will go smoothly with axl's demands. The truth is i dont think even axl knows when or if hell release another guns album but it seems like leaving the legacy without at least one more guns album is not how he would want it to end just basedon the fact he said he wants to release more guns music and atlas is probably a terrific song.
  4. New album this year rumour

    Better believe axl when he says soon is not the word this time as well. Axl is not gonna release shit this year and probably not for a few more after that. At least not guns material. 2020 at the earliest is my guess.
  5. Prostitute is a wonderful song

    It wasn't like what ive imagined before it leaked, but there are moments of brilliance in the song. it captures drama in a very axl like approach and the stracture of it is flawless. Bucket plays mean as hell blues licks essenntially matching the many musical climaxes it has in both heavy and quiet moments. I do think it lost some of the piano magic the live 2002 version had, with the whole phrase is played and not how its divided to smaller sections so axl could sing the vocal melody on it, but it makes sense as it served the song.
  6. Ever feel completely out of your depth?

    Honestly? Never. I just don't overthink the shit enough to feel something negative about myself like a little whiny bitch. You just use what you have and move forward with a positive attitude. I try to be constructive and the fact that i'm high as fuck most of the time keeps shit in perspective.
  7. Duff vs Izzy

    No, he is not. Izzy is a shitty lead player. George was mean with the slide playing and he was actually a good lead player that was capable of fluid playing. He was also way more original and overall way more talented. But Izzy is also a rare talent. More choppy chuck berry playing that is retro and not a quite the genius George was.
  8. Mr. Robin finck,..on the guitar.

    What the fuck. Stevie Ray Vaughan. Axl said one of his favorite solos that Robin did was a solo in the style of SRV.
  9. Duff vs Izzy

    I fuckin' love Duff, but if I have to choose only one, it's obviously Izzy. He's just a larger chunk of the Guns magic imo. A more crucial part I'd say. The roots and the anchor. The Guns formula came from his head mostly.
  10. Green Day

    Shitty fake punk that is sterile and they're old now. Kinda like Foo Fighters in their vibe. Not very good.
  11. Mr. Robin finck,..on the guitar.

    It could work, but Slash can take care of shit all by his own. I'm probably one of the biggest Robin fans in the world. Douchey to say but they play a similar role. I think it will be interesting in an album. Like Axl can keep some of Robin's recorded ideas and it will sound terrific with Slash too. But in the same band, Slash should just do the whole thing. Robin doesn't have Slash's chops, but to me, he does have the quality ideas that went really well with Axl's. But Slash is still the perfect match for Guns and his style is so varied that he has all the elements in his playing already, lead playing wise. That SRV solo must not be deleted though.
  12. What are you watching? a.k.a. Film Thread v 2.0

    Dallas buyer's club again. The last scene with the bull is so perfect and the whole flick is just so fuckin' great. Who knew he could pull that shit so well. Shitty joker was also amazing I thought in this.
  13. Nightrain

    What a great fuckin' thread. Probably the tune that best captured this band's essence.
  14. I don't know the full story but i still think it was a mistake. It means whatever izzy could offer them, and especially axl wasn't considered to be of enough worth. Izzy brings something unique and if art comes first and the integrity of the band is something that is respected than they would have given izzy what he wanted and probably could have kept fortus as well. I guess i can understand it cause it's money and a lot of it but it's such a shame. Im not mad though.
  15. 2002 VMA's rehearsal footage

    I disagree. Bucket was an inspired choice for guns. There was a time alone shows that but his work on chinese fits with axl's voice imo. Buckets tone, melodic approach , and Note choices all served very well what axl was trying to do with chinese musically. The end of street of dreams is another example where bucket plays over axl. It works. He did the speech solo for madagascar and in rio 2001 it sounded Very bucket in style but perfect for the song. If you cant have slash, bucket and robin in the same album is pretty great imo. and its not that you only should compare what bucket did in chinese vs slash in guns. Robin and bucket created a new sound together for chinese and it obviously worked for the tunes.