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  1. Slash saw Poison as a vehicle to get his name out there, to make it. If he was pissed off he didn't get the gig, that makes sense. Why audition if you don't want it, they didn't go with you, that naturally could piss someone off. And can only be an ego thing for some people. No one likes to get rejected and even then Slash was a great guitar player and he probably thought they would hire him based on his talent and how shit Poison are as a band.
  2. Also it sounds like a collaborative effort. You've got If The World by Pitman, Bunch of Huge tunes, Better by Robin, SOD Dizzy Reed, and 3 Bucket tracks, one of them is Shackler's, etc. Can't tell me that's not artistically collaborative. Every member put his stamp on the album.
  3. I agree, but Gn'R is kinda different, each band is different. Some band members are more easily replaced than others. When the "official" story is Axl ruined the band and Slash was gone for 20 years because of that and only 1 album, it doesn't look good for people that are biased or maybe just don't know enough about varying degrees of collaboration. The goal was to make a Guns album, who should decide on it's direction if not Axl as the only remaining member at the time? and it's not like he could even write all these tunes on his own.
  4. Glad I got to hear Bumble perform Shackler's live. I think his Chinese work added a lot to the album. He said he played on about 30 tracks. I'd love to hear the rest of his Guns work someday but not likely. Cool to see that like always, Bumble is a class act and that enough time has passed since his personal Gn'R disaster so now he can appreciate the good things about that experience. I like that he's getting high profile work with Mike. That seems to be like a good match for him musically.
  5. It was Crank 3 I think. Really liked him in the Guy Ritchie movie or movies can't remember. I remember one where he played a junkie and fucked a nun. Totally an action hero. I wonder if he can do more serious roles sometimes. Like Sylvester in Copland.
  6. I don't think I've seen that one yet. But probably. I watch a lot of his movies, I don't know why, I think it's the way he goes from serious to funny and the face helps a lot. An action actor but not annoying even if some of the movies are kinda crappy it's still amusing. There was a super silly one where his heart stops if he doesn't get a jolt so he fucked some chick on a football field with the audience watching to survive.
  7. I think at that time when there was a real sense of danger for Steven's life, maybe Axl thought of it as a principal to be there. He could have wanted Steven out of the band or never really got along with him on a personal level, but maybe he was just worried Steven was not going to make it.