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  1. Out of all of those, the Kobe lithograph is the one to have. The elevator story is cool though. I think it's just as good or even better than owning Gn'R lithographs, but I feel you bro. At least you got something out of it.
  2. GNR Women's discussion

    It's not an AC/DC show, so I really see no point in rehearsing. There's no one to try extra hard for like boss Angus and I'm not being sarcastic. He will get paid and have fun regardless. He sounds good enough to warm up his voice as the tour progresses. When he takes a break his vocal chords respond accordingly. It's similar to working out. He doesn't like that which is why he's chubby. I just don't see Axl singing Guns tunes in his down time. Not that type of a singer. (you can call him lazy) The motivation is just not there to sing Guns tunes with no crowd like a fuckin' asshole.
  3. Pets!

    You know...
  4. He was definitely drunk and it was a weak performance. (vocally)
  5. What the fuck was that. Chris is not very good at drinking and Audioslaving. The voice crack with the delay at the end of the long scream was hilarious. (2:59) The second voice crack when he attempts to yell "HEH!". (3:04) I got on repeat. Fun performance.
  6. Sorry is Alternative Rant Rock. The almost spoken word type lines work. First verse is not nearly two minutes long. It slowly builds up and the chorus is explosive.
  7. It's what I'd expect a Bucket tune to sound like. Not so weird if you're a Bucket fan, which I am. I think Axl came up with cool vocals for it and an interesting theme. It's different compared to old Guns though.
  8. Old Guns was a Hard Rock band. Like you wouldn't expect some sounds on Chinese from a young Axl Rose. Their influences were Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, The Stones, Thin Lizzy, AC/DC, Hanoi Rocks, New York Dolls, Sex Pistols, etc. Axl incorporated other things, new things to Guns like NIN, shred, Faith No More sounding stuff, shit like that. So while bands like Guns and singers that fronted them like Steven Tyler or AC/DC remained pretty much the same, Axl chased things he liked and incorporated those influences into his music. Better is a good example of doing that. Not really the kind of tune you'll expect from Slash. And Izzy never veered too far from what he always liked. Clapton tried some other shit as well, but I wouldn't call it as experimental as Axl who went from what was essentially Hard Rock to a more Alternative rock sound.
  9. You don't have to like it in order for it to be considered new sounds. Compared to what old Guns did, you can't say he did not introduce new musical influences to his music. Axl Rose plus many sounds that are new compared to what he did in the past. Unlike Izzy or Slash. They stayed true to what they were always into.
  10. Nonesense. Listen to the albums. All you need to do is compare what Axl did with old Guns compared to Chinese: it sounds different. It sounds like yes, he did some musical experimentation, and he introduced influences that were new to Guns and new to what Axl was doing. I wrote in my previous post that it's not like I consider Axl to be the really experimental type of musician, but he tried things that were alien to the Guns sound, and Guns albums is all that he ever released. What Izzy is doing now, he always did that. Slash, Duff and Adler - pretty much the same deal. You said Izzy in his own way is just as experimental as Axl which is just not the case.
  11. If you had the choice to play any Guns tune other than Appetite/Lies material, which one would you choose? Civil War You Could Be Mine Don't Cry Other