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  1. I think the most challenging part is moving forward now thematically and musically to a lesser extent. My guess is if they'll create the "right" product, there will be demand (at least like any other hard rock album nowdays) and support from the label. Musically and thematically Axl will need to melt some pots. There seems to be a lot to work with, enough material, but it's not just finding cool Slash riffs and solos, it wasn't for Chinese either but those must be a part of it too of course. The problem is last time when they needed to say something new without Izzy they couldn't do it or didn't really want to. Now, let's just say for a second Axl wants to release another Guns album. They want to do it now, on the same page before it's too late. It's an exciting scenario. I'd like them to really go for it and yeah... a CD ll meets UYI lll type album basically means to me it's Axl songs and ideas that he believes in that are already there plus Slash numbers and leads. If it repeats itself that will be a total failure. Axl has never failed before, it's like every angle worked for every Guns album, but now a lot has changed including the band members and I gotta ask myself: can they really agree on a musical vision that Axl will lead and release it without it sucking or being pathetic? feels like there's something left unsaid for Gn'R, but it's gotta reflect something new and fresh and not just a victory lap musically I hate it when bands do that. Like even if you get something pretty cool, what's the point if it's the same thing over and over again and not even that good in the first place? what's the point in 7 Slash albums? I think Slash wants to prove he can bring it one more time and the three of them are a good team that can make a great album with the rest of the lineup. Axl aims pretty high, even if it's just a hard rock album with no bullshit, or less it could still be great.
  2. Last full album you listened to?

    The Monkees - Good Times (new album)
  3. A lot of what makes it Chinese makes it less Gn'R or it's not really Guns in that old school way, even if it has Gn'R elements on every song. Like most of the shit I want from a new album from an old band is there in some form and if it's not, there is something new to enjoy replacing a loved Gn'R element or going up to 11 to compensate for the lack of Slash. The problem is that you can't really replace whatever Slash is doing or Izzy, etc in such a collaborative band musically speaking cause everyone had a chance to imprint their sound and style on it in old Guns in such a way that formed something that felt like one super Guns monster. I think if in old Guns everyone was more open to try to work on songs they didn't like that other members brought in, it would have given them a chance to find something that worked for everyone or at least a compromise. Just like November Rain and Estranged that Slash, Duff, and Matt didn't really want to work on. Or Oh My God that Duff and Matt rejected. Slash's Snakepit, and I don't say that as a fan of that album, should have been worked on and I feel that neither side really dealt with that in a proper way. Chinese is a strange hybrid of what an Axl solo album would have been if he tried to make a Guns album. I kinda assume that if Axl didn't believe he could do everything he wanted musically with Slash and Duff in the band, he wouldn't even consider a half reunion. If he managed to put together such a varied puzzle with Chinese, maybe he wants to finally put Slash on all that forward thinking and with an actual audience this time to sell it to. Nobody really listened with objective ears. Last thing: if he releases another Guns album with Slash and Duff, Chinese could be looked at differently in the future. I think people will give it a listen without really caring about any of the baggage even more. I wouldn't replace Chinese for any album. It works, Axl pulled it off. The next logical phase now will be to get it right with Slash and Duff, do a long tour and voila!
  4. It's true. In a way, even when I take a shower it's mainly for money/hos. Seems like a double standard to judge Appetite fellas like this. They are such stand up guys. Everything Axl has done up to this point has led me to believe money couldn't possibly be the only reason for doing this. When it's 5 years from now and Slash has just released his fourth Shit With Myles album then I'll know someone is just playing.
  5. Slash leading a band is a good thing imo. He has total freedom, does all the guitars, gave me Safari Inn. It doesn't have to be just Guns cause there is a lot of down time usually, or that's just the impression I get. I think he can keep the outlet cause Guns is probably priority one for Slash and he'll probably at least try to do whatever Axl asks of him musically other than maybe another cover with Huge.
  6. What Are You Listening To 2016

    My favorite part is 0:52-0:54.
  7. Neo classical vibe on Anastasia. A lot of cock rock and You're A Lie. Does have a lot of cool riffs though and some of the leads do pack a punch, I like how they've recorded it and that Myles plays some rhythm, but it's a very weak album imo. Even if you like you must admit the progression from that to WOF is obvious and it's a much stronger album. AL was just the first pancake imo. I'd be really interested in hearing the third album. Slash never seems to get to it outside of Gn'R.