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  1. Jackie Chan. I like the little I've heard. I guess Down By The Ocean too, cause it's an Izzy tune Axl liked and had years to work on, so just the idea of it sounds enticing.
  2. I most certainly don't. I gave the example of November Rain because it showed the Guns signature sound, as it currently stands, after UYI came out, is a varied sound. Like you said, one album from a band that released more than one good musical statement is not enough to define that band's signature sound. But that doesn't mean they don't have a signature sound. Just because November Rain, Don't Cry, and You Could Be mine were not ready for release at the time they were working on Appetite or didn't fit that album's sound, doesn't mean the band didn't have potential to realize the rest of the elements in their signature sound. As an album, UYI is not unified, and it's all over the place, but The White album by The Beatles for example was not unified and all over the place. It had a signature sound, it has The Beatles sound. (still had Ringo though but Lennon only recorded himself for a song like Julia for example) I think the guitar interplay between Slash and Izzy was one of the main elements of the Gn'R signature sound. They just only used it really on one album. But UYI contained enough tunes that when you listen to all of it together it still shows Gn'R's signature sound. New elements of it even, but with others gone, which were important like Steven and guitar weaves, but the work as a whole kept enough of what we now call Gn'R's signature sound. To the fans, and to the world, it was still Gn'R's sound. Izzy's songs, Slash's riffs and solos, and Axl vocals and melodies with Clink's production, and Duff's bass lines and the way it all came together for UYI were strong enough and still enough original members to make it sound signature. I really can't explain this in a clearer way. You were wrong, no biggie. If you can come up with a convincing explanation to back up your opinion I'll gladly read it, but no horseshit please.
  3. Because the way the classic members played and the approach remained the same, so when these specific musical elements came together it formed what we like to call a signature sound. The Guns sound, that was diminished in UYI without interplay and Adler, but not enough that you won't call unique and very Gn'R.
  4. These are the relevant facts: Appetite had it's own sound. Very distinct with Axl's vocals and the guitar interplay and just as a whole, magic was captured. UYI did have a unique sound. It was different, and yet the vintage Guns sound was captured again. November Rain is a good example of something you wouldn't find on Appetite, but it's distinct as fuck. Signature. It's still Guns, still a signature sound that was achieved thanks to the combination of Axl, Slash, Duff, and Izzy. So the Guns sound is like an umbrella and both Appetite and UYI, while different, still fall under the definition of the Guns patented signature sound. Chinese is something different. It doesn't have the vintage Guns signature sound.
  5. If Izzy can come up with a few ideas Axl likes it can work on the context of a record with many vibes like Chinese. Chinese is great but it would have benefited from a few more tunes like Chinese or how UYI had those Izzy tunes like Dust N' Bones and Pretty Tied Up. My guess is Down By The Ocean is a ballad, so that's covered if it's a good song. We can have like a few Izzy rockers to balance the epics out. Ironically, I believe that much of the Axl side of it is now completed by people like Paul that Slash and Duff didn't approve of, but there's a chance they'll record their parts on it since a lot of the big Guns were facilitated by Paul or he brought in the idea to begin with. After UYI, they did not have a unified musical direction anymore. Not that they really had it for UYI. At least now they have a lot to choose from and many different approaches have been attempted in a Guns context so perhaps Axl can put together something that is the best of both worlds. Vintage Guns tunes with a more bluesy, traditional approach right along more futuristic tunes (for Guns) It's a cool position to be in when you can draw from ideas that people like Robin, Bucket, Izzy, Paul, Fortus, and Slash came up with for one album. It's bound to have at least a few cool ideas in there.
  6. The Juju album and Sweet Caress are great imo. I listen to some other Izzy stuff here and there, but sometimes it can get pretty generic. You can definitely hear where a big part of the Gn'R sound came from in a lot of musical moments throughout his solo body of work, but it's not quite my thing other than his first album and a few other songs. Every album does have 1 or 2 I enjoy.
  7. Izzy is involved. For me personally, that makes it much better. It means there are at least 4 out of 5 original members working on material that is already written, new stuff perhaps, and the excitement of playing together and hopefully writing after 20 years. I think it can be better than world on fire, but that album contains riffs and solos that still, only Slash can do. I think Axl will try to get out of Slash some good shit and I can see that actually happening if this thing doesn't get fucked up by petty shit and ego drama. But Izzy is associating himself and Duff is there to keep it not stupid so I'm fairly optimistic.
  8. The General with cock rock production by Baskette and multiple synth interludes with soundscapes and a punk edge. 3 Slash solos. Atlas Shrugged is where Izzy must replace and rerecord the G chord in the rhythm and Clink will produce that to see if he got what it takes. It's gonna sound great, but you need at least 5 producers now to make it really work imo.
  9. Good post actually. But in my opinion, despite my epic love for Bucket and Robin, Axl does need Slash to make a vintage Guns album which is what maynard said. Everything else was mostly horseshit from the little I could gather from a quick glimpse. And Izzy, Duff and Steven too.
  10. Production sounds great to me, so naturally I conclude your taste is inferior or some shit. But it depends what the goal was. I don't think the goal was the make it sound like a Queen album. Axl had people like Moby and Youth. I think he tried to find a unified production that will work. It represents the songs well, except maybe Catcher. The guitars were really well captured imo and despite the fact the album is very dense, the production and the sounds work imo.   What do you mean when you say absolute mess? like it's busy? it has a shitload of layers yet take a song like There Was A Time, the production on that is stellar. And Roy Thomas Baker didn't have total control over production, it's not like he was the only producer. The mixing, mastering and production are all top of the line to my ears. Not sure you know what you're talking about to be frank Daisy. Also: you live in dreamland if you think Axl won't have more control over production. Don't kid yourself. If Pitman is still in the band (with Slash!) I think that will tell you all you need to know.
  11. Will the reunion fall apart before April?

    Axl did the unthinkable for me and managed to reconcile with Slash. Duff made it happen, and him and Slash seem to be really careful like they don't want to fuck it up. Like how Slash got upset cause his brother made a remark about Axl. I think it's Axl so anything can happen, but it has only begun, it's too early to tell. I'm optimistic. I think there's a lot of money involved and the chance to play together and maybe write music after 20 years and make the last chapter of the band as cool as possible. At least they're trying.
  12. Clink produced Eye Of The Tiger though. And AFD. Don't think he forgot how to produce hard rock. Take the most hard rocking Izzy/Slash song and give him a shot. See if it still works kind of a thing. Like they first did with him and Shadow Of Your Love. Valentine is an excellent producer. It depends on what production they will go for. Probably Axl will dictate the direction of it more. Whoever they'll go with, it just won't sound good without Roy Thomas Baker dropping by right when they're wrapping it up, demanding to rerecord everything cause he fuckin' hates the tones.