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  1. RIP Abominable Homan

    He was one of my favorite posters here when he was more active. RIP.
  2. The RPG Thread.

    I've heard similar things about Shadow Dragon. It's the reason I never really went out of my way to get it even though I like the series. I've played through both Birthright and Conquest and I'm about halfway through Revelation at this point. It's really damn fun. There are tons of characters (there may be more than Radiant Dawn, which had a huge number). The plot's actually pretty good. The gameplay's more or less the same as usual, but now there are variants of each weapons for the different countries (which I don't think actually has much gameplay impact). Conquest is much much harder than Birthright. Birthright is a lot more straightforward and usually boils down to "rout the enemy", but Conquest has more variation in mission objectives and places you in very difficult situations regularly. I personally preferred Conquest. For people new to the series, Birthright is probably the better starting place, though (or maybe Awakening is). I've gotten ~40 hours out of each of the three routes (estimating for Revelation), and this doesn't count resets when losing units. The first route you buy costs $40 and at that point you can buy the other two for $20 each in-game. So you're basically paying $80 for the full experience, but Nintendo wasn't full of shit when they said that each route contains a full game. Birthright and Conquest both had slightly more chapters than Awakening did and rank pretty high in chapter count for the whole series. Overall I'm very happy with the games. It's also nice to see that the sales were very high. Looking forward to more Fire Emblem in a few years. It's crazy to think that Nintendo was thinking of shutting down the series if Awakening wasn't the huge sleeper hit it was.
  3. The RPG Thread.

    I think the Gamecube and Wii ones are worth playing (Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn). Awakening on the 3DS is really good, too. There are two DS ones that I've heard mixed things about. I don't know if both of them were localized, though.
  4. The RPG Thread.

    Fire Emblem comes out today.
  5. What's your favorite thing from Taco Bell?

    I usually just get cheesy potato burritos.
  6. Final Fantasy

    IX is awesome. Might be my favorite one.
  7. Final Fantasy

    Yeah, the main party in this game is certainly different from typical Japanese RPG stuff, but I'm not sure it's in a good way. Looks like the main character hanging out with his bros. I know way back closer to when the game was first announced the princess and some female knight that worked for her were supposed to be in the party, but I haven't seen anything about those two in ages.
  8. Final Fantasy

    I'm cautiously optimistic for XV. Square Enix insists on trying to reinvent the wheel for every new entry in the series these days. They did it to a much smaller extent with older entries in the series (no two games during the "glory days" of the series played the same way, but they were still similar in many regards), but they really ramped up that mentality with XII, XIII, and now XV, to very mixed results. XV has looked pretty good in the trailers, at least. One thing I don't like is that the world just looks so... empty in the trailers. So many large, barren expanses of land in the gameplay trailers. Doesn't exactly make me eager to explore it. I think I may be looking forward to that World of Final Fantasy game more, tbh.
  9. What are you currently playing? Last game played?

    I bought Xenoblade Chronicles X. Really cool game. Still near the beginning, but this world is just massive.
  10. Major League Baseball Thread - 2016

    I wouldn't write em off just yet. Hammels is good, but remember that 4 Aces Philly team that he anchored and didn't make it out of the first round? Hammels collapsing was a big part of that. Let's play the games before we write the obits. If I were a Jays fan, though, I certainly wouldn't feel good about Price dropping a game at home. Should have been a gimme, but that is why you play the game. Looking forward to an historic Cubs Cards series. Last time they played in the playoffs? 1885 World Series. Oldest rivalry in sports heading back to the post-season stage, and I cannot wait! Are you talking about 2011? Hamels allowed 0 runs in 6 innings against the Cardinals in that series.
  11. Metal Gear Sold V

    Meh, Metal Gear Solid 4 decided to tell you everything through cutscenes and it was clearly way too much. I like the way the cassette tapes function (they're the same in Peace Walker, too). I'm pretty let down in some ways with this game. The side ops get a bit stale. Not really interested in doing so many heavy infantry or highly skilled soldier side ops. The only side op line I feel compelled to complete is the wandering soldier one. The areas in this game aren't particularly memorable outside of a few cool locations. The lack of boss fights is very disappointing since I think boss fights have always been one of Metal Gear's strong suits. And of course the story fizzling out the way it does is disappointing. Like others have said, I think this is pretty clearly an unfinished game. I'm not done Act 2 yet but I'm pretty sure I get the gist of how it goes down. It's still a damn fun game and the gameplay itself is fantastic, but it has a lot of flaws, and unfortunately a lot of those flaws are new to the series.
  12. Super Mario Maker

    I've seen some extremely cool levels online. I'll probably get it pretty soon.
  13. What Are You Listening To 2015.

    Bob Dylan - "Desolation Row"
  14. What Are You Listening To 2015.

    Paul McCartney - "Ram On"
  15. Metal Gear Sold V

    The game's so good