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  1. They're just talking about a calendar year, plus bands back in the day would also record non-album singles to have something coming out every few months for radio. It also depended on the length of their tours. Led Zeppelin worked on II on different studios while on tour. You also had some bands that had signed to different record labels with their old label still releasing "new" albums. Zappa's Apostrophe & Overnite Sensation were released 6 months apart but were recorded at the same time. He also released Sheik Yerbouti & Joe's Garage within the same calendar year. The Doors s/t and Strange Days were within a year. The Beatles had also released Help & Rubber Soul in the same year, and you're always going to have Beatle fans divided on which was the better year. Dylan Highway 61 Revisited & Bringing It All Back Home. Bowie didn't just work on Low and Heroes, he also worked on Iggy's The Idiot & Lust For Life. CCR - 3 albums - Bayou Country, Willie and the Poor Boys, & Green River - should have been in the top 5. The jazz, funk and fusion world was a little different - they could knock out an album in less than a week and have a second albums' worth of material finished in that time. James Brown had 4-5 albums out within a year. George Clinton in the 70s had an insane amount of music out there under different names and record labels.
  2. He was sick and he struggled for almost an hour through the set. You hear him getting worse and worse.
  3. I don't know if "sideswiped" or "blindsided" are appropriate in Bumblefoot's case. People buy limited edition 600 dollar box sets of everything in the vaults, so GNR could easily put some 30 CD mammoth box set with a coffeetable book/doorstopper and all the digital files out there, only if they're never going to rework the songs or release them as is on a future release.
  4. Bands made "rated R"videos in the 80s that wound up on Playboy channel, it wouldn't have surprised me if It's So Easy was planned to be shown on there.
  5. I enjoyed the Scooby Doo DVD, they should have done that instead of running around an amusement park back in the 70s. The only thing I didn't like about KISSology was how each store would have a different "exclusive" DVD. The box set was padded with hits and album cuts, they should have released the Wicked Lester album, the 3 Killers songs and the other "new" songs they put on from the other greatest hits packages. Maybe the solo albums being released as a single disc would have been cool. I felt the same way about Bonfire....we REALLY needed another Back in Black?? I like box sets to have all the b-sides, single edit versions, demos, 12" mixes, etc. KISS did sell a lot of product in the 90s but they're like any band on the road. When Elton plays Vegas, he has way more crap for sale than KISS does at their shows. It's been 20 years since I saw KISS crap at stores like Spencers. Guns N Roses sold "vintage style" t-shirts, ornaments, foam middle fingers, bracelets, water bottles, beach blankets, onesies, underwear.
  6. Kimmel's been known to throw star studded parties (esp. when Howard Stern makes rare trips out to LA) and he has a no camera/video policy so people can just chill out and have a good time. People get up and play music. It wouldn't surprise me if he invited Axl to them.
  7. "The Duff that played these shows with us isn’t really the Duff that I knew from what I’d call “Old Guns” or the Appetite lineup or the Illusions lineup." Once Duff did those South America shows and Axl stopped thinking about 1993-1997, they all moved forward.
  8. From what Axl said about Duff on the South America tour seemed to be what led to him softening up about Slash. Perla's divorce may have been a reason why it didn't happen sooner. You can't call something mostly speculation as being true or factual. Throw "allegedly", "maybe" "speculation" or "possibly" somewhere in there at least.
  9. He's a great live drummer. He had a job to do with GNR, what he would have done live with GNR would have been a lot looser or precise, depending on the song. He just couldn't commit at the time to them.
  10. It's just a proposal that won't happen for a while, but pro football in Vegas would be huge. 2 million in Clark County plus tourists and weekenders from California.
  11. I wonder if he's happy that Tommy and Chris aren't in the band.
  12. Even though the book updates take it past 1001, how many of these movies have you seen? Some of them do take hunting and searching to find them. http://1001films.wikia.com/wiki/The_List
  13. They just did a fall tour and have one up coming festival show in New York. As far as anyone knows, Maynard is still waiting for the guys to finish most of the music then come in. Of course he's heard the songs and has his ideas kicking around. The album art and videos are also going to take a while. 5 "worthy" songs for the new Tool album - allegedly - but we don't know how long those songs are. Billy (who is actually the "leader") probably has way more finished songs for APC, considering the last album of originals was 2003.