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  1. New album this year rumour

    It's possible over the past 9 months they took ChiDem II and VRIII unfinished songs and finished them in their home studios, in hotel rooms, booked studio time, but soundchecks would have hinted at new songs.
  2. What will Axl do if Slash and Duff leave GN'R again?

    To me the stadium tour was just making sure they had as many people as possible see them in case things did fall apart, but now they're booking shows into 2017 so they want to keep doing this.
  3. Misfits to reunite with Danzig!

    Danzig's scaled back on performing a while ago so not wanting to do a tour isn't a surprise. Last ever show? Maybe, hard to say right after it happened. I am surprised they didn't booka tour around Halloween. If they put a DVD out of the concert, then this probably will be it, but there's no denying money's a motivator to do more shows, but The Misfits were known for not being a band that did a lot of touring back in the day. "We weren't gonna do "Attitude" because Guns N' Roses did it on their tour and we figured why do that." Jerry Only
  4. Vegas round 2?

    New York's also a possibility, no announcements on anyone playing MSG or Barclays yet, even though Vegas is closer to home for most of the band.
  5. Has Nirvana Aged Poorly?

    The generation that grew up listening to them are the ones most likely to complain about them, but that's only because of how overplayed they were. A lot of people connected with those songs and continue to. Allyou need is the 3 albums and "Live Tonight Sold Out" that captured who they were as a band.
  6. Even if you played ChiDem on a high end stereo system,are those dynamics all there?
  7. I think Cliff would unretire if Axl/DC went to Cuba, Izzy and Adler probably would play there because it's about the event and not percentages.
  8. Dexter

    Supposedly one of the writers wanted Dexter to wake up on death row with all the people he killed in the viewing gallery. It was left open enough to do a story years from now when Harrison is older, but it's up to Jeff Lindsay & Michael on what kind of screenplay would hook them into doing it. There's no doubt there will be reunion events in coming years and people are always going to ask Hall about Dexter.
  9. New Beatles Documentary

    A theater near me just announced they're showing it next week.
  10. 09/20/16 - Philadelphia, PA - Wells Fargo Center

    Rock Or Bust started off at Coachella 2015 and ends tonight Sad knowing this is Cliff's last show with them and probably Chris Slade's as well, but you never know if AC/DC will do a festival show somewhere in the world in the next couple of years where GNR and Axl/DC headline both nights. A tour would be a lot to ask for.
  11. 09/20/16 - Philadelphia, PA - Wells Fargo Center

    Did they do Problem Child on this tour? Hopefully this won't be the last AC/DC show... but they're going out on a high note if it is.
  12. New Beatles Documentary

    The Directors Cut bootleg is 10 DVDs, it has a lot more interviews, but I never bothered downloading it and just saw clips from it on You Tube. It's possible they'll throw some of it on the Blu Ray as bonuses.
  13. Izzy Stradlin comments on reunion

    This tour was more about the return of Slash. It's good to see Axl mended fences with Steven and made some money out of it. They snubbed him with this tour,but if they have a big money private gig or another residency, he'dbe more likely to take part in it.
  14. New Beatles Documentary

    A few weeks before the "1s on Blu Ray" was announced, someone in the knowtold me Anthology and Let It Be on Blu Ray were going to be released. Ron Howard's movie changed things and started pushing to release Hollywood Bowl. Paul's recent Rolling Stone interview made it seem like he's open tosessions being released, plus the guy running Apple used to run Sony Legacy who did the Dylan Bootleg Series. There's always going to be people who want to hear the songs being worked on and all the alternate versions, Anthology tried to put as much as possible out there, but taking months of sessions and squeezing it onto one disc doesn't represent how much work goes into making an album. If a song wasn't working out, would just switch to working on something else and maybego back to it later. I'm sure the same thing's been discussed regarding an AFD box set, put the bonus stuff out as a companion disc, a 6 disc sessions box set, or a 20 disc box set with a hefty price tag. If Sgt Pepper comes out as a box set and have the sessions on there, they're probably going to have Carnival of Light on it. The whole thing of Olivia "abiding by George's wishes" is the only reason it wouldn't be on there but her son's become more involved in band decisions.
  15. Recommend me some albums from The Boss.

    Everyone should go see Springsteen once in their lives. I've knownpeople who hated him being dragged kicking and screaming to a show and came away appreciating him more.