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  1. The movie gave the book some added visuals to it, the book is still much better.
  2. Keep in mind some of those could be multidates depending on how fast they sell out, probably why there's a lot of off days before and after the London show.
  3. Reunions

    Oingo Boingo The Jam Styx with DeYoung The original members of Berlin are doing a new album for the first time in 30 years. DeGarmo flies planes but plays insome folk duo? The original Modern Lovers lineup. Talking Heads The Smiths Maiden w/DiAnno Pink Floyd - Roger's son Harry had been playing keyboards on his tours, and Roger's friends with Steve Winwood. Mike Anthony spoke to Alex this year, which should be taken as "slight possibility of a VH reunion".40th anniversary in 2018 so we'll see. Skid Row with Baz. Husker Du Black Flag Dead Kennedys Cocteau Twins Supertramp The Runaways bauhaus (again) Minor Threat As far as Deep Purple goes, the hatchet between Gillan and Blackmore was buried, but Paice is the one who has issues with working with Blackmore again. Genesis with Hackett & Gabriel, they all see each other though.
  4. At least Axl didn't dedicate DTJ to Trump or Clinton.
  5. I wanted them to do a Smallville meets James Bond series, but Bond had already done a bunch of years in the Royal Navy when he became a Double 0, so you kind of wonder what was going on in between 16 to 36 and how he got roped into spy work.

  7. You also have to factor in Jimmy Iovine being a part of it and his own track record as a producer and engineer, but as far as the Interscope organization went in dealing with Axl, it sounded like they were part of the problem. We'll probably never know how Jimmy really felt about the album unless he writes a memoir. At the time he stood by it.....or did he really? Lulu wasn't a conventional Metallica album and they weren't promoting it as one.Ahandful of Lou Reed fans & critics defended it because Lou's history and romance with the guitar, noise and feedback made sense to him working with Metallica. No different than Kurt Cobain doing guitar for William Burroughs' audiobook or any old & young(er) one off collaborations. Metallica was in a better place as far as taking risks went, especially after they acquired the master tape rights, but then they decide to throw a ton of cash into making Through the Never (I doubt Axl spent a penny on Appetite for Democracy 3D).
  8. Even back in AFD & UYI no one brought a video camera in (except Shannon Hoon, Marc said he never considered it), apart from "Patience", and Robert John's documentary didn't have studio footage. Some bands don't want the worry of outside recording equipment esp. with a lot of money riding on it, but just about everybody sends files back and forth of what they're working on, and the studio's just a place to go polish it up. What you can do with a couple of laptops is amazing, andthat's why so many studios have gone away, but there will be a few that never go away and find ways to generate revenue. In the case of ChiDem - not just videos, there's almost no photos from the sessions. It doesn't mean it doesn't exist, but everything GNR used to promote ChiDem was from the stage. It's possible something exists but TB, Caram, Axl&Del would have to be the ones with the definitive answer, so far it's been "no" or "I don't remember".
  9. Speculation: Was Axl in mind before Brian left?

    I think they all live in different countries, if GNRplay Holland, Angus will probably be a special guest because he has a place there.Brian's insinuated he's been a hired gun for a while.
  10. Zakk Wylde on uncle rose and slash

    It's interesting that Zakk has said it was a good time at a time when the band was imploding.
  11. GNR has enough time in between shows for Slash to promote and tour Conspirators material, but one of them pays way more than the other. Between Axl, Slash, Duff (and maybe Izzy, but if not, so be it), there's a ton of unreleased songs and riffs. Myles has plenty to keep him busy. Deluxe for AFD, Lies, UYI only because a lot of artists are remastering the back catalog for digital music stores and the deluxe editions are usually a byproduct of it. If GNR do a group interview, it won't be on Howard Stern unless they're going to have a special radio channel and put the archive tapes out - it'll probably be on Kimmel (where they could actually play ON the streets of Hollywood!) or Jimmy Fallon. I could see Chris Jericho interviewing Slash, Duff and Axl together for his podcast or maybe Nikki Sixx's show.
  12. I heard the Damned 40th anniversary shows were clocking in at 3 hours.
  13. The time they grew up in, being young & cocky,and their circle of friends influenced AFD, but rock was a bigger part of pop culture at the time, and things were far less politically correct.
  14. Johnny Thunders biopic

    In Cold Blood demystified him a bit where it wasn't all about the fighting and being strung out,I could see why abiopic's being made. Adrien Brody would probably be my pick even if he's a little too old to play someone in their teens (although you have CGI, makeup, camera filters smoothing lines out), but most of the NY Dolls stuff up to the early 90s, I don't see why not.
  15. US Politics/Elections Thread

    It wasn't just Dylan, it was a whole group of folksingers but once The Byrds covered Tambourine Man and he hung with The Beatles, he wanted to be a rock star, but in doing so, legitimized rock music frrom being a fadand upped the ante on songwriting. You also have people with punk roots that became folksingers in the 80s, 90s, 00s, which I get. No band politics, violence at the shows,and the message is clearer. Beyonce's been sort of political in her videos and performances, but I also see Hillary and Bey having the "stand by your man" in common. There was a movie with Tim Robbins called "Bob Roberts" which was ahead of its time... a folksinger neoconservative.