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  1. It's Official Oakland Raiders Are Moving To Vegas

    It's just a proposal that won't happen for a while, but pro football in Vegas would be huge. 2 million in Clark County plus tourists and weekenders from California.
  2. I wonder if he's happy that Tommy and Chris aren't in the band.
  3. Even though the book updates take it past 1001, how many of these movies have you seen? Some of them do takehunting and searching to find them. http://1001films.wikia.com/wiki/The_List
  4. A Perfect Circle | 2017 North America Tour

    They just did a fall tour and have one up coming festival show in New York. As far as anyone knows, Maynard is still waiting for the guys to finish most of the music then come in. Of course he's heard the songs and has his ideas kicking around. The album art and videos are also going to take a while.5 "worthy"songs for the new Tool album - allegedly - but we don't know how long those songs are. Billy (who is actually the "leader")probably has way more finished songs for APC, considering the last album of originals was 2003.
  5. Classical Recommendations

  6. Who is the highest selling American band of all-time?

  7. Has Nirvana Aged Poorly?

    Fame is just being recognized and getting a good seat in a restaurant, the business end of it and expectations placed on him delivering music and touring,probably messed him up, but to be able to put In Utero out was very ballsy. People wanted Nevermind II and it definitely wasn't that.
  8. Bon Scott

    I've talked to someone who had been in a band called The Executives (he wound up working with Americancountry singers later on)that toured with the Valentines and had good stories, but nothing wild -well therewas a fair amount ofdrinking, drugs, women and all that, but it was more about having good times inbands in the 60s playing around Australia and New Zealand. I wish AC/DC revamped Bonfire, the potential for whatcould have been.... Get rid of Back in Black and just put theCD/DVD of Let There Be Rock in its place. Keep Live From The Atlantic Studios (which runs about 35-40 minutes)and maybe add on another show or interviews to it. Expand Volts into a 2-3 CD set and put more stuff on there no one's heard or been in bootleg circles. Make High Voltage, TNT, Dirty Deeds, Let There Be Rock, & Powerage Deluxe Editions so people can have the Australian version and the "worldwide" version as well as padding it with a bunch of outtakes and live shows. Highway to Hell probably had a bunch of alternate versions with Mutt Lange producing it, so having that and maybe a live show from the tour would be awesome. I was happy with Backtracks, but am stillhoping they just do a deluxe reissue. There's probably a lot of stuff that didn't fit on the Plug Me In DVD that could be a bonus live and TV appearance DVD for Bonfire.
  9. Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame 2017

    Nile and Bernie should have been inducted as producers.
  10. RIP Carrie Fisher

  11. New U2 album and tour in 2017

    U2 made it sound like the Joshua Tree shows were going to be a brief run, but they're probably going to debut the Songs of Experience songs, probably going to shoot the Joshua Tree for home video, they already did the deluxe box set and the "making of" but there's still a bunch of unreleased stuff.
  12. Duff spending time with GNR in South America definitely got Axl's wheels in his head turning.
  13. Yeah it's one of his nicknames on Jonesy's Jukebox (there's also radio archives on http://www.jonesysjukebox.com or listen to him live throughhttp://www.955klos.com/from 12-2PM California time/PST)
  14. The release date I have is Jan 10th, but I'll def. read the Pontiff's memoirs in the next few months. I'll prob. get the audio book if Jonesy's narrating.