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  1. You've never been to a church service where people werespeaking in tongues and rolling around in the ground because they had demons in them, and there was a lot of tax-free money to be made.Sam Kinison and Marjoe Gortner talked all about it years ago. There's new age resorts that cater to all levels of income. I tagged along with someone who sold minerals (free hotel and food for 4 days), and it was pure Amway stuff I'd heard before.
  2. I think it would be about even, because AC/DC always makes sure they get their new single heard by as many people as possible. Everything about hit records is tied into promotion.
  3. Recording At Home

    Somelibraries haveLynda.comfor free, also possible they might have free classes at the libraries or community colleges.
  4. Recording At Home

    I think Garage Band is free if you're an Apple user, and it doesn't hurt to ask someone who plays music if they have a copy of music software, orfinding a cheap computer and they kept all the software...
  5. Who even knows what really happened, Brian might have been bullshitting over drinks. There would probably be a police report about it if they were thrown in jail, some mugshot that exists out there that we haven't seen yet.
  6. Frozen 2 and LGBT activists

    I'll leave it up to the Nemo sequel whether or not Dory is a gay fish.
  7. The James Bond Thread: 3rd Anniversary

    Unfortunately Pinewood Studios doesn't do tours, but you never know what's going on there during the week. I think Star Wars is there right now. They should do an animated backstory about Bond's childhood up to being picked to being a double 0.
  8. The James Bond Thread: 3rd Anniversary

    I don't remember Pierce Brosnanor Timothy Dalton pissed off about playing James Bond, even though with Dalton it ties into another"Fuck MGM" thing going on at the time and Brosnan got the gig.
  9. Jimi Hendrix

    John McDermottsaid if the Dallas 1970 video surfaces, they'll release the concert and do a documentary about it. Overall, Experience Hendrix is going to be the legacy with musicians getting together and taking part in those tours.
  10. It would be like GNR putting a new album out with Slash and Duff, and they decided at the last minuteto quit the band before the tour. The fans griping about Axl/DC already had AC/DC pass through a lot of the same cities on this tour. Over the past 20 years you only had Ballbuster, Stiff Upper Lip, Black Ice and Rock Or Bust tours, but they did long world tours and gave plenty of opportunities to see them with Brian. Once they were carrying on without Malcolm -and I know it wasn't the first time, but this was permanent being he was the founder, songwriter, business head of the whole thing- all bets were off as far as lineups go. Angus was always the "face" of AC/DC through the years anyway. If You Want Blood is blurry but he's the one getting stabbed with the guitar. Highway To Hell, he's the one with the horns out in front, and the Aussie Dirty Deeds is just someone's crappy drawing (Hipgnosis created an iconic album cover). I would have just put bars over the eyes in that photo (like the Dirty Deeds cover)
  11. Sometimes "true fans" can be knuckleheads, whether it's the hate towards Axl/DC or a GNR reunion HASto be the AFD lineup. If Axl/DC puts a new album out, I doubt Axl would be writing more than one or two songs with them, but you're talking 4-5 years from now, and it would depend on what GNR were doing at the time. Brian stopped writing with AC/DC a long time ago. I know AC/DC had met with fans for years and been good about signing autographs, nice to know Axl's doing the same, but if some "true fan" pisses him off, that's the end of it.
  12. Rage Against the Machine to reunite this summer?

    If they've been rehearsing, they must have enjoyed it enough to make it into a tour. I think both of them had been special guests at RATM shows.
  13. Aerosmith Considering Touring Without Steven Tyler

    Considering Steven showed up at Joe Perry's gig letting people know he was still in Aerosmith, if they did have the balls to try to do it without him? The gear would mysteriously disappear.
  14. Could vinyl save Rock music?

    Vinyl is still a small part of the market, but at 25 dollars a copy and 10 million copies, it's still a lot of money made. For an up and coming band trying to prove themselves, there would be no point in it unless they were doing something fan club related. Even back before Napster existed, you could buy CD-Rsof a new album for cheap from a street vendor, or just convert them to MP3 and store them on hard drives. The only things keeping rock alive are people's ongoinginterest in classic rock, and festivals which mixes the old with the new.
  15. Axl and the lack of new material

    The Stones hadn't worked on a new album in a while, but the songs that showed up on the reissues and greatest hits could be compiled to be a "new" Stones album. GNR were always collaborative in the studio, so we'll see what happens. I don't think Axl's going to have a hissy fit if hears a Conspirators album and feel it's the "property" of Guns N' Roses, which is what his line of thinking was 20 years ago. They all have 30 years of writing under them, it's just going to depend on what happens if and when they're working on new songs. Odds are they won't see each other in the studio and just send files back and forth, and then they'll work on those songs for tour rehearsals. That's what a lot of bands do unless they insist on being around each other, and the odds of it falling apart lessen. Slash and Duff have been "jamming" for 30 years, so it's just a matter of what they, Izzy, and Kushner also come up with. I think Dave's name will be on some of the songs as well.