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  1. Chris Christie when the sun goes down?
  2. If GNR offered opening slot to JA at Dodger Stadium,Perry would whore out for money - and Dave's already a whore. Even if they asked for more money than Kravitz and The Cult, Axl , Slash and Duff would prob. be fine with it.
  3. Kings of Chaos to tour Fall 2016, make music 2017

    Izzy committing to a band and doing some shows would be good, but they and the former Camp Freddy were all about just getting together and doing a bunch of songs, even if there was no stable lineup.
  4. Ran up to Duff in Toronto

    Most high profile people worry about what someone is going to do when someone approaches them, usually if you know the venue and the loading/unloading area well, you know which venues are more likely to have the performers come out and sign stuff. It might be 2PM, it might be 4-5AM. It might be not at all.The tour manager or assistant or security from the bandwill come out and see what's going on. Ignore what venue security says about them not coming out.
  5. Kat said most of her prints are for salebut don't be shocked if she's asking a couple of hundred dollars, which is the typical price. I think Marc'sand Jack Lue's are on eBay, not sure about Robert John's.I'm sure the price goes down with people who order more than one. They never drop in value as time goes on.
  6. Sorry

    Axl should have had the band pause for a bit longerafter "shut up n' sing" instead of having to catch up to the next verse. I guess it's intentional.
  7. Have you listened to Lulu?

    Metallica wanted to do a Rock and Roll Animal II type of album with him, he wanted to do Metallica Machine Music.
  8. Have you listened to Lulu?

  9. Have you listened to Lulu?

    James will never live this down or Napster Bad
  10. Vince Neil and celebrity justice.

    Just in case you were planning to check the strip club out in Vegas - http://www.yelp.com/biz/vince-neils-girls-girls-girls-las-vegas
  11. 100 million reasons I can think of.
  12. More likely to have the back catalog remastered.
  13. They did 3 months of rehearsals so he probably familiarized himself with the album. He probably went "anything but theShackler's song".