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  1. Melissa, Dizzy on Keyboard

    I wonder who plays the tape effects from Coma.
  2. http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/2016/aug/23/review-guns-n-roses-conclude-tour-in-san-diego/
  3. Your favorite bad movies?

  4. Near the stadium by trolley - the Hazard Center trolley stop like Joe's Crab Shack & BJ's Brewhouse, the Mission Valley mall stop has Tilted Kilt & Buffalo Wild Wings, Fenton Parkway stop has Oggi's Pizza and Brewing.
  5. Prince 1958 - 2016

    Prince tried to maintain control but lost the battle. Larry Graham was someone he confided in but I could see Prince not discussing his health issues with him. Chanhassen is a small city that pretty much caters to the Mayo Clinic, the top doctors in the world go there.
  6. New Jimi Hendrix official live release coming

    The other three nights would probably be a Dagger Records release if they're not up to snuff and it wouldn't be anytime soon unless the fanbase really pushed hard for it.
  7. And SCOM is almost at 350 million. It wouldn't take much to push November Rain over a billion.
  8. He managed to get Pink Floyd but not Guns N Roses? You rarely hear Pink Floyd music in movies.
  9. AFD 30th (or 31st because I could see it happening in 2018)will probably be a residency or Hollywood Bowl for 2 nights but it depends how long they stretch this tour out and if new music is going to come out, plus they're still going to try to outdothemselves on the world tour.
  10. Rolling Stones in Mono

    Amazon Prime Day or Black Friday, usually Superdeluxeedition posts the deep discounts for box sets (they'll post the best price, it might be Amazon Italy orAmazon France where the best deal's at). They should have made Stray Cats 2 CDs and included some of the Metamorphosiscuts. At 150 US, it'll probably drop below 100. Hopefully there will be a bunch of ABKCO era deluxe editions to come but as far as I know, Mick and Keith have no involvement or interest in promoting any of it, even though the entire catalog is all under Universal. Not great timing for the people who were going to put 700 dollars down for that mammoth Pink Floyd box set, but once that comes out, the fans are going to put all the "exclusive to the box set" out there,post the videos on You Tube, but Pink Floyd will probably have a fair amount of it up on their official pages.
  11. Rolling Stones in Mono

    Glad they finally got around to doing it.
  12. Buffalo Springfield

    There's also thebox set (which is a decent 20 bucks),what'son Neil Young's Archives I box setand Stephen Stills'compilation & his "Just Roll Tape" which were a lot of demos at the end of Buffalo Springfield. The third album is like listening to Page era Yardbirds for future Led Zep songs.
  13. Your Top 5 Must Listen To Albums

    Roxy Music - For Your Pleasure Laura Nyro - NY Tendaberry Kate Bush - The Dreaming Joni Mitchell - Hejira Chicago - Chicago Transit Authority
  14. Sammy Hagar Apologizes to Van Halen

    I think when you build a lot of stuff up against someone, you don't really think about the good times. Sam became defensive about Mike's abilities as a player. Over the years Alex became Ed's yes man but after reading Rising, he and Dave were the driving force in pushing Ed hard andpushing each other to greatness. With the first VH album turning 40 in a couple of years, they're probably going to plan something around it with Dave. Even though Ed said Dave didn't seem interested in a new album and it seemed like Dave was done with Van Halen, more recently (on a Roth Show episode), he did hint that it will probably happen. They take long breaks from each other, which is how I also think GNR are going to be from this point on, but GNR did the right thing by not waiting too long to do it.
  15. Sammy Hagar Apologizes to Van Halen

    Billy Sheehan said there was a concert video in the vault but he didn't say which tour.