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  1. Metallica

    Lars comes off as an overenthusiastic puppy dog, but he pretty much owns,controls and handles Metallica business. The first two album reissues are also on Spotify if you want to just hear the concerts and demos and not spend the money. I don't know if this next album will be distributed through a major or self-released, at least when it comes to rolling the vinyl and CDs out.
  2. Also have to remember some of these songs were pre- 9/11 up to invading Iraq and there might be some political/war themed songs in the vault. I can't imagine him not writing a '9/11 song', and he just buried it, erased it, ripped it out of the notebook, deleted it from his computer.But there would have been a backlash if he was making his courtroom battle analogies to wartime, which would have pissed a lot of veterans off. Makes one wonder how those songs 'in the vault' really are.
  3. Out Ta Get Me II - more about lawyers and conjuring up Lawrence of Arabia, Three Kings, Iraq warimagery.
  4. Over time it kind of fades out and the estate finds ways to keep people interested somehow. With Prince, people supported his shows, but they didn't support the albums, although when it comes to vinyl, I did hear he was selling a lot. There were videos like 3 Chains O' Gold that are probably going for big money, but I was surprised the 1985 home video is also going for big bucks, neither one was reissued on DVD. Sign O' The Times, per Spike Lee, was supposed to be released on DVD.i'm really surprised they didn't run that in the theaters because Purple Rain is always on TV. He was already doing "family friendly" shows for a while so we've seen new generations of fans being turned onto his music. People were buying his vinyl when he was alive and he had to have been doing well selling those.
  5. Prince 1958 - 2016

    I think Prince would have had a trust set up so the money from his music would continue to go to some of the causes he believed in. I'm surprised no one's asked Larry Graham about a will though because Prince's conversion to JW tied heavily into their friendship and he was someone he heavily confided in. It seems like his sister is doing the right thing so the business can stay operational. There's no money in it unless the songs are being licensed out and they figure out what to do next, like does Cirque de Soleil do a Prince-themed show now? There's enough of a catalog and concept based on the imagery in his videos, tours and albumsto be able to make it happen. I'm sure he had to have been approached, but probably because he was still out there performing, didn't want to give consent to it until he was done touring, or he would have wanted them to use completely new music he made just for the show. That's been a huge moneymaker for The Beatles and Michael Jackson's estate.
  6. Prince 1958 - 2016

  7. Prince 1958 - 2016

    Anyone who grew up to his music or Bowie's were going to be upset, but it's like all he put out as far as the mainstream's concerned was Purple Rain. He could have repeated himself and made more albums like that because he sat on a lot of unreleased 1999 & Purple Rain cuts. He had an archivist and unreleased albums in the vault, when he worked on Kate Bush's song, her former partner Del said they had hours upon hours of alternate versions and solos, so who even knows what we'll be hearing in the future that other artists have held onto. To me he was prolific like Frank Zappa (who resented Prince for not turning up at the PMRC hearings)but Frank didn't sell hundreds of millions of albums, he had "novelty hits".Both of them were geniuses but it was more to do with the work. Alex Winter's working on a documentary about Zappa and did a streaming of stuff straight from the vault that was mindblowing. Weather Report's also having documentary made about them (Prince was a huge fan), and same thing..just INCREDIBLE. We probably will see a documentary about his life once they go through what's in the vault and hunt down the unfinished memoir, letters, and any recorded interviews that exist. I'm sure there will be one about Bowie that his son would probably be working on.
  8. Prince 1958 - 2016

  9. Something happened around the time they were trying to get Appetite for Democracy out on DVD and when Duff went to South America with them. The resentment Axl finally let go of is a mystery but when they're ready to say what happened, they'll put it out there. I'm sure people in their circle know, but all it would do isopen old wounds.
  10. I'm surprised they weren't playing more ballparks. I guess stadiums in the summer were easier to book. Now Axl can run all over the ballpark like Dave Grohl did.
  11. We'll probably see them promoting the tour the closer the dates get and some discounts on VIP packages they might be having a hard time selling. There will probably be some upgrade "angels" bringing people down to the floor and lower levels. A lot of big arena names like Springsteen, McCartney, Billy Joel, Rolling Stones, rarely ever do interviews promoting a tour.
  12. Prince 1958 - 2016

    I could have bought 20 copies of Lotusflow3r at 2 dollars a piece at Target but I bought the one copy, now I'm seeing it at 20-30 dollars. Copies of Crystal Ball, and I saw them at Wherehouse unopened for 5 dollars a piece, now going for at least 100 bucks.
  13. Prince 1958 - 2016

    Prince had already remastered the back catalog before the Warners deal and he had a career spanning greatest hits in the works, but he still didn't have his full catalog on Tidal.
  14. I saw Tom Waits do "Storytellers" and there's nothing spontaneous or natural about it, the audience is on a cold soundstage where they bitched about bringing bottled water,the producers are worried about camera angles and other bullshit that the audience and band members lose patience over. If GNR opened the soundchecks for this tourtofanclub members and filmed them with a Q&A at different shows,thenedited them into one Unplugged or Storytellers, it would probably be a better way to go about it. Of course the questions would have been prescreened *L*
  15. We can only compare it to how he was in 2012-2014, but once Axl's running around again, it's going to be the same complaints of how Mickey's back and it's the same setlist night after night. At least with him not moving around as much, they can use these showsfor a possible live album later on. Appetite for Democracy DVD wasn't his best moment either. Maybe GNR will put archive "authorized bootlegs" out so the old shows are out there.