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  1. Eddie Van Halen says "Van Halen is my solo project" when someone asks if he'll ever make a solo album.  Interscope wasn't going to back a follow up to ChiDem, at least back then.  
  2. I couldn't believe how sloppy the documentary was and how much it jumped around, a lot of big holes in the timeline. They should have used animation to do "reenactments" instead of how they used it with the crows and motorcycles. I didn't mind it when they would go back and forth with studio versions of the song and mixed them in with Marc's footage, it got a little annoying though.   
  3.  Most of these women were already damaged, it's the predatory assholes like Cosby (allegedly) or some trusted family member that fucked their heads up. 
  4. Duran Duran

      I had to post that on here but here's the original. Try to pay attention to the groove of the songs more than the cheesy videos..   
  5. Is it right to compare someone's new album to the back catalog? 
  6. OJ Simpson and Amanda Knox

    OJ had a history of domestic violence going back to Buffalo but there was a lot done to keep it out of the media.  If the odds are stacked against the defendant, the best they can hope for is hung jury or mistrial, or reduced sentence (especially if involves being a snitch).     
  7. I don't see GNR doing heavy touring, and that's going to keep the tickets driven high. Hopefully the fanclub members are getting great seats.   
  8. Led Zeppelin Appreciation thread

    I bumped "my" LZ thread, I figured it was going to die down after the reissues were finished. Their official forum is the go to place anyway. 
  9. Led Zeppelin

  10. I'm sure Joe Elliott being friends with half of GNR wasn't amused by a "Def Leppard vs GNR" headline. Or maybe he was.       
  11. No one's exactly clamoring for Phil Lewis (of LA Guns, funny enough) and Phil Collen to do a Girl reunion but if they had been more "influential" where someone went "you stand to make millions doing a reunion tour" like what happened with Stinson... how fast would Phil be out of Def Leppard?  Loyalties are with the money trail. Once you sign any contract where you don't own your masters and publishing, you've "sold out". Def Leppard re-recorded a bunch of their hits, and it wasn't because they thought Mutt Lange's production blew. 
  12. They're gradually rolling out dates.       
  13. Maybe a post Grammy or post Oscars party.
  14. His salute came off as being heartfelt and not "ha ha I'm so wasted" or trying to be funny about it.
  15. It has more to do with downloads off of iTunes and Amazon and people who want 24 bit downloads, not the CDs or vinyl.