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  1. Brittney Palmer?

    She's the one hyping she shot her calendar in Axl's home. Not sure who or what the connection is. http://www.alternativenation.net/sexy-photos-of-naked-celebrity-at-axl-roses-house/
  2. US Politics/Elections Thread

    If Trump wins, he's going to be a moderate president and disappoint his supporters. A 4 year term is a marathon, not a sprint. Hillary being an effective president would depend on who House and Senate majority is.
  3. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Presidents don't have absolute power unless America's under attack, then all bets are off and f--k your Constitutional rights.
  4. They had a good run in America in the 70s and 80s to make up for lost time, I know his "Americana" book gets into the Arista years up to getting shot in New Orleans. Dave also had a book out years ago and of course "X-Ray". Hinman's book is more about the geek stuff - recording sessions, tour dates, etc. http://ultimateclassicrock.com/kinks-in-america/ Sopranos gave this song new life -
  5. 47 years ago today
  6. Ozzy Osbourne appreciation thread

    Vixen and White Lion opened for Ozzy in 1989.
  7. I've been listening to their back catalog lately, forgot how great One From The Road is as a live album. I think this was one of the first concerts for home video.
  8. I'd want to know what shows were filmed in full for the UYI documentary first, but if they had made a concert film, the audience would have remembered the band being lit up by the film crew. They probably could do a new mix with Paris and Tokyo because you also have those video cameras recording the show from different angles, so they could take the master tapes and do a different edited version and take any of the titles/graphics used for the live broadcasts.It could be mixed to film, but based on what was said about Pink Floyd Pulse on DVD, it was a huge task to transfer it.
  9. New album this year rumour

    We don't know if Slash and Duff got a hold of rough mixesto work on, plus what they are brinigng in. I think they'll "road test" a few new songs, and maybe one or two make it onto a TV show or movie. I guess no one's asked him since "Body of Lies" and just want SCOM and WTTJ.
  10. New album this year rumour

    True but they also put an albums' worth of newly recordedsongs out on the hits and reissues in that time.
  11. Wonder if this is on the new album.
  12. Chinese Delays

    Something to do with Sanctuary folding and Merck bringing Morrissey and Axl to Irving Azoff, it probably factoredinto delaying ChiDem. Merck was posting on the Morrissey forums in 06-08, I don't know if he posted on GNR forums at the time. I think Axl dealing with a revolving door of the music industry played into the delays, but at least he still had a relationship with Universal, Morrissey wound up severing ties with labels for 5 years.
  13. The Wine Bottle Incident

    Howard's interviews in recent years with musicians have been less about personal stuff than about their music history, but he still gets interesting answers out of his guests.
  14. The Wine Bottle Incident

    You'd have to ask @kurt_loder on Twitter. Only if GNR were doing an official documentary because he just does movie reviews. He left MTV a while ago. He's written me back before so if he happens to be on answering questions, ask him.