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  1. GNR Women's discussion

    The fuck is this thread
  2. Kings of Chaos to tour Fall 2016, make music 2017

    Who is even in this band?
  3. I love SMKC but want a GnR album. They're finally back, so let's see some good stuffcome out
  4. Hahaha fuck it, why not Dazey? I spent 82 including shipping with a tube on the lithograph. I don't blame the dude for wanting to make a bit of money on it. Saves me the hassle of having to buy it at the venue, not having a tube, and y getting home through the rain and plane intact. @Powerage5gave me money for a shirt in Vegas, I got him one but forgot where I put it. I'll find it by detroit!
  5. I ended up caving and grabbing a numbered lithograph from the show on eBay. Giant get one at the gig because they didn't offer tubes to protect them, this way works better for me. Wanted to grab one before they're scarce. Vegas memorabilia has been drying up online
  6. Ticket Demand?

    Jesus christ you got fucked. That sucks, I feel bad for telling you stadium prices would be significantly less than vegas... They're the fucking same Frustrating man, sorry
  7. No he's fucking not. Marvel's been shit (comics) for years and the writers have no ideas
  8. Am I the only GNR fan that has zero interest in AC/DC?

    Also, I am still psyched for the AxlDc show in detroit later this year and hope Axl makes albums with Gnr and Acdc one day
  9. Am I the only GNR fan that has zero interest in AC/DC?

    I think the ACDC shows have been awesome but my interest level isn't near GnR Waiting for Not in this Lifetime to resume
  10. What went wrong with NUGNR?

    I actually love the guitars and always think of CD as a vocal and guitar album. Not in a traditional riff sorta way, but they're still dominte. No single guitarist is over the other on it though, it's kind of a Robin, Bucket, Ron shared experience. Just a different style of album I guess, they're more layered