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  1. Sounds like X Japan with the orchestra. I am very interested!
  2. I was only at the first Vegas show but I've been obsessing over the second ones artwork since. Glad to have it, and hey, Itsinindy still from that weekend and trip so I have some ties to it lol
  3. New GNR Airplane

    If they've all been getting along I can definitely seeing at least the big 3 using it. Maybe even the whole band
  4. Just got the Vegas 2 litho! Appears legit and came in good condition. I'll get it framed this weekend
  5. The pizza thread

    I was drunk when I made this thread
  6. Same exact thing with me. I reported him too
  7. I'm not expecting a new song. Why would they? It's just another leg of the tpur, and that is perfectly fine
  8. Holy fuck that's awesome. What other band does this nowadays besides Maiden? I know Zeppelin and GNR used to back in the day
  9. New GNR Airplane

    It seems real and it's cool to me. Just cause it isn't a 747 doesn't mean it's a rust bucket lol.
  10. Slash VS Chinese Democracy Guitars (Part 2)

    I like a lot of the Slash versions.
  11. Nice, still waiting on my Vegas 2 litho
  12. Vegas Night 1 went for like 300 bucks a few months ago but is now really cheap cause a bunch were put on eBay recently. I'd wait a while if you wanted to sell
  13. creepy youtube videos

    If I was drinking coffee i woulda spat it out
  14. New song sounds awesome! http://ultimateclassicrock.com/rolling-stones-hate-to-see-you-go/