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  1. Sorry to keep askong, but is boston on there too?
  2. @Eddie Money, how about Detroit?
  3. Vegas Forum Gathering

    Holy shit, KK. You rock. Anyone want to do one buffet splurge ?
  4. Don't know anyone

    Its a lot of the same crew with most of the rest being on different forums. Who ya looking for?
  5. Happy Birthday W. Axl Rose 2/6/16

    Happy birthday, @Dexter  See ya in Vegas 
  6. Happy Birthday Duff McKagan!

    Happy b day Duffman
  7. You know a lineup sucks when a Led Zeppelin tribute band gets a big spot
  8. Stone Temple Pilots

    Have they lost their minds? Holy shit, this is in poor taste imo. I feel silly saying that as I support tons of line up changes (GnR), but this feels so off.
  9. Vegas Forum Gathering

    Edit- and of course you should come! Soong as youre nuts.
  10. Vegas Forum Gathering

    Cool your jets, amigo. I just said it was funny. There wasn't anything negative in my post. It's great the forum is getting new users
  11. Vegas Forum Gathering

    No offense, but it is kind of funny seeing most people planning with is with only 10-20 posts