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  1. Maybe Felder is more since he got booted Id go to that. This seems like a money grab. The promo for these stupid shows omit Glenn from all video and ticket prices make GNR look cheap
  2. This may even be worse since theyre so much older with even less to prove. Pluss, Glenn died and he was the leader of the band. As huge as Henley is for the Eagles, Id argue Glenn was more of the leader. Both are vital for the band to exist. Theyre like Lennon/McCartney, Richards/Jagger, Page/Plant, Axl/Slash, etc
  3. Yes, but Walsh only entered the band with Hotel California. His work with them is awesome and super important to rock history but the meat of their work was before he came on. He is like the Brian Johnson for the Eagles
  4. Idk. I still think the ACDC thing is bullshit but since its Axl I dont care Calling NuGNR GNR I also think was a mistake but I still go. Hell, Id go see fake, disrespectful Eagles if Felder was there and it was cheap cause I dont care that much about the name. I still think its fucked though. This situation sucks though, its literally just Henley in the band now from most of their known albums Edit- and I do think Brian is more than a replacement. Theyre an anomaly I think, its the most succsessful singer change in history. He was on the highest selling rock album ever and [co]fronted the band for over 30 years. Love Bon, too, of course.
  5. It needs at least Leadon or Felder. Preferably both. Meisner is too fucked up to even guest. Then it could sort of work and be sort of ok as a legacy, money grabbing (yet still disrespectful) extravaganza. Still, this is Glenn's band.
  6. Id like to know who did Vegas 1 and Chicago 2
  7. Ebay shrill? Just kidding. .. Maybe... Anyways, I see pros and cons to all this. They should have put a 2 per person limit on lithos. Problem solved Edit- At any rate, I got every litho I wanted either at the shows I was at, or for fair prices online (or through Amir) so Im happy
  8. To be fair, I'm a hypocrite since I support Axl's GNR, Angus' AC/DC, etc. I'll go see an artist play their stuff if I'm in the mood and not get hung up on the name in the moment. Still, a Glenn-less Eagles is ridiculous considering they're all ancient and he just died. These guys aren't young and hungry anymore, they're padding the wallet. Just hang it up!
  9. Haven't had time to play much but I think the combat is a problem the more I play. Taking away squad controls on the wheel and only giving you 3 powers was a HUGE mistake imo
  10. Look at those ticket prices, too. Anyone want NuEagles to tour? Maybe they can tour with Cliffless NuAxl/DC https://www.jambase.com/article/classic-west-classic-east-concerts-confirmed-los-angeles-new-york-city On a serious note, its really just a Glenn-less and still Felder-less Eagles and Fleetwood Mac with some decent openers playing stadiums with a silly name for the concerts to inflate ticket prices. I think it is weird to see the Eagles active again in this manner.
  11. Some of my (very few) favorites out of many LALD - Vegas Night 1 2016, Detroit 2016 Jungle- Rock Am Ring 2006 TWAT- Studio
  12. I just assumed the firing headlines were always jokes
  13. On the contrary, get drunk more. Way better than Izzy and Adler thread #47