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  1. I listen to the boots I have from the Detroit and Chicago shows I was at last year quite a bit. He does sound good even on the boots
  2. I am more left, loathe Trump, and think the country is a mess right now but I agree. I stay out of this thread because I know it wouldn't bring anything good out of the relationships I have with a lot of people on here. This isn't a political forum, its easy to just not click this thread. Just stay away from this thread if its getting to you, post anonymously on reddit or something if you want to talk politics with people you don't have a relationship with.
  3. Rewatched Spectre. Fuck, all the criticisms kind of caught up with me. I loved it on the first watch, but now I just think its meh. Not nearly as good as Casino or Skyfall (still better than Quantom, of course). The Blofeld reveal was so poorly done imo. His introduction was so cool, and Waltz' acting was top notch. It was just the whole "I was your sort of brother kind of remember? Now I am a super villain and you are a spy. Btw, everything in your past is connected to me lol" didn't work. Very poorly executed. Still not a bad flick, some parts are great, but I would like Craig to leave Bond in a blaze of glory
  4. I will follow Powerage's lead. Here's a top 10 for me, as well. Too many for a top 5! I feel like I am leaving a ton out even with 10. I'll start with the GNR ones... 1. GUNS N ROSES - LONDON, ONTARIO 2010- I will never be this hyped for an event again in my life. I was a freshman in college in the peek of my GNR obsession phase. I had discovered them a few years prior, and my love for the band really took off when discovering these forums and when Chinese Democracy came out. The year or so in between the album and the first tour dates were excruciating. I narrowly missed the 2006 tour. I was in high school for that show and just discovered the band when they came my way in '06. By the time I looked my show up, it had passed. Well, now in early 2009 they FINALLY announced dates. Nothing in the USA, but we did get the extensive Canadian tour. The closest show was a few hours away in Canada. I quickly drained all my money on two GA tickets. My best friend's mom drove us and got us a hotel room. The whole way up we listened to a bootleg of the 2009 Tokyo show that had occurred just a month prior. The show was the most stereotypical GNR show I have attended. Long ass wait for Axl, fights in the pit (a few of which I almost got involved in... but I was not letting my spot go!), girls taking their tops off everywhere... it was crazy. FINALLY the lights went down and they kicked off the show. I distinctly remember seeing the silhouette of Axl. I was so fucking excited, he was finally there in person and he sounded fucking awesome. 2. GUNS N ROSES- DETROIT 2012- This was my third and final NuGNR gig. At this time I had tickets to the Hall of Fame and was back in GNR-hype mode. The prospect of a theater GNR show was something I had dreamed of at the time. Axl hadn't yet quite super over-saturated the world's market, so it really did feel like a rare opportunity for me (and in hindsight, I guess it still is). I got GA tickets and went with my best friend again and my then- girlfriend who wasn't really a fan, but I wanted to show her my favorite band. We got there early and Ron agreed to meet with me before the show. All I did was ask him online! The dude showed immense kindness, it was awesome. He hung out with me and a small group of fans outside the venue for like an hour. He brought his guitar out, let me play it, signed autographs, played whatever we asked, took pictures, and told stories. It was fucking unreal. The dude is so cool. We made our way into the venue after that when doors finally opened. We made the rail on Ron's side. I kid you not, there was barely a barrier. I was hanging over the stage practically. That night I caught picks from Ron, DJ, and Richard, shook Axl's hand a bunch, caught a drumstick, and got a kick ass 3 hour show. For a 2012 show Axl really did sound great and seeing him and the band that "Up Close and Personal" was special. 3. GUNS N ROSES- LAS VEGAS (April 8th) 2016- These Vegas shows will go down in GNR-lore legends. I am so grateful I was a part of this show. Like that first 2010 show, the build up was INSANE. It was the reunion and I was there. Coming off the Troubadour, hype couldn't have been higher. Clips and pictures were scarce from that first gig, so this really did feel like the big kick off. It was my first time in Vegas and I spent it with 2 very good friends (one of which was my bud from those first GNR shows) and we had a blast exploring the city. It was unreal sharing the weekend with tons of you guys on here and from other boards. There was a collection of fans from all over the world and we will never see a gathering of GNR fans of that magnitude again. The meet ups were awesome, so many cool people! The day of the show was a roller coaster, we all freaked out when news broke of Axl's foot. I was admittedly worried and pissed off. Finally entering the arena felt like a victory in itself. It felt like we arrived at the "holy land" of GNR. The brand new T Mobile arena. We spent months analyzing the arena, the city, the rumors, the controversies... and here we all were. Alice in Chains came on. I love AiC, but I could hardly focus on them. Then came the waiting game we all know. It may remain the last long wait in GNR legend, considering they have been on- time ever since. A whole hour and a half went by and finally the show began. The fucking looney tunes theme played. Perfect. Then Axl hobbled out with a pause and stutter. It wasn't gradeful, but it was perfect considering the band. The throne ended up being the best of a bad situation, and I was blown away by the show. Seeing Axl, Slash, and Duff share the same stage was so surreal. Looking back, they were WAY tighter on the stadium run, but I love that first Vegas show I saw. Axl really sang his ass off, Slash and Duff were solid, and I lost my shit during Coma (and all the other "homecoming" songs for Slash like November Rain and Estranged). The buzz was unreal after that gig. I'll never forget it. 4. GUNS N ROSES- DETROIT and CHICAGO (July 3rd)- I am cheating and lumping these two together because they were only about about a week or two apart and were pretty similar. Coming off of my Vegas show, I was so pumped to see GNR in a stadium and to have Axl back on his feet again. Detroit was the first show of the tour, so that was kind of neat. The day started with a kick ass pre- party at Russ' house. Had a lot of fun hanging out with more forum members. Ended up staying later than I planned, and was worried I wouldn't get a rail spot at the show. Traffic was awful, and I only made it 20 minutes before doors opened. It was unreal seeing so many fans. It was one thing to see fans take over Vegas for those first shows, but to see Detroit so GNR-centric made it really sink in that they weren't our cult band anymore, they were back to being huge. To my surprise, I still made the rail front and center leaning towards Slash's side! Fucking perfect. I don't think I have ever had so many friend's and family at a single show before... forum friends, my aunt, my sister, my dad, and other friends all wanted to see the return of GNR. Ironically, I was standing alone since no one else wanted to fork up for pit tickets! No worries, made friends by my spot and even recognized a guy I met at the original 2010 London, Ontario show I went to! The show was fucking amazing and to this day remains the best show I have been to. The band was super tight, in my opinion, and seeing them so close was amazing. They were so good I decided to catch the second Chicago show. My buddy was able to attend this show with me (so we've seen 5/6 GNR shows together, not bad!) and we got floor seats for half off the night before. We drove to the city, met up with Russ and some other great people again at an apartment party, and headed to the show. Our seats were pretty solid for half off, but then after AiC we spotted Russ and co. We headed over to them and to our surprise found Fernando talking to them. Fernando made sure he got us all into Slash's side of the pit. Pretty fucking nice of him. Show was, of course, stellar and Axl gave some of the best performances I have seen from him (check out Jungle from this show). We drove back to Michigan that night. It was tough, but we were glad to have the GNR buzz as we partied the next day for the fourth of July. 5. X JAPAN- CHICAGO 2010- X Japan is a legendary metal/hard rock band from Japan who's hey day was in the late 80s-mid 90s. They were HUGE in Asia and remain relatively unknown to the West. They reunited in 2008 and have been just as frustrating and inconsistent as Axl was from 2001-2014. Hooray! However, their live shows remain legendary. In late 2010, they announced they were coming out with a new album and would tour the USA for the first (and so far ONLY) time. They announced a small tour of like 10 shows or something and the closest was in Chicago. My ex-gf (thanks, ex!) knew how much I loved them and convinced me to go. She drove us all the way there since my car sucked. In Japan, they play stadiums but here, they played tiny theaters. Works for me! As a fan, the show was great. The band kicked ass and it remains one of the most intimate settings and passionate crowds I have ever been a part of for a show. Nothing has been like it since. That is a special show, and a rare one. STILL waiting on that album and I know I may never get to see them again. I sure hope I do, as one friend has grown to really love them and I'd like to see them with him. 6. Roger Waters- AUBURN HILLS, MICHIGAN 2010- It was Roger Waters performing The Wall in all its glory. The tour has become legendary at this point so there isn't much to say. We were far away, but right in the center and got to experience the whole thing with a great view. 7. U2- EAST LANSING, MICHIGAN 2011- I love U2. This show was originally scheduled for 2010. Bono hurt his back and it was postponed an entire year. It was definitely a tough wait, but it was worth it. The 360 Tour remains the highest grossing tour of all time and with good reason. This show remains the largest crowd I have seen for a non- festival, headlining act. The entire football stadium was filled with fans of all ethnicity's and ages. The band killed it and they sounded fantastic. Great setlist, too. The entire stadium felt like a small, intimate crowd and was totally into it every step of the way. I caught them on the Innocence + Experience Tour years later, and although that was also great, its hard to match 360. 8. THE ROLLING STONES- CHICAGO (June 3rd) 2013- I've wanted to see the Stones for like a decade before this show. One of the first rock bands I got into, and I remember being bummed when my friend went to the Bigger Bang Tour and I didn't. They announced the 50 and Counting Tour right when I was finishing college. I was broke as hell, they weren't playing my state, and their ticket prices were absurd. Fuck it, bought a $200 nosebleed and off I went. Drove to my ex's mom's house in Indiana and took a train from there. Hung out with my friend in Chicago the night before, crashed at his place, and wandered the city on my own all day the day of the show. It was a fun day, I liked exploring on my own and it was cool to walk to a bunch of places outside Michigan Avenue. Got to the venue really early, so I chilled at a local library nearby for a few hours waiting. I remember posting on here in that library and reading a copy of the graphic novel "Watchmen" to pass the time. Made my way back to the venue after a while. My seat was in the last row to the side, but I didn't care in the least. They came out and rocked my socks off. I was thrilled to get Mick Taylor and Taylor Swift even came out for "As Tears Go By". She did a good job, too. 9. METALLICA- DETROIT 2013- I am including two different shows on here that were back to back. Despite having tickets, I missed the World Magnetic Tour due to being in high school and having to listen to my mom (it was during finals week, pretty sure I still did terrible). To my shock they announced the second (and final) year of their ill-fated Orion Festival would be held in Detroit. Awesome! I won tickets through a radio station, too which sweetened the deal. Getting to the festival was a pain in the ass, it was held on an island and all festival goers had to take chartered school buses to the festival. Getting on and off was awful, but my friend and I didn't care. The Red Hot Chili Peppers headlined the first day, but a mysterious band named "Deehan" was scheduled to play early in the day. My time on here has taught me to check other band's forums when things get mysterious, and lo and behold, the Metallica forum was convinced it was a ruse. It was, and we got to experience Metallica playing "Kill Em All" in its entirety from the front. It was so intense I actually had to leave the front and chill in the middle of the crowd. Pretty sure I got a mild concussion. The next night, we got them in their glory with their headlining set. We all rushed the VIP pit so we got pretty fucking close. That crowd rush was terrifying, as we had to pour over a metal gate, but fuck it... if everyone else was doing it, we really had no choice. Caught some guitar picks that night. 10. AC/DC- AUBURN HILLS 2016- This was my third AC/DC show, and not even the best traditional AC/DC show (thats got to go to my first AC/DC show with Malcolm and Brian), but fuck it, I got to see Axl/DC. Went with my girlfriend and some friends (including Powerage) and had a great time. Axl killed it, and the setlist was really cool. Admittedly, the AC/DC parts of the show were kind of old to me (Angus' same moves and the repetitive lighting and props) since I had seen AC/DC twice before, so it was all about Axl for me. Angus and the band killed it, its just I saw pretty much the same show on Black Ice and the other Rock or Bust show I saw. Axl really was on a whole other level. His screams were psycho. After the gig I made an educated guess on their hotel and turned out right. We met the whole band (except Cliff) and I finally got to meet Axl. Fuck, this was hard. There are so many other A+ shows I've seen from big names. I've typed way too much as is, though. Cool thread
  5. There will not be a new album
  6. I don't have any info to back up what the seller is saying.... BUT, that would be a VERY elaborate story for a fake. I think it might be real. EDIT- Shit, I might bid on that. Unless you were going to, I don't want to compete with another forum member! Lol
  7. Found it. What the fuck lol! Aussie ones have been so bad so far imo. Only ones I'd have bought were the surfing ones and the shark
  8. BvS is on TV right now. The ONE scene they got really right imo is at the very beginning when you see Superman vs. Zod from Bruce's perspective. Its fucking great. Totally feels like a superhero 9/11 and sets the scene really well. I think the DCEU is a fucking mess and that all 3 movies have been pretty bad, but that one scene was very memorable to me. Edit- Movie goes instantly to shit right after. Holy shit, I forget how terrible the editing is in this movie.
  9. Omg theres a girl?!?!?!?!?! Omggggg
  10. Just a San Diego litho. The orange version