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  1. I'm not really a periscope watcher, but I'm glad I tuned in for these two songs. Come was really cool tonight, both Slash and Axl sounded great
  2. Slash's tone is so good, jeezzzz
  3. This Coma is really good imo
  4. That was really cool!
  5. Oh man, lucky! Just watch this whole show, its only like half an hour. Its worth it. If that is too long at least look up "Out of the Black" and "Ten Tonne Skeleton" from this show and watch those. Mind blowing band, only true new band I can ever think of that excited me like this.
  6. I bet they are thrilled to be opening for GNR, but they have an album coming out. I'm sure they have to focus on their headlining tour. Seeing them 2 weeks from today
  7. Fuck I want to see Royal Blood
  8. Fuck that one is cool. One of my favorites, I love dragons
  9. Septem, are you from Venezuala? If so, I hope you are safe!
  10. FUck you are right. I'm too jaded and high right now sorry @GnR Chris
  11. Legit question, why do you post here? Its clear you don't like it much on here since you barely do and the few times you do post, you do so just to vehemently defend the band. This forum is huge, and of course not everyone is going to like everything the band does (or doesn't do). Its what makes this place interesting. Its cool for you to have your own views too, but man, Izzy helped found the band and wrote a ton of the material. Of course he deserved proper pay. Come on, man... anyways, I knew this announcement would just be tour dates, no harm no foul for me, but I get why people are starved for new material. Axl has done one record in 2 decades, of course fans are going to be critical and want more. An artist who doesn't produce new art? Its going to irk people. Personally, I don't give a shit if the reunion is a cash grab anymore. I really loved every show and experience I had around GNR last year. I'm not as hyped for the Detroit show this year now because I feel like I got what I wanted out of the band in terms of what they were offering. Sure, I think Izzy and Steven should have been on board and I think new material would have been great, but I took the tour for what it was and am happy with it. Now, I'm not as on the edge of my seat anymore because they'll have been doing the same thing for years. That's cool, I get it, but I also get why others are irked. I like that people don't praise everything Axl does to a T on here, that'd be boring as fuck. Its better to be objective imo, makes the place more lively. ... and I don't think Axl's "honesty" means his version of events are always true. He isn't exactly "Guns N Roses Gospel" imo, they all have the right to their own views since they were all there at the start. I don't give a fuck if Izzy wanted back in because of money, because that is probably why Axl, Slash, and Duff are doing this. Why shouldn't Izzy want back in? NuGNR wasn't exactly the same band as the GNR that recorded AfD. Since the majority of the classic dudes were getting back together, why the fuck shouldn't Izzy be interested? Its clear to me they couldn't reach a deal financially. Axl and Duff just shrugged off the Izzy question in that Brazilian interview, and from Steven's comments we can tell Axl and the gang weren't exactly thrilled about his participation in any way. This isn't some grand conspiracy, and these guys don't have the reputation for being saints. Not saying they are bad people now, it seems they at least sort of grew up, but why is it a stretch to believe some people got fucked over by the reunion?
  12. I get what you are saying, Apollo. The reunion was AWESOME especially for fans like me. I was born in '91 so I obviously had no chance to see "real deal GNR". Getting what we got seemed surreal to a younger fan like me, and I am glad I got to see the shows I did last year. I get the whole album vs. tour argument, but I think shows can be as infinite as an album to a fan. The memories I made last year were fucking badass and I loved every GNR-related trip and meetup and show I attended last year. I know they are older, and it isn't the same, I won't pretend it is. It IS a bummer Izzy and Steven aren't there (even if I understand why at least Steven isn't full time), but man, those shows last year were fucking awesome for me. For 50 year olds, they did sound fucking good to me and I had a blast. I get bummed a lot lately, life is stressful, and sometimes it helps to reflect on those trips and stuff or listen to some boots and all that. Sure, its probably a cash grab, but for young fans like me or those that need a bit of nostalgia to escape, its a good kind of cash grab. I do want a new album, I think new music should be a priority and I am even burnt out by NITL. Its been a great tour, but I won't be sad when its done. I guess last year gave me "GNR closure", if they don't ever do anything meaningful again at least I can say I saw a more authentic version of what I love.