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  1. What are you eating?

    The sushi bar is pretty good in the detroit airport
  2. They have to do like 100+ shows to beat U2
  3. Star Wars Episode VIII has started filming!

    It's definitely Ach-To, those look like the Jedi steps
  4. AXL/DC Rehearsal video

    I still dobt get how thats the only song you like lol
  5. AXL/DC Rehearsal video

    Axl clearly worked his ass off to prepare fir the reunion, i fully believe the ACDC shows will be great too
  6. AXL/DC Rehearsal video

    Imo, Yes! I hope both tours are vocally fantastic but he needs to give 100% for GnR. If he can maintain his Current voice all will be fine, but to give 100% for ACDC and to half ass the first big reunion tour would be bullshit. Not In This Lifetime is the biggest tour of their life, he has to nail it. Luckily theres no indication he will fuck this up on either tour yet. I think he can actually pull this off
  7. Steven Adler live in Virginia

    Hope he shows up in Detroit!
  8. AXL/DC Setlist wishlists

    SouL Stripper and Ride On are my two most wanted with Axl
  9. Will do! It's a long shot since my gf and family would kill me. But since tickets start at 40 it's tempting
  10. Sweet jesus, can you imagine? Thank you, DJ (if this is true)
  11. Good thing Slashs playing hasnt been subpar
  12. Thinking of going to one of these shows