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  1. I just read Niven says what made the reunion happen is Slash getting with Erin's best friend Meegan. Axl and Erin start talking and she convinces Axl to do the reunion.
  2. I think AFD re-release with bonus tracks. Izzy and Adler to tour.
  3. New album this year rumour

    I wouldn't say it's better, AFD is most important record for GNR and what they are known for. But I could see how AFD just desn't work for someone anymore lyrically or they don't connect to the street lifestyle. I think the first 7 tracks on CD are as good as anything GNR have done. There's great songs on side 2 also like Sorry, IRS, TIL, Madagascar. AFD has My Michelle, Think about you, SCOM and RQ. So it's really close. I don't listen to any of the albums all the way through anymore anyway. I just havea couple off each album I go back to. So they are all just songs now.
  4. New album this year rumour

    Seems like Axl doesn't want to just sing on Slash tracks. Which is why Slash might keep his solo stuff. But I think if Slash brought in stuff it would be like UYI again where Axl has write lyrics for these new songs. The other interesting thing is if Axl still wants to add to what GNR have done like he did after UYI. They went outside hard rock with CD. Will they double back to hard rock again. Axl acknowledged his cleaner vocals werent that popular but didn't say much about the styles. The different styles is something he really likes it seems.
  5. New album this year rumour

    Well if Axl does have 3 albums worth of material. Then Slash and Duff write an album of material. Wack it all together and put it all out as a Triple CD.
  6. New album this year rumour

    I look at it like a UYI situation. There's some left over songs from CD, then new stuff from Slash, then there's some Axl ballads. There will be deep Axl lyrics he's laboured over, but for a Slash rocker he might just rant about his nextdoor neighbour. There could a cover like the Seeker or something. I could imagine it like UYI. 1. RNDTH - A new Slash rocker not unlike Sucker TrainBlues with Axl ranting about the weather. 2. Dust n Bones - No Izzy. But it's a Slash/Fortus/Axl from the vault. 3. Live n let Die - I'm going with the Seeker 4. Don't Cry - new Slash/Axl Fall to Pieces type ballad. 5. Perfect Crime - The General fits the bill. Heaviest metal song Axl has done with high screaming vocals. 6. You ain't the First - maybe use an Izzy song from the vault. Down by the Ocean. 7. Bad Obsession. New Slash/Axl rock n roll song like WOF with Axl on vocals. 8. Back off Bitch/Double Talkin Jive - Izzy not around but Duff can write a song. Slash and Duff revamping Goin' Down? 9. November rain - Atlas Shrugged. Glam rock nov rain etc. new Slash solo. 10. The Garden - Axl/Tobias/Dizzy Reedsong from CD era. 11. Garden of Eden - Berlin aka Oklahoma. 12. Don't Damn Me - new Slash/Axl rocker. 13. Bad Apples/Dead Horse- Soul Monster 14. Coma - Slash materiallike The Unholy/By the Sword with Axl lyrics. Doesn't seem impossible.
  7. New album this year rumour

    If Axl really has 3 cds of finished material he could put it out if Slash goes back to do a solo record. But at CE Axl was saying he has beenshowing Slash material and talking about writing new stuff from lyrics n melodies. So I think Slash and Duff will be involved and even new material written.
  8. I think this has the same retelling of Axl/Vince thing but it's in the context of more detailed debauchery and craziness of the rest of the band. Niven and Doug give you a better picture of Slash, Izzy and Steven. Slash is a junkie crawling around puking, Izzy a paranoid skitzo.But there's always this glorification of the rock n roll lifestyle as the get out card. But generally Axl is cast as the asshole. But Doug has a great quote after Axl asks him if he's turned into an asshole. There's more balance. In the biography the focus was just Axl and it's probably a close enough portrait. An interesting take. Axl has said the same about himself in terms of why he is like he is. But there was no other side of the story, especially in terms of the split. As a journalist writer he didn't take a step back. Definitely he pushed it's not GNR and it's all Axl's fault to far. There's a lot of bands without original line ups. There were reasons why certain things happened which were glossed over for Axl is a nut job etc. This kind of stuff happens in rock all the time. But Axl gets treated worsethana mass murderer. This new one of course is cashing in, but there's enough from Niven and Doug. It compiles a lot of info and adds detail that I don't remember reading about.And he's a good writer. It redresses the balance. There's less general scorn poured on everything Axl does just for the sake of it.
  9. It's a good read. This book is more balanced. It's not just Axl destroyed GNR. In the context of the rest of craziness, it's like does it really matter? There were a lot more worse things that could have happened. What I came here to ask is about these lyrics Axl quotes in the book. Call us violent I say we're a product of our environment Call us hostile Babe, we got to survive what song is that from? I don't know the Lost Illusion stuff. Or is it lyrics from UYI song?
  10. New album this year rumour

    The only reason for recompany to not put out a Best of for Xmas is to put out a new record next year.
  11. Not sure how Ezrin rejecting Axl's album is Axl being a perfectionist. If Axl was ready to mix in 2000, how long did his perfection delay the album? Jimmy didn't like the raw sounds that Beavan had in 99. Ezrin thought the RTB album was a mess of instrumentation. Seems more of a stylistic thing from their side and less Axl's perfectionism.
  12. Chinese democracy Leaks

    Street of Dreams was The Blues. I think there's two versions of the song though. Not just different names. It was also listed as Stardust on the Best Buy site before release.
  13. New album this year rumour

    If they aren't doing a new album a Best of that draws attention lesser known songs they don't do that much live anymore might be cool. the Secret History of GNR: Reckless Life Move to the City Think About You Anything Goes You're Crazy You Ain't the First Bad Obsession Breakdown Pretty Tied Up Ain't it Fun Down on the Farm IRS If the World it's almost a new album of songs to play live