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  1. Believe me I know what you mean. We know Izzy wrote a lot of the UYI songs even the hits. But it was really Slash and Axl who made UYI. Izzy wasn't there for most of recording/tinkering. He said himself he wrote and laid down his tracks then left. He even said himself the albuns were way beyond him with Slash songs and Axls epics. Then he starts and quits the tour after refusing to do videos. There were a lot of videos and a lot of shows. So I think to make sense of it you have to make a distinction between writing and the success of videos/touring which really defined the band to the mainstream. Then you have to look at what they are doing a reunion of. It's that touring UYI band. So I guess they could feel they stuck it out for the videos and touring while Izzy quit. So it's the business side that is really driving it. All those songs Axl made videos of are in the setlist. And it's really that video touring success they are redoing for those fans. I have total sympathy with the fact Izzy wrote a lot on UYI and AFD/Lies. And that is a strong arguement. But his dislike of huge tours and his flighty image must have had some effect. There's also some part of the stadium band that marginalizes the writer of the songs. Whoever wrote it Axl and Slash hold the power because they are the big guys at the shows. Even looking at the solo albums Izzy does uncommercial rock n roll albums, Axl and Slash do big rock songs. You would hope that they could see Izzy's contribution and offer him equal share. Like without him we wouldn't have got the chance. But somehow the reality of slogging around stadiums for 20 years must have just made them more pragmatic. Duff worked with him on How to be Man ep? Praised him for his writing. But maybe at crunch time the offer was for Axl and Slash and Duff set it up. So Izzy had no leverage. Maybe Izzy doesn't really want to tour that much, he'd do it for bug bucks or exactly the right line up. Maybe he was out when Steven was out. They might even have plans on down the road. Everyon's played now. It's only a matter of time. Maybe in my opinion pure speculation etc.
  2. Instability is art. The soul is never safe. There was a good run for 6 years of touring CD. But the reality is different guys made the album. With all the different creative forces and personalities it's never going to be stable. To follow the creative vision probably does lead to problems.
  3. So staying loyal and with a kind of band menrality was really more like it than an attempt at a AFD5 reunion that failed. So Izzy wanted equal loot as the 3rd guitarist or 1 of 3. It's kind of difficult to work it out. With no clear cut committment to the AFD line up reunion it's hard to give him equal share. He's vital to the AFD line up reunion. But in terms of making UYI and touring it maybe he's not as vital, hence they play Coma. I feel like he could have been there in some capacity and it would have been cool. Even if Izzy n Steven popped up for certain songs. it would be weird for Izzy doing guest spots on the reunion tour though. Maybe it would be too obvious. The fans would be confused. In the end he'd have to be onstage and get equal loot.
  4. But was Izzy wanting to get equal loot in the Fortus role or as the third guitarist?
  5. Stability is relative. The most stable for GNR isn't really that stable. And the least stable for GNR was the most successful.
  6. What are you saying? Define stable. It was 17 Years of Pitman I'll never laugh again.
  7. Never really into Scorpions but the guitar is pretty awesome.
  8. I guess Trump will just pass the buck back to the Democrats. I can see him doing a speech after reinstating Obamacare "you can keep your doctor, any preexisting conditions will be covered" then lose concentration and say "oh and North Korea have WMD, huge weapons, no good. Bad Korea!" Then we'll forget about healthcare and start building bunkers.
  9. I think you're right. But the tune has moved on from Axl saying their crazy to I know better. The outro rant in Better is like a guy who is over the game of love. Even If the World kind accepts love as part of our dream in this world. So no Hallmark sponsorship for GNR. Happy mother's day, motherfuckers!
  10. I expect Izzy to turn up with some songs and then leave. Start the tour but then leave. GNR is a flat circle. This will happen again.
  11. To me it becomes like a song about anti-love. If I were you I'd try to avoid the invitation of promised love? Sometimes when you are still with someone but love has died you are alone. No one ever told me when I was alone they thought I'd know better. So it's like a general warning. You can fall in love but in the end still be alone and not know. But he learned and now he knows better. Slash might relate these days?
  12. It would cool if it coincided with a cd release then they'll blow into the next year of touring. If Izzy checks out or Steven breaks his hand it won't matter.