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  1. People seem to be missing the point. I might be wrong obviously. But my theory is NOW artists sell way more when they die than a NEW artist is selling. But at their peak MJ or Prince sold a lot then dipped maybe but then died sold some more. BUT new artists sell like shit so industry focuses on nostalgia. So that's a turning point, and a dead end. Because it's a vicious cycle where nostalgia takes precedent over new music. Hence killing music. The point with Cobain is he recognised that to be legend you had to do heroin and die. It was very cynical and planned. And hence exposed some of the dumbness of rock or the average rock fan. The worship of excess and the idea that dying makes you a legend. In Utero was like a suicide note in the same way that Joy Division's music or a track like The End prempted the death. But by grunge it was like a given. Dying is part of the job of being a rock star. And Cobain exposed that which kind of killed the whole glamor of live fast die fast. So next you got jocks jumping around to rap music. But we lost the punk ethos and energy which fueled so many bands but no one believes anymore.
  2. I think The Doors movie did re-up the Doors in the 90s rock landscape. And in someway Nirvana were kind of like the 90s Doors. Sort of spacey, arty with this cathartic rebellious feel. I think there's something in The Doors movie was like a sign of things to come. And the thing about Cobain was that his death was so steeped in cynicism. It really was like saying rock is played out, it's a big joke. So maybe there is no way to top Nirvana without killing yourself. Maybe that's why no one wants to try.
  3. The Hangover/I'm an Alcoholic Thread

    I think I might have been thinking that my whole life.
  4. 04/23/2016 - Coachella

    I'm all for performance enhancing drugs. there must be the perfect rock star concoction for the occasion.
  5. I suppose live shows are part of the whole nostalgia disease. I havent really thought it all theough but I guess I'm going with the idea that new artists aren't being developed they are just waiting for old ones to die kind of like remaking movies. Why spend money developing new movies when you can just wait for Phil Collins to die and rape his back catalog and vicey versy. So where it once was just apart of music. Like remakes were, it now really is the main crux. Its true no new scenes are happening we are just recycling Hair metal or 90s rap or thrash or punk or new wave like it's on this never ending nostalgia merry go round. And nobody even wants to get off!
  6. I feel like they can't come back and just tour for cash. It wouldn't be right. I hope anyway. But nobody seems to be mentioning it so I thought I'd bring it up just in case anyone cares.
  7. The point is that no one sells records until they die. And that means nostalgia is bigger. Of course I then take the point too far and guess that maybe that is too negative. But with remakes of movies, the idea that no new music is really needed or less anyway and the conservative nature of any creative area. Even modern art or contemporary art is often more about Julian Schabnel retrospectives than new artists. It's almost like a certain philosophical 20th century ideas have just expired. We know ideology leads nowhere. In the age of terror we want safety. It's not just wanting to be young. It's a whole retro state of mind. Even Rap has immeadiately doubled back on NWA. It's the end of culture I tell you. We are getting ready to go live underground after a nuclear holocaust. Future lives will be uneventful yet full of pleasure.
  8. What are you eating?

    I've got 4 steaks I'm going to try to cook over the next few days. I generally fuck it up. But I think barbq sauce. Ive got steak seasoning. Then grill on high heat. Do I put a barbq on the balcony and smoke out the neighbours? Or use the toaster oven. Also I got soy sauce to dip the steak in. So it's almost impossible to fail. Also got bags of mixed salad and mayo.
  9. The Official SOCCER Thread 2015/2016

    I think it goes back to how many tickets were sold and how badly designed the stadium was. And how the fans were basically caged like animals. In the olden days of yore there was just a wall at the bottom of the Kop for example and crushes were commonplace. But fans just jumped that wall and lay on the floor if it got too much. Once the cages came it's pretty obvious it was going to happen. Once the hooligan political football got in play then cages and treatment of fans would enivitably lead to this kind of thing. Just to stop fans running on the pitch and offending the 9 O Clock news. So you got people killed. Obviously the cop who opened the gate was doing so because the fans wanted in to that game, had tickets. So greed is a part, the money they got from squeezing fans in etc. But once the cover up starts, it's really just the cops attitudes to these fans, they are all holigan scum and we can treat them like criminals. I wouldn't be surprised really if you can trace it back to the Sports minister and whatever political spin they put on football games that really just filters down into institutions attitudes. Of course it's hypocritical in a way or jealousy isinvolved.But in an ironic way painting football fans as criminals lead them to become criminals themselves. I don't think nailing a few cops up helps really because it makes us ignore that everyone in football was to blame. Clubs, fans, police everyone lead to that situation. You could cite the clubs greed for selling too many tickets and the ground's design, then the fans aggressiveness to get in. And then one innocent human error. That's all way before people started trying to save their careers. Yeah nail those guys but you have to look at the real reasons. Standing is okay and safe if you allocate sensible tickets and have sensible fans. But any organisation goes out the window if fans are storming the gates. Or even if there's just too many fans with tickets. It was going to happen eventually.
  10. What are you eating?

    Packet of Lay's American Classic.
  11. The Hangover/I'm an Alcoholic Thread

    Pint of gin n tonic. Time to spin in the gin.
  12. Suppose the difference between Guns and other bands are they have a bunch of bonafide hits and a lot of classic tracks that people know by now almost like hits. CD doesn't really have hits but it has potentially one or two classic tracks. But you really need hits to open people up to those potential classic songs. That's why I'm hoping Slash and Duff can write some hits for GNR and change the closed mindedness to the attendant album. It's such a waste of life to have so much work go unnoticed because of a particular line up.
  13. Metallica

    Production is key. Recorded live in studio is future.
  14. It's pretty hard to move forward when your favorite genre, not to mention my taste is pretty conservative, seems to want to wallow deeply in nostalgia. When you rely on others to be pioneers you can be disappointed. I know that huge figures like Axl don't come around every month. But I just don't see who can or even really wants to take the whole of rock on in that way. Axl only did because he's crazy and even he fell back in line. Take Megadave for example. Right now he's putting albums, rocking pretty hard on Dystopia and nobody gives a fuck. If he dies guaranteed everyone will be sucking his his rigormortus cock. Then we'll all be reassessing his last few albums, and actually they are all pretty good. But mp3s are downloadin, but who's buying? it's like Death is the psychological trigger at the point of purchase. Death sells nostalgia. So why not have a whole career based on nostalgia?