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  1. I'm going to check this out and Claws inbetween meditating on TP.
  2. Ashba added: "Axl has two full albums that he has recorded. He has played me a bunch of songs off of that that are incredible! I can't wait to get in and kind of dive into those as well. I've written tons of songs and demoed up a bunch of stuff. I think it is just a matter of getting in and sifting through the piles of material." Read more at http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/d-j-ashba-quits-guns-n-roses.html#yChJAmDdXsjjzhgz.99
  3. Atlas Shrugged seems more the missing link, a glam rock Nov Rain. Ron re-did the solo May did, so maybe a Slash solo will be free at last.
  4. If they do SOD the Dizzy does that long intro into playing the opening piano. That doesn't really fit the reunion tour. Now the big jam is Layla into Nov Rain.
  5. Oh I see that 31 number is number of overall episodes so far. So S3 E1 was 31st ep. 18 though is a lot. Personally I could watch an infinite amount of eps. Also the soundtrack shades things. So it's just two guys sitting in a car but you have some weird fire burning sound effect. The neo noir bits sort of look as cool as Mann or Edward Hopper paintings. But there's variety of characters. Like that old hippy dude at the hotel, the tree, the junkie and her kid, and the kid that gets hit by the psycho. it's never boring like a regular police drama. Theres very little narrative drive, I'm not sure even what they are investigating, but it doesn't matter because it seems like something is happening. I guess its about who Cooper is.
  6. Fallin in Love might have been a single but it doesn't get much attention.
  7. even some of the later albums have depth like Hoodoo/Voodoo Medicine Man off Pump.
  8. All Ive got is up to ep 7. But on wiki it says 31 eps. Lynch definitely does something that is just watchable, even just a shot of a gas station. It might be that atmosphere thing he talks about. Even the silence is changing. there's a lot of elements, comedy, surrealism, horror, supernatural, but then he does the crime elements really cool as well. It's weird though True Detective I was more obsessed with who didit. But with Lynch I'm more hypnotised more like when I watch Broke Girls.
  9. Both bands could do a Secret history type best of. No singles or hits or even classics, and it still would be a great cd.
  10. That's cool, I wish I could have gone to the shows where Tyler was falling off the stage. This explains how I must have heard it on a Bestof and thought it was like a signature track. But it's more a b road. But still no 18 is alright.
  11. But you know what happens. Well you would if you werent me. You should know. My dream is watch Aitheads.
  12. Dragon Age Origins. I loaded it up made a character then quit to play Dirt 3. Ended up playing Fifa 14. Long ball game.
  13. So the World Cup of beheadings then. Should probably send Barton and Cattermole to sort out ISIS.
  14. True Eastenders is brutal realism to Hollywood. Will Smith turns up and Phil headbutts him. Credits. Who are these demented hobbits and why are they all bald and violent?
  15. It can't be anything good.