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  1. Deadpool (2016)

    I thought it was great. Not deep or anything but I wasn't bored or anything. Some funny lines. This was my first Deadpool experience so maybe this guy gets old. 
  2. What are you watching? a.k.a. Film Thread v 2.0

    Dead Pool. I enjoyed it. Maybe bevause it kind of anti-superhero movies or whatever. 
  3. That's what's interesting, to see how much of the CD era is brought through or how much new material is written and how much crossover if any.    I wouldn't rule out some material from 96-97 being combined with new songs and that being the new GNR album. But it's really vocals that seems to slow stuff down. 
  4. any word on Steven

    if they gave him a few songs each show he'd be happy.    But will Axl tailor the whole GNR show around Steven? 
  5. GNR were kind of experimenting when they mixed classic rock with punk on AFD. So I always expect something different in the pot.    With Izzy writing like Niven said things are looking up.   
  6. If Alice doesn't know Izzy must be racing dirt bikes in Baja. 
  7. I Have A Theory...

    True, the other glimmer is they can have that line up but not commit to it legally or whatever. The fact they are selling tickets with the big 3 gives them a freedom. 
  8. I just don't think Axl wants to be late.  Really need to know for sure what's really true before my balls touch ivory.   
  9. If Izzy isn't there it's his choice.   There's no way he said I want in and they said no.    I could see him in for the April shows. He might stay the course. But if it gets too much he can cut out. 
  10. I like the productions on CD songs. It has that acoustic, strings and beats feel here and there which very 90s. There's a cult soundtrack vibe as well. There's a wide range of productions from IRS to Scraped. But as a blockbuster event album I'm not complaining. 
  11. Debut Slash solo sounds a bit Spag Incident in places. I like the production on Spag Incident. Was that Clink? It's Clink, Clink, Ca-Ching!   Album title note: $
  12. Reunion Setlist?

    with CD songs Terminator theme intro You Could Be Mine Chinese Democracy Mr. Brownstone Better Heaven's Door Rocket Queen Live Let Die Street of Dreams Don't Cy November Rain 14 Years Civil War This I Love Nightrain   Welcome to the Jungle It's So Easy Sweet Child O Mine Estranged Paradise City  
  13. Rubin is the reunion nostalgia specialist. He just turns up for a chat about 1987.  I actually like the production on the last Slash solo album. 
  14. Reunion Setlist?

    Nevermind Leonard Cohen jungle easy Brownstone Live n let godfather theme scom ycbm nov rain my michelle think about you used to love her 14 years civil war heavens door nightrain   Rocket queen patience dont cry paradise
  15. Not really sure the vocals are ever that bad for a whole show. But Yesterdays and Prostitute seem like farewell to the era like songs.