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  1. I think once Slash and Duff are back releasing CD II as is isn't going to happen. But reworked CD era material seems like something different. I think a hard rock record with every song having Rose, Slash, McKagan credits might be great. GNR return to hard rock glory. The thing to avoid is the record as a commercial for the tour.
  2. Iphones weren't designed to record wolf frequencies.
  3. You better run. Lost Illusions type stuff. Crash Diet. I don't know what they did in 96, I assume it would be hard rock ish.
  4. In a way in an era where the album is a commercial for the tour maybe the coolest thing is not to put one out. Or really go deep for the art.
  5. I keeping thinking AC/DC will cover For Whom the Bell Tolls wit Axl.
  6. It's good for sure. Member when Axl busted into that club in NYC and was playing 2 cds with 10 tracks on each...someone with a significantly lower post count than me probably heard The General. There's no justice for the working man these days. But 20 songs, two versions of Better, 19 songs. Minus 14 for CD, minus OMG and Silkworms. Potentially someone unwittingly heard 3 unreleased CD II songs.
  7. I think covers are the same song, so TWAT would just be Slash's version. Like Duff said they see something different in the CD material than Axl. Maybe it's just the melody or the riffs or dynamics. They can break down any music and play it their way.
  8. Shut In is on Cinemax. Have no idea who's in it or when it was made. It has a 70s creepiness to it. Okay the psycho is going russian roulette now.
  9. Overall though it's the tyranny of the two party system. That's the real fascism in play. Humans being humans we pick a side and dig our heels in. We invest in it. And that makes us easy to manipulate. But in the end Americans have it good. It's a stable country, high standard living. You can get it together if you want or be a disaster. It's a bit like bucking for a promotion. We could be so much better. Then you see the work involved. Ah can we go back? No you wanted the 18 hour a day manufacturing job remember. Imagine building a ipad for $2 a day.
  10. Conspiracy has gone mainstream. Trump was elected on conspiracy. Wikileaks and this stuff has blown the whole thing apart. The US has been pretty serious in it's political coverage. The news networks are always classy. But in Indonesia or Pakistan or Taiwan or Italy it's been crazy for a while. Which country is it where the prez is going round just killing drug addicts? There's a way to go before we get turned off.
  11. True, I could even see if you take CD songs and rework them with Slash like Chi dem, Better, TIL, Sorry, Catcher they turn out great. With Frank on drums and Fortus on rhythmn, maybe Slash could get the definitive version of Catcher. People like Slash's guitar work so that is always a plus. I'm torn between the haziness of Catcher on CD and a Slash version which might be more assured and streamlined. Strip of the layers, unify the sound and that's half the problem people have with CD. I still believe if Slash plays the riff and solos on Twat it would have been a GNR classic. Dynamically it's all there, the pacing, the escalation. So I agree if Chi dem or Better can work, maybe The General or Atlas Shrugged could too. So CD II meets Slash with new old school GNR songs added to the Chinese stew.
  12. Yes I was about to say TIL was around 94 and maybe even some of Tobias stuff on CD could have been 96. So it's probably not the best way to speculate. With CD it seemed to be about changing the sound and then the personel but even that isn't necessarily important as Axl wanted Slash on 3 songs on CD. So you could say there's a back log like there was for UYI. So Axl has shown some of that to Slash. Then if they write new stuff, Axl wants Slash to work from melodies like AFD era not lay down guitar tracks for him to reject/sing on like UYI. The most important decision seems to be what kind of record they are making. At China Exchange Axl offered Slash his material, and said he'd work like AFD on new material. The scope and genre are the most interesting things to me. Surely they will bring in some more rockers because that's what the fans really want or is it more the UYI balance? Axl seems to still be into his material so I expect 50/50 split. Guns N Roses.
  13. Only one I listened to was Eat a Peach. Not even their best but it was way better than I thought.
  14. Allman Brothers kind of shocked me. I side stepped red neck bands for a while coming from that kind of area you escape into something else.
  15. Wenger has a 4 year stay of execution. Only thing that will save Arsenal and Liverpool is the European Super League.