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  1. Song titles like Welcome to the Bazookas and Play with My Balls. Maybe it wouldn't work!
  2. Flick of the Switch is underated. Who produced Back in Black?
  3. I was going to suggest Angus but not sure if he's ever produced. But if George is ACDC then go.
  4. I found my Ice Man dvd under the couch.
  5. But as we've seen from the US, no difference between the statist and the nationalist. Same for France, UK. Very hard to actually change anything. Borrowing and military spending continue, a lot of misdirection about is really going on. Wasted is just a pawn in the game of life.
  6. 3 songs from each, 1 from Duff, 2 covers. That's a solid reunion record.
  7. Clink. But maybe Brendan O'Brien is an option. This would be for a Rock or Bust type album. 10 tracks, mostly Slash based material. I always think that's his solo albums. Then realise all the writers that are involved in a GNR album. But maybe the Slash/Axl album is something we are missing Axl N Guns. Much more of a hard rock album like Back in Black. Not so much Stonesy stuff. Hard rock/metal.
  8. 1. Let's Dance 2. I'm Deranged 3. She'll Drive a Big Car 4. Little Wonder 5. Quicksand 6. Man Who Sold the World 7. Be My Wife 8. Fall Dog Bombs the Moon 9. Fame 10. Sound and Vision
  9. True, it's basically just a vote for borrowing money to give to the military. We aren't going to actually do any work. It will be Brexit with only one original member. I'm on board.
  10. I hate to have a source http://edition.cnn.com/2017/04/25/europe/brexit-uk-labour-party/index.html seems like a compromise. Hologram Brexit!
  11. Drone bombing Spain could save the UK economy.
  12. What about a coalition? But still a lot of back tracking. EU citizens will still have their rights. Brexit does seem to bring a war closer, so we'll have to ramp up military. And just borrow even more money. Just seems like a lot of effort for nothing really.
  13. This could be the way out of Brexit? But then we to get Dr Who to go back to the 70s. I feel like Michael Caine is the key to this Brexit stuff. Tax, rich people, Eton, I got nothing!