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  1. I've always wondered about the lyrics. It's Axl in a Coma but then is he talking to himself in other parts. At first I thought he was trying to convince Slash to quit. Drugs not the band.
  2. Izzys back in the studio

    It always seems like a message to Axl.
  3. New album this year rumour

    I think we are mixing up Axl being meticulous inrecording and why CD took so long. Half the time it's not Axl's recording technique, it was rec company wanting something different than what he handed in. People have disagreed but CD is a mixtape of albums produced by Beavan, Roy Baker, Costanzo. They weren't always re-recording the same songs over and over. There were other songs. Tommy thought the Beavan record was fine but the label called it too raw. But really they didn't want a NIN or Marilyn manson record from GNR. That's why they drafted in the Queen producer. In 2000 Axl was ready to mix. They told him no it wasn't. So who's the perfectionist? By 2000 it was ready. So I don't think CD duration is evidence of Axl's crazy perfectionism. Also his perfectionism led to songs like Nov Rain and Estranged. So it's not all bad, i guess if you are doing multi part songs they can't be too sloppy
  4. Izzys back in the studio

    Imo Dog has a better sound. But there's cool songs on Ride like California, Here comes the Rain. I love Needles. Sums up Izzy well. Concrete was one I thought was a bit under developed. But still Ball is like OTGM 2 (it doesnt have the fiah of axl or heavy of slash but its reminiscent)and Concrete is a cool song. There's a ragga version of it too. Like a Dog has a swagger and more punk drive than some of the others. Hammerhead and Snafu keep up the pace then Hell Song and Rollin nail it. Just Don't know and Chop away some of that Izzy voodoo. Like a Dog is an epic closer.
  5. In South America on time is late. It's more of an accepted thing?
  6. I just found a million dollars that someone forgot. How come that never happens.
  7. New album this year rumour

    It's really how the new stuff blends with the old. But Scraped snd Sorry sound pretty different to most of CD. A Costanzo Slash session. It could be an even split. 6 reworked CD songs, 6 new Slash rockers.
  8. Axl is going to be late for these shows. They need Bach and Foo Fighters to open for them.
  9. New album this year rumour

    I see a Chinese Illusion hybrid album
  10. Izzys back in the studio

    Hell Song is pretty cool song. Rollin On. Stuff like Snafu only Izzy would do. Just Don't Know seems like his best riff since Brownstone. River opens with a couple of decent Izzy rockers. River is a classic song. River and Like a Dog are worth checking out.
  11. Yeah like he can come back if he apologizes in 2001. But at the same time the reunion happened after Slash said there was no animosity there anymore. Meaning there was some at some point. Maybe Slash was pissed up to certain point but I think whenever he went up to Axl's house is when it ended for him. But Axl still had navigate his career. It's like they had to get over it, to see it from a distance to just see it like everyone else. Like Duff said something about celebrating what they achieved. They never did that. Now they are. So that is cool.
  12. New album this year rumour

    Izzy had the cords, Axl had the poem. Then Axl heard Slash warming up on his guitar. They put it together. Izzy has a knack with a tune is my point. Not Izzy was the only factor. But you take him out. Even the great stuff Axl and Slash did still doesn't have such an ease about it. Maybe Izzy held them back, kept it more rock n roll. There's buckets of tunes which remind me of early Guns on solo albums. Punk rock n roll tunes a go go. But I understand Guns became more than that, with all the huge epic ballads which is what made them famous. Those really made them a stadium band they are now. But some of those hits like Don't Cry, Patience are very Izzy. Time Gone By and Shuffle it Allcould have been hits for GNR. River, Gotta Say. Haven't heard songs as easy as these from Slash or Axl. Catchy songs like some of the early Guns songs.
  13. New album this year rumour

    Izzy wrote the cords. The tune. Slash wrote the the iconic lick on top of that. But the melody is Izzy. Of course to make it a hit, it has to be all of them. But Izzy wrote it. I wrote this song for you.
  14. Izzys back in the studio

    So you don't have the albums? Like A Dog is pretty bad ass.