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  1. Happy Birthday! visiting the opium dens are we?? :rofl-lol:

  2. Happy Birthday! 

  3. Saw your pics from the Show last night, how was it? 

  4. how was the show?

  5. Guess the Movie by the Quote

    "You're so cool."
  6. What are you eating?

    A lot. 6 pack of Mini cheddars on bus. Went to Road to Jerusalem pub for two pints of ale and a pulled pork sandwich/apple sauce chips. Then went to Baresca for 10 quid Tapas deal. Lamb koftas, Ribs, some kind of fancy cous cous chips, choiros and squid, lamb aubergine, bottle of white wine, coffee. Then went to italian restaurant for anti-pasti and squash rissotto, bottle of red, ice cream and coffee.
  7. Atomic Weapons

    I read once that the blast radius was a mile? That didn't seem that bad. I know the fall out spreads further and that still wrecks a city. UK just opened a new nuclear power station. This is our only way out of this Brexitmess. We can't mess around anymore.
  8. Books/Reading Thread

    I wonder what makes them do this kind of stuff. What's wrong with Carl's jr,Will Ferrell movies and a Gin n Tonic?
  9. Books/Reading Thread

    Shanks aren't what they used to be.
  10. Charlie Sheen Has HIV (TMZ Source)

    Well, someone needs to do the ground work for VR sex on PS5.
  11. Charlie Sheen Has HIV (TMZ Source)

    Real reason #1 = $
  12. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    I'm actually in the UK now. Pound World a go go.
  13. War Movies

    Heaven and Earth by Olly Stone.
  14. Books/Reading Thread

    I think Ian Huntely got stabbed in prison recently. It's a british tv show where 3 celebish guests suggest things to banish to room 101. And the the host decides which one goes in.
  15. Books/Reading Thread

    I'm not doing so good with the reading. I can't stop watching this channel called Dave. Just marathons of Room 101. I read 2666 by Roberto Bolanos a while ago. That sort of fits the theme this thread has gone. But it's such a vast book it's hard to really talk about it. It kind of has a serial killer but he's put in context of history of murders of women in Mexico and also parts about nazis in WWII and kind of a dracula section. It seems very realistic but also completely surreal. After you finish it you feel like you should read it again.