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  1. We need a cricket thread here

    Seems he played for Scunthorpe and Yeovil at football while playing cricket.
  2. We need a cricket thread here

    I have this idea that he played for Doncaster Rovers at football but I've never checked to make sure it's true.
  3. We need a cricket thread here

    No brawling though. Just not cricket. Bothan smoked weed though I think. Cricket is a hard sell. The perils of the reading too many Wisdom cricket annuals.
  4. The Official SOCCER Thread 2016/2017

    They seem to go 1-0 down a lot. I don't think he's much of a man manager. I doubt he's firing up the players. They seem to still play football with 1 minute to go. There's always Spurs but they will have a dip in form. Maybe if Costa had taken the China deal, they are just defensively strong with attacking options so that's hard to beat. Kante and Matic are very strong in centre mid.
  5. We need a cricket thread here

    They were looking for leg side deflections, it was a subtle theory. Operation: Kill Bradman was the covert black op.
  6. The Official SOCCER Thread 2016/2017

    Is that that Michael Thomas goal? I think I've thought Arsenal would win it for the last 3 seasons. Like Liverpool they look good some weeks the next the players just don't look interested and there's no real leader to get them going. Depends if Chelsea lose it.
  7. We need a cricket thread here

    The Body Line series is what you are looking for.
  8. TRUMP Thread

    In 10 years Trump will be decorating Heaven with gold. God, you're a loser.
  9. The Official SOCCER Thread 2016/2017

    Garuanteed Champs league isn't bad. But as soon as he leaves anything could happen. Look at utd, they have Chelseas manager. Arsenal could end up with Capello.
  10. The Official SOCCER Thread 2016/2017

    Without Wenger they'd finish 8th though. Maybe Martinez is waiting in the wings.
  11. TRUMP Thread

    Trump's America.The North Korea of Blondes.
  12. TRUMP Thread

    Yeah, I mean they are both decent. Trump is hilarious though. Goes everywhere with about 8 blondes.
  13. TRUMP Thread

    Think Trump is married to Melania but he said he would date Ivanka. Bush senior is dying it looks like, but through his teeth he's still seems to be saying "nuke iran"
  14. TRUMP Thread

    I've survived Ivanka, I've never watched so much CNN.
  15. The Official SOCCER Thread 2016/2017

    I thought he got a 6 week ban. not that he does much on the touchline other than hug his knees if they go one down. What's the tactical change bring on Giroud? He should watch the games on the tv like me. Text them his comments: more intensity, pass it around more.