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  1. Slash and the Conspirators are supposed to record their latest album in May. I don't know what he has planned as far as new music with GNR.
  2. they were bandmates, not buddies. their friendship was a result of the band and ended when slash left the band. a contract can be written concerning the for shows by percentage of profit, rights and money for any dvd or audio release of tour, etc. slash doesn't have to seek ownership of name or live under axl's control to tour with him. my guess is he will have to put up with going on late and traveling separate and that is about it. if axl decides he wants to play cd songs i dont see why slash wouldnt improve the solos on them either and be fine with it. i dont see any issues they cant deal with. they will all be getting siginificantly more than what they are getting now for their work. You could be right about some of this. One of Slash's major hang ups is going on late. His concerts start on time if they are late for some reason he really gets upset or as upset as he can get about anything lol. He needs to be in constant motion, he does not like to sit and wait. I doubt it would bother Slash to travel separately. Axl might not like to give up control though, his feelings need to be considered also. I really do not know much about Axl. There are a lot of Slash fans that do not want any kind of reunion to happen. We will just have to wait and see.
  3. He said Slash was not happy with his remarks about Axl. Maybe Slash did not leave Ash any excuse except to apologize.
  4. Slash and Axl have gotten over some of their problems and can talk to each other now. That is all there is. Some of you need to look at the bigger picture between them. They have been apart so long that they probably do not even know each other very well any longer. Axl has never had dealings with a totally clean Slash. Neither one of them needs the other to work at their craft. A couple of other things to consider- the minute Slash walks out onto the stage and plays under the name of GNR, he will be working for Axl. That means Axl has total control of what is done concerning the band on and off the stage. That includes merchandising and media. Slash works for himself and has gotten use to having things his way. Slash also likes to create new music and Axl does not. Any talk of a reunion is very premature at this point so many things would need to be worked out. Who would sit down and help them work these things out? Beta and Perla? Perla is still very involved with the business end of Slash's career? And I believe that I have seen several postings here stating that Beta hates Slash.