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  1. 05/16/16 - Werchter, Belgium - Werchter Site

    Did you film this? Cause must have been filmed really close from were I was standing. We might have been a bit closer to the stage, but not much.
  2. Nederlanderrrrrrrrrrrr

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    2. LovelessNL


      Ouch, ik moest net wat boven Amsterdam zijn, maar heb echt geen momentje file gehad... Ben ook niet op de A6 geweest maar in NL eigenlijk alleen A16/A27/A2/A9

    3. MB.


      Haha, nee het parkeervak heette A6, oeps nee het heette A1. In ieder geval slim gedaan van je!;)

    4. LovelessNL


      Ik heb zo m'n momenten. Niet heel vaak :') 
      Maar was er ook wel blij mee, het is eigenlijk wel een beetje tegen m'n principe in om eerder weg te gaan, maar nou ja, was niet naast de deur enzo... En heeft me uiteindelijk wel fors wat tijdswinst opgeleverd denk ik.

  3. 05/16/16 - Werchter, Belgium - Werchter Site

    Funny to hear somany were in the pit. I was as well and with Lio! I had so much fun. It was a great show. The crowd was a bit mellow, but that's how Belgians are basicly. Besides, thiscrowd was certainly older, lots of people above 50 and I also saw lots of kids.But they were certainly into it. Didn't hear any negative stuff about his singing or performance. He could have done without the changing outfits though, AC/DC fans said it was gay. I danced, screamed and was singing along and so were a bunch of others were I was standing. I totally lost it on 'you shook me', it fits perfect with his voice. 'For those about to rock' was greatas well, he nailed it so good. There was a fight in the front at one point for a short while. There were some middleaged drunks trying to get infront, pushing everybodyand they got punched. All and all had a great time, it was awesome to have been there and enjoy it with Lio. <3
  4. Happy Birthday Alfie!!!

    You are older than me. I am 38 for a couple of years now 😜. Anyway glad you had a nice time, you deserved that ❤️
  5. General Chat / Random Musings

    Max Verstappen!!!!!!!!!
  6. After Bon died, AC/DC has never been aboutthe singer on stage though. The main guy on stage is Angus, so in that regard, him sitting is fine. If AXlcould run around, I can already hear people complaining about him wanting to steal Angus show. It might be a good thing at the moment.
  7. Axl/DC Roll Call

    I will be going to Werchter
  8. I would have loved to see AC/DC with Brian. Couldn't get a hold of tickets, sold out in no time. He deserves lots of respect. But Angus and Axl on the same stage is a one time thing and very interesting. I understand hardcore AC/DC fans selling their tickets. Axl Rose is personality wise so weird to see in a band like AC/DC. However 'yay' them selling their tickets now, I could buy tickets for less money then the orginal price.
  9. I saw tickets on livenation
  10. Best thing, he can't go on that late. All they need to do is lift him up and put him in his chair. It's not like he can run away ?
  11. Lol, I am going to see it. All AC/DC fans selling their tickets and GNR fans buying it.
  12. General Chat / Random Musings

    I changed my avatar.
  13. Reunion by far. But Axl and AC/DC would be pretty cool as well. Don't like the reason though.AC/DC with Brian is actually what would be a lot better, hope Briangets well soon.
  14. Terrorist attack thread

    Lol, are you even following the whole refugee thing? Theydo leave their faimilies, only not to fight but to flee. Most refugees are young men. Not blaming them, it's not a save trip going over the water and all. They hope to bring over the family as soon as possible. But to answer Adriftatsea, like I said most are not fleeing from IS alone, most are also fleeing Assad. They don't want to fight his war and they don't want to join IS.
  15. Terrorist attack thread

    The reached their quota Pappy, it's no their problem.?