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  1. The Official SOCCER Thread 2015/2016

    Well he is pretty arrogant and when screwing up, it's never his fault. Just read his book, it's a great read btw. I can't help loving him, he is such an amazing player. I am happy to have seen him play many times. Ajax fans adore him still. We are proud that he started his career with us.
  2. The Official SOCCER Thread 2015/2016

    Suarez is an amazing player. It's often overlooked cause of the bite incidents, but he is brilliant. We still love him a lot here, just as we love Ibra another amazing player who started his international career with us. My two favorite players for many years now. <3
  3. The Official SOCCER Thread 2015/2016

    Suarez <3 Just want to point out Ajax found him
  4. R.I.P. Glenn Frey (Eagles)

    Oh wow. I just saw a whole documentary about the Eagles. I don't really like them, but they had a few nice songs. Like the others above, have a whole lot respect for them. RIP
  5. The Official SOCCER Thread 2015/2016

    It wasn't aimed against you Lenny.
  6. General Chat / Random Musings

    Lol Gracii, didn't know you had it in you. This post made me laugh ot loud.
  7. The Official SOCCER Thread 2015/2016

    Ay, rumours from The Sun, from "that" article, which have all been busted as 100% false years and years ago. That's kind of my point; all of the bile that Chris1989 spews has been proven false yet he still says it as though it's a fact. As I said, call LIverpool FC shit, call Gerrard shit, whatever, but talking shit about a tragedy just makes you a cunt, and that is as a human, not as a Liverpool supporter. Yeah that's unfortunately how it works Pappy. The authorities mess up and gossip some shit stories to the Sun to cover it up. Since The sun is read by a whole lot of idiots, who will take everything the Sun writes as fact and will never follow up on the story they keep on beleiving that. The new report and apology made does not interest them, the orginal story fits their agenda.
  8. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I did the test, I it's totally Hillary for me, like 97%. But I also scored Trump pretty high, that was disturbing .
  9. Well no worries, I would rather see them in the Ziggo dome anyway. My festival days are behind me.
  10. General Chat / Random Musings

    I missed you Pappy! It's really nice seeing you posting.
  11. The Official SOCCER Thread 2015/2016

    Seriously, so those 96 people who died brought it on themselves? What are you saying here? I am really shocked.Sure among the Liverpool fans there were a lot of hooligans in those days, but the authorities made huge mistakes in this case. Even if they opened the entry cause of the behaviour, they are still to blame. The police was there to control those guys, not to let them lose. But I don't believe that was even the real reason, I thought it was not the reason in the new official report. To top that the medical help was too late, cause they didn't open the iron fieldfences. It's shocking what happened. How the stadium was built was too dangerous, the fences, the turnstiles, the standing terraces. Lots of reasons why it was such a disaster. You can't put the blame of this by the fans, certainly not since so many kids died that day as well. Why should the new official report be ignored? Clearly the old orginal report was a cover up, cause it was easy to blame the hooligans. I am glad the authorities finally apoligized, like the should have all these years ago. Hope the family of the kids who died there can find some peace now.
  12. RIP Alan Rickman

    RIP, so sad hearing this. Really great actor
  13. R.I.P. David Bowie

    I was totally into his music in my teens. Even before that already.
  14. David Bowie Appreciation Thread

    The movie Merry Christmas mr. Lawrence is a great movie as well. I absolutaly love it. The music for it composed by co star Ryuichi Sakamoto is great and should get a mention as well. I loved Bowie since a young kid, I am so sad.
  15. R.I.P. David Bowie

    I had tears in my eyes hearing this. He was such a legend, so much respect for him. Not to mention loved his music. RIP