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  1. That's how it is in my country. But http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/737827/Europe-laws-anti-terror-jihadis-Holland-citizens
  2. There are hardly places selling good fries in the centre of the city, it goes for every food basicly.
  3. Just finished a 'patatje oorlog', it was yummie. I had to search a bit for a place with good fries and good sauce, when I first moved here. It's a bit of a challenge at times. You need fresh fries and fresh oil, a place were they refresh it often enough to stay good.
  4. No, it was horrible. The first time they won 4-1. But this time the lost 3-1. See why I was afraid the last minutes.
  5. It's mostly a Dutch and Belgium thing and the way we eat it. I love mayo, ketchup and choppep onions, that we call a special. Also the combination of mayo, saté sauce and chopped onions is great.
  6. Yeah Ajax! That was so horrible, I was too afraid to watch the last minutes. The players of Ajax are so young (average 21) the pressure is a lot at that age. But they did it, yay! oh Len, at times Kluivert's son plays with the main team of Ajax now.
  7. The hand on the shoulder pic, can be explained easily. Unfortunately my english is not good enough to do well. But it has something to do with how long it took to take a pic, people had to sit still a very long time without moving. Many simulat old 'spooky' pics can be explained. A technical story, anyway that pic is not spooky.
  8. Aw, He did love the Sex Pistols, so he had some That vid made me all sad again. Not sure why his death upsetted me so much, but it did. Maybe cause he was so famous, when I grew up and it was so unexpected. It's weird, cause I loved the music of Prince way more, yet his death didn't made me so upset. Also I think GM was a way better songwriter as most people thought. I was kind of waiting for his best work to come. I really liked GM, not only his later music, but also as a person. His interviews were so nice to watch. So sad most remember the scandal and not his work. Anyway it upsetted me a whole lot and not sure exactly why.
  9. If there is a god, this guy is telling him now, how it could be done better. (I don't believe there is, but the thought is funny)
  10. Danmit, I loved buying toys in the UK. Back to the US and Germany now.
  11. Well, in most Europe countries you have the liberals on one side and the socialist on the other side. In between a whole lot of others parties. The US democratic party can be compared with our liberals and Trump basicly with our extreme right party. But only his ideas about immigrants, cause even those are more left about other stuff.
  12. Lol, being liberal in my country means you vote right.
  13. Let your husband work with you, so it's only one hour work, lol.
  14. That was pretty awesome! He is talking about Taiji and if you want to know all of the horror, just go to Seasheperds page. There is also a doc about it, called The Cove. Anyway the methods how it's done is sickening. Another thing what would help is stop going to dolphins shows/themeparcs!!!!. Those are a big reason what keeps this going on. The fishermen make a lot of money with selling the dolphin baby's, more than selling the meat. I always loved Matt for giving this attention. Pretty awesome Slash spoke out against it as well.
  15. I would be so annoyed, yes