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  1. If there is a god, this guy is telling him now, how it could be done better. (I don't believe there is, but the thought is funny)
  2. Danmit, I loved buying toys in the UK. Back to the US and Germany now.
  3. Well, in most Europe countries you have the liberals on one side and the socialist on the other side. In between a whole lot of others parties. The US democratic party can be compared with our liberals and Trump basicly with our extreme right party. But only his ideas about immigrants, cause even those are more left about other stuff.
  4. Lol, being liberal in my country means you vote right.
  5. Let your husband work with you, so it's only one hour work, lol.
  6. That was pretty awesome! He is talking about Taiji and if you want to know all of the horror, just go to Seasheperds page. There is also a doc about it, called The Cove. Anyway the methods how it's done is sickening. Another thing what would help is stop going to dolphins shows/themeparcs!!!!. Those are a big reason what keeps this going on. The fishermen make a lot of money with selling the dolphin baby's, more than selling the meat. I always loved Matt for giving this attention. Pretty awesome Slash spoke out against it as well.
  7. I would be so annoyed, yes
  8. That sucks so much If Trump really was the tough guy, as he wants to come across, he should have added Saudi Arabia. I mean of all countries, that is the worst. But seems he has business interests there, so . But most attacks are done by people already in the country, so guess he should throw out every muslim as well. Anyway, totally ridicullous actions of Trump, this will only create more hate. Shameful
  9. I know there were a lot of people in that chat. But that particular chat happend like 5 years ago, when he was still a kid (kind off). Yes, I heard of that chat. Anyway, not going to waste that many words on it. I just felt, I had to say something, cause he was so young at the time. And eventhough he could make annoying threads, he wasn't all bad. He knew everything about GNR. Not to mention Axl's hair😂
  10. You are all forgetting that Miser knew everything about GNR and whenever you needed a quote or pic he could find it for you. Eventhough his AG posts could be weird, very annoying, but at times totally hilarious in a scary way, his GNR posts were often just fine. Besides he helped people find GNR stuff whenever they needed something. He helped me find GNR info several times actually. And Graeme whatever happened in your stupid skype chats, shouldn't be discussed on this forum, cause it wasn't a chat of this forum. You probably shared stuff you don't want to see mentioned here as well. You should have kept that to yourself. Ugh, don't understand why you mentioned that on a public forum. I know Miser shared the most private stuff, but that doesn't mean you should share private info of skype chats. Ugh.
  11. So agreeing with you. It's dangerous to underestimate cyber warfare, people should wake up in that department. We totally depend on technology nowadays, so it's the battlefield of today. Great posts Fitha_whiskey.
  12. I loved MTV though, all through the 80s. I actually saved my allowance to buy a TV just to see it as much as possible. To be fair, the fun things were broadcasted after 10pm, that sucked though.
  13. I agree, certainly an overreaction. Just stand for it. The comments were so funny to read, should have stayed, it was highly entertaining.
  14. The 'dear white guy' vid, was the funniest thing ever!!!!!! I laughed so hard when I first saw it! Another vid on MTV taught me it wasn't racist, cause you can't be racist to white guys. MTV took it down, cause it had such negative reactions. However if you check out MTV, you find lots of vids, like these and all have more thumbs down than up, it should tell them something. Funniest stuff ever, not only the vids, but the comments as well
  15. I think religion is mostly just used as a tool, it's always been that way. A way to get followers and keep people together, cause in the end it all comes down to power, money and well nowadays oil. In Africa on a daily basis whole villages are getting slaughtered, but we don't really give a shit about that, nothing to get there. The middle east is interesting cause of the oil, money interests. The middle east is an highly complicated area, with lots tribes, religions and they all don't like eachother. A good way to keep it together is to have a mutual enemy, while still making lots of money from them by selling them oil. Just like the press here is creating more fear against Islam, feeding that. Which is why we should look at who benefits most from the middle east situation. Not only the US can be blamed, that's a too leftwinged thought. Other oil countries like Russia, Saudie Arabia for example benefit from an ustable middle east. There are no good and bad guys, don't be fooled. To blame the US for everything is just stupid and dangerous.