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  1. Amsterdam

    You have more brands making hagelslag.Every supermarket sells their own. You can buy it for 1 euro but another brand. De Ruijter is best though. Oh, but this: https://www.dutchexpatshop.com/nl/brands/de-ruijter/?gclid=Cj0KEQjwi_W9BRD_3uio_Jz-p8UBEiQANU80vqtRW3_GUsCy6QVANh3AVgNHAqL-p2_1cI9TannWM7oaAsb98P8HAQ 2,94 euro a box this way.
  2. Amsterdam

    And this
  3. Amsterdam

    So this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!πŸ‘πŸ» And if likedrugtourists spend any real money, lol. I moved out the city a couple of years ago (just outside though)to raise my kids elsewhere. Would move right back in,if not for those drugstourists thinking the city belongsto them. Stop patronizing us Snakes. It's not we hate tourists, it's not we mind them smoking weed at times, we mind drugstourists. Those who piss, puke, sleep, being loud on the streets at night tourists. Those who jump out of windows thinking they can fly. Those who don't have any respect for the city and it's history.Those who often are notonly smokingweed, but also are looking for stronger stuff. Those who think using drugs on the streets is totally fine. Whatdo I explain my kids, when people are stoned out of their mind, smoking, snoring,sleeping, looking like shitand we pass? My kids are scared of those people. I love London, I love GB and I love it's history. It's actually an hobby of mine. I would never visitKensington palace totally drunk or stoned,like they are doinghere in our museums. I have way too much respect for your history. Oh and visiting Kensington, guess who lived there? Your dutch king William III. He even was one of founders of the bank of England. There you go, our history was not totally unimportant.
  4. Amsterdam

    Lol and they don't put mayonaise on their chips. Just ugh...no mayonaise!!!!! https://youtu.be/f24DOkYMa6o
  5. Describe marijuana in your own eyes.

    Yes and lol! It's like saying London is depending on thetourists visiting theirpubs! We are not only living from drugtourism you know. That's just a very small percentage, lol. We do have normal touristsand the city is working hard to get mainly those. We also have many people from within Holland visiting the city forshopsor the museums.Amsterdam is mostly living from thebusiness as well. It's an international business centre. Lol, drugtourists don't spend that much money, except in the coffeeshops in the centre ofcourse. They are certainly not spending lots of money in shops etc. Yeah maybe to buy a waterpipe or hagelslag. Iworked (loooong time ago) in a coffeeshop outside the centre, not that many tourists there. Locals also smoke pot, big shocker I know. Anyway I don't mind tourists smoking weed, as long as that's not the only thing, they are interested in. So yeah, drugstourism is not wanted by us. It's only wanted by the few hotels, coffeeshops and hookers in the red light district. A part of town, the city is working hard on to clean up! But tourists in general is wanted and if they smoke some weed fine, as long as they behave and not coming only for that. So we do want tourists, just not 'out of window jumping' drugstourists. I take a busload of Chinese over a drugtourists anytime. They spend a whole lot of money and do visit the museums. Good thing, we are getting more and more of those.
  6. Amsterdam

    Yeah, we don't have any cool museums.Hagelslag, sex and weed, that's Amsterdam. But if you want to see a tiny bit more, cause you are too stoned to walk for example, you can watch paintingsof those insignificant painters, like Rembrandt, Vermeer, Van Gogh stuff like that. But only if you are bored though, otherwise nevermind not that they were really important painters or anything.
  7. Amsterdam

    In Rotterdam there is actually a lot of nice stuff as well. Lots of modern architecturebuildings. It was totally bombed in WWII so when rebuilding it, they used famous architects to do it. TheZoo is fun there, you can watch sharks. Going on the euromast is cool. You can also book a boat trip to see the huge docs over there. But Rotterdam is not a city I go to very often. We just don't, lol. Maybe username can help you better with that.πŸ˜‰ Well, in Amsterdam, Iwould certainly go tothe Rijksmuseum and van Gogh museum, those you shouldn't miss.The jewish history museum is really interesting.Buy your ticketsonline it saves you a lot of time. The canal tour is fun, but don't take the hour one, it's so boring. btw book late and go to booking.com you often can find a cheap, but nice hotel on there. They often have great discounts.
  8. Amsterdam

    9 straatjes are the best to shop and do lunchπŸ‘πŸ». http://de9straatjes.nl/en/home
  9. Amsterdam

    Anyway, the big museums ofcourse. Rijks, Van Gogh, Stedelijkmuseum and oh and Rembrandthouse. furthermore, Anne Frank house, jewish history museum, resistence museum, hermitage, new church (nieuwe kerk) on the Dam, Amsterdam museum, onze lieve vrouwe op zolder (church), shipping museum, if you ever come with your kid, pretty certain you would love Nemo (science museum). Be the tourist and jump in a boat tour. Vondelpark to take a rest. Don't eat shoarma or Argentinian in the centre. It makes you throw up. Go eat in the Jordaan or Loetje aan 't Ij (great steak and at the docs) or the other one on the Vermeerstraat.A walk through the Jordaan is fun. Nice shops and places to eat/lunch. You can also visit the three towers (churches) like the Westertoren.http://www.westertorenamsterdam.nl Just let me know where you are interested in, and I reply.πŸ˜‰
  10. Amsterdam

    Are you a couple of days in Amsterdam or Rotterdam?
  11. Describe marijuana in your own eyes.

    See, I am not the only one with this opinionπŸ‘πŸ». So this!!!! Exactly!πŸ˜‰ Besides they mainly go to my city. It still annoys me, when people don't go watch Rembrandt's or Van Gogh'spaintings, but do see the coffeeshops'. We have so much to offer, in a way I find it offensive. I actually don't dislike weed. I have no problem people using it once in a while. I once even worked in a coffeeshop, but didn't smoke myself.My best friend gets it for free from her doctor's cause she is suffering from a nerve disease. I use drops without the THC also against pain, so I don't get high by it. So the product has a lot of goodthings to offer. I personally don't like getting high, it makes me eat and sleep. Don't see the fun in that. I rather drink a good glass of wine or cognac personally. But don't care if somebody smokes it at times. However people who smoke it daily or multiple times a day often annoy me. But that comes from personal experience with people.The weed in my country has so much THC, it often does give problems in the long run. I also hate the fuss about it, just as Username.If I go to a concert, a lot of timesthe artist/band is stoned out of his mind. Bragging about visiting a coffeeshop, while we role our eyes and think 'goddammit, hope he can still give a good show'. It's not interesting or cool here, actually it might be the opposite.
  12. The vid is just not very clear on it's own. Like I said, was it a daily, weekly, monthly thing? After her donating the money and her behaviour through all of this, she won my respect and I believe her. I once had a boyfriend, who was a complete bad drunk. Nights out always ended, with him being an ass. Personally my reaction was not the same as Amber's. No smoothing things over, just calling him a few names, shutting the bedroom door and give him the silence treatment untill sobered up. I looked at him, as a bad annoying drunk. I never tried to talk to him, like Amber did in the vid, when he was in that mood. No use in that, it just made him behaving even worse. Heonce threw the vacuumcleaner through the house and I helped him, by throwing it off the balkony and be done with it. But if Johnny was at times also physically abusive in that mood, I canunderstand her reaction. Like not wanting to push anymore buttons that could upset him. This vid only proves him being a bad drunk, but her reaction is more telling actually. Also some of you are way too harsh on Adrift. It's hard not to project personal experiences as Adrift faced on situations like this one. There are different levelsof abuse (it's all bad ofcourse), but if your experience is to get the shit beaten out of you and you see a vidlike this, you think 'well if this is all he done,it's not that bad'. While if you never had anyexperience at all, this already seems really bad. Not saying, I share her first stated opinion, just trying to clearify where she is probably coming from. It's not so black and white.
  13. I didn't think at all. Maybe he actually always was to begin with, could be true as well. That's why I was guessing.
  14. She did act like a battered woman in the vid. Totally trying to smooth things over. Actually it annoyed me, she did behave like a victim.I hate bad drunks. Go be a bad drunk somewhere else. I trash the kitchen for you, I would save you the effort. Oh, but that makes me anabuser myself right? Whatever, I don't really see mental abuse in this vid, just an annoying drunk. Butif this behaviour wasa daily or weekly routine,it totally is. Seeing her reaction, it was a routine and therefor he probably was an abuser to her. Heard donated all the money, think it's very cool of her andthat makes me believing her. AlsoDepp acts like a total loser in this vid, lost a lot of respect for him. He is over 50,grow up! Think if you are as famous and loved as Depp was,you lose sight of reality and think everybody has to do exactly what you want. Guessthat's why he turned into a major dick. I am just guessing, so not sure if this is true.
  15. Terrorist attack thread

    Oh that must be nervewrecking. Hope it will be allright. I have been to Nice many times and the boulevard is such a fun and beatifulpart off the city. It will now forever has a dark side to it. Lots of kids were there as well. What a horrible thing.