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  1. Axl/DC Roll Call

    I will be going to Werchter
  2. I would have loved to see AC/DC with Brian. Couldn't get a hold of tickets, sold out in no time. He deserves lots of respect. But Angus and Axl on the same stage is a one time thing and very interesting. I understand hardcore AC/DC fans selling their tickets. Axl Rose is personality wise so weird to see in a band like AC/DC. However 'yay' them selling their tickets now, I could buy tickets for less money then the orginal price.
  3. I saw tickets on livenation
  4. Best thing, he can't go on that late. All they need to do is lift him up and put him in his chair. It's not like he can run away ?
  5. Lol, I am going to see it. All AC/DC fans selling their tickets and GNR fans buying it.
  6. General Chat / Random Musings

    I changed my avatar.
  7. Reunion by far. But Axl and AC/DC would be pretty cool as well. Don't like the reason though.AC/DC with Brian is actually what would be a lot better, hope Briangets well soon.
  8. Terrorist attack thread

    Lol, are you even following the whole refugee thing? Theydo leave their faimilies, only not to fight but to flee. Most refugees are young men. Not blaming them, it's not a save trip going over the water and all. They hope to bring over the family as soon as possible. But to answer Adriftatsea, like I said most are not fleeing from IS alone, most are also fleeing Assad. They don't want to fight his war and they don't want to join IS.
  9. Terrorist attack thread

    The reached their quota Pappy, it's no their problem.?
  10. Terrorist attack thread

    Ofcourse they haven't been draggeddown to Hades Pappy, cause they do this: http://www.euronews.com/2016/01/20/norway-sends-syrian-refugees-back-to-russia/
  11. Terrorist attack thread

    Today in Iraq an IS suiicidebomber blew himself up during a football tournemennt, killing at least 30 people and among them 17 kids.
  12. Terrorist attack thread

    Yeah, that's what I meant with nutcases of your own? Thanks for your answer Soulmonster, good to see you do understand were we are coming from.
  13. Terrorist attack thread

    Nah, that's what we think Dazey, but since it's the same in Sweden, don't think that's it?
  14. Terrorist attack thread

    Sorry Soulmonster, but you live in Norway. It's probably the best country of Europe. You guys don't have to worry that much, except maybe some nutcases of your own.Most immigrants you have, are people from other western European countries. And when you do get 'too much refugees',, you send them back to the main land. Your country isn't floaded like Sweden, Germany and England. It's hard to get into Norway, so people chose other countries. It's easy for you to talk. Those countries have no problem with 'modest' immigration, but that is not what's going on the moment. I would suggest countries like Norway and Denmark to open their boarders more, but pretty sure that's not going to happen. Norway always pretends to be so 'left and socialistic', but it's not. Well, notwhen it comes to immigration of people from other countries, then western europe. So Norway adjusted their quotas and send the refugees back to the main land, thanks so much! While you are the basicly the richest country in Europe and have most space. Lol. Easy for you guys to stay all 'liberal' about this issue.
  15. Terrorist attack thread

    I think, thereare only a few people thinking whatyou said and most people feel bad for other countries and the people living there and do care. Actually I think when people say, what you are saying, I get very annoyed, cause I don't think it's the truthfor most people.I believe most think otherwise, press or no press.Well at least in my surrounding. Actually we have a refugee centre close by and the whole neighberhood was busy giving the people furniture, clothes, toysand such, tried to make them feel welcome. We have also worked hard for an organisation who brought stuff to refugee camps in Syria and Iraq.Most people are not as disconnected with other parts of the world as you make it seem or as you might believe. In my country most of the attacks in the world are in the news, only obviously Belgium is more in the news and we obviously feel more threatened about that and more involved. I don't feel bad of what anybody says, I just think it's stupid when people say stuff like Dazey did. I just disagree, cause my experience is totally diffferent.