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  1. I wonder who also sounds like a broken record
  2. Celebrity owned car on sale ( Axl Rose) on ebay

    why would he not want to be in a range rover....
  3. Axl Rose's BMW 325i

    yeah he can drive. He owns a lot of cars and there have been sightings on him in malibu driving so i guess he must have. Also if you ever saw the better video, axl was driving a ferrari enzo in that with a police escort.
  4. So somebody knows someone on another forum, who knows someone in vegas who told him this. Doesnt exactly seem like the most believeable backstory... But even so, how would removing a cutout of slash be supprising or weird. If the current band were playing a residency they would want to focus on the current band, that is just common sense.
  5. Batshit Crazy?

    yes he is a multi millionaire off his radio show and the product placement (funny how he creates panic that something is about to happen just as he gets sponsored by a survival company). im not sure whether alex is either kind of crazy or just a great actor who is able to fool his (mostly) not too bright demographic.
  6. Batshit Crazy?

  7. Batshit Crazy?

    kinda confused why you are posting it but ok...
  8. GNR and Duff Mckagan's Twitters

    I can imagine tommy doing his own thing for a big of time, and duff filling in for him.
  9. GNR and Duff Mckagan's Twitters

    I havent seen it yet, what did they say?
  10. Will Axl's Voice Recover?

    In the latest videos his voice sounded pretty good.
  11. Vegas Setlist(s) General Discussion Thread

    and combo of get in the ring and one in a million
  12. Venue changes in SA tour

    20000 does sound optimistic for slash though, even in south america.
  13. GnR doing 12 shows in Vegas General Discussion Thread.

    wheres the quote in you're sig from?