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  1. Forum Upgrade Thread - Report/Discuss Problems Here

    Thanks HV,all the old ones got wiped?
  2. Forum Upgrade Thread - Report/Discuss Problems Here

    I can no longer see my profile views. Is there an enable button somewhere?
  3. It's a question. Could be trying to make us all second guess the rumours.
  4. Would be awesome if LA residing Nightrainmembers 'sitting tight' received a special invitation to a special gig this Friday night. ?
  5. He can take the credit, except the dickhead forgot about this tweet from Slash in 2012:- "Duff's bday yesterday, the redhead's today, Happy Birthday fuckers! iiiI; )'"
  6. Slash posted rehearsal photo?

    If you do your homework it's not hard to work out what studio this is....
  7. Dear Bruce, Sarcasm is the ability to insult idiots without them realiizing until years later........