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  1. Slash tour dates 2012 - MyGNR official roll call!

    I'll be at the Mönchengladbach show
  2. I'm suprised Axl went along with having the old AFD shirt as the including merch. Would have made more sense having the DJ(?) designed shirt with the new members on that they sold during the 2010 leg, or some other cool new design. I was waiting too see what you'd get, seeing this it's an easy desicion not to buy a membership.
  3. What are you listening to right now?

    The Cult - She Sells Sanctuary
  4. @Powerage5 and others. I've been getting into Iron Maiden lately (partly because of your many posts) and I had a great time watching the Flight 666 documentary. I picked up the En Vivo DVD today and also their latest album. Where should a Maiden newbie begin otherwise? Which albums would you (and others) recommend? Also are there any good books/bios about the band? Kind of a collector of rock/metal bios etc. Cheers, Enties
  5. Robin's TIL solo

    Does anyone know which type of guitar Robin uses on this solo? And for the rest of his work on CD?
  6. LA Forum and Dec. 30th LV Joint Shows on Live Internet PPV!

    Does the iClips website still work? I was just finally getting to watch it and 30 minutes in it seems they've locked the clips, it just stopped....wtf?
  7. Your concerts in 2011

    May 6 - Rush @ Ericsson Globe, Stockholm June 11 - Roger Waters @ O2 in Hamburg July 24 - Roxette @ Trädgårn, Gothenburg
  8. New song from Tommy feat. Fortus & Dizzy

    That was really cool. Great song.
  9. "Axl Rose's Dressing Room Revealed"

    Short summary: 8 minutes or so was pure GNR stuff. Showed where Axl and the band stays, Axl had his own little place apart from the band. Alot of alcohol was shown, .. said Frank collects wine which was pretty funny. Short interview with DJ, said he had been welcomed amazingly by the band. Also said it was one big happy family. They showed Axl's tent with tv monitors, mic so he can talk with the crew and band during the concert etc. 4 short comments from the crowd. One positive, two "where is Slash??" and one "they were late qq" etc. Link to it: http://svtplay.se/v/2220926/psl/del_2_av_8__my_way_-_otextad fastforward 20 mins or so.
  10. Guns N' Roses, 13 October 2010, London (Discussion)

    Just have to ask, the e-mail we got with some sort of new transport information dosen't work for me. It's a link to a PDF file, but the link is dead for me. Does it work for everyone else?
  11. anyone got there uk tickets yet?

    It seems it's for everyone coming from outside the UK. Me and my friend are flying from Sweden, no worries though we'll have a party in the queue rock1
  12. Guns N' Roses - o2 Dublin September 1st

    Supposedly another bottle has been thrown and the bands gone offstage
  13. Guns N' Roses - o2 Dublin September 1st

    According too HTGTH they are on since 10:25 with Intro, CD.
  14. Guns N' Roses to Sweden Rock Festival

    The concert time is 11.30pm to 2 am (starts in 1 hour). Pretty sure Jarmo is there, so I think he will give updates on HTGTH. Will post them here if noone else does.
  15. Swedish Magazine Slams Axl

    Suprise suprise, Aftonbladet is at it again. So sick and tired of all the shit that paper spews out every single day. Just ignore basically everything they write. Can't understand the people that write these articles, pathetic.