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  1. So right off the bat i'm not a huge Depeche Mode fan. But i heard their new song today called Heaven. And i couldn't stop thinking is this the type of sound Axl wanted on some of the slower songs off CD? Slow with some piano/electronic tinges and dark lyrics? Of course the GnR stuff would have more guitar but i could certainly see him trying for something along those lines with stuff like Madagascar; something that sounds interesting and dark but more 'modern' with some nice touches of electronic. I could certainly see GnR taking that formula and running with it, given enough work/focus was put into it.
  2. 1999 version of Chinese Democracy

    Is there a newer version of Oh My god floating around? Just curious as you mention Ashba...
  3. Why do people wear Gn'R shirts to Gn'R shows?

    Agreed! I wore my shirt from the 2002 tour to the Jersey show. Why? Because when i bought the shirt at Madison Square Garden i was 17 and wanted something to remember the concert by. Now that i'm about 8 years older i am still amazed at the fact that i have it and why not be proud of the fact that i have seen this band before and that i've been supporting them for a while? To me it's like wearing an old school sports jersey. If you have a real one it means you've been a fan for a while and there is nothing in the 'rules' about that.
  4. Hilarious article about Axl on Cracked

    Agreed this one was hilarious
  5. The Official - Frank Ferrer drummer thread

    I've seen frank with the band twice now. First time in Hammerstein in 06 and this past thursday at the Izod Center. The first time i saw him i wasn't very impressed (i was also very drunk). The other night i could not believe how fluid and powerful he was behind the drum set. Outside of Brain he's my favorite GnR drummer.
  6. 2 things. First Bach is excited about oatmeal in the morning so i'm not going to trust his judgement. Second it does seem that while GnR picks openers that their fans may not particularly like (i go back to the last few times i've seen them with CKY, Buillet for my Valentine, etc.) but they do pick bands that are always going to be the 'next big thing' even going back to the 90s when Soundgarden was opening for them.
  7. According to the Izod Center Facebook page they are in the process of confirming Asking Alexandria as the opener... never heard of them but after a quick listen to a song on youtube they are terrible...
  8. My first Guns N' Roses show! Who else is going? I've been to this venue 2 other times, for Rammstein and Ozzy, and the sound isn't the greatest from what I remember, but it's not the worst. I probably won't be doing setlist updates, as I'll be trying to focus on the show more since it's my first, but depending on how well my battery holds up, I'll try to upload pictures to my facebook throughout, and anyone who is friends with me on there can post them, just as long as it's just the pictures. GUNS N' ROSES North America Tour 2011 November 17th, 2011 East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA IZOD Center Show start time: Ticket says 8:00 -- No official/scheduled opener -- Guns N' Roses Setlist I will be there with my fiance. This is show number 3 for me and the first one for her. Funny to think that my first GnR show was in 2002 (i was in high school), second was in2006- 2007 i believe (in college). And this one will be after just completing my masters degree and getting engaged.
  9. East Rutherford nj November 17

    Is anyone planning on any kind of fan get together?
  10. East Rutherford nj November 17

    Yes! Guns n Roses and mini Guns n Roses. Very excited about this now!
  11. Openers

  12. Oh My God to be played at Kansas City?

    So, was it played last night?
  13. Openers

    +100000 It's not that far away. How can we still not know?
  14. Personally i like the theme park looking picture. I think it would make for great art work. Not sure that bringing out some new stage props means anything though... Might just have to take it at face value, they're just stage props.
  15. ~NEW SHOW~ Albany, NY November 23rd 2011

    Nice, only about an hour away from my house. Might have to hit up this show as well