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  1. Happy Birthday Lithium

    Happy birthday! Have a good one.
  2. Ladies, do you like bananas?

    Yes, I do.
  3. Happy Birthday Leigh-Rok!

  4. Happy Birthday Leigh-Rok!

    Happy Birthday!
  5. Who will have the last ever post on MYGNR?

  6. Dedicate a song to a forum member!

    For Tamzin.
  7. The MyGnR Simpsons Thread

  8. Things you want

    ^I'm jealous. I want a sphynx kitty and a panda.
  9. The MyGnR Simpsons Thread

  10. Fears and Scariness

  11. cats vs.dogs

    That explains why I'm a lesbian.
  12. The MyGnR Simpsons Thread

    Hi, I'm Troy McClure. You might remember me from such self-help videos as "Smoke Yourself Thin", and "Get Confident, Stupid".
  13. Slipknot vs. Justin Bieber

    Love it.
  14. The MyGnR Simpsons Thread

    Hello Mr Thompson.
  15. The MyGnR Simpsons Thread

    Nothing's better than the Simpsons. If you don't like them, I don't like you. First seasons are better than the last. It's hard to pick my favorite episodes, but I love that one where Homer eats the fugu fish, I married Marge, The city of NY vs Homer Simpson, Homer the Heretic, The mysterious voyage of Homer, etc, etc. Favorite character: Homer Simpson. Honorable mentions: Ned Flanders, Seymour Skinner, Edna Krabappel, Lionel Hutz, Hans & Jasper, and the crazy cat lady.