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  1. No lie, I listened to this song hundreds of times in 2002:
  2. Do you know if this is the same for tomorrow as well?
  3. Thought it was OK, I didn't buy anything. I wouldn't go out of your way for it.
  4. Friend of mine posted on Facebook that a mate of his is looking to sell 2 x standing tickets for this gig at £85 each.
  5. Still need to finish first Beyond Good & Evil, only got halfway through almost 10 years ago. Anthem is intriguing, certainly looks beautiful but I play Bioware RPGs for single-player experience/stories. Like the VR stuff, but I can't see myself getting VR until at least the 2nd gen Vive/Rift etc. and a price drop. Spider-Man looks neat but I need to see more web-swinging to see how it compares to Spider-Man 2.
  6. I walk down that street every evening on my walk home from work, might pop in on Thursday.
  7. Had a free ticket so I checked it out last night. The opening scenes on the island were really jarring for me; it seemed like something out of an '80s schlocky fantasy film, which would have been fine if everything wasn't so straight-faced. Then Chris Pine entered the film and it became a lot more enjoyable. All the fish out of water scenes were great, I thought him and Gadot had good chemistry. Gadot nailed the naïveté of her character. The scenes with Wonder Woman in the trenches were again tonally "off" for me; having an immortal fight alongside men is hard to pull off. The first Captain America film didn't quite have this problem as Steve Rogers is only a juiced-up dude, not a literal God. Some of the editing was a bit off in places (I laughed at the bit where she quickly jumps back down with her sword when first facing Ares after leaving it stuck in Danny Huston). Villain was a bit weak as per most of these films. Overall I'd say I liked the film, much more likely to watch it again than Man of Steel or BvS which were tortuous for me.
  8. Got my tickets yesterday Totally up for a post-gig meetup on Saturday or Friday, will be coming straight from work on Friday and going to gig with my sister on Saturday.
  9. Thanks @seely, did you order from Ticketmaster? I was a little confused when looking in my account as there's no difference in dispatch status between the two. Royal Mail sent an email out when they delivered the Friday one, did you get an email from them for the Friday and/or Saturday shows? I'll give Ticketmaster a call on my lunch break just to be sure.
  10. I got my tickets for the 16th last Friday but still haven't received my tickets for the 17th. Anyone else have the same problem?