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  1. The problem with that is that innocent people will suffer and die during these crises. Revolution doesn't always lead to improvement of the status quo, just look at Iran in 1979. Obviously the Shah's/SAVAK's actions against his political opponents are indefensible, but the Islamic Republic cannot be argued to be better. People have been saying that the Islamic Republic will just be a blip in Iran's history and that it will crumble any day now for decades, and still nothing has changed. An attempt at change in June 2009 was met with bloody reprisal from the government. Even in France's own history, there was the Terror following the 1789 Revolution, and the years of turmoil with the subsequent revolutions. Between the choice of a greater evil and a lesser evil, why concede defeat to the greater evil?
  2. Hah don't worry, I shared the reddit link to show that a film is coming out about the same topic. I still haven't seen Popstar, was in and out of cinemas here in the space of a week.
  3. I found out about it via this thread: WHERE IS JA?!
  4. Blink-182 was supposed to be the headliner. If you paid 12 grand to see them, I can't blame the organisers for ripping you off with a limp cheese sandwich.
  6. Anybody seen them live? Thoughts?
  7. Had Don Rickles last year :/
  8. What a time to be alive.
  9. Think I'll pick up Andromeda in a few months after all these patches and improvements are out (and it's cheaper).
  10. Paid for digital membership for one year, got my presale codes for Toronto, Japan, Europe, and Montreal gigs, so for me it was worth it (I never ran into a ticket limit either, which was a bonus). But I won't be renewing it unless I need presale codes in future.
  11. No, but I just googled it, looks delicious and sounds complicated!
  12. I don't really bake that much, but I came across this page from a client at work, looks tasty:
  13. Tried playing the original Bioshock for the first time. Pretty bored, to be honest. Also playing through Doom II (1994) for the first time properly (i.e. without cheats, like I did as a kid ), and loving it. The level design is unparalleled, and the shotgun and super shotgun never get old.