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  1. People will be really interested to hear more details about DJ's ashbaswag slumber party. That's really the essence of rock n' roll right there, mm hmm.
  2. Favorite Buckethead songs?

    I always just keep coming back to Jordan. Although of course I dig his Star Wars interpretations.
  3. I'm really bummed DJ didn't talk about the slumber party. It sounds so rad.
  4. Yeah that's just fuckin great, it means more DJ. Also, how many times have people predicted on here that Ron would be leaving or fired and it never happened? We must be close to double digits now.
  5. What if...

    Bucket. I think he's more creative than Slash these days.
  6. I'm really surprised this DJ Slumber party isn't getting more attention. It's going to be epic. Someone should surreptitiously film what happens at it.
  7. 30 backers. $1,520. $20,000 is definitely within range.
  8. Perhaps the section description can be changed. "GnR: Past, Present, Future, and side projects". Or something.
  9. Who's going to the Ashbaswag slumber party? We need a role call thread.
  10. Why didn't the news team inform us of the chat? Maybe they need you back in blue.
  11. More fantasies about a reunion? You're only setting yourself up for disappointment.
  12. Some us prefer to "fly above" seeing every time a thread is updated in Anything Goes.
  13. Yer right. It's not ironic. It's just sad.
  14. Yes but the question remains: Is this worse than naming your kid "Axl Jack" like Fergie and whats-his-face did?