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  1. Hi Marc, as people get older they often become more set in their ways. Do you think there is any chance Slash,Axl & Duff (Maybe Izzy?) could get along with their musical differences to successfully work together in the studio again? I mean that was a huge reason they split in the first place right ? Now that many years have passed and Axl became more progressive, Slash more rock and even heavier, and Duff with his punk-slant to his own music, do you think they could ever agree on a common ground musically to create together again?
  2. Marc- will you be in Vegas?

    Your'e an incredibly patient Man, Marc. It is obvious from all of your time and posts on here how much you care about Axl , & obviously Slash , and that you would never deliberately do or say anything to harm them personally or GnR. Even when I met you years ago and sat down at Canters for a chat you had nothing but good things to say about Axl , and even Team Brazil, and that has been a constant. Axl should consider himself very fortunate to have someone like you in his life, and hopefully one day he will let you back in.
  3. Same here, I'm still in disbelief about it all and it's not happening until the guys walk out on stage together. Very happy though that Axl & Slash appear to have put their differences behind them and repaired their friendship...
  4. Axl has a red Nike shirt on with a red bandana and over the top of that he has a dark grey beanie. It was posted on twitter next to a photo of James Hetfield comparing them at roughly similar ages. I will try to post the link...
  5. Went to Hanoi for 4 days ( Saw a bar called 'Hanoi Rocks' - made my day), then went to Vung Tau for a few days, then Saigon for a week. They have internet & WiFi everywhere but I did not take my laptop or phone as I knew I would be too busy to be surfing the net. Anyway, apart from that trip, I'm here just about everyday for many years and came across this photo of Axl on twitter that I've never seen before and it is recent. Just dont know how to post it here???
  6. Been in Vietnam for 2 weeks and had no internet. Sounds like things are progressing. How do I post a photo off my mobile phone? Its a photo of Axl on Twitter that I have'nt seen before that I'm curious if others have seen it ??? Also, the hair next to him in the side of the shot is black and curly - hmmm...
  7. No, not really. The intention was for people to put forward songs from the guy's solo catalogue that they could play live to add to the set list - a bit of variety instead of more ACDC covers. Songs they could have Axl sing on or even do back-up vocals. There are heaps of cool Slash songs but some of them might be a bit unrealistic for Axl to pull-off these days. I think slow songs for Axl would be better. It must be hard doing fast vocals, like the end of You Could Be Mine, when your'e over 50. Even Cornell, Hetfield and others cant do live what they did 20 yrs ago...
  8. DieselDaisy - you might be correct in saying that they are after some quick and substantial cash but who isn't ? We all want to make a living and at least maintain our own lifestyle standards, and it's all relative. Having said that, I'm pretty sure the Axl Rose that I have followed and loved for nearly 30 years would never compromise his principles (ever noticed how he is a bit stubborn like that ! ) and therefore I reckon he would have to have a genuine and very real interest in repairing old relationships and realising that those guys were the best for him, for him to be even considering getting back together for touring.
  9. Okay, so I'm dreamin'... Lets say this reunion actually happens. Would you be cool if whoever plays in the reunion plays a song from their own solo catalogue? I think that would add an extra element to the live gigs. I'm thinking don't play any CD era songs and just do the pre-CD era songs that the guys were involved with and a song of their own. What would you choose to like to hear them up on stage playing live? I'll start it off - I reckon Izzy's Sweet Caress is an awesome song and one I would love to hear Axl do back-up vocals on. If you haven't heard it check it out: Any songs you would like to hear live with the other guys, Slash, Duff, Izzy's solo career & therefore with the other fellas and Axl's live involvement ?
  10. It may annoy Axl but he could simply snuff out the rumours and dispel all the innuendo by a couple of lines on twitter or whatever saying - sorry folks not in my plans. That would suffice. The fact that he hasn't is slightly pointing to it may be some truth in a reunion, or Axl just couldn't be f*cked anymore and has given up caring? Sooner or later something will come out either way - I know one thing - the longer it drags on and if it is not gonna happen there will be very sad fans all over the world - myself included.... :-(
  11. Really? And people like you are cockheads. See, we can both be immature, retarded internet warriors. I've followed this band for nearly 30 years, seen them play live 6 times including the old boys, I've met both Adler and Frank, and I play the drums. So I reckon I am qualified to at least have my own opinion? But to you I am a disgrace? Wow....
  12. Why are you and others so against Frank? Why would you call him boring? In new GnR he really wasnt allowed to be out there sharing his personality with interviews etc... like they could in the old days of original GnR, and they dont party on like the rock stars could in the 80's... Franks a cool dude and a fine drummer.....I would prefer to see Adler or Sorum involved but I would be happy if Frank or any other GnR drummer filled the seat instead. Just my two cents.
  13. People should be sensible and sensitive to not ask Marc questions that are too direct or personal. He is a fantastic resource for us die-hard gunners and we shouldnt try to take advantage of that....
  14. Izzy

    Hi Marc - hope you are well ! So did you actually have dialogue with Izzy in 2007 about a possible reunion? Why and how did the topic come up? Where were you when you spoke with him? Did you guys talk about Axl vs Slash and their poor relationship? Details please ! :-) One more thing (sorry but how often do we regular folk get to chat with a bloke like you!), - was Izzy unreliable on the early years - like the mid to late 80's ? Obviously Axl gets a bad rap but was Izzy late for rehearsals or gigs in the early days?