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    So weird, just turned on my tv here in Australia on a Monday night at 10pm and the first thing I see is Slash walking towards the camera and a close-up of him, Beta, Fernando, Vanessa and a few others walking down pit lane. They were all a bit wet with the rain. Sometimes the brain doesn't believe the eyes! :-)
  2. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    Ok cool. Yep been to a few Soundwaves here in Brisbane and they were awesome. FNM were probably my favourite, next to Slash of course! Alice in Chains, Iron Maidenwere all brilliant but really too many to mention. And yeah I know the story of this guy that was the promoter and a bit about how it eventually failed. Very disappointing really considering it was the best festival for hard rock/metal and it seemed to get huge crowds. Can you ask this AJ guy if he is directly involved in bringing them out???
  3. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    Who is AJ and why would he/she know that dates are down? I'm hoping they are :-)
  4. Cool review : Thanks for all the people giving their own personal reviews! It means alot to us people that can't go to a show... Great to see GnR sticking it up the people that are against them and Axl is kicking arse ! :-)
  5. Check a few pages back - its there. The band and Axl sound amazing!
  6. 05/10/16 - Seville, Spain - Estadio De La Cartuja

    Hey Dude -Fuck em ' - If they can't be happy that Axl is very active, looking healthy and sounding amazing then they are just plain retarded... I'm a proud Aussie and Axl joining these legends onstage is incredible to see. When I was born and only very young (okay so I'm pretty old now!) my family lived next door to Phil Rudd's parents in Melbourne. I remember my Dad having a beer with him in their home next door on New Years Eve and he asked Phil why he wasn't out having a big night with the other ACDC boys and Phil explained to him that every night was a party night for them - so NYE was nothing special. Phil was talking to him and his parents about considering leaving ACDC but his parents were encouraging him to stay with them as they were doing quite well - this was in the mid - 1970's. I bet he was glad that he stuck with the band hey? Although in the end the rock and roll lifestyle caught up with him! Anyway, just a cool little story for ya' :-)
  7. AXL/DC Rehearsal video

    Hey Bumblecool - that's awesome and thank you for sharing, getting to meet Axl! You lucky bastard. I think some of you are very harsh on Axl. The guy is in great shape for someone in his fifties. Look at the definition in his arms and the ability to see his forearm muscles and veins. He is of reasonably low body fat percentage and looks like he has been working out ( and I know as I've been down to as low as 6% in the past) but has just got some central weight (around the abdomen) which is hard to shift when you are older. Otherwise he looks fantastic for his age... So don't be so fucking judgemental and just enjoy his performances, he won't be around for ever and he is a true music legend in my opinon.... Well done again Bumblecool ! :-)
  8. Australian Competition

    Yeah I think so, the ad on the radio stated that it will commence next Monday but I'm guessing the comp will run for a week or so. Would be an awesome prize even just for the GnR show...
  9. 04/08/2016 - Las Vegas - T-Mobile Arena

    Does anyone on this forum live in Vegas ? Are there actually any cool billboards, posters, or any advertisement/marketing going on in Vegas right now? Would seem very weird if there was not any....
  10. Hey fellow Aussie forum dwellers, This week Triple m Radio have announced a competition for a 'World Rock Tour' prize. Anyway, it includes Pearl Jam in New York, Iron Maiden in the UK, Chris Cornell somewhere, and at the end of the radio ad they state they saved the big one for Las Vegas - Guns n' Roses! So the competition begins next week, have a go - you might win it :-)
  11. Hey Marc, checking in from Canter's Deli RIGHT NOW!

    Lucky bugger ! :-)
  12. No of course not - stupid fucking question. Something this big took a long time to plan. Its massive. It could last 5 minutes or 5 years - but Slash back in GnR - fucking wow!!!!!!' :-)
  13. I know they have great chemistry together - or they did in the past and that was a long time ago. I guess I am referring to the fact that they split for many reasons but direction of music was a big part of that. I just wonder if they would be able to agree musically with what kind of music they would create now? It would be brilliant to see them come back to the rock n' roll that got them to the heights as the best band in the world, but it would take some compromise from all involved. No doubt though that Axl and Slash bring out the best in each other. I think in a strange way that Slash's guitar style and the sound he creates really complements Axl's voice. I know that sounds weird - how can a guitar complement someone's vocals??? Apart from that, I reckon Slash is the best guitarist on the planet and have thought this for 25 - 30 years now. I don't know anyone, ever, that has been so good at creating solos that sound amazing and fit eachindividual song so perfectly. Slash does that naturally with ease time and time again, whether in the past with GnR songs or his solo work. It is a unique talent that Axl could never in a million years find a replacement for, and I hope and pray that they give us at least one more album together before this is all over. Anyway, I'm still stunned this is all happenning and stoked they seem to be good now. I hope they are catching up with each other socially (like have a meal together at a restaurant) and not just professionally and that peace has entered their lives for good. :-)
  14. Hi Marc, as people get older they often become more set in their ways. Do you think there is any chance Slash,Axl & Duff (Maybe Izzy?) could get along with their musical differences to successfully work together in the studio again? I mean that was a huge reason they split in the first place right ? Now that many years have passed and Axl became more progressive, Slash more rock and even heavier, and Duff with his punk-slant to his own music, do you think they could ever agree on a common ground musically to create together again?
  15. Marc- will you be in Vegas?

    Your'e an incredibly patient Man, Marc. It is obvious from all of your time and posts on here how much you care about Axl , & obviously Slash , and that you would never deliberately do or say anything to harm them personally or GnR. Even when I met you years ago and sat down at Canters for a chat you had nothing but good things to say about Axl , and even Team Brazil, and that has been a constant. Axl should consider himself very fortunate to have someone like you in his life, and hopefully one day he will let you back in.