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  1. I'm at a pub in Willoughby now having a few beers with a couple of mates - where are you?
  2. DTJ - Axl's giving it his all..
  3. Why do you say that? Probably are though - much nicer than the Brisbane hotels. I saw Frank out today in Brisbane (the valley) and ran into Dizzy tonight about 11pm walking around the city - so it sounds like they all are not at the same hotel.
  4. Okay thanks guys! I would just find it interesting to listen to it - not expecting any new music/songs to be heard at all but I have the entire day off work, as well as the day before, so thought it might be fun to get along to it. I think with a few days in between NZ and this Brisbane show that they could either do the soundcheck on the Monday or on the day of the show. It will be just a matter of taking a chance and turning up??? Thanks again :-)
  5. Has anyone here attended the Soundcheck before a show? Whether that be lucky enough to get inside the venue, or even just on the outside of the venue and having a listen? If so, how was it? I am wondering if it is done the day before the show, or on the day of the show? Maybe it varies... I would like to try to get to it next week when the band is here in Brisbane? I'm just wondering if it is worth it or not? Cheers, Scott
  6. I've got a Diamond GA standing ticket for Brisbane show on the 7th February to sell - cost $360 but will sell for $250...
  7. Estranged is much better than Better.... :-0
  8. The Rolling Stones are the Masters... they are pretty much better than everyone I believe, even better than the Beatles. We're talking insane quality of music and longevity that shames everyone else. I admire that staying power. Now with Appetite, GnR got it absolutely fucking perfect. And nothing at all comes close to it. But that's just my opinion.
  9. Ahh memories! I was there, front row. Caught a bus 16 hours from Brisbane to attend it with several mates. Watched the show & caught the bus straight back - was a huge 48 hours!
  10. Favourite band by a long shot, Axl my fav singer/frontman by a mile & Slash my fav guitarist easily. That said, I listen to a lot of other bands now more than Guns. Mostly because of their lack of new music and limited back catalogue. Which is a f*cking shame... (understatement of the century)
  11. Is that the Nightbus... Or the Nighttruck...
  12. Guns, Metallica, Soundgarden & Faith No More
  13. So weird, just turned on my tv here in Australia on a Monday night at 10pm and the first thing I see is Slash walking towards the camera and a close-up of him, Beta, Fernando, Vanessa and a few others walking down pit lane. They were all a bit wet with the rain. Sometimes the brain doesn't believe the eyes! :-)
  14. Ok cool. Yep been to a few Soundwaves here in Brisbane and they were awesome. FNM were probably my favourite, next to Slash of course! Alice in Chains, Iron Maiden were all brilliant but really too many to mention. And yeah I know the story of this guy that was the promoter and a bit about how it eventually failed. Very disappointing really considering it was the best festival for hard rock/metal and it seemed to get huge crowds. Can you ask this AJ guy if he is directly involved in bringing them out???